Latest count shows union-backed Suzanne LaFrance maintaining 7-point lead in Anchorage mayor’s race

Suzanne LaFrance

The Friday release of information from the Anchorage Election Office shows challenger Suzanne LaFrance maintaining her strong lead, although voters for Mayor Dave Bronson have eroded some of it down to a 7-point lead.

Suzanne LaFrance: 41,932, 53,50%

Mayor Dave Bronson: 36,445, 46,50%

The total of votes counted: 78,337 out of 238,050 registered voters

Total votes received as of Friday: ​80,075 (Reasons this number differs from votes counted include things like preliminarily rejected ballots envelopes, ballot envelopes that were rerun or repassed through the sorter, and/or voided ballot envelopes when a voter requests a replacement.)

If you’re in Anchorage and you voted in the recent mayoral runoff, you may have received a letter from the Anchorage Election Office that states your ballot had discrepancies and needs to be “cured.” Then again, you may be out of town and miss the letter.

It’s not the kind of problem that occurs with in-person voting, but with Anchorage’s mail-in system, there are hundreds of ballots that have been determined to be flawed — mostly because signatures didn’t match what the city has on file, but also due to other discrepancies.

The deadline to cure your ballot is May 29 at 4 p.m.

The “cure letter” is sent to the address to which the ballot was mailed and gives the voters options to cure the signature discrepancy.

If you’re unsure, you can use the new technology the voting office has. With TXT2Cure, a voter can cure the discrepancy by texting “Anchorage” to 28683 and click on the link received as a reply, activating a secure portal to affirm the vote.

The voter will enter their 10-digit voter ID number (for some voters, that means adding “000” to the beginning of their voter ID), affirm they returned a ballot for the election, sign the affidavit on their phone, take a photo of an acceptable form of ID, and select “Submit.”

The voter’s information is then electronically transmitted to the Municipality’s Election Center to be processed during business hours. If the voter completes those steps correctly before the deadline of 4 p.m. on May 29, his or her ballot will be counted.

Voters can also sign up for BallotTrax to track their ballot at It’s never too late to sign up for BallotTrax. While BallotTrax updates voters on when their ballot is mailed out and received by the MOA Election Team, BallotTrax also notifies voters if their ballot will be counted or if there’s a discrepancy with their ballot return envelope that needs curing. By signing up for BallotTrax now, voters can make sure that their vote will count and act if notified of a discrepancy.
Voters who received, or may receive, a cure letter are encouraged to cure their ballots as soon as possible, the Election Office said in a press release on Wednesday.
For additional Municipal Election information, please visit, call 907-243-VOTE (8683), or email [email protected].

While it’s statistically impossible for the remaining ballots that have not been “cured” to flip the results, it is important that all votes are counted, even in the current Anchorage scenario that makes it unlikely that all votes are counted, since the mail-in election all-but assures many votes will be thrown out.


    • They use an algorithm to figure out how many votes she can win by without attracting the attention of law enforcement. This diabolical algorithm was first developed by Dr. Nefario, at the direction of Gru, and was surreptitiously installed on Smartmatic and Dominion voting machines by his dedicated minions.

  1. 238,000 registered voters. 221,000 adults over 18. Anyone see a problem with this? This doesn’t factor in people who are not citizens. Those stats are from the 2020 census. Time to purge the voter rolls to zero and reregister those who want to vote with proof of physical residence and citizenship.

    • It won’t matter.
      Until these politicians take more money and the voter sees a significant decline in income, then they may get interested in vote.
      Otherwise they’re too lazy to get off the couch and do what’s right so until it affects their pocketbook, they’re not gonna care. So I say text the crap out of them.

      • Participation has remained constant. Voting by mail began in 2017; here’s some before and after results:
        2024 (Runoff): 38%
        2021 (regular) 36%
        2018 (regular) 28%
        2015 (runoff) 34%
        2012 (regular) 36%

        But how is this possible if Democrats are using mail in ballots to perpetrate massive fraud? Wouldn’t we see an unexplainable increase in voter participation? Yes, which just goes to show that you don’t need facts to cling tightly to misinformation.

        • 2012 was 36% turnout, and 2021 was… equivalent? 2024 was only 2% more?
          So… where is the increased voter participation?

    • Your data is incorrect. There are about 271,537 adults over 19 in Anchorage area (I think you left out Eagle River, Peters Creek, etc.). I can’t tell from the census data how many 18 year olds there are, but it would add several thousand to that total. So it’s more like 238,000 registered out of 275,000. That is well within the expected percentage.

  2. It would be nice to get the % of tossed ballots in this Muni, union run election.
    Cause we know now that libs do not care a bit for “one person, one vote”
    That concept is SO 1960’s

  3. Time to move to a house in Willow…. It’s going to be crazy-train time in Los Anchorage with no one to call BS on the degens sitting on the ASSembly anymore. This town is doomed.

