Lisa Murkowski doubles down: She’d vote for Manchin over Trump or Biden


Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski told a PBS interviewer today that given the choice between President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump, she would vote for West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin for president.

“If it’s a match-up between Biden and Trump, I know exactly where I’d go. I would go with Joe Manchin,” Murkowski told Margaret Hoover, host of Firing Line.

“I am one who doesn’t like to use my vote for the lesser of two evils. I want to be proactive in who I think could do the job,” she said. Murkowski endorsed Democrat Mary Peltola for the House of Representatives in 2022.

Manchin, a centrist, has been for Democrats what Murkowski is for Republicans — an unreliable vote for their extreme platform.

Some have speculated that Manchin may run for president as a third-party and that rumor was given oxygen when he was featured at a town hall in New Hampshire, organized by No Labels, a new group pushing independent candidates.

Murkowski said people are hungry want a president who is “offering something in the middle.” She defended Alaska’s new open primary and ranked-choice voting general elections, saying she believes it is a model for other states to deliver results that are less partisan.

Murkowski’s idea of what it means to be less partisan may be at odds with the record of Peltola, who is extremely partisan, if she’s judged by her voting record, which is in line with radical House members of The Squad. Alaskans will be the judge in 2024, during the next congressional election.

Manchin appeared earlier this week at a town hall in New Hampshire that was sponsored by political organization No Labels, sparking conversation of a possible third-party bid for the West Virginia senator.

Manchin and Murkowski are considered allies in the Senate and have a close, collaborative relationship.


    • Murkowski is a delusional clown. Ranked Choice Voting equals getting a centrist candidate? Ummm, In sharp contrast: RCV got us Peltola, who votes most of the time with hard-leftist anti-Semite “Squad” members. Murkowski’s “logic”: Elections in AK are absolutely less partisan now… because they all benefit the left-no choice means no argument/partisanship, simple!

    • Penny; Joe Manchin has voted several times with republicans and should not be considered a liberal democrat.
      The honorable senator from the great state of Alaska thinks Trump is a bad guy and thinks Biden is way too far to the left and a bad guy 😉

      • 3rd, there is NOTHING, literally nothing, ‘honorable’ about the execrable, arrogant, self-serving, pro-globalist, anti-freedom, anti-Alaskan, un-American Princess Lisa.

        • The Murkowski Crime Family. Right here in Alaska for 43 years…….and more to come.
          Another sick family.

          • Totally agree with AA. The Murkowskis are not much different than the Biden’s. In government politics for nearly 50 years. Cheat to win elections. Both families filthy rich and privileged. Look down on the common, ordinary folks. Live high off the hog as entitled royalty. And both families have at least one miserable lawyer child who is as dumb as a junior-high spoiled brat.
            I don’t need to name first names. We all know them.

  1. Except Manchin is not running, and she is just taking the talking head route of easy. Pathetic answer and Alaskans deserve beter representation than someone that is going to vote for an imaginary candidate. Super weak response for a senior statesman. Surprised at how weak,.

  2. of the three RINOS–Romney, Murkowski, and Collins– who cares what or who Lisa “The Turncoat” will vote for. It’s a free country.
    She is just flapping her wings singing out loud “look at me, look at me.”
    Ya gotta love her.

    • “…….who cares what or who Lisa “The Turncoat” will vote for…..”
      This is a sales pitch for ranked-choice-voting expanded nationwide.

  3. Maybe I misunderstand how our representative republic works, but is she claiming she would vote in the electoral college OUTSIDE of the wishes of the state she claims to represent, thereby going against the wishes of the public? So can anybody please explain how she is STILL in office?…Oh right, RCV. That snowjob which has kept the public proverbially landlocked with this traitorous lot(including Peltola in this too), since it further muddies the water and assures those in place remain in place. I am really really looking forward to the return Jesus as this place seems to get worse by the second…

    • Umm…she doesn’t get to vote in the Electoral College. She was referring how she would vote for President (strictly speaking the electors for President) just as you or I vote.

    • I wish for a 100% turnout of registered Alaskan Republicans in the next election (2024) and the one after (2028). Her voluntary retirement might become mandatory, especially if we can get a suitable replacement to win in 2028. Then, she can go play in the Lobby Sand Box.

