Latest poll rates Sen. Dan Sullivan 9th most popular senator


Morning Consult, a nationally polling firm that seasonally polls the states to find out how popular their elected leaders are, says that Alaskans are supportive of Sen. Dan Sullivan. He enjoyed a 58% approval rating, with only a 28% disapproval rating.

Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming is the most popular senator in the Senate, with a 73% approval from constituents.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Alaska senator since 2002 was given a 54% approval in the poll. Some 36% disapprove of her performance.

The least popular senator in America is Kentucky Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell, with 28% approval.

In a recent poll by the company, Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy rated as the fifth most popular governor in the country.


  1. With Sullivan and Dunleavy ranking so high, I guess this proves that being relatively mute and invisible pays.

  2. These ratings are CLEARLY not polling Alaskans.

    Sullivan is a military industrial complex schill and has ZERO spine.

    Him and Murkowski are part of the problem with our country. RINO pukes.

  3. I’m really curious the polling methodology. Polls keep coming out regarding political popularity which fly in the face of experienced reality.

  4. Yes Dan is working hard. I think he might actually be an honorable politician.
    One step further and I will call him a patriot

    • Wtf.
      Dan is the epitome of a RINO.
      He voted for Biden’s Secretary of the Interior Haaland, an unmitigated disaster for Alaska.
      He voted for Biden’s, outrageous tax spending infrastructure bill – one of only 19 repubics that voted for it.
      He came out against Trump, vehemently, for the media ginned up “locker room talk” during the election campaign – talk about “false outrage”.
      Sullivan is a big supporter of the $120 Billion+ dollars sent to the most corrupt nation in the western world, Ukraine.
      Sullivan is a HUGE supporter of “Kena land deal” nepotic Murkowski – when Trump called her progressive arse out.
      Sullivan makes Jeb Bush look conservative.

    • Oh…I think I get it now. When He voted for Deb Haaland and endorsed Murkowski who fully supports Biden’s agenda to decimate the production of oil and gas in Alaska (except New Mexico) that makes him an “honorable politician”…AND a “patriot”???

      The only thing he works hard at is gifting more money to the drag queen piano playing comedian panhandler.

    • Interesting comments below.
      I will look into dans actions .
      Maybe im out of the loop.
      He’s been doing good work lately.
      Hes just not dramatic.

      Whoever thinks his effort sub par should post his specific bad actions. Versus blanket statements.

  5. One is a RINO and the other a bench warmer. We need a leader who is bold and gets things done. Lawfare, first amendment and due process rights, secure the border and let’s not forget the unchecked deep state. The barn door is open and they are trying to close the window. We need a Joe Miller.

  6. 👍🏼Thank you for this article & information.
    We would also love to see where our Rep lands in total nat’l ranking.

  7. Remember everybody the pollsters can make the numbers whatever they want.
    The polls are just like politicians they lie and twist the facts.

  8. I know I’ve not met every person in the state. But I know a good many in Juneau and Anchorage. 2 or the 3 largest population centers, meaning over 1/2 of Alaska.

    I’m hard pressed to meet anyone who is any more than indifferent to Swampy. On either side of the aisle.

    I really want to know the methodology of said polling. It’s like bad Swiss cheese. Way to many holes.

  9. In a state that once inflicted ‘Where-did-all-the-penguins-go’ Mike Gravel on the country, we should be grateful for Dan Sullivan.

  10. About Dan Sullivan, he is seated on several Veterans Administration committees. How many of you know that Obiden ordered the VA to cover the health care expenses for all the millions of illegal aliens with the funding coming from the VA? The Feds (ICE) sends the illegal aliens to private medical facilities for services and the VA picks up the tab. Billions of VA $$$$ that are supposed to help disabled veterans have been spent reimbursing private medical companies. Do your research people, this is true! And Ohio Dan is doing nothing about it.
    He and our other senior “RINO Republican” Senator, as well as our Demorat congresswoman are all complicit in this outrageous and treasonous act of draining VA resources.

  11. Suzanne, it would be nice if you could dig a little deeper into Morning Consult’s methodology. Who exactly are they calling? Or emailing? Without knowing the methodology, I can only assume that these polls are nothing more than somebody’s effort to steer public opinion, not measure it.

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