Leftist calls for gas chamber for Rep. Ben Carpenter; Left stays silent on social media


Rep. Ben Carpenter made a sardonic comment in an email blast to his fellow legislators, asking about the “compliance sticker” that legislators will be forced to wear in the Capitol building this week as they gather to vote on whether the CARES Act relief money can be released to Alaska communities and businesses.

The purpose of his comment was to point out the slippery slope of mandates: If legislators must wear compliance stickers, will the public also be required to wear them at some point, to show that they have submitted to government testing for COVID-19?

His was a statement making the case for civil liberties and what happens when they are eroded bit by bit, without anyone standing up to say “no.”

As occurs on social media, the Left used Carpenter’s inter-office note to weigh in with hate, calling him anti-semitic, as well as a number of other invectives.

The social media leftists had a field day turning what was obviously an anti-fascist remark by Carpenter into what they are characterizing as anti-Semitic.

Perhaps none of the comments were as graphic as this one, which called for the gas chamber for Rep. Carpenter:



But many of the comments appeared on a discussion begun by former Chief of Staff to Gov. Bill Walker were full of hateful invectives, as commenters egged each other on.

Kendall is the lawyer and lead advocate for the recall of Gov. Mike Dunleavy, and has become a next-level leftist social media warrior who attacks all Republicans. His next move may be to ask the governor and other Republicans to disassociate themselves with the representative from Nikiski, but meanwhile, he is ginning up the hate on Facebook:

Equally disturbing in the Kendall-fueled rage was that Rev. Matt Schultz of the First Presbyterian Church of Anchorage did not tamp down the rhetoric but fueled it with his own social media jabs, engaging in a battle of wits with former Dunleavy Chief of Staff Tuckerman Babcock, who said the critics were obviously mischaracterizing the statement.

A sampling of other messages Carpenter was sent by those who think he supports Nazism.

The memo Rep. Carpenter wrote that is getting leftists spun up on social media on Saturday:

Carpenter, who represents District 29, a conservative area of the Kenai Peninsula, is a graduate of Nikiski High School who served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Kuwait with the Air Force. Prior to election, he retired from the Alaska National Guard, where he was a special staff officer in the commanding general’s office. A farmer, he grows peonies on the peninsula.


  1. Just another degree or two on this slippery slope “politicians and the media” have started us on will leave Americans no choice except to chose slavery to the state or fight to regain and retain aLL of our constitutional rights and liberties.

  2. ROFLOL…OMG…I can’t believe how utterly stupid those left-clowns are not to understand the sarcasm. How in the WORLD did they manage to extrapolate anti-semitism from that? Do they not realize that They are the ones who are acting like fascists like Hitler was?

    That was the whole point of his asking if yellow Stars of David would be available…as you said Suzanne, he was being sardonic, sarcastic, whatever you want to call it.

    What it boils down to is all those people who’ve made comments lambasting Carpenter have just proven how lacking they are in common sense, humor and education.

    If they do have an education, they must have cheated to get the degree, someone else was doing the work, because they certainly are acting as though they know nothing of history.

    • Some things you don’t joke about. If he had issued a clarification afterwards, this would have blown over. But he double-downed instead.

      • Scott Kendall is a dweeb, third-rate lawyer with a pee brain. For God sakes, he ran Bill Walker’s office, you know, our dishonorable governor who tried to get the Chinese Communists to run a gas pipeline through Alaska. The guy who padded his own pockets with Alaskan’s money. Yep, the disgraced governor who went down in flames with his soulmate, Byron Mallott, the revered, alleged child molestor, whom the Lefty media stays quiet about.
        Scott Kendall is an agent of hate. His father-in-law is Luke Hopkins a former Borough Mayor in Fairbanks who almost started a civil war up there over wood stove use during the Interior’s 40 below winter’s.
        Scott Kendall’s brother-in-law is Rep. Grier Hopkins, a fellow who campaigned on gay marriages. Another dimwit who can’t find his own way in the Legislature.
        The point, all of these aforementioned Left wing kooks are back driving the campaign to recall Mike Dunleavy. They are desperate nut cases with hate and political retribution in their hearts.
        But they are good for one thing: letting the thinking people of Alaska know that we must fight them all the way to the cliff.

        • What does Scott have to do with Ben’s comments? I understand. I don’t care much for Scott, either. But that is unrelated to letting Ben off the hook for his politically foolish comments.

