Letter: Vote for Mike Cronk



Rarely do I get involved directly in our District 6 politics. This year I have to make an exception. 

A spoiler has entered our District 6 race as a so-called conservative. He has not supported our president and he bolted the Republican Party to avoid running against Mike Cronk in the primary.

Now he is set to be spoiler by splitting the conservative vote and handing the district and our future to a leftwing activist who claims Nenana as her home.

With the conservative vote split and liberals now seeing an opportunity she can win with only 35% of the vote, they have been pouring money into her leftwing campaign. That would be a disaster for our district, as the values we cherish are one by one being threatened by the radical left.

I urge all conservatives to support Republican Mike Cronk. Please do not waste a vote for a spoiler who is trying to present himself as a credible conservative candidate. Any person who has manipulated the system to avoid the primary and has bolted the Republican Party as an officer does not speak credibility or trust. His so called “legislative expertise” is also misleading.

I know Mike Cronk and his incredible family. Mike is not a politician. Mike strongly supports a full PFD as written in statute. He is one of us and will fight for conservative values and our way of life we cherish so deeply.  Finally I want to make it clear I am writing this letter of concern on my own, having served as a representative and senator over a 10-year period. Thank you for taking my concerns seriously.


Dick Shultz


  1. We’ve seen this before many times but most recently from our most undistinguished senator Lisa Murkowski who couldn’t even muster up the support of the Republican Party. Another one that comes to mind which may be a little bit out of the age range of some readers was Ross Perot screwing up the election for Dad Bush. If there was no parole Bush would have won and we would have had no hide the cigar Bill Clinton and as a result no Hillary, no Benghazi, no padding the Clinton Foundation with Haitian relief money etc etc etc.

      • Not sure what you’re talking about. W saved us after 9/11. He took out Saddam who was trying to piece together a breeder reactor with the help of France in case your memory is failing you. So we stopped at tyrant from taking over the Mideast and initiated the war with the Taliban who is back in bin laden. I think you need to check your compass sir.

        • Sure Saddam was a tyrant, but he didn’t have weapons of mass destruction, that anyone could find, and that were the main pretext for taking him out.
          And BTW, how has that war with the Taliban been working out lately, lo these 17 years later? And who scored Bin Laden?
          My compass seems to be working OK. How ’bout yours?

  2. And just where is the money coming from that will be used to pay the so-called “full” PFD?
    We have a lot of pandering politicians spouting platitudes about paying the full PFD but who fail to tell us how they will do it. By raiding the PF, and thereby reducing the principal of the most productive income source in the state budget, the PF itself? They can’t do it by cutting spending because they can’t cut enough to pay the full PFD. How does the idea of no state troopers, no statewide road maintenance, no schools, no state parks sit with you? That’s what you lose to get your full PFD.
    These candidates who say they are for the full PFD are not trying to save the PF, they are trying to raid it. Once that starts, it’s game over for the PF and any income it provides (You do realize that Permanent Fund earnings are the biggest single source of income for the state, don’t you? Yes, even more than oil.), and the only recourse will be third world status and/or stiff taxation.
    And, of course, there will be no PFD. Ever.

    • The PFD is gone. It won’t last another year or two so get that out of your memory. When people voted in the rhinos in the Senate who are working with Bryce, the table was set. I look for income tax, sales tax to come back like it was in the good old days.

    • Greg, the PF was created to save oil wealth for the people, not for the Government. Oral Freeman devised the fund to keep the Government from blowing all the money. You do realize that don’t you?

      • The PF was created to shelter the state when oil money ran out, a remarkably exercise in foresight by those who created it. It was never meant to be a sinecure for the populace, but that didn’t stop those who came after from turning it into that, via the dividend.
        The principal in the fund is not touchable without a constitutional amendment. The earnings have become fair game. Woe to us if we start to mine the principal.
        And just what do you mean by “the people?” You and I as individuals or we as a whole. Check the Constitution of the US and you will find the words “we the people”, not “I the people.”
        You do realize the “we” are the government. When it becomes “I” am the government we have a dictatorship, or an oligarchy, or the next Trump administration.

