City blue: Looks like LaFrance will win as mayor of Anchorage

Suzanne LaFrance waves signs prior to Election Day.

The polls closed at 8 p.m. and the ballot drop boxes were locked. The first batch of ballots were run and the results look grim for Mayor Dave Bronson.

With 50,967 ballots counted in the runoff between Bronson and Suzanne LaFrance, the totals are:

  • – Bronson: 22,997, 45.12%
  • – LaFrance: 27,970, 54.88%

Ballots cast on Tuesday were not included, as they have to be checked to ensure people didn’t vote earlier. About 50% of the expected vote has been counted.

LaFrance is the former chairwoman of the Anchorage Assembly and is a favorite of the Democrats. If her lead holds, she will be sworn in July 1.


  1. I saw the results and I’m hoping for a miracle for Bronson. If not, Anchorage is royally screwed. It’ll be like the berkowitz administration on steroids.

  2. This is a bunch of bull. The property owners inthis town have been getting shafted for years and now we are getting our money stolen from us to be spent on idiotic BS to enrich a bunch of criminals parading as 501 (3) (c) corporations.

    • The property owners could control this city but some of them like higher taxes so here we go.
      By the way I want my road plowed befor I get up each morning. She captained on better snow plowing so I want it.

  3. WTF(!!!)
    … Does Anchorage ‘really’ want more progressive liberalism?
    … Is Anchorage so prosperous and wealthy that they think they can afford not only a liberal progressive assembly but also one of their own ilk as mayor?
    … What could they honestly achieve for Anchorage at what cost?
    … Anchorage will now accelerate ever-so faster towards a “Doom-Loop.”
    … Anchorage will be a ‘transit’ city for many of us working in remote areas. But, it’ll suck for those whom are trapped here.
    … The younger generation whom want to succeed in life will migrate elsewhere as there’s literally ‘no’ prosperity in liberal progressive cities.
    … Retirees, with their kids chasing opportunities elsewhere, most likely outside, will follow them and experience a much cheaper cost of living, leaving behind the high cost and burdensome to the Beaurocrats that will buy their houses.

  4. Look for Anchorage to continue to decline. We cannot build a better city around the homeless industry and the marijuana industry.

    • JMARK, I disagree my learned friend, we can and will build an exceptional City if we follow the outline below. The election of La France is an historic moment and should be celebrated to it’s fullest extent. Homelessness and Pot Shops are passe. I think the ASSembly should with all haste enact a new Anchorage minimum wage of $37.50 per hour. Beyond that, a doubling of all property taxes ( with exceptions for their friends, errr I mean enlightened Land Lords who comply with the politburo’s vision), along with a 25% raise for Teachers and City Workers. Perversity Training needs to be mandated for all City Staff and it’s Contractors to insure sensitivity for the Gender Confused. Naturally fossil fuel powered transportation should be curtailed and replaced by Public Transportation and all of those unsightly Gas Stations will be turned into Pocket Parks with $500,000 public toilets. Oh, almost forgot a 10% sales tax on everyone earning over 100 grand per year!
      Viva La France!

      • “…a 10% sales tax on everyone earning over 100 grand per year?” So, when one buys goods or services they must show a certified copy of their IRS-1040 form to prove they make less than $100k/year so they can avoid the 10% tax. Brilliant idea, whale penis bone.

        • Wayne Coogan, essentially one would pay the 10% unless they apply for and receive an exemption card, similar to your Senior Sales Tax exemption, you old bone head Irishman.
          BTW it’s WALRUS not Whale for goodness sake.

      • I “do” make over a $100K/yr and I only work half the year.
        I’ll continue to work in AK907 but, commute from elsewhere.
        Good Luck on your “Viva La France” endeavors and pursuits!
        Keep in touch … Send a postcard on how it’s working out.

        • Rob B. I commend you my rapacious friend on your ability to earn so much moolah in such a short period of time! Thankfully with LA France in charge you will now be able to share your ill gotten loot with the less fortunate amongst us. Isn’t that wonderful!
          ” Until we meet again”

  5. First thing of order is to get the audits for 22 and 23 up to date, it’s absolutely mind boggling how inept the Bronson administration was.

    Although the RWNJ extremists on the right love to paint LaFrance as some kind of card-carrying Marxist, she actually skews more towards the center and takes a more pragmatic stance on things.

