Kristina Woolston: Tshibaka is too extreme for Alaska



In an opinion piece published by Must Read Alaska, U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka accuses U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski and her supporters of lying about Tshibaka’s public position on birth control.  

Tshibaka objects to a TV spot by Alaskans for Lisa, an independent expenditure group, supporting Sen. Murkowski’s re-election, that calls out Tshibaka for standing up before a friendly crowd at a Kenai restaurant and state she would ban birth control through the U.S. mail system. 

Kelly Tshibaka gets it wrong. Again. In Tshibaka’s own words she clearly said she wants to make receiving birth control pills by mail illegal. 

See for yourself: 

I support Sen. Lisa Murkowski because she always tries to do the right thing for Alaska. Being a U.S. senator is a tough job. Lisa respects people who have differing viewpoints. She strongly supports women making their own healthcare and reproductive decisions. Her record speaks for itself. 

Kelly Tshibaka is simply too extreme and is wrong for Alaska.

Kristina Woolston is a wife, mother, and professional businesswoman who lives in Anchorage.


  1. Personally, I think there are much more important issues that voters should be worried about other than birth control. Maybe Kelly changed her position since then? I think that everyone changes their position on some things over time we gather more information. I will still vote for Kelly over Lisa any day. Alaska needs a change.

    • Spoken like a dude. Why should women’s health care matter to you? Seems like a very short sighted attitude to me, but well within your right to not care about women’s health care and choice. Then again, women should maybe consider such attitudes before they have sex with men who feel this way.

      • Aborting the unborn has nothing to do with “health care”, Z, your typically tiresome, illogical and irrational radical leftist diatribe notwithstanding.

      • Did you just assume Jeremy’s gender?
        Besides, last time I checked, women require men to be financially responsible for children, but for some reason think the father has no say in conception/abortion? Why? How is that right in any way?
        I mean, let’s see if I get this straight. With the exception of rape, the woman and man make a consensual agreement to have sex. They both have the opportunity to say no, or require some form of birth control. Yet, when pregnancy happens, for some reason the man has ZERO say? Why? Is it not his child?

      • You advise women not to have sex with men who feel like Mr. Hawk.
        Congratulations you just confirmed that abstinence works every time it is tried! Abortion is not healthcare. Being pregnant is not a health issue. It is a natural process. It is time to extricate selective abortions from the PAP smears and mammograms. It is not in the same category.

    • Mr. Hawk,

      So Murkowski gets back in, or maybe Tshibaka is elected! In the end, the ignorant will come to realize that the only thing that was “real” for them were the “facades,” and that they’ve been played for fools!

      What do you think is occurring? Our fundamental institutions are failing. And if you haven’t noticed, the world is burning up, blowing away, washing out, and crumbling. Even the “governed masses” now believe climate change is real, having been informed by the old science deniers that what is occurring is a natural phenomenon!

      Buckle up, bud! The next natural phenomenon will follow–the complete collapse of our society. World history is replete with civilizations that bloomed, blossomed, and “faded!” Certainly you aren’t so hubristic as to think that we aren’t subject to the vicissitudes of cataclysmic change.

      In the meantime, I suppose any of the pretty girls will do! Make your pick and please yourself. But keep your eyes on the horizon, the four horsemen of the apocalypse are closing in–metaphorically speaking!

    • Mr. Hawk,

      So Murkowski gets back in, or maybe Tshibaka is elected! In the end, the ignorant will come to realize that the only thing that was “real” for them were the “facades,” and that they’ve been played for fools!

      What do you think is occurring? Our fundamental institutions are failing. And if you haven’t noticed, the world is burning up, blowing away, washing out, and crumbling. Even the “governed masses” now believe climate change is real, having been informed by the old science deniers that what is occurring is a natural phenomenon!

      Buckle up, bud! The next natural phenomenon will follow–the complete collapse of our society. World history is replete with civilizations that bloomed, blossomed, and “faded!” Certainly you aren’t so hubristic as to think that we aren’t subject to the vicissitudes of cataclysmic change.

      In the meantime, either candidate will do! Make your pick and weep! But keep your eyes on the horizon, the four horsemen of the apocalypse are closing in–metaphorically speaking!

