Anchorage Black Lives Matter rioter accused of arson at Seattle East Precinct


Federal prosecutors are charging 19-year-old Desmond David-Pitts of Anchorage with arson for setting a fire at the Seattle Police Department East Precinct on Monday night, while officers were inside.

Desmond David-Pitts was arrested Tuesday morning and was subsequently transferred to federal custody.

The Department of Justice report says he tossed trash bags into a sally-port area at the precinct and used a lighter to torch them. David-Pitts has admitted to it in an interview, according to the Department of Justice.

David-Pitts is part of the Black Lives Matter movement in Anchorage, and is a well-known outspoken protester for months. He testified in front of the Anchorage Assembly about police brutality earlier this summer, dropping the “F bomb,” and several other curse words.

An Anchorage police officer shot and killed his younger brother, 16-year-old Daelyn Polu, in February. The shooting was in self-defense after someone in Polu’s car fired shots at the police; one of the bullets hit an officer’s badge and buried itself into his Kevlar vest.

The shooting of Daelyn Polu has been a rallying cry at every Black Lives Matter event in Anchorage this summer, and the family wants to reopen the case. Now, Daelyn’s older brother is involved in trying to lock Seattle police inside their precinct and burning it down.

“This is the fourth defendant to appear in federal court after being charged with criminal conduct that went far beyond any peaceful protest,” said U.S. Attorney Brian Moran. “Those who go to protest but choose violence and criminal acts over protected speech will face the full weight of federal criminal sanctions. This illegal conduct must end.”

“The intentional fire set Monday evening in an organized, pre-planned attack endangered the lives of our officers and our entire community. This was not a peaceful protest, or demonstration for equity, but an act of lawlessness. We are grateful our federal partners at the U.S. Attorney’s Office recognize the criminal nature of these acts and are holding those responsible accountable,” said Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best.

According to the complaint, David-Pitts had arrived in Seattle from Alaska three days before Monday’s protest.

After marching with the group in downtown Seattle, he was seen on surveillance video piling up trash against the sally-port door at the Seattle Police East Precinct.

Over an eleven minute period the surveillance video captures him repeatedly lighting it on fire and feeding the flames with more trash bags and cardboard.

While he was lighting the fire, other people who appeared on the surveillance camera were attempting to use crowbars and cement-like materials to try to disable the door next to the sally-port to prevent officers from exiting the building.

At various times on the video David-Pitts appeared to be communicating with the others. Despite the rioters’ efforts to cement the door shut, officers were able to get outside and extinguish the flames, which had grown to 10 feet high.

A similarly equipped group set a second fire around the corner from the David-Pitts arson, and David-Pitts was seen on surveillance working with the others to cut through a chain-link fence that was a barrier around the building.

The second fire was extinguished by Seattle Police Officers and members of the Seattle Fire Department.

David-Pitts was identified less than an hour later in the crowd outside the precinct because of the pink camouflage trousers he was wearing.

Arson is punishable by a mandatory minimum five years in prison and up to twenty years in prison. The case is being investigated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives and the Seattle Police Department. David-Pitts is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Todd Greenberg.


    • Getting caught was stupid but the act wasn’t got us/people out here protesting after protesting after protesting obviously were gonna make a move on it since you ALL don’t hear us….FOR REAL YALL ARE GOING TO FEEL US we’re gonna continue to protest or take it further by any means BLM. OUR people are still getting killed but you don’t want to argue about that

      • If you think by acting violent and threatening people that you’re going to get your way, you best think again. History is not in your favor.

      • Advocating for the Killing of People is an act of Stupidity and shows your blatant disregard for a civilized population. So in your little pea brain because one person makes a mistake you want to kill all. Shows that you have no common sense.

        • What mistake and whose? The 16-year-old who the Anchorage police shot had fired at the officers from the vehicle he was in. Who made the mistake?

      • I’m an “all lives matter” kind of guy. To exclude everybody but blacks is exclusionary and therefore racist.

  1. Toss in attempted murder too. Trying to torch a building and block the egress while people are inside seems like attempted murder to me.

  2. Its Seattle, they’ll let him go. When you have two morons like Jenny Durkin and Jay Inslee running the show don’t look for justice. Add to this the communist city council who hate Americans and you have a perfect storm for more violence and killing.

    • Won’t matter that Seattle has a flaccid approach to law enforcement; the Feds don’t and this is a Fed arrest.

      What I found at least marginally interesting in the vid is that this clown points at others as if they’re the root cause of the issues he’s so desperately (not) struggling with… as if everyone else has a duty to be a mentor to dirtbags.

      A little clorox in this genetic strain would be good for future generations.

  3. Being tried in a federal court hopefully, he will be handed down a truly hard sentence. Setting fire to a building and blocking the entrance so people can’t get out is attempted murder and hopefully will be looked at as such. These people who are rioting, looting and destroying property really believe they are going to take this country into Socialism and justice but Socialism leads to Communism. A proven fact and is in the Communist Manifesto.

  4. Shoots at police (his brother), acts surprised when they shoot back.
    These are the violent geniuses who are trying to take over the country.
    We are all tasked with stopping this. We can’t just leave it up to the cops. We have to have their backs and help them wherever and whenever we can…..

    • As the article said someone who was in the car shot at the officer , so the officer who shot and killed daelyn polu in self-defense shot the wrong person . Reread the article before you talk on someones son who can not defend himself.