    The abuse that was directed at her by sAvE aNcHoRaGe, rEcLaIm MiDtOwN and the rest of the faux outrages was the worst behaviour this community has ever seen in those chambers. Led by the good rep from ER, the author of this blog
    and a certain foul-mouthed city manager, you trotted out your Stars of David and your childish temper tantrums for the whole world to see.

    It’s going to take her some time to clean up the raging dumpster fire on the Eighth Floor, a forensic audit will likely be necessary.

    I wish her luck, she’s going to need it.

    • Wow…
      Seriously, Bronson was set up for failure by the Assembly in EXACTLY the manner you are claiming Save Anchorage will use.

      • This has nothing to do with Bronson’s failures. The failure is the Republican party for allowing Muni voting in April/May. Wasilla moved their voting to November to be along the Federal offices. This brings out the Republican votes. Most people are too busy in their lives to get around to vote but the % that vote in the November will be far larger than yesterdays. Until the Republicans wake up and pass a state law or a local change, the union phone banks and the Muni payroll people will control the election. It amazes me that this is not a top priority.

          • Same mud slinging attitude that the conservatives are complaining about. I agree with you that conservatives do not know how to win elections: it goes further than that. They actually don’t know how to cooperate with each other. Liberals all get on the same train and move the same direction. Conservatives squander their power on virtue signaling: e.g. “You voted for a 6 week abortion ban? You’re not conservative enough!” Thus the in-fighting destroys them. The Dems actually don’t have to do much… just stay on the same train heading down the same track. Liberals reject God, so that train ultimately leads to Hell. But while on Earth, they win.

        • It is a top priority, but it took the Matsu assembly passing that change, and for that to happen it took a conservative majority assembly and mayor. Anchorage does not have a conservative majority anything.

      • The Assembly is not responsible for the financial ineptitude of the Bronson administreation.. Bronson ran off all of the good employees with his cultural stupidity. Who wants to work for an a-hole

        • Clueless, once again.
          When the LaFrance campaign… errr…. I mean 907 Initiative ran those ads about bad contracting, it was 100% the fault of the Assembly. Providing the funds, then pulling them after the contract is signed is not the fault of Bronson.

      • Exactly!!! The stupid Assembly wouldn’t let one thing get done with Bronson. Just a SMEAR CAMPAIGN on him. Like children. Fawning over another liberal hive mind like LaFrance? Anchorage has had it just like Seattle and Portland. Disgusting!

    • When one leans as left as you appear to, I imagine LaFrance does look moderate.

      Most socialists do. During elections.

      Got a problem with Jews, I see.

    • The Audits will show the Assembly is the real crooks in town. Everythoing Mayor Bronson was trying to do waas overriddend by the Assembly. That is where the blame belongs but then again your probably half brain dead ID 10 T. By the way I use my real name instead of hiding behind it.

  6. You Anchorage idiots are going to get JUST what you deserve!!! It’s going to be higher taxes, more homelessness and crime till you want to take it into your own hands. And maybe you all might get million dollar portapotties instead of those cheepie half million dollar crappers. Mark my word. Ok, let’s get this three ringed circus going. We still have until May 31 when the final tabulation is announced, but the Anchorage Daily Snooze has already called it. So, it’s over. Sarcastic remarks.

    • Not. That’s the post-2020 Republican guideline: they lose, election rigged. They win, fairest election ever.

      • I am old enough to remember 2000, 2016, the GA Governor election, etc… etc… etc…
        That behavior is not exclusive to Republicans.

        • Clinton is the one with the clue to the mystery. She wrote in her memoir that the biggest influence on her politics was Saul Alinsky, whom she read in college. Alinsky is famous for saying: accuse your opponent of that which you do.

          All that squawking and whining about Al Gore’s loss was the beginning of a decades-long Democratic Tantrum that peaked in 2016 with Trump. Now the Dems sanctimoniously fling Republican losses in our faces, like they don’t recall the mantra of election tampering that they chanted forever.

          And Alinsky’s point remains.

          I think election tampering is a red herring. It has caused the result that was intended, which is to kill conservative confidence in elections. Look at voter turnout. Less than 17% of registered voters came out. That tells me everyone has apathy, perhaps even that wedge of citizens who dutifully return a completed ballot. No energy in a campaign, no win. No energy in society… worse.

  7. Rank Choice Voting from the rank skank murkowski the worlds worst oath taker. Did we expect a win WOW I do, people who don’t vote are clowns so there is that BRONSON BRONSON BRONSON MAGA

  8. They should erect a sign “abandon hope all ye who enter here” if LaFrance wins. That means common sense and good judgment are gone.