      • The man made “climate change” narrative will soon be thrown into the dust bin of history along with communism, fascism, the Russian Collusion Hoax, quantative easing, ballot harvesting & gender fluidity!

          • Now, I absolutely agree with you 100% here, Lucinda.
            Fishing is absolutely wrong. There is no way your average leftists will drop their addiction to an all powerful State. Communism, fascism, etc… are never going to be tossed away. Leftists will continue to push those destructive political systems, despite history’s overwhelming evidence they do not and cannot work. And, the tools they use to implement them are ballot harvesting, economic policy, panic/fear, and destruction of conventional mores and norms.
            If fishing thinks the leftists will ever learn the lessons of history, and toss these things onto the dustbin, he is stupid.

        • Fisher, don’t let anybody tell you that you don’t have a bright future teaching history or political science at Liberty University!

  2. Well that’s an embarrassing article. But st least we know Kristina is for the weak people and liars! Thanks for speaking up Kristina.
    “I think Kelly is too extreme cause she has a strong opinion about birth control.”

    Where’s the substance in your argument?

    • It seems the substance comes directly from calling out and providing evidence that the candidate you support is a liar. But then again, lies don’t seem to stop or even slow MAGA support.

      • Evidence? What evidence?
        Showing a Alaskans for Lisa ad is not evidence. It is advertising, marketing, campaigning, but not evidence of anything. Now… if the video shown was an unedited complete record of what Kelly said before, during, and after she was asked the question, then maybe it could be considered evidence.
        Taking things out of context is a d*** move. Editing to make someone look like a liar is a superd*** move.
        Believing it without question demonstrates more about you, than it does about Kelly.

      • …then again lies don’t seem to stop or even slow Biden support. See it works both ways. You deny that your chosen president is mentally slowing and severely bordering on incompetence, while being manipulated by zealots, who are hell-bent to punish Americans for all the perceived “crimes” supposedly committed over the centuries.
        Now that we have that out of the way, Lisa supports killing babies and Kelly doesn’t. The choice is yours.

  3. Kristina, in your piece you state that you support Murkowski because she “always tries to do the right thing for Alaska”. How is her voting to confirm Deb Haaland, who has pretty much closed off oil and gas development in Alaska good for our State? How is her voting to pass a bipartisan gun control bill that infringes on our 2nd amendment rights good for Alaska? How is her voting to pass an abortion bill to advance abortion on demand good for our State, or our nation for that matter? Inquiring minds would like to know.

  4. I’m guessing Woolston is pro abortion and wants to be able to force it one states that aren’t.

    If Princess is so “pro Alaska”, explain the following.

    -No on Kavanaugh.
    -Yes on Haaland.
    -voting to impeach Trump, easily the most Pro Alaska president since statehood.

    The list goes on and on and on.

    Woolston is entitled to her opinions. I wonder if that’s a courtesy she’d extend to us. Regardless, she pees on Alaska’s leg and tells us it’s raining.

    • Woolston is certainly entitled to her opinion. But, from what I can tell, her opinion is based on a campaign ad for Kelly’s opponent. There appears to be little to no independent effort to verify what is shown in the ad.
      Which, of course, diminishes the value of her opinion. Significantly.

    • “……voting to impeach Trump, easily the most Pro Alaska president since statehood…….”
      No kidding! After decades of all Alaskan politicians *supposedly* working to open ANWR, Trump simply signs it into existence, illustrating just how completely feckless our federal delegations have been for the past half century. How does Murky repay his action?
      Et tu, Murk?……….
      And even after the ANWR leases got signed, Biden puts a moratorium on them. So what good is the lease if clowns like him can just wave his hand and stop you from drilling, but you’d better continue paying the lease?
      Sorry. Murky needs to retire.

  5. Lisa Murkowski is the one that is too extreme for Alaska. The majority of Alaskans are not nearly as far left as Murkowski.

