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Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Lt. Gov. Meyer to conduct audit on Ballot Measure 2


To allay concerns about the accuracy of voting, Alaska Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer will conduct an audit of votes cast on Ballot Measure 2, the ballot initiative to create ranked choice voting and jungle primaries.

The Division of Elections uses Dominion Voting Systems and its vote tabulation software, which has come under attack from the Trump campaign.

Meyer is in charge of the Division of Elections and is confident that a fair and accurate election was held but there’s much misinformation being passed around concerning the voting system.

An audit is different from a recount. A recount is not done unless requested by the defeated candidate or 10 registered voters. If the margin is within 1/2 of 1%, the State will pay for the recount. If not within that narrow margin, the defeated side must put up $15,000 for the recount.

Ballot Measure 2 passed 173,725 to 169,918, or 50.55 to 49.45 percent, slightly more than a 1 percent margin.

An audit cannot change the outcome, but is only done to provide proof one way or the other that the vvote count was correct.

The Division of Elections has not set a date for the audit, but presumably it will happen after the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Interesting an audit…again another vote disappointment when all of my friends who voted voted against changing elections in Alaska.
    With all the money that the originating group poured in the proposition it doesn’t surprise me that it passed.
    Some are alluding to corruption by the Lt. Gov. office. Perhaps there should be an audit of the Lt. Gov. and his election team. Many have complained about the Dominion machines in previous elections in Alaska and elsewhere.
    Funny isn’t it that the name Dominion is being used: Some common synonyms of dominion are authority, command, control, jurisdiction, power, and sway.

  • Completely untrue. There is no misinformation, there’s just a huge amount of information that is hard to process because it’s so overwhelming bad. The most important priority for the legislature this session (after “not having a binding caucus) is to fix our election law so that the ballot harvesting we saw can’t be done again and to get rid of those corrupt Dominion machines. Even if no one used them for ill intent this time around, they will be able to in the future. I hope somebody will come up with the funds to get a full HAND recount done for BM#2. I’ll chip in.

  • Sad………It’s doubtful we can trust our elections ever again until we implement some uniform, binding reforms with severe penalties on how we conduct them such as banning mail-in voting, absentee ballots on request only verified by voter registrations, in-person voting with valid ID
    & voter registration card, prohibition of foreign produced voting machines and software, security oversight of such domestic companies, prohibition of any foreign outsourcing in the tallying process, and conduct regular background & financial checks on all poll workers and election officials. Until those requirements are implemented, nearly all our elections could be in question.
    Even the foreign third-world crapholes we’ve invaded and rebuilt have more secure elections than we apparently have. Everyone remember the Iraqi & Afghani voters with indelibly inked fingers?

    • Steve spot on more comment below.

    • Good. Ballot measure 2 stinks to high heaven.

  • Yayyyyyyyyyyy!

  • Some of my family were given Sharpie markers here in Anchorage..(not kidding)

  • What exactly is Meyer’s concern about the vote? According to the article he seems confident that it was fair and accurate. Why run an audit?
    Does he plan to audit the Ballot 1 numbers, and if not, why not? Is it germane in only one ballot measure and not the other?

  • Ballot harvesting! No signatures required, so it is almost as bad as mail in voting…

  • Who, in their right mind, would vote yes for ballot measure 2?

    • Who, in their right mind, would vote for Trump ?

      • About 73,000,000 Americans, that’s who.

      • Lots of people in their right mind would vote for a political candidate you do not like. Just because they voted for trump does not mean they are not in their right mind.

        However, voting for rank choice voting is very different than voting for/against an individual candidate. Those supporting RCV, in my opinion, are not adequately considering the many potential downsides to the system.

        So, long story short, your response to AKAN is basically meaningless. It provides no useable information, and in fact detracts from the conversation.

      • Your 401 k would vote for Trump. You ready to start handing over your retirement saving in taxes? LMAO. Ballot measure 2 should not have even been on the ballot, Alaska law states ballot measures only address 1 specific matter. Measure 2 addresses 2-3 and is a wet paper bag waiting to be thrown out in court.

