Mama drama: Alleged spurned lover in Florida puts Palin and Duguay into crazy love triangle on Facebook, Twitter


Sarah Palin lover Ron Duguay may be all done with one Dina Gaille of Florida, but Gaille, whoever she is, is not done with him. And Sarah Palin appears to be right in the middle of this Facebook drama, with Gaille trolling both Palin and her new squeeze Duguay on Facebook and Twitter.

The social media trolling by the Gaille social media account has been going on since last December, on and off.

A series of posts by Gaille — or her account — shows she’s one unhappy customer after Duguay evidently ran off with Palin last November, as Gaille tells it. Gaille’s account posted a series of comments under a completely unrelated Facebook entry by congressional candidate Nick Begich, who had put photos of the Arctic Thunder Air Show on his Facebook page. Among the evidence Gaille posted, were photos of herself and Duguay when they were apparently much closer, but before Palin came into the picture.

There’s no telling if any of it is real. After all, this is social media.

On Twitter, another person identifying as Gaille has written that Palin had sent a steamy message to Duguay.

The message is too hot to handle in this blog; it’s not even clear how Gaille intercepted the email, but she says that Palin wrote it using a Bitcoin-related address that Duguay also used; Gaille called it “sneaky.”

Must Read Alaska has attempted to contact Gaille, but has not been able to reach her.

With Palin in the news in Alaska as she runs for Congress, the Gaille social media account, dormant on the topic for months, is at it again, posting warnings that Palin is hot after Duguay and not paying attention to Alaska:

“Well Alaskans need to know that Sarah is distracted with her new Boi in Florida!” Gaille wrote this week, using the term “boi,” which she indicates is a Palin term in the steam email to Duguay. “She’s here at his home often! Based on the attached email that I came across in complete she may want to work on her emotions! Apparently she emailed her feelings after having sex with her new boi! Who is weak enough to do something so foolish! I’m actually embarrassed for her! Would make a great SNL skit don’t you think!”

Gaille’s post says that Duguay went to Palin’s house the day after Christmas and stayed for three weeks. Gaille posted on Dec. 29 that people should look out for Palin due to her lack of self control:

At the time of the Gaille social media slams were going on this past winter and early spring, the romance with Duguay was still top secret, and Palin’s associates told People Magazine that Palin and Duguay were “just friends who met through hockey.” Duguay was with her in New York City during her trial against the New York Times for defamation, and the media blew up over the two of them eating at a restaurant after Palin had tested positive for Covid.

“After the former Alaska governor and vice presidential hopeful, 57, was seen at an Upper East Side restaurant this week in Manhattan with the retired New York Rangers player, speculation sparked about a new romance,” People wrote.

“The pair was photographed at Elio’s eatery on Wednesday evening, and Page Six reported on Friday that they have been an item since late last year.

“However, a Palin source tells PEOPLE they’re “just friends” who “met through hockey.” (Duguay could not be reached for comment.),” People Magazine wrote.

Gaille, the social media person in Florida, appears to corroborate that account with her social media commentary.

Palin, former governor and media personality, is subject to plenty of scrutiny of her policy and political judgment. But since she’s now single and living in the fast lane of New York and the luxury community of Ponte Vedra, Fla., there’s at least one Florida ex of Duguay who has some stories to tell, and she’s telling them on her own terms.

While Todd Palin filed for divorce from Palin in 2019, Duguay and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model Kim Alexis divorced in 2016. Before her, Duguay was married to California model Robin Bobo. He also dated Charlies Angels‘ actress Farrah Fawcett in the 1980s. Some websites say he also dated Patti LuPone, Cher, Bianca Jagger, and Cheryl Tiegs.

But there’s no mention online of him dating anyone named Dina Gaille, except for the photos that she has posted of the two of them when they may — or may not — have been an item:

With Duguay’s long history with beautiful women, it is difficult to know if this is just a passing romance for him. If Palin loses her bid for Congress, will he go from being Ron Duguay to Ron Du-gone? Time will tell.


    • Get lost Lucinda, it goes towards character and credibility. Two things you know little of. Suzanne can write about whatever the F she wants including if someone who is seeking political office might be a little distracted by personal matters while trying to handle the business of our state and nation, it’s her choice. It’s her blog. All you do here is start crap and spew lies. The only integrity eroding is yours, hack.