  6. Kristina Woolston, YOU ARE THE LIAR AND A LEFTWING RADICAL married to a radical.
    This ad Lisa Murkowski has been airing is DECEPTIVE EDITING.
    They cut out the full context of the discussion and edited in a deceptive line from later on in the discussion. Totally false. More Lisa Murkowski lies.
    Kelly supports birth control.
    Kelly does NOT support ABORTION PILLS that kill a baby by poisoning the unborn child to death AFTER the baby has been conceived. BIG DIFFERENCE.



    • When you say a US Senator “wants to kill Alaska Native babies and wants to kill all babies” you’ve not only lost your mind, you’ve lost your credibility as a thinker. You are clearly passionate about the issue, but you offering nothing to the discussion. (And yelling in your comment/all caps is just juvenile.)

    • Well said Larry – that is exactly right! Kelly herself has been on birth control. AND since the abortion discussion has now been shifted to the States, Kelly as our U.S. Senator would NOT have any say or control over what happens with mailing medicine. The left’s arguments are never accurate. Just a bunch of liars. Lisa profits from abortion, you can bet on it.

    • Thanks Larry, took the words right out of my mouth. Is this woolston married to the KTUU reporter? The only way Murky’s organization can claim this is true is if you equate the dangerous mifeprestone abortion [ill as being the birth control pill. Even abortion advocates should recognize that medically unsupervised mail order abortion pills are going to kill lots of mothers, not just their babies.
      Suzanne, I appreciate the effort to tell the other side, but Lisa’s campaign at this point just makes me ANGRY. Don’t so disrespect me by lying.

  7. So is all Murkowski’s argument against Tshibaka going to be birth control? Really? I guess thats why this opinion piece was so short. Weak!

  8. It is not extreme to rely upon pharmacists as Americans have directly for many decades. The USPS is not a large piece of the controlled substance distribution system in America. The USPS delivers corporate and private correspondence from every US address. This is a normal not extreme point of view. Postman does not equal pharmacist. Not in your gentle, babyish world or anyone elses.

    • G, you’re missing it entirely – unsupervised (no doctor involved) mail order abortions will kill mamas, not just babies. The mail order medicine that I take is doctor prescribed and supervised – the PO is clueless and guiltless in this regard.

  9. “I support Sen. Lisa Murkowski because she always tries to do the right thing for Alaska.”

    Are you high?

    Lisa is against Trump, Lisa is for Halland, Lisa is against developing our resources, Lisa is for more government spending,Lisa is pro abortion, Lisa is a liar.
    Lisa refuses to do what’s best for Alaska… every turn. The fact that she went against our will by accepting the fact that she lost the primary and ran as a write-in proves she has no interest in serving the will of the people and is more interested in serving her self.
    You have written one of the most tone deaf and idiotic articles I’ve ever seen posted here.

  10. “ Her record speaks for itself.”

    Oh, how right you are. That’s the reason I have never voted for Murky, and never will.

    Murk votes wrong for Alaska and the USA at every opportunity.

    Sad, really.

  11. You’ve missed a serious point here and it speaks directly to Murkowski.

    Abortion, also called “women’s reproductive rights” is a human rights issue, not a women’s issue.

    I spent a career dealing with the disenfranchised and the disaffected fringe of society. The worst thing I learned was that the less a juror, district attorney, or judge could directly associate themselves with a victim, the less likely that victim would receive “justice” in the courts. Oddly enough, it was usually the older hardbitten cops that fought hardest for these social “invisibles.” DAs don’t like to listen to their stories and juries look away or down at victims that don’t look like neighbors.

    A fetus, an unborn child, may not appear human to many, especially to those unfamiliar with newborns or to one not wanting to look. They are also literally unseen during their lifespan as a fetus, they are shielded from view by other human flesh.

    So is it a women’s issue? No. It’s a human rights issue and some decide to give voice to those not yet able to speak.

    Is being a Senator a tough job? I’m sure it is. Is being a janitor, or a plumber, or a roofer, or a wildcatter, a tough job? I bet they are too. Sorry, just because it’s high profile doesn’t give Lisa a pass. Lisa’s rewards, both financially and emotionally far outstrip any sacrifice she makes.

    Hmmm…birth control by mail? Oh, you mean…prescription drugs deliverable to a p.o. box or a mailbox? Or do you mean, prescribed by physician without benefit of seeing the patient and then a pharmacist dropping the package into the mail? Pretty sure that there are good reasons why some drugs are OTC and others aren’t. That’s not as simple as the soundbite issue as presented in modern 3rd grade media.

