Listicle: Candidates for Anchorage election


Anchorage voters have options this spring: The filing period for Anchorage municipal elections closed Friday night, and every school board incumbent who is running for reelection now has a competitor.

In addition, another mayoral candidate has filed: Phil Isley, who ran for school board in 2018 and was defeated by Deena Mitchell. In one race, to finish out the term of Chugiak-Eagle River Assembly member Kevin Cross, there is just one candidate: Mark Littlefield.

To drop from the ballot, candidates must file their intent to withdraw by Tuesday, Jan. 30. Ballots will be mailed out about March 13 and must be postmarked or returned to a drop box by April 2. Here’s the list of who is on the ballot, as of Friday at 5 pm:

Anchorage Mayoral Candidates

​​​Popp, Bill – Filed 1/12/2024

Tuck, Chris – Filed 1/12/2024

Colbry, Darin – Filed 1/12/2024

Craig, Breck – Filed 1/17/2024

Darden, Dustin Thomas House – Filed 1/12/2024, Updated 1/16/2024

Danger, Nick – Filed 1/12/2024

Di Grappa, Jenny – Filed 1/26/2024

LaFrance, Suzanne​ – Filed 1/19/2024

Bronson, Dave​ – Filed 1/23/2024, Corrected 1/25/2024 Incumbent

Isley, Phil – Filed 1/25/2024​

Anchorage Assembly – Seat A – District 2 – Candidates (1-year term)​

Littlefield, Mark H. – Filed 1/18/2024

Anchorage School Board Candidates

School Board – Seat E

Higgins, Pat​ – Filed 1/12/2024, Incumbent

Schuster, Kay – Filed 1/12/2024​

School Board – Seat F

Frank, Angela​ – Filed 1/23/2024

Wilson, Dora – Filed 1/12/2024 Incumbent

School Board – Seat G

​Pohland, Chelsea – Filed 1/26/2024

Jacobs, Carl – Filed 1/12/2024 Incumbent

Service Area Board of Supervisors

The following candidates will only appear on the ballots of those who live in the road service area.

Bear Valley LRSA – Seat C 

​Ennis, William – Filed 1/12/2024

Birch Tree/Elmore LRSA – Seat B

Sherman, Luke – Filed 1/25/2024

Chugiak Fire Service Area – Seat B

Girdwood Valley Service Area – Seat A

​​Wingard, Jennifer​ – Filed 1/24/2024

Girdwood Valley Service Area – Seat B

​​Burnett, Brian – Filed 1/26/2024

Wilbanks, Brett – Filed 1/17/2024

Glen Alps Service Area – Seat E

Connolly, Joseph – Filed 1/23/2024

Homestead LRSA – Seat C

​​Hoffman, Kristy – Filed 1/24/2024

Lakehill LRSA – Seat B
Mt. Park Estates LRSA – Seat A

​​Percy, Heather – Filed 1/26/2024

Mt. Park/Robin Hill RRSA – Seat A

Mt. Park/Robin Hill RRSA – Seat B

​​Bassler, Thomas​ – Filed 1/18/2024

Paradise Valley South LRSA – Seat C
Rabbit Creek View/Heights LRSA – Seat A

Lipps, David – Filed 1/26/2024

Raven Woods/Bubbling Brook LRSA – Seat A 
Rockhill LRSA – Seat A
Section 6/Campbell Airstrip Road LRSA – Seat B

Johnson, Eric​ – Filed 1/17/2024

Section 6/Campbell Airstrip Road LRSA – Seat C 

​Walker, Jack – Filed 1/16/2024

Sequoia Estates LRSA – Seat E
Skyranch Estates LRSA – Seat A

South Goldenview RRSA – Seat B

​​Culhane, Tim – Filed 1/16/2024

South Goldenview RRSA – Seat C

​​Lemon, Marty – Filed 1/16/2024

SRW Homeowners’ LRSA – Seat A

Talus West LRSA – Seat B

​Winsor, Anthony​ – Filed 1/26/2024

Totem LRSA – Seat C

Higgins, Patrice​ – Filed 1/24/2024

Giammalva, Pamela​ – Filed 1/25/2024

Upper Grover LRSA – Seat A

​​Cottrell, Jim​ – Filed 1/16/2024

Upper O’Malley LRSA – Seat B

Upper O’Malley LRSA –Seat E

Valli Vue Estates LRSA – Seat A

​​​Loeffl​er, Drew – Filed 1/26/2024

Valli Vue Estates LRSA – Seat D

​​Sallee, Diane​ – Filed 1/12/2024​

Villages Scenic Parkway LRSA – Seat C



  1. Now it’s time for Chris Tuck, Carl Jacobs, and Pat Higgins to roll up their sleeves and get to work on what Alaskan Democrat politicians do best; beating women.

    • MA, You easily pass as the most clever man in Alaska, pity that you are unable to unmask your brilliance, if just for a moment.

  2. Why not state party affiliation on this list? There is nothing nonpartisan about the election, and we need a good sorting tool. Maybe a list that shows party affiliation and indicates incumbents as well. Looks like in most of the races we are once again flooded with candidates, mostly on the left. The school board candidates in particular seldom put out much information about themselves and continue to get reelection by low information voters by name recognition and advertising alone. We should all know by now that very few deserve another term, yet it continues. The Fairbanks GOP puts out such a list and it really simplifies things, yet in Anchorage such information is treated is treated like Top Secret information.

  3. There are quite a few demonrats on that list. Where are the conservatives? Do they not understand that if they don’t get involved they will be prisoners in their own city?

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