      • “…….Suzanne can write about whatever the F she wants…….”
        And, according to all the sexual freaks in this society, Palin can play with anybody or anything she wants. Moreover, just as Suzanne can publish whatever she wants, her readers can file it however they wish. Freedom is a multi-directional disorder, Frank.

        • Thanks for proving my point. You can post your drivel like all the others. I’m free to respond in kind, that’s what makes for debate.
          Further, there’s no need to attack Suzanne for pointing out realistic flaws in peoples judgement/character. Can she not critique Byron Mallott or Ethan Berkowitz? Both of those politicians had messy romantic lives and no one carried foul at the reporting of those stories. Apparently bringing attention to SP being WT is a step too far for baby readers though.
          If you don’t want to see the truth about Sarah just dont read the stories with her picture.

          • “……Can she not critique Byron Mallott or Ethan Berkowitz?……”
            Again, of course she can. And readers can accept or reject that critique accordingly. And we can also relish your outrage and derangement like entertainment. It won’t be long before more political, commercial, social, and even religious leaders will figure out how to surf the waves of derangement like Palin and Trump have…….and which MRA is trying to do here…….

    • Lucinda voting for Sarah? Or Lucinda afraid NB3 will win? Suzanne knows how to have fun and yank the Dumbocrat’s chain. No one does it better.

      • Kemo’s got this one. Democrats want Sarah with high polling numbers so that Peltola gets an edge in RCV. Simple as that. Go Suzanne!!!

    • Yeah agreed, this has gotta stop. No amount of poop talking SP is going to change the minds of people that want to vote for her.
      This piece has nothing to do with her policy stances, or even Palingate – this is a fluff piece and beneath MRA .

    • If you don’t like what she puts on her blog, then don’t read it or leave. Liberals are such whiney people these days.

    • So the left does not do the same thing? Your just unhappy because you didn’t write the story. Go back to CNN story’s.

    • Why Lucinda because it shows what a drama filled mess Palin is constantly?? This is the last Thing we need in Alaska politics… And you need an education..

    • I actually agree with your point there Lucinda. However, can you please keep it family friendly in the future?
      Seriously though, MRAK is obviously not supporting Palin, which is perfectly fine. Suzanne is allowed to have an opinion on the political race, and I support her for doing so. Where the problem comes in is acting like the liberal/leftists news media. Choosing to only publish hit pieces on one candidate. When the editorial slant becomes this obvious, MRAK stops being a news site, and starts being a political action committee.
      It is definitely eroding Suzanne’s integrity. I do not expect a 50/50 balance. Some editorial preference is perfectly OK, but the constant hit pieces against Palin are getting to be too much. This is little better than MSNBC.

      • Sarah will always give evidence of no integrity. She is always doing wrong and bad follows. Some of us insist integrity matters and evidence of wronging others habitually is newsworthy. Avert further national disaster and drop her from the republican or any list of candidates, Barnum and Bailey.

  1. So much more Trash from someone that used to report Real News! Will this crap ever end? You and Fagan are on a Mission to drag this Election to new lows.

    • Ken, this is real news. It’s what Celebrities like your girl Sarah craves, puts them in the limelight so to speak. It’s not a negative story like when she endorsed Bill Walker is it?

      • Barbie and Ken arguing about social media posts about boyfriend/girlfriend issues being “real news” or not. If that isn’t the most hilarious example of the social media problems in this country, I don’t know what is.

        • Reggie, except on social media you may be surprised to learn that Barbie just might not be FEMALE, while KEN is certainly anatomically incorrect!

    • I agree Ken. I understand that Fagen and Downing have good reasons to not support Palin. But they should get back to political views. Not the personal attacks. It’s below both of them, at least I thought so before this and Fagen attacking her jeans.

      Where is the personal garbage they could dig up on Begich? .

  2. Just the sort of oppo research which, if applied properly might help loosen the stranglehold Anchorage’s radical Left Assembly members have on their constituents.

  3. I am so disgusted with this article…..I thought MRAk was an actual news site not the
    National Enquirer.

  4. Disappointed by the constant stream of anti-Palin articles. Let’s hear more about all the candidates on actual political issues. Begich seems to be a favorite around here, but I still have no idea why.

