Letter from Delta Junction: Vote yes on Kavanaugh


Dear Editor,

I wrote to Sen. Lisa Murkowski this morning, to ask her to please listen to the voice of Alaskans.  We are saying please stand with Senate Republicans in voting to support Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination as a Supreme Court Justice. I called her attention to a recent Must Read Alaska poll in which 93 percent voted that she should support the Kavanaugh Nomination.

~ George Lambert, Delta Junction, USCG Retired


  1. I wrote her twice in support of the Judge’s nomination. The first after the 1st woman’s claim of sexual misconduct & then again after the 2nd claim came out. The political motivations here are so obvious I can’t believe it.

  2. I too wrote Sen. Murkowski yesterday urging her to support the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh. The Democrat delaying tactics are a disgrace. I have to think they are counting on him withdrawing from consideration and I pray that he is strong enough to endure. What a scam and such a shame to put him and his family through such unsubstantiated charges.


  3. I called each of her offices and told her how important it was to me that she support his nomination….. she has moved to the left more each passing year. I shudder to think of what our state and nation will look like in a year… two… five years if we continue in the present vein of behavior. It’s shocking unsettling, and quite frightening to put it bluntly. Common sense appears to be “not so common.”

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