    So frankly, if Lisa wants to remain U.S. Senator, Alaska. She needs to concern herself with being a champion for Alaska, not for separate and distinct interest groups because they tend to vote in blocs instead of individually.

    Her career should be focused on her mission…Lisa focuses on her career as her mission.

  12. In a body of 100 people such as the United States Senate, where a vote of 60 in necessary to pass legislation, I fail to see how a person can be too extreme. Compromise there is the order of the day for success on the floor. The closest anyone comes to that is Bernie Sanders and his views fall flat on the floor. Lisa Murkowski on the other hand is unpredictable. Her votes against Kavanaugh and Trump were greatly disappointing. Her vote for Deb Haaland flew in the face of Alaska’s interests. So, if Kelly Tshibaka is too extreme then give me more ot it.

  13. Extreme? Hopefully. Congress needs a hard rain run through it.
    Flush the deep state apparatchik into the dustbin of history.

    • Isn’t this a ADN story? Again Suzanne, where are your scruples? I am starting to think with your history with the Bush family, you are smelling more ans more like a RINO supporter, not an actual constitutional conservative. List one item that Lisa has done for the good of the citizens of Alaska. Didn’t think you could, with her left leaning votes, unless it’s a re election season. Shame on you.

      • Shooting the messenger here Denali?? Really??
        Please note that this was written by Mrs. Woolston. Kudos to Suzanne for posting ALL opinions and letting us, the readers, decide. In a time were anything you don’t like gets labeled “misinformation or disinformation” it is refreshing to just GET the information and have the opportunity to debate. Remember “debate”? The process were individuals opinions come together to find the best solution?
        So Denali, shame on you for being so narrow-minded!

        • Suzanne does NOT post all opinions. She’s written nothing about Trump’s role in trying to overthrow democracy.

          • Oh Lucinda, give it a rest!
            Your hyperbole regarding our 45th president is bordering on clinical obsession and it is pathetic. Seek help please!
            As for a real example of “overthrowing democracy” look no further than our assembly 9!

          • Suzanne has written nothing about the NFL either. Nor has she written anything about McMurdo Station. Nor have I ever seen an article about Bruce Springsteen.
            Your point is???

          • That’s because the whole “overthrowing democracy” is bullshit from the febrile minds of leftist fools like you. No sane person listens to that BS.

  14. I don’t see what’s so “extreme” about requiring a woman see a doctor for birth control which has serious side effects and risks like stroke, cancer, high blood pressure, depression, mood swings, insomnia, death, infertility, and birth defects. I remember not too long ago a it was inconceivable (pun not intended) that a woman could get birth control that doesn’t always work in the mail. I can’t even get antibiotics for my dog without a vet seeing my dog first. I have to pick from the vet if he needs a refill on ear drops. That’s extremist? Personally, I think doctors should be required to cover all of the possible side effects with each patient, and be liable if they don’t. I don’t believe those side effects are rare like many suggest. I experienced several of them and I wasn’t warned by my doctor. I didn’t know the risks until I got home and read the label. I figured the chances were low that I would experience any of them, but I didn’t stay on birth control long once I realized side effects were more common than people were saying out loud.

  15. She says, “I support Sen. Lisa Murkowski because she always tries to do the right thing for Alaska.” Well, that’s an opinion. However, I’m unsure why Suzanne Downing is posting it on this ostensibly conservative website.

    • Free Speech Baby!
      Personally I believe that over-zealous opinion pieces like this actually expose more about the candidate and their supporters than influence. Now we get the opportunity to debate Mrs. Woolston’s points.

    • We are the ones who have turned MRAK into a conservative website. Suzanne is trying her best to encourage all viewpoints. Besides, ADN and FNM attract most of the leftists. Few of them post here because MRAK is not one of their echo chamber “Safe Space’s”.

    • Wayne Douglas,
      Suzanne is posting this piece of strained logic for a couple of reasons. One because a free flow of information and opinion to an informed citizenry is of the utmost importance and perhaps more importantly to demonstrate how pathetically weak Lisa actually is. This is the best Lisa has despite the Millions in her war chest?