  5. Wow.
    This is personal fir Suzanne for some reason.
    Stooping this low to smear someone’s character using unverified and unsubstantiated social media posts.
    Worse than CNN.
    Never thought MRAK would be “The Alaska Enquirer”.
    Honestly, pathetic.

  6. Pile it on Sara ENOUGH, we the citizens have your back best Governor ever. Must read is picking on Sara Boooo must read is helping Lisa out Booooo , must read is showing themselves not so fair and square??? Suzanne please leave Kelly alone…. also where is the since of decency gone ma’am. WOW BOOO.

  7. Wait a second ! You all love dirt! And you all secretly follow it! Just like all comments?! About, Palins fight, years ago! Article couple days ago?

  8. “There’s no telling if any of it is real.”

    So why is it being reported? This is tabloid stuff and reduces the credibility of Must Read Alaska. Don’t keep doing this to yourself. Your recent Sarah Palin hit pieces are beneath you.

    Having said all this, I won’t be voting for Sarah Palin but this type reporting is getting ridiculous.

    • She keeps pulling stuff doesn’t she. She doesn’t stop her antics. She wants fame and power. Much more so and with an intensity most can’t understand. For real. Even Donald Trump is taken in by her. He needs to drop her like the liability she is and here’s the golden opportunity to keep her away from his family.

  9. All generations have its scandals and its gossip news (both true and false). I read alice roosevelt biography finding out the first
    daughter of a president is married to one
    prominent man only to have an affair with senator and getting pregnant and having baby with
    her lover without condemnation. I thought dang! The great great great grandparents of early 19th century lived
    life just like us born after still troubled by sin and its entrapment.

    • What does a woman do
      when her boy-friend has a girlfriend speaking
      ? Dina’s personality probably why he kept her a secret
      . What man would return
      after being humiliated by
      an ex with a big mouth? This more a humiliation on the man than either
      women. Farrah facett and alice roosevelt according to publications wouldn’t humiliate their lovers, why both women are
      well regarded by history’s memory.

  10. What are you doing Suzanne? This is cringeworthy gossip BS. I absolutely think Sarah is only out for herself, and should never be trusted with elected office again. But these childish attacks against her, while you remain silent regarding Nick Begich’s past and voting history is telling. Tell us, did Nick vote for Mark Begich for Senate? Did Nick vote for Ethan Berkowitz for Anchorage Mayor? Yes or no? You attack Sarah for supporting Bill Walker, but you remain silent about Nick’s votes for known communists? Or are the rumors of his votes false? Tell us the truth Suzanne.

    We can clearly tell Nick is a RINO and can’t be trusted by what information is available to us right now.
    Two horrific candidates. God help us.

  11. This story is about a guy that used to hit a piece of rubber with a stick, a half term attention whore and some throwback none of us have ever heard of. Please don’t feed the troll.

    Let Palin tend to her dysfunctional family and let people like Chewbacca wade through license plate applications that may or may not be double entendres. Greater focus should be provided to candidates of merit rather than east coast parasites in Alaska costumes and half term political failures. This trash is beneath you.

  12. Let me weigh in here, please. Suzanne is correct for outing the Wasilla Beast. She actually believes that Donald Trump is going to begin campaigning in early 2023 and that he is going to name Sarah as his VP running mate. In not kidding anyone here. That’s her plan. She will use her resume’ as governor and hopefully as congresswoman for credentialing. I slipped Ronnie a personal note and told him he better get a new mouth guard and some pads because Sarah loves to initiate brawls. Then she’ll dump Ronnie before she gets to the White House. The woman is insane and I pray to God that Alaskans will stop her nonsense on August 16th. Otherwise we will all pay the price