      • Better get another carpetbagger lined up ! The Rinos can send another one for six months and get them lined up for next go around !

    • If you people just knew the amount of money The Honorable Senator form the Great state of Alaska has brought to Alaska, robbing from the other states, money that would be other wise spent anyway, you’d all be ashamed of your selves. Unless you just don’t like Alaska. 😉

  4. She represents herself and a few democrats. Not Alaskan conservatives. No longer sees the need.

    • Please stop this nonsense. Her birth records name ME as her daddy. And I believe the record shall stand.

  5. Lisa & Manchin used to Hang out on Manchins Boat the Black Tie & make shady Deals. Frank would have been proud of His Princess.

  6. I only wish I could say what I really think about her but it would just cut out, please dump her and RCV thanks blowtorch you jerk, I now follow Joe Pagg every day .

  7. I accidentally listened to Porcaro for a few minutes this afternoon- he was agreeing with her, and saying he’d do the same. Talk about low situational awareness and disconnected. He’s milquetoast, and should have been off the air years ago. Don’t go away mad Porcaro, just go away.

  8. I sort if don’t care what she says or does at this point. Look forward to a new Senator in her place. For to her to retire might be the best thing at this point.

  9. With the 2022 election result, Murky now realizes how very little of her support comes from Alaska’s Republican voter base. All she has left are the federal business contractors and the federally-dependent AFN crowd. Oh, and she has the support of Alaska’s hapless Democrat Party voters, who can never manage to elect a U.S. senator. Good for Murky; she won. But she can take her high opinion of Joe Manchin and roll it up and smoke it, as far as I am concerned. Manchin will never do better as an independent candidate for the presidency than Pat Carlson or Ralph Nader. The poor fella is losing popularity in West Virginia.

  10. Firing Line! You mean they have perverted William F. Buckley’s weekly show by the same name? Oh my Goodness, and Lisa a guest on it to boot. These commies in the media have no shame!
    I religiously watched William F. Buckley’s program in the late seventies and early eighties. Buckley was cool, amongst other things he wrote spy novels and books about such esoteric topics as ” Celestial navigation made easy”, intelligent, educated and informative he only invited the best of both sides of an issue to attend. Trust me, Lisa would not have been invited on Bill Buckley’s program. The devolution of society continues.

    And Jeremy Hawk, Bill Buckley would have invited RFK Jr to be on his program, I’m certain of that.

  11. JFK jr is a viable candidate for the demrats! I actually, like him! President Trump and him should convene!

    • Just ask a liberal what they think of Bobby Kennedy Jr. ? They all say “ I like what he’s saying “ . I get a belly laugh inside as he’s saying the same thing as DJT ! It’s hilarious , try it on a liberal and then laugh out loud . I think Lisa M would support Bobby Jr. . This is the IQ test for libs !

      • Dan,
        Careful… Bobby Jr and the Trumpster do differ on a couple of points, the biggest one is Trump’s delusional position on the Jab. Bobby has done good work in combating big Pharma and the ineffective and dangerous m- RNA treatment while the Trumpster still claims that he saved 100 million lives through his pushing this medical scam through.
        On the whole however the above supports your theories and it is hilarious 😂 .

  12. She must have been scorned romantically by Trump. Little else explains this kind of animus.

    • That might be true but what’s her excuse for hating on Romney? Yes I know Romney gives you plenty to be hating on him about but it appears that she’s a man hater and if she’s liking the esteem senator from West Virginia, she must view him as less than a man.

  13. Senator Machin needs to stay right where he at in the Senate. I doubt he can win. He’s not polarizing enough. Voters vote with their emotions.

  14. I’m surprised that they haven’t told you how Real Russia lives in Alaska. You know, the reason they upchucked graves? Anyhoo. Now everyone is scrambling. They fear a little visit to ICC will upend their long range plans. Indeed it will….

      • He has to finish the Crackerjacks to get to it.

        I read it twice and have no clue what it is supposed to mean.

