Left gets ugly on Facebook comment boards



On public radio’s KTOO, the story about the Dunleavy Administration cuts to the Alaska Marine Highway System were not well received by some readers.

In fact, some of the comments on the organization’s Facebook page teeters on the edge of a threat of physical violence against the governor, which is a felony. One in particular stood out, shown above;  the person who allegedly authored it has a history with the court system that includes being accused of domestic violence. He might be hearing from State Troopers, and the station may also.

News purveyors have a difficult time keeping up with some of the inappropriate comments that are found in response to their stories. Coarse language and threats can often by found deep in the threads of various discussions, requiring a lot of reading that nobody is being paid to do.

But KTOO was made aware of the “BitchSlap” comment three days ago, and it has remained published. We also caught these choice comments from the angry Left:


  1. Do you know who, or what is the exact email, person or address that we address our complaints to at KTOO? I am more than happy to do so. I don’t FB but this is the type of stuff I have argued against consistently. I am pro civil conversation and against the go-to bash and thrash froth technique.

  2. What lefty is going to bitch slap a 6’9″ 275lb governor? All the Lefties I’ve encountered are chickens. They can’t fight unless they stand as a pack of thugs and hide behind children. Public radio seems to be a breeding ground for Lefties. I hope Dunleavy tears down their transmitter towers

    • Will this be on pay-per-view? I’d pay to see a snowflake get his ass whooped by the governor.

  3. Regarding public radio funding. I am amazed at the pretzels that the left twist themselves into as continuously displayed on NPR /APRN. It has been great to have public radio over the 30 odd years that I’ve made my living in the Bush. The slow motion leftist decline into enemy radio has been an interesting observation.
    The election of Trump has caused the organization to exhibit symptoms similar to mass bovine spongiform encephalopathy. They have lost it en mass. Put them out of their misery via defunding.

  4. Characteristic of behavior by those whose only political input is based on entitlement. Government ‘owes’ them. If you are successful, you ‘owe’ them. It’s all about ‘get’ and if ‘get’ is diminished woe to those that have diminished it. Sad commentary on our culture, and also dangerous, as the left has power in dependence and entitlement, and their agenda does not include the freedom our constitution affords us. Keep the masses dumb, drugged, dependedent, and defenseless, but make sure they are registered to vote. Promise goodies, and they may even vote! It is a shame citizens can not look with reality upon our state fianceial crisis and think ‘what can I do to be part of the solution?’ We have collectively lost the maturity to do the hard stuff.

  5. The party of peace, love and tolerance has spoken (again). If you disagree with them and have the temerity to say so; you are met with hate, scorn, derision, personal attacks and (in some cases) threats and violence. It’s a sad commentary on the level of political discourse in our great state.

  6. The election of Trump did not create the Left’s hate. It revealed it. The election of Mike Dunleavy didn’t create Alaska’s budget woes, but he’s the one with the ***** to do something about it.

  7. Those comments are not right, but you include writings from Art Chance on this website? Please research his social media activity.

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