        • What does Scott have to do with Ben’s comments? I understand. I don’t care much for Scott, either. But that is a distraction to letting Ben off the hook for his politically foolish comments.

          • Scott’s brother-in-law, Rep. Grier Hopkins. The legislator who takes his orders from Scott and criticizes Ben on the Floor. Fortunately for Ben, both Scott and Grier are non-genius types……..hugely overzealous in their Liberal pursuits, without the intellects to achieve success on their own. Both a couple of marijuana advocates, whose brains have been thwarted by carcinogenic hate.

      • If you apologize to these people they count it as an admission of guilt and everything gets worse. If you want someone who is submissive to the outrage cult you end up getting Mitt Romney, who if you notice lost his presidential election. President Trump didn’t play their game.

        • I don’t care for President Trump’s game. Did you see HBO’s “The Plot Against America”? It was an alternate timeline drama about a New Jersey working class jewish family in 1940 in which Charles Lindbergh is victorious over FDR and keeps America out of WW2. Nationalism, Antisemitism and, oddly enough, a real slogan of “America First” takes hold. The incredible thing about this story is it was based on a book written in 2005.

    • “Do they not realize that They are the ones who are acting like fascists like Hitler was?”

      I think you have a valid point, Karen.

      Some quotes attributed to Hitler, during the early years, as justification later on for requiring Jews to be publicly identified with the yellow star:

      “Don’t be misled into thinking you can fight a disease without killing the carrier, without destroying the bacillus.
      Don’t think you can fight racial tuberculosis without taking care to rid the nation of the carrier of that racial tuberculosis. This Jewish contamination will not subside, this poisoning of the nation will not end, until the carrier himself, the Jew, has been banished from our midst. ”

      “In fighting the Jews, I do the work of the Lord.”

      So I see the parallel, a deluded mindset – both Hitler and the Left – fostering a belief and promoting a justification that one is doing the work of the lord, saving the “fatherland”, by suppressing the individual’s rights. Or, to use the Vietnam analogy, “We had to destroy the village in order to save it!”

      I suspect that Rep Carpenter had the same insight.

    • “Do they not realize that They are the ones who are acting like fascists like Hitler was?
      That was the whole point of his asking if yellow Stars of David would be available…as you said Suzanne, he was being sardonic, sarcastic, . . .”

      I think you’re right, Karen. Rep Carpenter’s allusion to the yellow star as an example of extraordinarily confining, restrictive, and costly government mandates has a basis in parallel perspectives (but different values) between both Hitler and the Left, ostensibly to save the nation from an apparent deadly “virus” threat.
      From the book, ” Hitler as the Robert Koch of Germany” :

      “His (Hitler’s) mission as a politician was to “penetrate to the cause” of Germany’s disease, and to effect a cure.
      The Final Solution was enacted with the purpose of curing Germany’s (and Europe’s) disease by removing or eliminating its cause.”

      And some quotes attributed to Hitler:

      “The discovery of the Jewish virus is one of the greatest revolutions that has taken place in the world.
      He (Robert Koch in politics) discovered the bacillus and thereby ushered medical science onto new paths. I discovered the Jew as the bacillus and the fermenting agent of all social decomposition.”

  3. Ben,
    The response you have received from your fellow politicians just proves the slippery slope our nation is currently standing on.
    Back in 1917 after WW1 the Russian Revolution broke out as the country faced food shortages and loss of jobs.
    “A period of dual power ensued, during which the Provisional Government held state power while the national network of Soviets, led by socialists, had the allegiance of the lower classes and, increasingly, the left-leaning urban middle class. During this chaotic period, there were frequent mutinies, protests and strikes.”
    ( Wikipedia)
    After it was all over somewhere around 10 million Russians were dead.
    Every time that someone mentions oppression or ethnic cleansing the discussion is quickly pushed into the corner of “anti Semitic” beliefs.
    The truth is that genocide occurs over and over again in this world and the beginning is always the same…separate the people based on class, ethnicity and beliefs.
    My only concern is why are not more of Alaskan Republicans standing up and calling out bullshit on the endless list of mandates and attacks on our civil Liberty?
    Has the MSM been so successful in convincing the public that this pandemic is so much different from the others in our past or has the federal government taken over the states autonomy with the CDC and HHS calling the shots and driving us quicker into a modern form of Socialism?