  9. Families, Christians, business owners – y’all get what you deserve.
    Conservatives dont go vote – live with the reality of socialism.
    Please don’t come to the Valley – you couldn’t save Anchorage – and you won’t be a benefit to us.
    At all.

    • NO NO NO NO! We don’t want anything to do with them. If we had a way around A-town and our own airport, there would be no reason to go there.

  10. Republicans insist on running terrible candidates, and then complain about their candidates not winning. They end up blaming the system, Division of Elections, Municipal Clerk, Dominion Voting Machines. And then next year like clockwork they choose the worst possible candidate again.

    Meanwhile Democrats organize efficiently, support their candidates monetarily and continue to flip R-Leaning areas.

  11. So sad if Bronson doesn’t pull through, but then Anchorage is a Dark Sun filled city, so sadly those who don’t vote help evil. I will pray for the children to be protected from sin and evil.

  12. You Faux Conservatives tired of all this winning, lost in 2018, 2020, 2022, and now starting off 2024 with a bang. If your side had valid policies you would win, you don’t. Thoughts and Prayers.

    • Help me out here.
      Which policy from the right are not “valid?” Requesting a list of them from your perspective.

      • My question to you is why to you Right Wing Trump style types keep losing, and it’s not stolen elections. If you can’t figure it out for yourself you’re a moron.

        • So, you cannot name a single policy? Seriously, not a single one at all? And, from your perspective, not even one that is supportable by actual facts. Just a single right wing policy that is not valid, from your perspective.
          Got it.
          There are none that you can point to and call invalid. You are just here trolling and throwing shade at anything you do not agree with.

          • Roe V Wade being overturned is a wildly unpopular decision that is leading to many Republican losses, Trickle down economics, sounds good, hasn’t worked, doesn’t work. I shouldn’t have said invalid, just bad policy. Democrats are morons too, The Electric car mandates are beyond stupid. The thing is Conservatives just have worse bad policies and that’s why they keep losing, that and they whine and complain when they lose, and no one likes a whiny loser. Sorry MAGA, y’all are just not bright. You fooled us once in 2016, I do t think you ever will again. Thoughts and Prayers

            • Oh… so you actually have something other than abject hatred of conservatives.
              About time you backed one of your claims up with something substantial.

              • Ahhh the perpetual Victim Racing of the Faux Conservative MAGA, I am a bigger victim than you race between Libtards and MAGA. Let’s face it, it’s so much fun to make fun of both extremes, just that MAGA out does itself with the Televangelist like cult following of a known Billionaire con man. Amazing that anyone would give that fool a dollar of their hard earned money. But again I have never given one dollar of my money to any politician.

  13. Anchorage has turned into a city of freeloaders, whiners, and aggressors. A particularly nasty environment of communist-thinking political miscreants is the result. Mayor Bronson tried to get the former All American City back on a productive track but the forces of the Left are inflexible. It’s a sad time for this city.

    • Sapper1, Sapper1, this is Sapper2! This is but a prelude to the coming gubernatorial race! Among our choices for governor–“Last Gasp” Bronson, Dumbar, and Giessel–the female equivalent of gezzer! (Wow, she wouldn’t be one of D. J. Trump’s choices–if you get the whiff!) Maybe LaFrance and Giessel will run as a team to open a classy business at the governor’s mansion and give the other political hookers a run for the green. As they say, “Money, money, money!”

      The words liberal and conservative are loosely used by all our public servants. Yes, they view us to be had, and for the “willing,” to be had several times over–over, and over, and over! The adage, “a fool and his money are soon parted” is prefatory to “donate and make it happen to you!”

      Will you be running for mayor of the Republic of Eagle River as just another conservative? (Cash only, no receipts!)

  14. Dave Bronson had no “ground game” during this campaign. There were no signs, mailings, or fliers left on front doors in my Anchorage neighborhood. NONE! And neither the candidate nor his volunteers went door-to-door here either.
    I heard that Bronson’s campaign “leadership team” had Blake Steiren (Dunleavy’s cheerleader and former radio hack Dave Steiren’s kid) at the helm. Bad choice, Dave. The posted election results this evening show that this re-election campaign was very poorly run and completely mismanaged.
    Conservatives need to get their act together the next time around. There was minimal campaign effort and no leadership in this race. The results make this point crystal clear.