  4. Why can’t we get this issue of voting back to in person on “Election Day” with I.D. This mail in voting is ripe for the exact voter fraud that we’ve witnessed that keeps horrible candidates like Murkowski in office or selects grifters like Petola. Until we go back to one day in person voting we will continue to have fraud and watch our city and state slide into Demoncrat crap holes like CA, WA, NY.

  5. Sewing mistrust and planting the seed for election denial already, I see. This same voting system elected Bronson last time around, where was all this complaining when your guy won? Or is it only unfair when it doesn’t turn out the way you like?

    • Last time around, people from the Bronson campaign were allowed to observe the vote count. Something the Assembly took great pains to prevent this time.

  6. All the excuses in the world don’t change the most basic facts, Anchorage.

    – most of you are too pathetically lazy to vote. Even when it comes to your door.

    -see above. You deserve what’s coming.

    • According to your logic, Matsu voters are 3 times pathetically lazier than Anchorage voters.
      Matsu Borough, 11/7/23 Election: 9.53% voter rate (8904 votes, 93429 registered)
      Anchorage runoff election 2024: 33% voter rate (78337 votes, 238050 registered)

      But I agree that citizens in both areas deserve what is coming.

  7. take a photo of an acceptable form of ID, and select “Submit.” In this day of identity theft….yeah right.

    • Running off, eh, Hancock? So you mean it “this” time! Hell, save the rhetoric for the those that you’ll be bullshitting in Canada!

  8. Anchorage, you voted for this, you get what you voted for.
    Homeless shelters in every neighborhood. (Well, except for the neighborhoods where LaFrance, Constant, Zalatel, Rivera, etc… live.)
    Tax dollars will be prioritized to support the freeloaders, not necessary City services the taxpayers think they are paying for. (If you thought snow removal under the Bronson administration was bad, you haven’t seen anything yet.)
    Just wait until the next panicdemic rolls around. There will not be a single small business standing.
    Speaking of businesses, shoplifting will skyrocket, because prosecution of criminals will be verboten. After all, we need to ensure we never appear racist in any way. (Added bonus, if you are a straight white person, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law because…)
    City contracts will be awarded exclusively to minority, or woman owned businesses, regardless of their ability to deliver.
    And the list goes on and on.
    LaFrance campaigned on a platform of “The Mayor is the CEO of the city.” I say we all hold her to that claim. Demand full accounting of every tax dollar spent, complete explanation of every decision made, and strict adherence to the City Charter.

    • First thing she will need to do is complete the audits of 2021, 2022 and 2023’s city spending as the outgoing Bronson administration has yet to complete any of those.

      I have no problem with auditing government spending and their actions, but it must be done for every administration, not just the ones you or I disagree with

      • Agree totally.
        Why start with 21? Why not at the moment we started placing the wants of the homeless before the needs of the taxpayers, the start of the Berkowitz admin? After all, Sullivan was the last remotely fiscally sound administration I recall. But, if you want to audit them too, let’s go with it.

        • Audits have been completed for the years prior to 2021. I believe they are public record

          The ones that have yet to be done are 2021, 2022, and now 2023 is coming to a close

  9. I am calling this election debacle like I see it. Dave Bronson did not deserve to win.

    Dave had NO ground game. When I drove over to his office on Northern Lights to ask about this, the only person available for a conversation (there were ten or so people in the office) told me there was NO campaign effort until after the primary election. After that, the very small group of volunteers focused on Eagle River and south Anchorage ONLY. There were no yard signs or mailings or door-to-door interactions in my neighborhood. I also discovered that the campaign was “managed” by Dave Stieren’s completely inexperienced and unqualified kid.

    Anchorage has nobody to blame for this defeat, but Dave Bronson.

    • From the bungling of the snow removal to the lack of a campaign strategy (or really a campaign) it’s unfortunate that a weak
      Republican has delivered Anchorage neatly into the evil clutches of the Marxists and I dare say they won’t ever let go. Anchorage is finished.

    • Bronson narrowly won in 2021 due to anger over Covid tyranny, and the public has once again proven to have a short memory.

    • Her campaign, and her supporters were all about what a total train wreck the Bronson administration was. I will be sure to remind her of that every day. I expect perfection from her administration. No errors, perfectly plowed roads, and the homeless crisis solved.

  10. Good I have already paid enough taxes to settle lawsuits as a result of Mayor Bronson’s incompetence and unethical behavior.

  11. Well once again the 60% of Anchorage registered voters who couldn’t be troubled to vote have screwed us again.

  12. Lafrance is acting like she has won the prize. In reality she has won a turd. A city in decline. A community that absolutely does not care about their own city. Expect tax increases and less services. I think my dad is right we need a world war every 75 years to wake up the dumb and sleeping. It’s probably what it’s going to take. Lots of spilled blood

  13. It’s a boon for us who vote whenever ignoramuses don’t! There is nothing gained by their participation! Only rabble rousers “champion” their cause: miscreants for miscreants–that though is to be expected. On the whole, regarding those who dot their t’s and cross the i’s or who otherwise think in mangled American English, it’s best to leave those piles of doo to social blowflies.

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