Man who peddled mushrooms and vandalized with Nazi stickers sentenced


Luke Foster, a 28-year-old resident of Anchorage, was sentenced Tuesday to 18 months in prison for perpetrating acts of hate-motivated property damage and a single drug trafficking offense.

The sentencing comes after an investigation into Foster’s actions, which included vandalizing various locations with Nazi-inspired imagery and trafficking a Schedule I controlled substance.

In May 2021, Foster placed swastika stickers that contained the words “WE ARE EVERYWHERE” at eight different locations across Anchorage.

His targets included the Alaska Jewish Museum, the University of Alaska Anchorage campus, and Mad Myrna’s, a bar. The acts led to his conviction on two counts of damaging religious property.

Foster’s vandalism did not end there. In September 2021, he returned to the Alaska Jewish Museum, where he placed another sticker and carved a swastika into the door. The incident resulted in another count of damaging religious property being added to his charges.

While investigating the vandalism, law enforcement authorities stumbled upon an even darker aspect of Foster’s criminal activities. He was found to be using social media to traffic psilocybin mushrooms, a dangerous Schedule I controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act.

Foster sold the illicit drugs to an undercover agent and boasted about his extensive collection of weapons, intending to use them to protect his illegal drugs from law enforcement, if necessary.

Federal agents acted on this information, executing a search warrant on Foster’s residence. The search yielded a haul of evidence, including psilocybin mushrooms, items associated with drug production, multiple firearms, ammunition, a substantial amount of cash, and a box of swastika stickers. The items led to Foster’s conviction on an additional count of possession of controlled substances with the intent to distribute.

“Mr. Foster’s hateful acts of pro-Nazi vandalism across our city have caused significant harm to multiple communities, and his trafficking of drugs put the people of Alaska in danger. Anti-Semitic crimes and those targeting the LGBTQ+ community have no place here. Our U.S. Attorney’s Office will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to identify, investigate, and prosecute crimes that target our communities to instill fear and distrust,” U.S. Attorney S. Lane Tucker for the District of Alaska said.

The FBI’s Anchorage Field Office led the investigation, with support from the Anchorage Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration, showcasing the importance of cooperation among law enforcement agencies to tackle such egregious offenses effectively.


  1. Guessing he’s a product of the Plandemic ,,,,, drinking the Kool-Aid combined with bragging about firearms makes him just stupid. Kudos to Law Enforcement for staying on the case.

  2. How is it possible to have Anti-Semitic crimes if there are never any Semitic crimes?

    By all outward appearances, Semitism has been decriminalized.

    • Do you think it should be a crime to be Semitic (i.e., Jewish)? You’d be correct in noting that being Jewish has been decriminalized, though a certain contingent would like to see that changed.

      • Why aren’t there charges brought for Anti-Catholic, or Anti-Baptist, or Anti-* crimes? What in the name of equity is going on here?

  3. Not to condone this man’s vandalism, but our justice system took a dangerous, perverse and degenerate path when we allowed the Marxists to inject the concept of “hate crime” into it.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I never seem to see any love crimes.

    • You would disagree with someone being charged with vandalizing or burning down a church? This has been a specifically designated crime for years. This guy was convicted for destroying or damaging religious property, not for having a protected opinion (first amendment). However, posting swastika stickers gets a lot of attention. Maybe you’re cool with people vandalizing and spreading Nazi (i.e., hate) messages, but the majority of the community isn’t and I don’t think vandalizing a church would be well received either.

      • You absolutely missed the point.

        “Hate crimes” are thought crimes. They are intended to push someone for what may or may not be in the heart instead of just punishing them for what they did.

        Slavery was condoned for years. So was segregation. Anti Semitism for centuries. Existence didn’t make it right.

        There was zero support for the criminal act in his statement.

    • Sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you because if it is a lie you can sue. I worry about losing freedom of speech… Of recent, our government attacked free speech over Medical choices! their attacks caused many to choose a medical path that some live with others died alone. Free speech requires individuals to do their own research and to vet the issues and make a choice as to the validity of the information.

      Words are not physical acts of violence or crimes…. violence and crimes can and should be Judged in a court. Freedom requires personal responsibility.

    • Compare and contrast two recent ‘vehicle ramming attacks.’

      May 17, 2017; Richard Rojas , a criminal with priors plows onto the sidewalk on Times Square.
      Kills 1 White teenage girl, injures 20, leaving a Michigan family devastated.
      When apprehended, yelling about how he wanted to kill people, high on illegal drugs.
      Pled not guilty, forced a trial process that lasted 5 years.
      NYC Jury; not guilty by reason of ‘insanity’ after ‘Dr. Ziv Cohen’ claimed he was a schizo.
      Rojas promptly sues the victims, blaming them for their own injuries.

      August 12, 2023; James Fields, “alt-right” demonstrator in Charlottesville, in favor of preserving Confederate statues. His car was surrounded on a street and attacked by BLM protestors, and he floors it through the crowd. Kills 1 (via induced heart attack for a 350 pound activist), and 35 injuries.
      Expresses remorse immediately afterward.
      419 years and multiple life sentences, narrowly avoided the death penalty with a guilty plea.

      Equal justice?

  4. This guy appears to be an imbecile. It’s quite humorous that not only did he sell hallucinogenic mushrooms to an undercover cop, he also felt compelled to brag about his stock of weapons 😂😂😂 IDIOT!

  5. Despite that this guy is an idiot and also may have mental illness, has vandalized & defaced private and public property and is dealing in drugs, all offenses meriting punishment,I am getting completely weary with the word ‘hate’. It seems the focus is predominantly on the guys skewed thoughts and not so much his terrible actions.

    • Elizabeth Henry,
      I think that there are some things that we should HATE.
      We should HATE injustice. ( of all stripes and colors and creeds)
      We should HATE the sexualization of children.
      We should HATE theft of property, and or forced labor upon an individual, especially if it is government endorsed, (see injustice above which includes slavery)

  6. If he would have used BLM or lgbtq+2s&p-4*map stickers instead of swastikas he would have been fine. Same ideology just different packaging.

  7. “While investigating the vandalism, law enforcement authorities stumbled upon an even darker aspect of Foster’s criminal activities…”

    I’d say common idiotic drug crimes are not “darker” than anti Semitic vandalism.

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