  16. Don’t show us the ad.
    Show us the actual video from the actual event. Unedited.
    Cherry picking info/words can make anyone look bad. If you want us to support your position, provide the video/audio unedited.

      • What dodge?
        Do you really think the Lisa ad is 100% accurate? Tell me do you think the BMW or Charmin or Fred Meyer, or any other ad is 100% accurate?
        I know it is difficult for you to believe, but this is a campaign ad for US Senator. The ads producers can and will manipulate video/audio to make their point. I wonder….
        If you saw a similar ad supporting Kelly T. showing Lisa saying something that was damaging to her campaign, would you believe every word of if?

  17. Interesting irony. Just finished this article by Kristina Woolston here at MRAK while my mail-in ballot sits in front of me at the coffee table. Thanks. I just (right now) voted for Kelly Tshibaka. In fact our entire family of six all voted Kelly T.
    Thanks again, Kristina, for campaigning for Kelly.

  18. Kristina, we’re all entitled to our opinions. Now we have yours. So here’s mine. Your 100% wrong. I can count the times on one hand I’ve ever seen Lisa in person with fingers to spare, even counting this campaign season. As for Kelly, who’s not even in office yet, I’ve seen her speaking to constituents at so many events I’ve lost track. Her opinions and ideas about government are far from extreme. They are, in fact, an improvement on Lisa’s positions. On birth control, I think if you broke down Kelly’s opinions on the matter, they would not be as generalized as her opponents would lead you to believe. So I’ll be voting Kelly.

  19. I agree. Kelly Tsibaka has no credibility and has demonstrated she will say and do anything to get elected. She has even gone so far as to agree with the “Big Lie” that Trump won the 2020 election in order to to gain his endorsement. That alone is enough for me to rank her last on the ballot. Now we learn that when she was in front of an audience she knew was conservative, she said she would vote to ban birth control, but when a recording of her saying that is released, she denies it. You may not like everything Lisa Murkowski does, but at least she is an honest broker who, I think, tries to represent Alaska’s interests in the Senate. If you vote for Kelly and she wins, don’t be surprised when you learn that the only interests she cares about are her own.

    • You’re entitled to your opinion, but a must call out your prevarication. Lisa hasn’t represented Alaska in several years, and I disagree with your assessment of Lisa’s honesty and your impugning Kelly’s character.

    • There is a world of difference between banning birth control and not allowing the federal government to distribute birth control. Comprehension is everything.

      • There is an equally large world of difference between banning the delivery of birth control via the mail, and banning delivery of abortives via the mail. Birth control pills require a prescription for one reason only, and that is to properly set the dosage of hormones.
        Abortives can result in significant bleeding, pain, and potentially death if the side effects are severe enough and medical care is not nearby. Sending the “day after pills” via the mail to remote areas of the US where doctors are hours away, and simply hoping none of the side effects happen is irresponsible to the point of being negligent.
        And, from what I can tell, Kelly is not trying to stop delivery of prescription drugs, including birth control pills, via the post. She is trying to stop the delivery of pills that have relatively high potential for severe side effects through the mail.

    • “but when a recording of her saying that is released, she denies it.”
      What recording was released?
      Do you have an unedited, complete version of the video? Or are you relying in the edited/manipulated version of her statements that are presented in the campaign ad?

  20. LOL! As if Murky’s last term hasn’t illustrated for all to see just how extreme she is? Here’s a clue; everybody is “too extreme” now, so it’s all about picking your favorite extreme. Trump has endorsed Tshibaka. Right-To-Life has endorsed Tshibaka. The NRA has endorsed Tshibaka (and downgraded Murky). Those are my favorite extremes. I’m pulling Tshibaka’s lever.

  21. I have weighed the pro’s and cons of both candidates. Even with Lisa’s seniority, and her committee appointments, her stance on Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness does not justify her actions.
    We hold these truths to be SELF EVIDENT.
    I am sure Kelly will do what is right.
    Even if she does have to start at the bottom, probly best to do so while we still have Mr. Sullivan in position.