    • Agree on that front.
      Bronson phoned in his campaign. It was not until after the general election that he took the gloves off. By then, it was too late.

      • After the general election.
        Deciding to take it seriously only during the run-off is one of the things that killed his chances.

      • As I could not find a phone number for the Bronson campaign online, I stopped by the office on Northern Lights yesterday. The people there were very busy blowing up balloons in preparation for what looked like a big celebration, but one woman agreed to speak briefly with me. She said the campaign focused on Eagle River and South Anchorage ONLY. And they did this after the primary ONLY. They have six volunteers available to go door-to-door and these people worked in Eagle River and South Anchorage ONLY. So all of the rest of us living in other areas were “written off” as not being of interest or importance.
        And also too, not hiring a campaign manager with campaign management experience and actual ability was a huge mistake.

    • Not true, in my area and as I drove through town I saw many more Bronson signs than LaFrance signs. There were people who went door-to-door campaigning for Bronson as well. What Bronson did not have that LaFrance did was all the outside money backing his campaign.

      • Allegedly. In practice it seems to have further disincentivized it.

        People who can’t bother to vote when the ballot comes to their front door deserve what comes next.

        • Unfortunately, too many people just do not care about local politics. Despite the fact that your City can ruin your day to day life WAY worse than the national politics can.

  15. Sad, but my days are coming to an end & I have less skin in the game now.
    My lib kids will have to live in this dysfunction, that they vote for.
    They are good people but basically lazy and this is the world they want.
    High paid government “servants” & handouts.

    The State of AK is next folks & it won’t be long.
    Kids who get an education & work hard are leaving & not coming back.
    Greenies & well off nature lovers are replacing them.

    • Agree with almost everything you state. However as to the younger generation I question… How much of this perceived laziness is rather a lack of incentive? The baby boomers have raided they system. Look at the stark contrast between State of Alaska Tier 1/2 vs Tier 3/4 employee benefits. Tier 3 and 4 employees will work the same amount for less then half the benefits. This is the same with unions as well. The younger generation is getting royally screwed via far reduced benefits. The primary reason for this is because the baby boomers elected themselves unsustainable benefits screwing their children and grandchildren.

      Now lets look at housing. Younger generations are effectively priced out of the market. Nobody who looks at the facts can deny this. It is all about ratios: in the 1980s the price of a home vs the average income was around 3.5 meaning the average home was priced 3.5X the average income. Today that same ratio is 6. That is close to double the cost of owning a home.

      College costs and health care costs have outpaced income growth as well.

      I agree that the younger generations seem lazy and entitled. The twisted reality is that the baby boomers are the most entitled. They raided the pension system, social security, etc. The boomers were able to buy abundant cheap housing, enjoyed an insane rally in the stock market (1980-present), etc. The amazing thing is they want to look down on their peasant children and declare them lazy!

      • I’m talking about my own …. 2 are alcoholic & don’t want to work.
        Two are struggling to get by & build a life, as many of us did.
        The 2 bums voted …. the 2 working ones probably didn’t (one is in Sitka)

        Yes, i agree about the boomers, especially as that pertains to voting all the AK oil money into their own bank accounts.
        I am a boomer, worked union & have SS …. I am comfortable, but not very well off.
        I cry for the cheap future that is coming for these young people.
        An overgrown, underfunded, welfare state of poor people.

      • I get so sick of this BS mantra. The Boomers set up systems that unfortunately, unbeknownst to them, weren’t sustainable. Are they benefiting from them? Yes, but changes had to be made.

        I’m sick and tired of whining from younger generations blaming one generation for their lack of commitment, dedication and flat out grit to make it in the country on their own. If you’re a millennial or gen z, just stop it. Get your crap together and build your empire.

    • My kids went south years ago. They wanted to do silly things like buy homes, afford to have kids, not have to join a union, gas their cars for less than $60 a fill up.

    • “But if only people would vote “. That’s the conservative mantra. Anchorage is blue liberal progressive. Certain conservatives try to say it’s just conservatives not voting. No one can seem to answer why non caring non voting people would vote conservative. It’s not mail in ballots, ‘who counts the votes’, etc. Anchorage is flat out blue. It will continue to fall into more of the blue ideals; homelessness, poverty, high taxes, crime, loss of rights, government nanny state… just like every other blue city.