  13. I have lived in Wasilla 45 years and watched the evolution of Sarah hating. I quit using Palin since that is Todd s name. I just call her Sarah, and was amazed at the hatred that showed up right after she got elected Governor. When she got elected Mayor there was the usual ruffled feathers of loser John Stein former Mayor and his supporters, but there was no hatred. When she became Governor I could write volumes on examples from the haters alone. The most constant, vocal and irrational is Dan Fagan. He has made a career of it. What is really weird is that he voted and resides in Louisiana and still tirades every day as though he lives here. I believe his Sarah hating has had a very negative affect on his mental and physical health. Hateful Obsessive behavior is unhealthy, on the other hand is Sarah—she let’s 95% of other people’s HATE energy just roll off her back. The other 5% gets transformed into Rightious Anger Energy that she uses to repell all the hater engergy . SHE DOES NOT LET THEM BEAT HER. SHE PREVAILS. That’s why she and Trump are friends they have both experienced MEGA long lasting HATE. That Which Does not Defeat Them, Makes Them Stronger. We are very fortunate to have her in this race. If she goes to Washington the outpouring of Hate will be Nuclear. It will turn her into the Statue Liberty, that occasionally gets off the pedestal and dances in a Bear Suit. Vote Trump, Vote Sarah, Vote Kelly. Make America Great Again. Or else it will look like the Anchorage Assembly, later to look like Detroit. Sarah needs 51%.. Only WE can give it to her.

    • “…….When she got elected Mayor there was the usual ruffled feathers of loser John Stein former Mayor and his supporters, but there was no hatred……..”
      I’ve also been a Valley resident for 45+ years. I was at parties with John Stein and his family in attendance both just before and immediately after his election loss to Sarah Palin. It was the most remarkable exhibition of liberal superiority complex I originally witnessed (I’ve seen much more since). Before his loss, it was smug superiority. There was no way “that little girl” was going to beat him. After the election, you can be quite sure that there was pure hatred exhibited toward “that little girl” by him and several others in my presence. The Irl Stambaugh affair immediately after her swearing in solidified it, and the Steve Schmidt campaign performance in 2008 elevated it to a new national standard operating procedure for the Republican Party, as this MRAK article proves yet again. Bring in Trump, and inject steroids into Palin Derangement Syndrome.
      This article illustrates our new culture. It isn’t going away. This festering infection is here to stay for the duration of our complete devolution. And yes, it’s all about the hatred.

      • Has nothing to do with Trump. In Alaska only Sarah herself. That’s it period. We dislike cheats thugs and commies. She is “figured out”.

        • “……Has nothing to do with Trump……..”
          Correct. It has everything to do with the disorder of derangement. On the Republican side, in Alaska, we saw it first with Palin and MacLeod, then on a national scale in the 2008 POTUS campaign. Then after Trump won the 2016 Republican POTUS nomination, the world was consumed with Trump Derangement Syndrome, and the disorder finally got properly (if not by the APA, who are MIA) identified.

          • Thanks for the truth from real time experience I agree—Vote Trump, Vote Sarah, Vote Kelly. Make America and Alaska Great Again.

  14. Elect The Queen and the circus that is her life comes with her. But Alaska wants to outdo NY and Ga in stupid, so…

    Serious question. If this sort of Jerry Springer drama follows her to the House (and it will), how do you Palinheads think she’ll be able to get anything done?

    Her closest comparison, AOC, is on TV all the time but produces exactly zero effective legislation. No one takes her seriously in the House.

    • “…….If this sort of Jerry Springer drama follows her to the House (and it will), how do you Palinheads think she’ll be able to get anything done?……..”
      All she needs to do is vote on the floor, and if she votes against the deranged despots who rail against her, she’s doing the right thing. She isn’t running for POTUS. She’s running to be a representative.

      • Clearly you didn’t take civics, or graduated public school in the last 10 years.
        But you appear to be a Palinhead, so…

        A fast lesson in governance. When you are a single vote out of 435, your single vote often matters very little. Power and influence come from being taken seriously and convincing people to partner with you on legislation. Palin will not be taken seriously. She will be the Republican version of AOC, but with less respect.

        What will they have in common? An inability to be taken seriously by their peers.

        But if getting good representation for Alaska inst important to you, vote Queen Sarah.

  15. Speaking as a man, a shallow man: Is this guy crazy to leave this hottie for the shriveled up old drama queen? He deserves everything he gets.

  16. Bitter disappointment in MRA.
    At this point one must ask what have you been promised by the ” In Name only candidate “?
    As a side bar at the Air Show this weekend the only political crap seen was a large nerdy guy wearing a bold Begich shirt. Next to him was Begich, or maybe it was a cousin of Begich, after all that play was right out of the Democratic sleazy book on how to win at any cost. Nothing is exempt for the all in to win, not even at a Airshow.