  3. Dick, good to hear from you after all of these years. The little siren Marxist is Julie Hnilicka, a Democrat who has been trying to fool everyone in District 6. Hnilicka tried running for Nenana City Council but she was refused because she doesn’t actually live in Nenana. She rents a place and stops in on ocassion for appearance only. She does all the Leftist garbage, but denies it. We are doing deep research on her and will have more to report soon. A complete fraud who wants Leftist power. No substance at all. And not very bright.

  4. To Dick Shultz:

    You are correct. The spoiler is Elijah Verhaegan, a relative of the current mayor of Nenana. In fact, he was briefly an aide in Juneau to Rep. Dave Talerico. What’s interesting is that Mr. Talerico does not support Verhaegan, but rather, Mike Cronk. There are other factors to be considered in this race, namely Vern Carlson, also a candidate.
    Now, on to the Marxist candidate, Julia Hnilicka. I spent years at Clear, Alaska and know something about her. She is an attractive vixen, 35, never married and has no children. Her parents, divorced, ran a barge operation to the Native villages on the Yukon. Ms. Hnilicka, unstable and without any career foundation, has a recent UAF degree in Rural Studies, arguably one of the least demanding and liberal degrees the university offers. She has no current job, but lists her parent’s barge operation as a past place of employment. Her political philosophy could be summed up as an amalgamation of women’s studies, climate change activism, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, with all of the politically correct seasoning sprinkled in generous doses. She has some theatrical experience with the Fairbanks community. In short, Ms. Hnilicka has all of the attributes of a Left-wing snowflake with not a scintilla of experience in the real world of raising families and making a living in the private sector. In addition, she supports both Propositions 1&2 and backs the recall of Governor Dunleavy. In short, she is the perfect instrument of the radical Democrats. Not a clue of the real world of business, the economy, and politics; but hoping to land her first real job telling her constituents how to live.
    She would be a disaster for District 6, just as Mr. Shultz forecasts.
    The only person who is truly qualified to represent the district is Mike Cronk, a steady and reliable source for common sense and trust. I will send Mr. Cronk a large campaign donation in the hopes that Mr. Shultz and Rep. Talerico will help get out the vote for family man Mike Cronk on November 3rd.

    • Good info. Pretty much knew all along that there were impostors and unqualified candidates in the District 6 race. Now it’s been proved. Votes coming your way, Mr. Cronk. And money.

      • We also heard that Julia Hnilicka wasn’t living in District 6 this year. She rented a small place in Nenana this summer. What a little liar. Hope the voters reject her and Put in Mike Cronk.

        • The City of Nenana won’t come out and support Hnilicka because they know she is just a visitor and a political opportunist. She needs to go find a job.

          • Honey-trap for the Democrats, looking for campaign funds from rich, White, old men. She has that look. LOL.

          • Our family has known the Cronks for decades. Mike Cronk is the ONLY acceptable choice for District No. 6. The Marxist snowflake candidate, and the spoiler, both who live in Nenana, will chew each other up. Big check and votes to you, Mike.

  5. Hey Dick, good job on letting us know about the “imposter.” Wondered about her agenda and the other dude, Elijah Verhagen. Haven’t heard much from him as well. I know Mike as well as you do and I know for a fact he will fight for us as Trump fights for all Americans. We in District 6 should all be aware of the Left’s power-grab and desires to “fundamentally” change Alaska.

  6. I served in the House with Dick Shultz. He was one of the straightest shooters (politically speaking) I have known. Great guy. We need more people in the Legislature like him. Trustworthy, honest, real, not fancy..I trust his assessment of Mike Cronk. I have known Mike Cronk since he was in high school. I have had several conversations with him this year and am happy to endorse him. He will be a great addition to the Legislature.

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