    • If anyone spent any time driving around Anchorage neighborhoods it was clear there are definitely “blue” areas.
      Just for kicks my son and I did a tour of Muldoon and counted over 50 Lafrance yard signs and only 2 Bronson signs in one area. Some blocks had every single house on the block pinned with her sign in the yard.
      It is also Governor Elect Dunbars district that sent him to Juneau.
      Other than a brief drivethru to assess voters preference by area I avoid Muldoon like the plague….glad to live on the north side of knik arm but with that much rot on the cow it will certainly be engulfed with maggots in the near future as well.

    • Alaska is pro-resource development and has a lot of fairly conservative military employees. Strip that away, and this is actually a fairly libetal/libertarian population.

  16. That what you sew you also shall reap. If this insanity stands even more people will leave, Los Anchorage will become another city destroyed by the left.

  17. So in a city of 287,000 only about 50,000 voted?
    Alaska keeps screwing ourselves with low voter turnout, and high voter apathy.

    I’m glad I do not live in the MOA, but only have to go there occasionally.
    I only went there maybe once a year when absolutely necessary during the Kung Flu when the mask Nazis were in full force.

    I assume that we will see a lot of homes hit the market in Anchorage in the next couple of years, as people get even further priced out of there, and head for the MSB and KPB…..

    • And when the homes hit the market, they won’t be sold to working class. They’ll be bought out by the La France “people” to be used by the homeless and the “crackhead” people on the streets now

      • Yes that is totally happening on our street.
        Most houses on our block, for the last 10 years or so, have sold to someone in Gov.
        A Federal employee … a State social service manager … a school guidance counselor … and now 2 people that work at UAA.
        There was a Korean buy & a bartender/ restaurant person, but the bartender’s partner is most likely government.
        It’s their world, if you don’t have the degree & the government position, you serve them.

      • Not any of the homes on LaFrance’s street, nor any of the other Marxists. It will only be the homes where they have zero interest.

    • So far, I have not seen anything that looks “weird.”
      Anchorage, well the small percentage that actually bothered to vote, apparently thinks the wants of the homeless are more important than the needs of the taxpayers. And the voting results demonstrate that.

  18. Much of the conservative population already left for the Matsu area. This was already set in stone. Bronson wining last time was a last gasp.

    • As a person living in Eagle River, I think this is it. COVID really accelerated the move. Anchorage is bleeding too many conservatives. The city is definitely “into the blue” now. I really hope Eagle Exit happens. I don’t want to abandon the city, but it is looking inevitable now.

  19. Well, the union block has swung another election. Berkie gave them lots of presents, wonder what they will get from Suzie?

  20. I find it hard to believe…but considering how Berky stacked the Assembly, this is the inevitable outcome.
    Hopefully there are signs of shenanigans.

  21. It is a real shame us R’s can’t get off our butts to vote. It seems to be a forgone conclusion that when it really matters, we stay home. My house did vote, so at least we earned the right to grumble about how much worse things will surely be. Hold onto your wallets everyone.

    • Union members get paid to vote. Their wage is directly dependent on who gets elected.

      That is a tremendous incentive for union members to vote.

  22. Dominion did its job.
    There MUST be a MANUAL recount !
    Have neutral, retired emergency responders count each vote, set up like CSPAN so viewers can watch the MANUAL recount anytime during the day for real TRANSPARENCY. Yes, it will take some time, however I bet any amount of money the outcome will be entirely different.
    Our right to vote without electronic manipulation is one of our most cherished rights, and taking the extra time to verify as NECESSARY is bloody worth it !

  23. How long until there is a poopmap of Anchorage a la San Francisco?

    That’s the path it’s on with being run by D commies.


  24. We have come to a point in our country’s existence when we cannot fully rely on government to do what is right for all its people. It is time for us as individuals to be more active in our communities. To build closer relationships with our friends and families. To clean up the streets of garbage with our own hands. To use our voices to communicate knowledge and truth and to limit the power over the minds that media and propaganda has had for so long. In short, it is time to wake up and play the game of life. If government wants to make the country miserable, let them suffer from their own works on their own. Leave them behind and live for the better under your own power. Existence does not belong to the elected. They only serve for the temporary and that is it. Love and be free.

  25. Hard to believe Anc is going so far left – after all the covid bs with pants down Berkowitz and the assembly Karens like the new mayor
    I have to believe you’ll see a lot of families & businesses fleeing the town for the valley –

  26. Well, Anchorage still using the machines, never did have the audit that was requested by the Mayor, so the City of Anchorage gets what it gets. Welcome to the new Seattle of the North.