  17. You better watch out or they are going to nail you for in-kind political contributions to the Begich campaign. Suzanne, you are turning off a lot of readers. I hope it is worth it to you. Promised a spot in DC by NB3?

  18. This is awesome reporting. I wouldn’t equate it to The enquirer because this actually has some factual substance to it. It’s hard for Palin lovers to admit they’ve been taken in yet again. The woman is kind of acting like a female version of trump, or JFK, or FDR or even LBJ. They all chased women around, apparently Palin is the female version of that.

  19. Suzanne, you disappoint with this gossipy bit.I really didn’t need to know about some poor deluded Florida woman who persists in the mentality of a mentally ill teenager.

      • What an ineffective communication method. Perhaps Suzanne’s next article should just be a headline with text beneath instructing others to google the topic. This site needs an ignore feature to fit you and maybe that Russian guy that likes posting his CV beneath every ten minute article he writes.

  20. I was feeling a bit low. And this cheered me up for some reason. So thanks all. ? Dreams do come true. Put on a happy face…

  21. Holy Smokes! What does the Begich campaign have on MRAK? This is really getting childish! This does not reflect on Begich in a good light. Someone is very desperate to see him elected.

  22. This reminds me of the dozens of women who claimed Trump sexually assaulted them in 2016. There were a bunch that swore they were going to file charges.
    What ever happened to those women? They seemed to just… evaporate for some reason.
    Same thing here. Someone is trying to destroy Palin’s chances and giving it any time in the media at all is just aiding and abetting.

    • More than likely the women you speak of were probably paid off. It happens all the time friend. Don’t you remember the football player who raped that girl and then all of a sudden it went away. That quarterback’s wallet got a little bit lighter but he was still able to play football. Palin doesn’t need anybody’s help destroying her credibility. She’s very well used to doing it herself. The only thing that needs to be done is the truth be told and that’s all Suzanne is doing. If people can’t handle the truth, then I’m afraid there’s nothing left to do but to stick their head back in the sand.

      • Paid off?
        Gee… how much would a woman you know take to ignore a rape? Especially when the assaulter is none other that Donald Trump? $1,000,000? Not nearly enough. The fact these people disappeared is most likely because they had no case.
        This is coming out now for no reason except to harm Palin’s chance at winning the House seat. And, as you note, Sarah is doing a good enough of that job by herself.

    • Sarah must be closing in on 51% in the Ivan Moore polls. They are getting despret in NBIII land. All the RINOS, all the Democrats are going through Sarah’s garbage cans to find something to STOP HER. Sarah can smell the Blood in the water—SARAHCUDA 51% on August 16.

  23. Oh my. Is this newsworthy? No. Is this even blogworthy? No.

    It’s a “dog bites man” story. So what?

    Look at the Palin history, look at the Palin family history, and then go read a month’s worth of Wasilla police/ Valley AST blotters or go hang out in Wasilla for a month. How this “story” gets anyone’s attention is the only real mystery.

    I mean, really, Wasilla has pushed the envelope so far that unless media combines the words bestiality/Wasilla/Palin it doesn’t even raise an eyebrow…so she’s hot to trot and her new beau gets around. So what? Wasilla.

    Just saying there are already so many good reasons to vote against Sarah we don’t need trivia like this.

  24. Integrity is a thing. Most people have none these days. I disrespect people who are too stupid to incorporate integrity into their most personal lives. They are at their core liars, cheats and thieves. Honor? Not a chance. They want to lead the US astray? No. Thanks.

  25. I’ve now seen what Begich thinks: there is nothing there but a lot of it! Sarah might be considered a circus barker; but then again, congress is a house of clowns! Sarah, at least, can stand her ground and won’t take any crap! I’m done with the goody-goodies: I can do without all the pleasantries and the friendly chitchat, but I want action and lots of it!

  26. I wonder if all the bots at the Wasilla Assemby of God will vote for their darling, morally wayward, Sarah again? Guess so …. they voted for President Trump, another morally suspect, Hollywood type.
    But President Trump (God Bless) did the right conservative things while in office, as opposed to Sarah Populist.