    • When you are worth a lot of money, people will say and do anything to get it, and keep it. They crucify those they cannot forget. Ask Hollis French where is that Birthright Owner at? Or more importantly, where’s that HUGE account at now?

  15. Whenever I read a news story about Lisa Murkowski and what she says, I am reminded of the movie “Dumb and Dumber”. I can’t put my finger on exactly why?

  16. If the Uniparty establishment in Washington, DC decides that Manchin is not a suitable candidate for President, Lisa Murkowski will drop him faster than a turd from a high pony’s ass and vote for Biden! Say what you will about Murkowski, but she is absolutely a creature of the Washington, DC Swamp.

  17. In the long run does it matter who wins or loses the presidential race? Politics is but a game to arouse the buffoons through the high art of imposture! Hold your councils and select your fools. An ugly world is in the making that will reshuffle society as we know it; so hang on, more “storms” are coming. As my fundamentalist neighbor rhetorically said, “Out of the horizon, four horsemen cometh!”

    • And yet it is written in all religion doctorine that if humanity comes together, the world shall not end. Fast-forward to real-time today. As we go along in life, here comes trouble. Those around us react and respond. They tug on our shirts and ask for our help. As we go full-stop and out of curiosity “here hold my beer” we take out them thar horsemen. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Sanctioned by GOD no less. Sweet. Thank you God. Next…

      • Take another hit and pass the joint: that’s got to be some good sh*t!

  18. My wife had an interesting question: is this the start of her trying to get herself elected via write in?

    She pulled if off (with a lot of democrat help) once before.

    • Right on Jim, Patty Murray – the Seattle based factory trawl fleet’s paid lackey. No wonder Murkowski doesn’t give a damn about the trawl fleet’s obscene wanton waste bycatch problem that is decimating western Alaskan king salmon, Bering Sea king crab & Gulf of Alaska halibut & blackcod. It’s all about the DC cult of personality!

  19. Lisa is a complete moron! But don’t say anything bad about her. After all, she’s OUR (Alaska’s) moron!!

  20. And so you people out there in Alaska Land believe her when she runs as a Republican? She hasn’t been onne for a very long time. She’s just willing to throw it in your faces now.

  21. She is the prime example of the internal problems with the Alaska republican Party. In spite of the wishes of the party members, the ‘central committee’ will pick and choose whom to support.

    In this case, lil lisa not had meaningful support in the last three elections but the ‘central committee’ has ALWAYS picked her to be the ‘nominee’. I’ve always been against the idea of the ‘central committee’ or any other way of circumventing the party’s wishes but the ‘central committee’ members seem to have a hidden reason to stay in position. Maybe they could clue us in as to why they ‘need’ to be there?

    Hey! Craig Campbell! Can you and your buddies explain the need for this entity? Hmmmmm . . . . Silence.

  22. I can’t help but remember all the delusional women at a forum of candidates in Fairbanks back when Lisa was ousted from running as a Republican against Joe Miller. All the Alaska feminists were out in force to support and gush over this fraud who had to be appointed by daddy to get the job as Senator, in the first place. She pulled her typical Lisa BS political maneuverings then just as she did with RCV. Lisa is another Commy, Democrat POS and will continue to shaft Alaskans while pretending she’s bringing home the bacon for Alaskans.
    Wake up folks ! She’s selling you out and you’re cementing the sale. Alaska has always been on the Federal Governments handout program. We continue to burn through our PERMANENT FUND to pay for BS, make work projects. all to make Alaskans happy to get the dollars for our fake economy. Now we hear the PERMANENT FUND will be out of spendable money in 4 years. Billions and we can’t see our way to use some of this fund to establish some real industry and businesses in Alaska that don’t depend on more FED money.
    How about demanding more from our Selected so called Representatives ? Between Lisa’s and her best buddy Petola’s sabotage, Sullivan’s day late and dollar short politics, RCV, ERIC and our uniparty Alaska Politicial Traitors, Alaska is just another beggar with a tin cup waiting for another handout.

  23. Right on Lisa! go for it: Nothing could be better for Trump. while you’re at it, make it official and switch to the democrat party to make it official

  24. Lisa is a war criminal and a corporate clown. Manchin is exactly her kind of person.

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