  27. I guess now is the time for MRA readers to figure out how to spell and pronounce dystopia. Commonly used on Fox News and their knuckle dragging followers.

    • I know, what’s w/ those knuckle draggers?
      The camps, the courts and the services are SO well run.
      Have any mother’s been stabbed in the spine & paralyzed, by a deranged woman hater who was let out of jail twice before attacking a 3rd woman who was returning a book to Loussac yet this week?

  28. So sad, another city has fallen. When the next governor is elected and it’s a Democrat, this state is done.

  29. Anchorage just destroyed it’s self. A majority socialist assembly with a socialist dictator mayor. I see more taxes and more wasteful spending. Is Anchorage a cesspool of liberal outsiders? Asking for an Alaskan…

    • Yes …. outsiders.
      Many on the assembly are recent transplants, some w/ poor educations.
      But they move here, Begich/ Berkowitz hire them out of the Ak Center for the Environment (people crooked leftist can trust) and then our gov class keeps them in political & administrative power.
      What could go wrong?

  30. And, now we will get homeless shelters in every neighborhood.
    Police, firefighting, and road budgets will suffer in order to support the freeloaders. Expect sales and income taxes to support those that contribute nothing financially to the city.
    Has anyone taken a tour of the Aviator hotel downtown? It looks REALLY REALLY nice. Funny how one can renovate a hotel when they are getting taxpayer money to house the homeless.

  31. This is what happens when we let some guy from Houston, TX and the NEA HQ in Juneau meddle in local elections.

    • Anchorage residents had plenty of incentive to vote. They couldn’t be bothered.

      And now, they get to pay, probably literally, for their laziness.

  32. It’s becoming almost predictable. The voter turn out is abysmal as usual. Again, poor public officials are elected by people who don’t vote. Throw in a large measure of apathy and we get a recipe for disaster. I’m assuming those commenters in here who love them some LaFrance don’t pay for the results they’ve been getting and will continue to receive. On the public dole? Signed up for multiple entitlement benefits? Head completely up your woke a-s? To be fair, those on our side who didn’t vote are worse.

    • It’s not voter turnout. Riddle me this. Who do you think uninformed, non caring, non voting people would vote for if they actually did vote? Anchorage is blue. It sucks but it’s true. More voters don’t change the outcome. I called this election before the voting started. It’s not Dave Bronson. The only reason he’s there in the first place is because his last election was against such a far left liberal nut, the mushy middle couldn’t stomach it. That was the lefts fault. They learned and put up a more “moderate “ person this time. The eternal bashing by the news, unions, and assembly, along with the “moderate “ candidate, I’m surprised it’s this close. Dave had no chance.

  33. She’s going to send more money to their school district even though the school district somehow misplaced her money she’s gonna spend more money and it’s going to be like California Chicago New York so far we have stores that’s like selling dispensaries alcohol In certain stores, gas stations, I wish somehow we can sign a petition that we can choose where our property tax can go to without the anchor assembly passing certain agendas with our tax money/property tax somehow we can sign a petition so the anchorage charter can agree to it won’t be easy but we just need at least 20,000 signatures this is just an opinion if you have a better option we’re all open ears.

  34. There is another party to this loss. The AKGOP, as usual, wet the bed.

    They should have pulled out all the stops, especially when Bronson basically threw in the towel.

    But they did what they did best. Helped Democrats win.

    We are a one party state. Democrats and their GOP cuckholds.

    • Mayor Bronson did not throw in the towel … he had a lot of ads & they were well produced I thought.
      His comments were clear as to the direction of the left.
      You just can’t overcome the Union machine (& their management) in ANC
      We have a LOT of them (like Juno) Federal, State, & Muni, UAA, School district.
      A ton of them & they vote in unison.

  35. Stop whining about stolen elections when the alleged “conservative majority” (ha!) of Anchorage didn’t bother to vote.

    With turnout this low, the GOP could have easily won if they had bothered to vote.

    Nothing about this election was stolen. It was given away by lazy voters and a feckless GOP.

  36. I’m so glad that none of my tax money goes to Anchorage anymore. What a dumpster fire.
    I’d encourage conservatives to leave Anchorage, as for liberals stay right there and reap what you’ve sown.

    • Alaska is broken and we have your generation to thank for it. Self-centered parents who elected self-centered people who failed to keep Alaska open. Take your retirement and get out of our state.

      I actually put time in on this campaign and by records no one with the name “forkner” has ever donated to an Alaska candidate. Keep whining and blaming everyone else. I’m sure that will help.

