Life expectancy in America drops again


For the second year in a row, American life expectancy has dropped, and the Centers for Disease Control says it’s due to opioid use.

In 2016, life expectancy at birth was 78.6 years for the total U.S. population—a decrease of 0.1 year from 78.7 in 2015, the agency says.

For males, life expectancy went from 76.3 in 2015 to 76.1 in 2016—a decrease of 0.2 year. For females, however, life expectancy remained 81.1 years.

For those who make it to age 65, men can expect to live another 18 years, while women will typically live another 20.5 years.

The problem is making it that far. In the past two years, opioid drug abuse has contributed to a shortened lifespan overall.


  1. It is completely clear that 8 years of Obama in the White House, year over year spending increases in government-paid health care, mandating people to buy health care they don’t want and cannot afford, having over half of the births paid by government, and persistent expansion of government-paid food, cell phones, tires, heating oil, bus passes, etc. has not been entirely good for the population. I am sure this confuses Bernie Sanders (and he was already very confused of course) but it is exactly what most Alaska Republicans expected. Now we have a governor that writes today in the Juneau Empire that his latest proposed tax on workers will, in collecting $800 million, lower the very high Alaska unemployment rate. Talk about confused!! Walker did much to cause this high rate of unemployment and he believes taxing the private sector more will lower it. The first decision Governor Dunleavy needs to make on the 3rd Floor of the Capitol Building is to turn off the water fountain as it may cause dementia.

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