  22. She didn’t come about against birth control, she came out against abortifacients. Liberals always try to muddy the waters.

    • Just so you know, birth control often acts as an abortifacient. I do not think it is extreme at all to ban all chemical birth conrol. Why do we allow murder of certain people and not of others? Because they are too small, and can’t defend themselves?

    • To a leftist… please do not call them liberals, there is nothing liberal about the leftists, there is no difference between birth control and abortion. Killing unborn babies IS birth control to leftists.

  23. So Kristina you were raised in a family of God, so tell me you support the hypocrite Lisa Murkowski who practices Catholicism and fights for Abortion. Anyone who supports abortion reminds me of Keith Gosner who sliced babies spinal cords when they were born. (And how many others killed babies after 15 weeks)nBy the way I sprayed my Christmas wreath black when Roe Vs Wade was passed and still morn the millions of children who were murdered because of abortion. Lisa’s a fence sitter and if I could I would tell you what my mother said about fence sitters, however, Suzanne wouldn’t print it and I am too proud to repeat it.

  24. HA..HA..HA.. To a bunch of lies, just programming for Lisa, who has lost her way to the Democrats, though she says she’s a “R”..She goes against the basic points of being a Republican, Abortion(any way you say it, it is simply killing a human being. It’s for the Mother to chose to keep it or allow another family to have a child they cannot have, NOT TO KILL another human being. The baby has it’s own separate body.. it’s not the mother’s body to choose.

  25. Kristina you should of listed Lisa’s accomplishments for country and state, we all know that list would have all Lisa supporters, red faced mad and red faced embarrassed so there is that. The citizens see the integrity Kelly has, just imagine a change Kelly Sara and integrity for once. Dan bring a box to work we are ousting you next. Our state needs a new start time for change. Time for Kelly

  26. Kristina you should of listed Lisa’s accomplishments for country and state, we all know that list would have all Lisa supporters, red faced mad and red faced embarrassed so there is that. The citizens see the integrity Kelly has, just imagine a change Kelly Sara and integrity for once. Dan bring a box to work we are ousting you next. Our state needs a new start time for change. Time for Kelly

  27. Seriously? This is the lamest defense of Lisa I have ever read. I have heard the ad, yet I believe Kelly’s support is not to send abortion pills through the mail. It creates a medical emergency which usually requires hospital time for those who take it. I’m sure Lisa is proud to fleece the tax payers for life flights. Suzanne I am starting to wonder if you are actually supporting these rinos as of late. Pretty sad you would publish support for a vile career politician who has no one but her bottom line in her best interest. SMH

  28. Woolston is another Murkowski/Sweeney/RCV/RINO hack trying to make this a one issue race to detract from the biggest RINO in the Senate. A weak piece by an even weaker campaign! Murkowski is sends her minions out to do her bidding so that she can play her “I’m for Alaska” BS game and they can continue to get fat off of her special interest paybacks…Pure & Simple!! If Woolston and Murkowski had one ounce of integrity (don’t hold your breath), they would go join the Democrat party where they belong. Beat it!

    Yet another reason to VOTE KELLY FOR ALASKA!!

  29. Nothing like reading into a statement WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR INSTEAD OF WHAT THE SPEAKER SAID!! Kelly has stated plainly that she had no problem with both control being received in the mail and has received the same. What she does object to Is the allowance FOR ABORTIFACIENTS ( morning after pills and hormonal abortion stimulants ) to be mailed out !! THERE IS GREAT DANGER TO THE USE OF ABORTIFACIENTS WITHOUT THE SUPERVISON OF TRSINED MEDICAL PERSONELL ANDVTHE AVAILABILITYT OF A FULL SERVICE HOSPITAL DUE TO THE LIKLIHOOD OFF LIFE THREATENING INTERNAL !BLEEDING!! Please don’t repeat a lie about someone with whom you disagree for political reasons!!

  30. Basing your support on a sketchily edited, smarmy voiceover ad makes me think thou hast had to many fetus lunches.

  31. Is Murkowski still calling herself a Republican? As history clearly shows, each time she has made that claim she was telling a lie….

    Oddly, nobody in the (allegedly conservative) Republican Party has the stones to do anything about it.