        • I think you mean “had it best”. Boomers are mostly responsible for where we are. Sorry, as I may have done the same in your position. But facts is facts.

            • Boomers were the children of the Greatest Generation. Not sure how people who were not yet born hold deserve any credit for stopping Germany or Japan. And, since the cold war was well under way when the Boomers came of age, they hold little to no responsibility for Russia and China.
              I am not sure how you can claim to be a boomer when you do not know that.

          • Agree totally with you there Dino.
            The boomers raise a generation of “precious snowflakes.” And, those special children are having children of their own, who are double special deserving of never having their little feelings hurt.
            Boomers were not the greatest generation. They were the generation that led to the end of the USA.

  37. Legacy of Ann Brown. Did little to help Bronson and pushed Dahlstrom to get in so her daughter-in-law could run her campaign from Washington.

    GOP = Grand OLD Bastards Club.

  38. Sadly, what this came down to is 5,000 conservatives who had something better to do than vote versus 5,000 communists who live and breathe politics. Things are going to have to get a lot worse before conservativces wake up. By that time, there may be no other conservatives left.

  39. This is what happens when you run women to get the female vote. It’s a race to the left from then on as you can never run a strong man against a woman in a society such as ours conditioned to hate men. Matriarchies are conquered because they do not make/value the strong men needed to defend them. Men vote for freedom, women vote for security. Looks like Anchorage is gonna be real secure from now on.

  40. You know I read a lot of comments on here. I decided to post my opinion. Mail in voting, voting early, voting machines.
    Thank goodness I left Anchorage years ago, now I’m in the Valley hallelujah. Worried about my grandsons living there. My oldest son made his choice He’s pretty much a liberal. But I don’t think he votes.

  41. I will buy Gas and Groceries in the MOA and that’s IT
    If I can buy it online and out of state , They have my business
    FSL and the MOA

  42. The main problem in Anchorage and the USA is FALSE CHRISTIANITY. Not one pastor in Anchorage tells the TRUTH that we must actually abide in Christ to be “in Christ” and have “no condemnation,” “walking not according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.” These are the “sons of God,” Paul then says in Romans 8.

    Jesus said in John 17 “the world will know” when we’re ONE with each other as Jesus was ONE with His Father, “perfected into one; that the world may know.”

    What we have now is reverse-evangelism, “Christians” who do not abide in Christ turning people away from Christ, so woke is now more popular for many young people especially.

    BEING BORN-AGAIN IS JUST THE START. We must actually be right with God and people, having clean consciences, as Paul made sure he always practiced: “..I also practice ALWAYS having a CONSCIENCE VOID OF OFFENSE toward God and MEN.” – Acts 24:16

    Imagine if Dave and Amy would have lived that way, having complete integrity, instead of the lawsuit, which Paul said Christians should not be doing (1 Cor. 6:1-8). Other Christians and their pastors could have helped them resolve their conflict, instead of stubbornly doing it “my way.”

    When there is no fear of God because of the false teachings of OSAS (once saved always saved), “only believe” and “its hard to lose one’s salvation,” hardly any “Christians” today actually abide in Christ. So there is little holiness and no glory of the Lord, which Jesus wants to happen in Anchorage, a citywide revival that can spark the Greatest Awakening that the world has ever seen — like the Welsh Revival of 1904-05, but even more powerful. The police didn’t even know what to do, so sang in choirs.

    Real Christianity should have happened decades ago here, but Christian leaders especially squashed it. I watched it happen. And they still haven’t repented and reconciled. Some have passed on.

    Not one church in Anchorage currently even has a “reputation for being alive,” let alone actually are alive. See what Jesus said about Sardis in Rev. 3:1-6.

    Jesus’ prayer in John 17 needs to happen soon, instead of “pride goes before a fall.” We must repent and abide in Christ, being ONE with each other and God, NOW! Not much time left.

    13 But now I come to you, and I say these things in the world, that they may have MY JOY MADE FULL IN THEMSELVES. … 17 SANCTIFY THEM IN YOUR TRUTH. YOUR WORD IS TRUTH. …that they themselves also may be SANCTIFIED IN TRUTH. 20 Not for these only do I pray, but for those also who will believe in me through their word, 21 THAT THEY MAY ALL BE ONE; even as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be ONE IN US; THAT THE WORLD MAY BELIEVE that you sent me. 22 THE GLORY WHICH YOU HAVE GIVEN ME, I HAVE GIVEN TO THEM; THAT THEY MAY BE ONE, EVEN AS WE ARE ONE; 23 I in them, and you in me, that they may be PERFECTED INTO ONE; THAT THE WORLD MAY KNOW that you sent me and loved them, even as you loved me. 24 Father, I desire that they also whom you have given me be with me where I am, THAT THEY MAY SEE MY GLORY, which you have given me, for you loved me before the foundation of the world. …THAT THE LOVE WITH WHICH YOU LOVED ME MAY BE IN THEM, and I in them.”

