Lock up your valuables: Crime Town poster child getting out


One of Anchorage’s suspected rinse-and-repeat car thieves is due to get out of jail on April 14.

Crystal Tui, 24, has been in Hiland Mountain Correctional Center for about four weeks after she was caught driving a stolen car on March 6, according to court records.

Officers arrested her for vehicle theft 1 and vehicle theft 2. They also arrested the passenger, 28-year-old Shane Muse, still in custody at the Anchorage jail.

At some point in the March encounter with police, numerous shots were fired not far from the arresting police officers. No one was hit, but officers found a stolen handgun inside the Yukon, tucked beneath the seat where Muse had been sitting. Later, they found shell casings about 150-200 feet from the scene.

Muse was booked on criminal mischief 5, two counts of theft 2, vehicle theft 1, and misconduct involving a weapon 3 (felon in possession).  He also had an outstanding felony warrant.

Tui had also been part of a car theft arrest on Oct. 25, when she was a passenger in a stolen car.

The somewhat raw original Nixle alert on their arrest reads:

On 10/25/17 at 3:10 p.m., officers with our new ISU, CAP and VICE units spotted a stolen silver 2003 Cadillac Escalade in the 1300 block of West 44th Avenue.  The driver takes off in the direction of Midtown. This vehicle has been eluding officers for several weeks. The driver drove recklessly throughout the Midtown area creating a public safety threat. Officers locate the vehicle in the 900 block of East 20th Avenue. The driver takes off again and drives around the building. Officers attempt to block the stolen vehicle and the driver rams the police vehicles. Other officers arrive to assist and force the vehicle off the road. When the stolen vehicle stops, officers command the driver and the two passengers to exit. They are taken into custody, arrested and transported to jail.
The suspects have been identified as Shane Muse (28-years-old), Crystal Tui (24-years-old) and Saliloimanatu Toilolo (32-years-old). Muse was the driver. Tui and Toilolo were the passengers. They face multiple charges including Vehicle Theft 1 and Vehicle Theft 2.

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  1. But Berkie said public safety is his top priority? Remember during the first Persian Gulf war there was this spokesman for Saddam on TV with a window behind him? He was saying there was no incoming missiles and you could see them coming down behind him? Thats Berkie and crime. I am blaming him because he has done squat. Nothing to report at this time.

    • Might want to check your facts. The mayor authorized, what was it, 18 or 19 new officers to be hired and trained. Also they’ve formed several different units that work together to try to get these criminals, many are addicts, off our streets. Wouldn’t say that was doing “squat”. Now if you want to address our legislators…..that a whole different conversation.

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