    • Bob, not only has the Republican Party not kicked Lisa to the curb, the great leader of RINOs Senator Mitch McConnell gave her $5 million dollars to campaign to continue being a ‘Republican’.
      That tells me more about Mitch McConnell than it it does about Lisa (because we knew about her already).

  32. Lisa Murkowski’s reelection strategy is coming into focus. Having been censored and abandoned by the Alaska Republican party, Lisa’s only hope for victory in November is to appeal to all the Democrats in Alaska. Lisa must have taken note that back in Washington DC, abortion is an issue very dear to those on the left. Her latest move in getting Democrat support is to co-author a bill to make abortion legal at the federal level, despite the fact abortion is already legal in Alaska. It is a desperate move of blatant pandering.

  33. Alaska should give Kelly Tshibaka a chance to represent us. Lisa Murkowski has had her chance and too many times has shown herself to be an elitist. Ordinary Americans are shocked by the way she votes.

  34. Ms. Woolston, you will perhaps forgive me if I don’t think that Lisa does anything that isn’t good for Lisa’s bottom line and certainly works hard to preserve her invitations to the Democrat elite’s cocktail parties. She certainly isn’t a good Catholic, although she trots that out from time to time as if that gives her some patina of goodness. It doesn’t, since she supports abortion. Lisa is more concerned about being one of the cool kids on the east coast than doing squat for the average Alaskan, although she will from time to time pander to the Natives to make sure their donations keep pouring in to her coffers, and she wears a kuspuk when anyone is watching. In fact, I can’t think of a single thing Lisa does that is not in her own self interest. But you go, girl.

  35. I’ve met Kelly once and followed up with a couple of donations. Initially I was supporting her only because she wasn’t Lisa. After watching her and talking with her I’ve changed my opinion. Kelly is an intelligent and thoughtful woman in my opinion. I think she is not extreme in the least and will be an improvement over Daddies Little Princess,

  36. Kristina Woolston runs with Alaska’s hyper wealthy elite class where everyone incestuously washes each other backs. I have found the words that come out of their mouths to be self agrandizing, petulant and usually bigoted to the blue collar middle class. Instead of writing some unsubstantiated ignorant gossip perhaps you’d find more satisfaction updating your Glamour Shots at the mall. Hint: more filter.

  37. Sorry Kristina. You don’t seem too bright, but highly gullible. Suzanne was overly generous having you submit as a guest writer. Did Lisa or her dad pay you to write this?

      • Yeah, but Frankie, you told Lisa to act like a Republican before the next election, THEN she could turn back to her Democrat brothers and sisters. The voters know about this strategy. You may have killed-off your daughter’s political career, as well as our family dynasty.

  38. What a load of B.S. ! I guess the most important issue to these cucks is their desire to kill babies. These days all our Alaska politicians are sucking the FEDERAL tit to get whatever it will provide in printed money while collapsing our country. They aren’t smart enough to use our massive permanent fund to help assist Alaskans develop our own economy that doesn’t depend on the FED, the Military and Big Oil. So far Tshibaka is the only candidate that even starts to address the issues that will make or break this State and our Country.

  39. RU-486 is NOT contraception. It is an abortifacient, a drug that causes an abortion. In other, words, an artificial miscarriage. Treatment for miscarriages normally takes place in hospitals, complete with control of bleeding and passage of the baby. Lisa, her campaign, and this writer want to redefine terms so this event becomes simple contraception, something Kelly supports. Better yet, they want the entire affair to take place at home. There are gonna be some ladies in for a big, big surprise.

    And there is the other little thing that when a baby is involved, 3 people ought to be involved in the decision to end a pregnancy – mom, dad, baby. In Lisa’s world and that of her supporters, the ONLY opinion is that of the mother. If so, I take you smartly to Dave Chappelle, who told the ladies, if you can abort them, we can abandon them.

    Instructive that this is the hill Lisa and her supporters have chosen to die upon this election cycle. Cheers –

  40. It appears that that political ad took Tshibaka’s conversation out of context. She was speaking about the morning after abortion pill. Does anyone think that making this pill available through the mail is a good idea? I can imagine a husband or boyfriend slipping the pill to his girlfriend or wife in order to terminate a pesky pregnancy without permission. There are many screwed up relationships out there. The morning after pill is serious medicine and should be treated that way. It is not birth control, per se.