    Anchorage needs to be a real-Christian city, as one pastor in Anchorage dreamed years ago.

    False Christianity repels people. INTEGRITY MATTERS!

    • Jeff, I’m not sure about me being responsible for public stuff and so forth. I think the Bible teachings are for individuals and not for groups like people of anchorage or government. Belief and faith and love the lord are private witholdings. But I appreciate you’re message. And no matter which belief you believe in even atheists too must have INTEGRITY.

    • Bronze Age myths do not form the basis for running government or a country. I think our secular Constitution should have clued you into that reality.

  43. Just remember that if there’s another record snowfall in Skankorage in the next 3 seasons and the road maintenance is normal as its always been, it will definitely NOT be LaFrances fault. Same with the increase in homeless and their nasty encampments. It’s never been or will ever be a progressives fault. Never.

  44. Why would this mixture of mourners and merrymakers who rightly challenge damn near everything government officials tell them about anything
    …accept without question what unelected officials tell them about election results and voter participation?
    Remember what President Trump said about turning out in numbers too big to rig?
    Remember Mayor Bronson’s 2022 request for: “… a long list of records tied to the 2022 city election.”, the election in which some guy stuck a thumb drive of unknown function in the Dominion vote-tabulation gear, how that request ended?
    How do voters know a massive turnout didn’t happen?
    Last time around the Peoples Election Commissars said they pulled 20K ballots just because…
    This time around it was how many?
    Was a low voter turnout reported so a lesser number of ballots needed to be “curated” or “adjudicated” to achieve the desired outcome?
    Maybe the answers are too scary to contemplate?
    Maybe not. Bottom line is voters don’t know, and under the present regime, apparently aren’t allowed to know
    … which rather suggests, instead of pointing fingers at each other, voters might be better served by figuring out just what the problem is and how to fix it.

    • I agree with Morrigan. If you want honest elections in Alaska and want to stop rigged elections like this, volunteer to help Alaskans for Honest Elections. A new petition drive has just started to end the rigged elections.

  45. 206,000 ballot packages mailed out , around 50% counted and +or- 51000 returned . Looks like only about 50% of the registered voters care to vote. Just like where I live in the lower 48 people just don’t care to vote any more then b—- about the results , pisses me off when you end up with an outcome like this . It was great growing up there in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

  46. Let the games begin. UNBELIEVABLE. I don’t recognize anchorage now it should be a complete homeless burned out dump in 4 years. Elections have consequences you ideots.

    Lafrance will have a nervous breakdown and not finish her hitch anyway.

  47. How absolutely awful for Anchorage. The next Democrat cesspool city coming up! You reap what you sow folks. If you think things are bad now, you haven’t seen anything yet. Homelessness, increasing crime, catering to non-citizens with your tax money, high taxation during extreme inflation, defunding and restraining the police from doing their jobs, woke policies that are unethical and unconstitutional. I doubt very much LaFrance beat Bronson by that margin without inside help. I would demand to have the ballots verified, check those drop boxes. Marxists have completed their takeover of Anchorage. How very sad for the families there.

  48. I did not read any comments about the Dominion voting machines in use. Even if the turnout was poor, the machines are doing the counting. In his podcast Wolves and Finance, the economist points out using Dominion lawsuits for anyone accusing the company of voting machines that alter the numbers, indeed the voting may be tampered with and have modems in use. Alaska got special notice and assurance was given that their modems were hooked up. Go to the youtube home page and type in “Wolves and Finance. then double click on the wolf and the video choices should appear. The title of the podcast is “Dominion Fraud”. Bronson should challenge the results based on the use of the machines for counting. The video demonstrates how you can use a pen on the back to change the numbers and then delete the evidence. Voting machines in Alaska are being tampered with. That is a fact. Dominion even tested it by arranging with the country of Serbia to vote in the US elections and their votes were counted. Anyone who says it cannot be done are lying. The court cases reveal it.


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