    • Her job as Governor was to Get/Negotiate the maximum benefit of MONEY from our resources. She did. ACES. She also SIGNAL HANDILY Got EXXON to Honor their commitment to perform on their leases and bring in more money for us the Shareholders of the Permanent Fund. For this she was Burned at the Stake for being mean to the oil industry. They said ACES Almost destroyed the Oil Industry. It did pinch their profit, but what really HURT the Oil Industry Was the Bush Ression of 2008. Oil went from $130 Barrell in Sept to $60. In December. In 2008 and up FRAKING was all the rage
      in the lower 48, makingg Alaska oil almost obsolete. But hey it’s easier ito blame Sarah for everthing. I’m voting Trump ,Sarah , and Kelly. In District 20 I’m voting Stewart Graham to replace Eastman who is responsible for $3000 PFD Check, instead of original $5000. Eastman and Kurka screwed every Alaskan out of $2000, and have the audacity to ask for your vote..

      • Sorry. You may or may not have something interesting to say but I just can’t get past your horrible grammar, spelling, and syntax.

        You’ll find people more willing to listen if you display an education level above third grade. There are any number of effective adult education courses available.

  27. The Democrats are very quiet on Palin for a reason. They know that her negatives are huge and she only has a few loud loyalists. They know they can beat her in November with Peltola. Once again, Palin is a gift to the Democrats. Like she was to Hollis French. Like she was to Butt-Pic Berkowitz. Like she was to China Bill.

    • “…….Palin is a gift to the Democrats……..”
      That’s what they thought of Trump in the 2016 campaign, too…….until he actually won the nomination. When Killary, in the first solo debate with Trump, said that it was a good thing that he didn’t have control of the justice system in this country, and he replied, ” Because you’d be in jail”……… all changed. Dramatically. Killary, and the snakes slithering in the poisonous waters of The District knew what a threat he was. The derangement rose to international levels. It was on steroids. False scandals. Special counsel investigations. Impeachments. Maybe even stole the next election. They threw everything they had at it. All of it was a lie and criminal.
      In reality, had you been paying attention to Don Young and the long “relationship” he had with the Anchorage Daily News and McClatchy, you’d know that the leftist media had a good dose of derangement with Don going back to the early 1980’s.
      Electing Palin and Trump is political warfare against both the Left and corrupt Republicans. We need an army of Trumps and Palins. With Trump endorsed candidates winning at such a high rate, we’re getting them, too………

  28. President Trump is great. He just can’t read bad women very well. A lot of other smart guys can’t either. King Solomon was another one.

    • Galeutian, now that you’re digging into the Bible and given the fall of man, do you think Satan knew the workings of the female mind?

      • What is the primary economic unit of this nation? The household unit (family unit). Anchorage has household units out in the street. The guy and gal who were destabilized had a five-year household unit in the priciest neighborhood in Florida implying some trust. Sarah doesn’t worship anything but herself. Not stable. Doesn’t like stability for herself or anyone else – too boring. Therefore does not have values appropriate in Congress. Too weak.

  29. And Anchorage wonders out loud why they have such a pathetic Assembly. It’s because of Palinheads and fellow travelers.

    Can’t bother to get involved and do the hard work, but by God they will fall for a fraud who endorsed Bill freaking Walker. Because she used to be pretty and gets clicks on Twitter.

    We get the government we deserve.

    • “…….. Anchorage wonders out loud why they have such a pathetic Assembly. It’s because of Palinheads and fellow travelers……..”
      Anchorage is Ground Zero for socialism, not Palin supporters. One has only to look at the votes cast per district in June’s primary to see that. Demographics provide more evidence. As I predicted decades ago, Mat-Su will eventually be both more populous than Anchorage, and the conservative fortress of Southcentral. And for the past decade, the Anchorage population has actually gone down slightly while Mat-Su’s has exploded. Conservatives are fleeing Anchorage like they’re fleeing the California coast, and new conservative immigrants are going straight to the Valley. Increasingly, as conservatives leave Anchorage, liberal, socialist residents become the greater majority there.
      In 1970, the Mat-Su population was 5000. Now it’s approaching 120,000. In 1970, we had two legislators in the Legislature. Now we have nine of the 60 in Juneau. We still have lots of room to grow………out, not up.
      Anchorage is in trouble……..