    • A Marxist would have no problem with it. It’s their idea.

  • I am so embarrassed to be around my generation, they embarrassed me while we were High Schoolers 1997-2001, and they embarrass me still today. They are really that dumb into being dupped not only once, twice, three, four, five, …., ten times before they get frustrated by the mistakes they created and contributed without ever realizing they made the mistake. Rank Choice voting sounded like a total concocted hair brain idea from those who were high schoolers (1983-2001). Watching its pro advertisements were totally how my memory remembers how H.S. students run for their class student council. One day mom and dad (baby boomers) won’t be around to bail us out.

  • Why do an audit on only Ballot Measure 2 ? With all the controversy surrounding Dominion Voting Systems it seems that an audit of all the races where Dominion equipment was involved should be investigated, as well as mail-in, absentee & early ballots. In for dime, in for a buck!

  • The legacy of the 2020 election cycle is the total loss of faith in the election system. It’s as rotten as a dead fish.

    The counting will continue until prop 2 has enough votes to win, regardless of how people voted.

    Ironic since the no dark money folks were funded by out of state dark money

    • Didn’t you see Sen. Murkowski’s tweet? The time has come to just accept the election results in order to ensure Americans’ faith in the electoral system remains strong.

      Just ignore the red flags. Go along to get along.

  • Why are people so concerned about an audit of the vote? Surely, there is nothing to worry about for the “winners” on ballot measure 2. I get audits all the time for sales tax, insurance, life insurance, health insurance, the entire schmear, including an IRS audit some years ago. Audits are routine for any binding result of any controversy, contract, sale, vote, opinion, or contrasting group of numbers. Audits reveal the genuine versus the created numbers. All businesses are audited for accuracy on a continual basis by gov’t and insurance. What’s the problem with auditing the vote. Audits are based on numbers, not politics. If your numbers/votes are valid and all match, no problem.

  • If the audit cannot change the outcome but shows irregularities that might call into question the results, is there a process in place to then initiate a recount or would it still be up to 10 registered voters with $15,000 to spare to get a recount initiated?

  • I just watched an investigative report about Dominion voting machines on One America News. It appears that these voting machines are easy to manipulate ballot results! Sure makes a voter wonder about the authenticity of the election results!

    • There is no evidence whatsoever that actual fraud or manipulation of ballots has occurred. You might want to try to verify through other sources the information you have from OAN.

      • You might want to do a little research there. How about the 234 PAGES of affadavits? Are they all lying? There is tons of evidence, it just remains to investigate more, take it to court and convert that evidence to proof.

      • OAN was just censored yesterday on YouTube. They are banned for a week. They must have hit a nerve! If you are taking return fire , you must be close to the target.

  • Dominium voting systems! Made in a foreign country and we should be trusting them! Shame on us!! How can we possibly trust our representatives in our current voting process?

    • Then, if you don’t trust them, you should not trust that Trump was the winner of the AK election too. I can live with that.

  • Get rid of the machines! And every voter must have an ID and show up at the voting booth!

    • Irony is Canadians programmed the machines for Hugo Chavez. For Cash, lots of it. Now who’s thumbing their nose at Alaskans and America?

  • Ranked choice voting will result in 5 communists on each ballot instead of 2.

  • We need to look at this in another way. We can still vote for who we want just fill out one circle. Leave the rest of the circles blank. That way the demos will mark all the circles and we will have a candidate with more circles. Also we need to have our republicans say they are democrat and promise to caucus with the democrats and spend like the democrats. Then the democrat will vote for that person along with us and in a landslide we win and have a democrat turn republican run the state. We have the right to vote how we want so let’s make this work against the fools who wanted this.

    • Mark,

      The problem is if you only fill in one circle and through the magical process known as rank choice voting the one circle you filled out doesn’t get enough votes, or other peoples choices don’t get enough votes, then your vote is tossed out never to count again as if it never happened, just like you never voted. If you want your vote to count, you have to fill out each circle however many times you have to in order to rank every rank choice on the ballot. If you didn’t read the 93 pages of the ballot proposition don’t worry, nobody else did either including those who voted for it.