    • It is different in its easy communicability. Good news is it looks like this virus is running its course for now, until the fall, anyway. But what happens when we eventually get a virus that has the easy communicability of this along with the lethality of the Spanish Flu? Or if a terrorist organization infects us with something similar. One of the reasons South Korea responded so well to this virus is they went through it before with SARS and learned from their mistakes. How are we supposed to learn from our mistakes if we don’t even admit to them?

      • Ron,
        Who’s to say for sure that these new strains of Coronavirus were not leaked (or deliberately released) from a lab?
        This is at the heart of much debate around the globe with scientists, many of whom are censored from FB and YouTube for there opinions?
        Regardless of the cause (bioweapon or natural) we cannot step on personal liberties and medical freedom in America.
        The parallels between past authoritarian uprisings and today are everywhere we choose to look.
        I just saw a picture of Germany in 1933 with thousands of people on the beaches enjoying themselves…shortly after this was “outlawed” by emergency government mandates?
        At what point is the “emergency” over?
        The goal was never to find a cure or get to zero cases in Alaska.
        We flattened the curve, hospitals were never close to being overrun…why are we still loosing our personal liberties?

        • If it were leaked purposefully, the people leaking it would have released a much worse virus than covid19, and more on the order of the 1918 pandemic. Now that people see the chaos that can be created, don’t be surprised if we get another virus outbreak in the next few years.

  4. Folks, it’s time to donate to Rep Ben Carpenter to get reelected. That is how we push back against the demeaning liberals.

  5. Ginning up hatred is all the left has. No ideas, no solutions, only a steady drumbeat to march to the dismantling of our Constitution. Social media is a cancer and the echo chamber it creates seems to bring out the worst in some people. The hate-rage and lack of awareness needed to interpret Rep. Carpenter’s comments as anti-semitic speaks as much to the failure of our education system to produce thoughtful adults as it does to the mean-spiritedness of these poorly educated children.

  6. Rep. Carpenter’s comments are right on the button. “Compliance” stickers are similar in idea to the Star of David that Jews were mandated to wear under the socialist/fascist regimes in pre-WWII Europe. Those “stickers” are the same form of identification/intimidation, different shape. What if someone refuses to display the “compliance” sticker on their person? Are they banned from personal access to all legislative meetings and contact with politicians? Alaska has the smallest occurrence of Wuhan v in the nation. We have a small population, widely spread into the far reaches. Very few big population hubs. Those few hubs are mostly controlled by left leaning politicians. Their policies are far beyond normal. They want the leftist city policies to be the new “normal” for all Alaskans. The threat to our economy, personal and business economic survival far outweighs the ‘benefits’ of forcing our citizens to self imprison and thriving businesses to disappear, some forever. The comments of Rep. Walker, to me, indicate his dislike of the “sticker” measure and equates it’s similarity to the “Star of David” forced to be worn by Jews in pre-WWII Germany. If the leftists succeed in mandating the “sticker” in the halls of Alaskan gov’t, how long do you think before the “stickers” are mandated to “let” you walk down your local street.
    Anytime anyone disagrees with the left, that person or group automatically becomes anti-whatever the reason of the day is. Reality, reason and common sense appears to play a minimal part in how the leftist/democrat mind works. It’s a mystery to me. I think it could all boil down to one word. Power.
    Remember in November.

    • If the virus had been as lethal as the Spanish Flu, I have a feeling we would not mind having stickers on indicating our own lethality toward others.

        • Yes, I contest the wristbands everyone must wear at Six Flags! And if you purchase a fast-pass, you get (gulp!) a special color! Jeez, we have way too much time on our hands and are way too selfish and whiney. What do you think people did during the polio epidemic in the 1950s?

      • Speak for yourself. No one is forcing you to go outside. Cover yourself in your virtue signaling stickers and wait it out.

  7. Mr. Kendall’s “we know what is in your heart” comment reveals the depth of his thinking. And, I have to say, if it is true, Mr. Kendall should not be allowed to be anywhere near the levers of power or small children.

  8. Upon visiting OPA for your appointment you are required to a.) wear a face mask B.) have your temp taken c.) submit to an oral interview with a hard copy questionnaire being completed by a staff person. D.) inform them of your travel history E.) inform them of your association with anyone who has travelled G.) answer yes or no to about 10 questions re your immediate health symptoms. And of course give them your name. Without submitting to this YOU CANNOT SEE THE DOCTOR. I tried.