      • I considered voting for Sarah but found her values of reaching out to guys in established relationships for instant intimacy, bringing in large, unknown males during the holidays into her house frequented she would have you believe with youngsters a risky behavior I refuse to condone in a Congressional representative from Alaska. Boredom can be ameliorated in other ways. Chase men Sarah but not in Congress.

  30. This article vaguely mentions Nick Begich… leaving it unclear exactly how he is involved, if at all. As to the rest of the report, it seems the new boyfriend and his ex are attention-seekers and Palin’s judgement may be poor. It is unseemly for such controversy, if true, to attach to any House member.

  31. Must read has entered the tabloid space. I have been making a monthly donation for a couple years. But not for this kind of drivel. What ever gets you clicks huh Suzanne? I thought Must Read was different…..We get it you don’t like Sarah, and you are trying monkey wrench her campaign…..You are better than this. I thought.

  32. So I keep getting mailers from the Begich campaign claiming he is going to provide leadership. So far, I’ve seen no proof of that whatsoever. In fact, I’m sure I’ve never even heard his voice. I realize Suzanne is all in for this guy, but he hasn’t proved anything that he can point to except that he comes from a family of grifters who have gotten and continue to get rich off of taxpayer dollars, all while assailing us with their oversized egos and liberal crapola. If that is who Suzanne is all in about, then this probably is not going to be the go to place for conservative news any more. Sorry, Suzanne, but if you trust this little two-bit grifter, whom else do you think is our conservative savior? Tell us now, so we can vote against them as well.

    • Do you think Palin is a conservative savior? That explains a lot. Conservative talking points do no good when she governs as a leftist, attacking Republicans and promoting Democrats along with their policies.

  33. I spent the weekend at the Russian and limited out. Came home to find I was out newspaper. As luck would have it I happened upon this specimen of outstanding journalism. Figuring this was an ADN article I got to work wrapping the fish.

    Suzanne, you owe me a new computer monitor!

  34. MRAK gives the best election and campaign coverage ever. It’s fun as hell. Thanks, Suzanne.
    It gives everybody something to talk about. And they do. Especially the Democrats.

  35. You don’t like Palin, we get it. Now, can you get back to the quality of reporting we’ve become accustomed to?

  36. For some weeks I’ve been thinking about what a wildcard Sarah’s boyfriend is or whoever she decides to hook up with next. Perhaps his background and possible agendas are relevant. In the Troopergate scandal it was revealed that when Palin was governor, husband Todd was inappropriately making phone calls to get Sarah’s ex-brother-in-law fired and some of those calls came from the governor’s office. Palin quit being governor because some of her ethics violations were real although she spun it as if they were all frivolous. Palin and her boyfriend were in an interview recently and were asked if there was a marriage coming. He answered that they were in “negotiations”. The Palin drama over time has been much worse than AOC. The only reason I might rank her #2 is to prevent a Democrat from joining the other Dems on the national level. Her “speciality” is promoting Democrats by throwing conservatives under the bus (because they aren’t her?) but she’d probably quit for greener pastures anyway.

  37. If Ms. Spurned really wants him back, all she has to do is be patient…because Sarah is Sarah and Sarah will lose interest soon enough…and QUIT?

  38. Look, I don’t ever wanna see Russia from my kitchen window. Sarah and me will live in Florida in my mansion when she gets elected. She can find her own damn way to occasionally visit her constituents in stupid Wasilla. But I ain’t going. I’ve got 14 big screen tvs in my home so I can watch hockey all day. Todd is welcome in the guest house. And if Sarah doesn’t get augmented or a facelift soon, she’s history. There’s plenty of chicks down here that like older studs with daddy big bucks.

    • Thanks, Ronnie. I’ll pass. I’ve gotta raise our special needs child here in Alaska. Any offer you throw out sounds enticing, but you can have her. And I’m voting for Nick Begich along with the rest of my family. After Sarah loses, you’ll need an eviction order and TRO to get her out of your life. I promise you, because that’s what it took for me.

  39. Keeping up with Sarah is not an easy task. I’m still trying to figure out whether there was any teeth to the Dentist debacle…

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