Mailbag of hate: Black Lives Matter supporters speak out in defense of arsonist



Must Read Alaska‘s story on the Anchorage man who is in federal custody after setting fire to the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct while officers were being blocked inside by other rioters, brought a barrage of hateful mail from Black Lives Matter supporters. None of the comments were approved in the comment section, but we offer you a sampling of it here. The string of expletives is a little more raw than the usual hate mail that Must Read Alaska gets from the Left, and the grammar is much less on point than we usually see here at MRAK.

These comments are in response to the story and those who responded to the story, therefore you might see your name or your MRAK nom de plume. Due to the savage nature of these remarks, readers will understand why the editor here at MRAK remains “Somewhere in Alaska”:

  • bro stfu, his brother did not shoot at the cops there way other people in the fucking car like honestly don’t speak on something you don’t know s– about.
  • Nah but your mother’s pussy is. ITS FOREVER BLM TILL WE SEE SOME CHANGE
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  • Fuck you Luke you need the death penalty for that comment.
  • Fuck you Fuck 12 it’s Desmonation forever Bitch.
  • Talking about “evil” when 12 is literally that eat a dick bitch.
  • Now you wonder why he has done this his brother was killed by the police for no reason and no justice no real story… this is America only some(yts)get justice
  •  It’s DESMONATION FOR LIFEEE and if any of y’all got a problem with y’all can SUCK MY DICK FROM THE BACK
  • Shut the hello up you should get the death penalty for looking like that.
  • Shut up you sound dumb as hell
  • Fuck right off, moron


  1. WOW! I am impressed! Their grammar and spelling is quite impressive for their level of intelligence! Biden will get some votes.

  2. The Indoctrination Centers er, Universities, have taught them well. At least, have learning how to spell f*ck…

  3. They-no matter what age-call all females ‘b—-’ who don’t agree with them. Reason, logic, good manners are non-existent, and yet regular non-violent educated folks agree with them. I don’t get it!

    • Tom, they are stupid but rest assured their votes will be counted, maybe more than once. The future is bleak if we allow this intimidating influence to prevail. This is for real, it’s motive and it’s operations are on display. The French Revolution will look like kids’ play if these folks are allowed a seat at the table.

    • The Dem “machine” will collect their mail ballot & make sure we count it

      Then they will go back to smoking weed that they bought at the corner store

  4. Lord help us, these comments are so disturbing…and frankly, sad ?. I appreciate you, MRAK, and the conservative news you bring us.

    God help us all.

  5. Verbal vomit.

    They are gross pigs, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these comments came from government employees or political party volunteers who purposely slaughtered their writing to disguise their identities.

    Keep reporting for Alaska. You do excellent work. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. These punks are evil.

  6. The best part is most BLM are white, university “educated”, public school preped, from high income homes, and many professors are amongst them, leading the violence.
    This is the ultimate product of the most advanced society on earth, with universal use of “smart” phones!
    The Wuhan Virus was used to self destruct economies and end Trump rallies. Biden’s 2020 election year rallies are the riots, of course the Chinese virus does not spread amongst the participants due to the pure political ideology of the rioters, pedophiles and miscellaneous felons loyal to Bernie Sander and AOC.

    • That’s not true. Yes, there are a few white, unemployed liberal arts majors with them, but most are black thug wannabees. No courage to take on a fair fight. Always in the shadows, behind the back. The prison talk is priceless.

  7. If you want to understand this whole “movement” you need to read ‘Rules for Radicals’. Straight out of their playbook.

  8. You have been punked. The messages are a racist and pathetic attempt to appear like they were written by a gang of angry Black men who are about to break into your nice home and pistol whip you for being a law abiding American citizen. Now we all know that my message is sent with my email address, and it is very simple to identify the person who performed this malicious hoax with the goal of inciting rage against people of color. The culprit should be hiding.

  9. And the solution to all the so-called racial animus?

    Don’t resist arrest.

    Too simple, I know. But every single one of the deaths were people who resisted arrest. Maybe its time for everyone to start playing by the same rules. Cheers –

  10. This group of uninformed idiots fail to recognize that the system of government they champion will result in them being put to work breaking rocks somewhere in a mine, or worse. The lack of any other skill would mandate that result. The activities they are currently involved in would result in death or the gulag in Russia.

    • Feminists and other leftists are useful idiots who serve only to destabilize the society. When the goal is reached, they will be “lined up against the wall and shot”.
      From a 1984 interview with a former KGB agent and Soviet diplomat, Yuri Bezmenov.

  11. So much for civil discourse in the advancement of political objectives. Now the gutter vermin shows their true character, or lack thereof. No way this garbage should be accepted as serious dialogue. Hateful people full of rage. These are the exact reasons we need to have a fully funded, effective police department in Anchorage, to protect the majority from a dangerous militant minority.

  12. Just good kids, trying to get their lives on track. Most would have been in medical school if not for the KungFlu.


  13. The “nut” population continues to grow and there is no vaccine that will end it. These people are dangerous! Do not ever think otherwise!
    Firearm sales grew at record rates the first 6 months of this year. People are not arming themselves for hunting or target practice. They are preparing to defend themselves from the likes of those who sent this garbage to Suzanne.
    So far the violence has been confined to urban areas for the most part. But it can and will spread to suburban and rural areas.
    If the radical left gets in power there will be an effort to restrict our 2d amendment rights that could put many in indefensible situations. Do you want that? If not, round up all you can and flood the voting venues on Election Day.

  14. Odious souvenirs from society’s cesspool…
    Of course one respects their capabilities, their motivations just as one would respect any vile, vicious, poisonous, drug befuddled, carnivorous herd of juvenile predators plundering with impunity. After all was it not Anchorage’s own Mayor Ethan Berkowitz who emboldened them? (
    Fear them? Oh Sweet Jesus, no.
    Americans don’t fear the trash. Americans take out the trash.
    Find, fix, and finish, yes?

  15. From the bm (bowel movement) comments, there doesn’t appear to be enough intelligence in the entire bunch to ring a bell. Foul mouth ‘tough guys’ are plenty tough when the odds are 30 or more to 1 in their favor or they’re anonymous, with nothing behind it. Put them one on one with most any sane conservative and they will scurry like a cockroach. I, for one, am getting damned tired of these idiots trying to put real Americans under their thumb/heel, with the democrats aiding and abetting them. Most don’t appear smart enough to spell their own name. Shucking and jiving like “bad man Leroy Brown”, without the mental means, ambition or morality to make themselves better. Graduates of socialist school, if any.

  16. I never thought that the guy who simply used 3 apostrophes appropriately would stand head and shoulders above the rest of the commentators.

  17. This is pretty typical of these minority youths who simply wish to be able to do whatever they want without consequence. They make excuses for their bad behavior and play the race card when called out. Colin Flaherty has been talking about this for years, but it seems that people finally started noticing these patterns. This attitude can not be allowed to fester in Anchorage, or it will become a third-world hellhole like any Democrat-run city in the lower 48.

    • Actually, these are the kind of people that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Al Gross, Alyse Galvin and other prominent Democrats are counting on for support.
      Clearly, the real law and order, patriotic Americans who uplift this country are not their supporters.
      Thanks, Suzanne, for your courage under fire. You have exposed the trash. Now, it’s up to us to take the trash out.

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