      • Fooled me how, exactly, Lucinda?

        And within what respect?

        Tell you what, Lucinda, as you are intellectually not the sharpest spoon within the drawer, I shall offer you a chance to elucidate, within your reasoning, how Tshibaka ‘fooled’ me, even though you have no earthly clue as to mine own thought processes or decisions based upon a particular candidate.

        Within response, should you be brave enough to do so, I shall deconstruct your own psychological profile and history without backgrounding you, as that would be crass, but simply by ascertaining your own words within the many posts within this forum.

        And, before you think you can withstand said deconstruction as a parlor trick, think seriously, as this is not a game, as you treat it, and there are no points, as you feel you are gaining, somehow.

        I implore you to let it go, Lucinda, for your own benefit.

        Got serious all of a sudden, did it not?

        See how that works?

        • Response from Lucinda in three… four… five… never…
          $50 says she will not even show up in the comments on this article again. When challenged, she always runs away.

        • You’re full of yourself Randy. You got fooled by Tshibaka and especially Trump. I think you WANT to get fooled cuz you hate libs so much.

          • So much for elucidation….

            Within fact, Lucinda, I do NOT hate classic liberals.

            I DO in fact hate leftists.

            As would most classic liberals.

            But then, you would not know anything about what a classic liberal is, would you?

            Try again.

            Again, the word is elucidation.

            Look it up.

  41. Tshibaka was referring to the abortion pill, RU-486, NOT birth control.

    Is Ms. Woolston really that obtuse not to know Tshibaka misspoke? Didn’t she bother getting clarification from Tshibaka what she meant by her statement? Did she bother checking out Tshibaka’s campaign website to see where she stands? Or would she rather maintain the false narrative that Extremist Queen Lisa promotes?

    • Right. Kelly is a Harvard Law School graduate. Kelly passed the bar the first time in Alaska. Lisa barely got into a low-level law school and had miserable grades. Took the bar exam 5 times before passing, after getting the questions before the exam. Seems like Lisa is the weak one. But maybe you, Kai, never went to college and don’t understand this.

  42. I want to say in response to this article with a lousy attack ad that is vague and does not even care to know what Kelly actually said on the issue. I interviewed Kelly Tshibaka a few weeks ago and she specifically clarified her position. Kelly is exactly right Lisa Murkowski’s campaign is distorting the truth about Kelly’s stance because she is against birth control pills that would abort a baby at 3 months, not all. Find out the actual facts and tell the truth. Be honest.

  43. It is a 15 second spot advertisement by Kelly’s opposition that provides no context and is edited to fit the accusation. Context here is what matters, and there is none. This is just typical political mud-slinging that has zero substance.

    That said, if Kelly is saying the “day after” ABORTION pills should not be mailed, my wife and I completely agree with her. Those are not birth control.

  44. Kristina Woolston for garbage collector! You need to head to the dump, lady. Your can is full.

  45. Lisa Murkowski recently voted to give $52 billion in corporate welfare to companies like Intel ($21 billion in net profit) and Qualcomm ($12 billion in net profit).

    The CHIPS act also includes $25 billion in tax credits, just five years after Murkowski voted to cut the corporate tax rate by 14%.

    Taxpayers already pay inflated prices on cars, phones, computers, etc, but that’s not enough for Lisa. She says we have to give our tax dollars to these hugely profitable companies too.

    A vote for Murkowski is a vote to take money from the working class to give to the super rich. That’s about as extreme as it gets.

  46. The Murkowski Dynasty for another 6 years?Forget about it. Alaskans are done with the Murkowski Regime. Get rid of them. Kelly Tshibaka gets our entire family’s votes.

  47. I bet Kristina Woolston knew about Murk’s involvement in the Ranked Choice Voting scam. Great article, Suzanne and another great job by Project Veritas. The lights got turned on the cockroach that is Lisa Murkowski. She’s now the lead character in her version of “The Metamorphosis.”

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