      • Well then we have all the republicans say they are or will caucus with the demos until they get to Juneau. We can play the same game.

      • I should be able to vote for who I want and I should not be told how to vote. I understand lots of votes this year had 1 box checked and it counted. Voting should be free and simple.

      • If you only fill in one circle, and its circle number one, and that candidate doesn’t get enough votes to move on, it’s not much different from the Republican primary, where your candidate doesn’t move on if he doesn’t win. Then your vote no longer counts because your candidate didn’t move up.
        It isn’t strictly out, it just doesn’t matter anymore.

  • I can support rank choice voting. Under one condition:
    There is a “Never in a million years” choice, and you can select that for as many candidates as you want in each race. Also, selecting that would negate another voter’s “first choice” vote.

    I bet “never in a million years” wins every election from now on.

  • Hopefully an audit will reveal the “YES” ballots were printed on different stock than the “NO” ballots. And maybe it will raise serious questions as to how all the absentee ballots happened to be in favor of BM #2. Everyone I know voted against this insane measure and most everyone I know did not think highly of outside money promoting both measures. I’m hoping there’s a challenge to this measure in the courts.

  • But, if the audit shows that BM#2 lost, would the election be overturned?

  • Might be helpful to withold judgment until we see the complete unredacted report which should include:
    scope of the audit,
    what was audited,
    audit methodology,
    who did the audit,
    who oversaw the audit,
    whether National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) people did forensic-data analysis,
    whether, and on what, (NIST) people did computer-security audits,
    what vulnerabilities were found and how irregular findings were resolved,
    to what quantifiable extent the State of Alaska relationship with Scytl may have exposed Alaska’s vote-tabulation system to external and internal manipulation,
    complete, unredacted terms, condition, and cost of the State of Alaska contract with Scytl.
    So… why worry -only- about auditing Ballot Measure 2? Recall our Constitution’s 14th Amendment, the “equal protection” clause, you’d think the whole election might be audited if it looks like one part was messed up.
    Our elected officials are not worried about auditing the Great Alaska LeDoux Vote Experiment and the amazing, improbable, 11th hour landslide victory of Peoples PhD Doctor Snyder over Lance Pruitt?
    A hardened cynic might say… forget Pruitt/LeDoux, voting corruption has to be manageable to be profitable, voting corruption resulting from BM2 will be unmanageable, which puts Alaska’s political Establishment in an awkward spot with its sponsors.
    If the legislature can’t get its act together long enough to repeal BM2, the Establishment may have a problem only the lt. guv can fix.
    Then there’s Anchorage’s easily corruptible mail-in voting system, accountable to nobody for anything, successful in assuring no bond, tax, or incumbent gets left behind… which the lt guv won’t touch, 14th Amendment be damned.

    With due respect, lt. guv, that’s why our confidence in Alaska’s state and electoral systems is shaky.

  • An audit can’t change the outcome…. are you kidding me! Here is an average accumulation of 39 races including the two ballot measures:

    28 Republican wins. 11 Democrat wins
    54% Republicans. 41.18% Democrats.
    Ballot measure 1:
    50% NO 42% YES
    Ballot measure 2:
    49% NO 51% YES This does not equate.

    So, they are saying if an audit detects FRAUD and changes the outcome it too late.? How many of you think this is reasonable. How many of you think this is rational. Maybe you should watch OAN reporting on Dominion vote tabulation machines.

  • If Lt. Gov. Meyer counts mail-in ballots that did not include a verifying signature then he is complicit with election fraud and intentionally violating Alaska election laws. If doesn’t matter what the Alaska Supreme Court ruled, the US Supreme Court overruled them and stated that only the State legislature has the authority to change election laws, not the courts.

    That makes every mail-in ballot that does not include a verifying signature an illegal ballot, and cannot be counted under Alaska law.

  • Ranked choice + mail in voting is a reliable way to turn Red states into Blue states, regardless of the wishes of the public. Alaska will be solid blue very shortly.

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