      • Right, he was just an innocent boy caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Save it, we’ve heard it all before.

  5. I don’t see the violence and pillaging as an attempt to take over our country. these young people who are doing this are a product of our educational system. they know that they will not be held accountable for their actions. to them it is very important to stay relevant on social media. these kids are having fun, smiling and laughing as they put up new post on Facebook. I’m thinking not one of them could tell you how the 3 branches of our government works. I’m willing to bet drugs and booze are involved because most these kids wouldn’t have the courage to these things sober. Also, this is a well financed plan. someone is buying shrink-wrapped pallets of bricks and placing them in intersections. Money to be made in chaos. Someone be paying the bills for buses, lodging, as these groups travel city to city.

    • These young morons in the streets aren’t feasibly attempting to take over the nation, society, and culture. Those funding and propagandizing them are, and the Democrat Party has been almost completely consumed by these people. Indeed, many within the party now even see what has finally come to fruition, but it’s too late for them to regain control of their party or the events that have delivered them to complete ruin. Nor can local governments, and even several state governments turn this disaster around. We have arrived at the election of 1860 yet again, but this time it is more of an anarchy than a conflict between political bodies as large as state governments.
      Hell comes to breakfast after the election, and the coming civil war will most undoubtably result in significant global rearrangements, if not global war. This will be the Russian Century, and Alaska is in a very, very significant position for this world shift. I am very thankful to be Alaskan in more ways than I can even recognize.

      • Reggie
        I believe you have a good feel for much that is happening.
        I have often have the ‘feeling’, that even with the disruptions in democrat run states and cities (Anchorage, too) we are in the calm before the storm.
        From all that continues to happen, I too feel there are real disruptors, financers and planners outside of the useful idiots, crazy kid rioters.
        From what I read and follow it is more internal within our own government and from China – than from Russia. Democrats and China are (still) using Russia as a familiar boogie man and shell game.

        All this has been in the wings and plans for quite some time, simmering under the disguise of our ‘normal’ government workings, and has come to a head under President Trump, who isn’t from a political party, but does represent people who are patriots and love this country.

        The movement to take over our country has begun in real time. This election IS the most important in my 63+ years of life. Is it yours???

        Be prepared. The best and the worst is yet to come.

  6. With enemies the likes of Mr. David-Pitts and silence from the Democratic leadership, Trump wins reelection.

  7. This is wonderful news for Alaska! First, he’s gone. Not here. Now somebody else’s problem. Second, these are federal charges. Five years means 5×365. No games. Thirdly, the feds mean business. This prosecution WILL occur.
    Another delightful thought is that this guy is likely not the only troublemaker who travelled south looking for trouble. Our prayer should be than none of them return.

  8. I think this is related to reparations. Somehow. Perhaps a Social Justice Warrior can explain it to us. But one condition: Do not re-define words like “racism” to make your argument. Time for the word games to stop.

  9. I’m sure BLM/ANTIFA/DNC will have him and his brother listed as good boys who were studying to go to Medical School.

  10. Charge him with domestic terrorism attempted murder of a police officer, and change of venue so a fair impartial trial can be held.

  11. Some responsibility falls to those who encouraged Mr Desmond David-Pitts delusions of grandeur. He’s a bonnie lad, and will be very popular in general population, that certainly won’t make David’s “heart glad” when he wakes up time after time face down on a sodden prison mattress. Unfortunately, those who encourage this type of behavior, rarely if ever suffer the same fate. It’s about time these LARPers grow up, and wake up to the fact they’re being used by the very establishment they claim to hate.

  12. The saddest thing about this is that Desmond may no longer be eligible to receive the supersized PFD check that will be issued by our state government in 2021 to make up for the previous theft of our money. I heard that many of the criminals are only committing misdemeanors this year so they don’t get disqualified and lose out. A cop buddy said that California gangs are setting up their drug networks all over Alaska (including small bush communities and villages) so that when the big PFD checks go out, the heroin and meth will be right behind. That’s why there are so many bad hombres hanging around on 4th Avenue right now. Dunleavy needs to call in the Feds before it’s too late.

  13. Interesting, how come it is always ok (often bragging rights earned) for the Black Lives Matter people to shoot at and or kill police officers, but when a black man is shot or killed by a police officer when that person is forcefully resisting arrest or shooting back at the police, then it is time for the BLM people to protest, riot, break into stores and loot. Hopefully Mr. David-Pitts will pay a heavy price for his actions. But sadly, he will probably be a hero in prison if convicted.

  14. I don’t condone violence from either side of this conflict and both sides are guilty of it. Violence just causes more violence and nothing gets settled at a rational level.

  15. Rest up my brotha I still miss you till this day
    Even if these comments are hates we still fighting for you
    We didn’t want god to take you
    Now you gone to soon
    All these comments doesn’t make me weak
    But when i heard this situation happened I felt weak
    I couldn’t stand the pain that I was in
    I’m really mad about the mistakes that the police made
    I’m so mad
    My mind is full with anger
    I remember when I had a vision of you I said aye I don’t want you to go
    And you said just hold on just in case if I go
    When I woke up I looked around nobody was around
    All I saw was a picture of you on the was
    I woke up panicking
    With And tearz rolling down my eyes and rest up brotha
    I hope I see you again
    Love you

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