  9. When I was young, a Democrat was someone who maybe wanted a few more social programs, a progressive tax rate, and was more inclined to look to government for a solution. Over the last 30 years they have become, essentially hate filled communists. I have zero doubt the majority of them, in this day and age, would not bat an eye about “final solutions” for political opponents or those not willing to comply with the approved group Think.

    • Sure seems to me to be a guy who took extra pay for combat-clearly staying in for a bit across combat zones. Then if that wasn’t enough then ran for a government seat. By chance has he also gotten money from the government for his peony farm? How much does this “conservative’ government guy get to extract from the government to sustain his own economic viability?

  10. A nice reminder, folks, that there is no tone, body language, or facial expression in emails. This was a rookie mistake. Welcome to the Big Leagues, Rep. Carpenter!

    • A rookie mistake, yes. Nonetheless, sometimes the situation warrants a blunt naive assessment rather than a sophisticated, nuanced response.

  11. First off, comparing the covid pandemic to the Holocaust isn’t a very well thought out comparison. There are better ways to illustrate your point than comparing the wholesale extirpation of a race of people. A politician comparing anything to the Holocaust isn’t going to be received well, nor should it be. While Representative Carpenters comparison is faulty it certainly does not show an anti-Semitic viewpoint, claiming it does shows a lack of understanding of what anti-Semitism is, which isn’t surprising since many on the left support anti-Semitic viewpoints like the BDS movement. The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds.

  12. And if that wasn’t enough—because why would anything be enough—when asked about it by the Anchorage Daily News, Carpenter threw in a little bit of “WELL, ACTUALLY” about Hitler.

    “Can you or I — can we even say it is totally out of the realm of possibility that COVID-19 patients will be rounded up and taken somewhere?” he said. “People want to say Hitler was a white supremacist. No. He was fearful of the Jewish nation, and that drove him into some unfathomable atrocities.”

    • Unbelievable that a politician would be so incredibly tone-deaf. And truly frightening to me that people would agree with him.

      • I take it, Ron, that you’ve considered and rejected the concern expressed by those same people about losing their constitutional rights?

        • He does have the right to make potentially anti-jewish sentiments, but I wish he wouldn’t. Just like I wish Trump would occasionally bite his lip. Don’t know how he is going to convince enough swing voters to vote for him again. Biden is old and declining, but so is Trump. And people may see Biden as safer.

  13. My mother survived both Hitler and Stalin, everything she told me about as a boy to be aware of is happening now. The Left is inches away from full blown 1984 style Tyranny.

    “He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

  14. Suzanne forgot to include Carpenter’s bizarre claims that Hitler was not a white supremacist and that the Nazis killed Jews out of fear.

    Ben Carpenter: “People want to say Hitler was a white supremacist. No. He was fearful of the Jewish nation, and that drove him into some unfathomable atrocities.”

  15. You’re response is wreckless and disheartening. No, you misunderstand this elected officials disgusting statements, Karen Kirkpatrick (of course your name is Karen, here we go). Sardonic is aimed in giving a grim and irresponsible mocking response, sarcasm is meant to be satirical and light hearted. Democrats hold people to their words and actions, and you sit here and think you can we lack education? Ma’am, have you ever heard that history repeats itself? These are not words you should think are funny or to be passed as “sarcasm”, shame on you for choosing bipartisanship over your community, shame on you and your hinderance of a worldview. What’s your next rebuke, I’m a snowflake?

  16. Where is the Left on Clinton’s rape charges. They cherry pick their battles. The Left needs to look in the mirror and see what they are and represent. They are the most uneducated misinformed, narrow-minded types we do not need in this state. Go back to Kalifornia.

    • Who did Hillary rape? I assume you mean Hillary since she is the only Clinton who is still relevant, and even then, only very marginally.

  17. This entire bit is not even news worthy. But the major dailies are trying to make it a huge story. It’s really all about THE RECALL
    Scott Kendall, his family….Grier Hopkins, the dishonest Democrats. Anything to beat up a Republican so that Democrats will get some traction on recalling Dunleavy. It’s about turning a fair election from 2018. Democrats can’t win on their own. They need the media to advance their politics. Republicans, Conservatives, and Libertarians need to repel these dangerous charletons and hate mongers.

  18. Michael Melielo’s comment brought something interesting to mind. Who is the patriarch of the political family responsible for the likes of Grier Hopkins and Scott Kendall? David Guttenberg, a peony farmer and Jewish. I don’t wish to go there personally. However, given that family’s penchant for bloodsport politics, I wonder if they’ve opened themselves up for such criticism by others.

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