Ketchikan votes to put controversial, hyper-sexualized manual for teens in adult section of library


The Ketchikan City Council has reversed an earlier vote and, by a margin of 4-3, has placed “Let’s Talk About It” in the adult section of the Ketchikan Public Library. The book was in the teen section, as it is in many libraries across the country, including Anchorage’s Loussac Library.

“Let’s Talk About It” is graphically illustrated to show how to administer oral sex, what gay sex looks like with some precision, and has descriptions of how to perform anal sex and why teens should access porn and participate in sending sexual pictures of themselves over the internet. Nationally, it is a book that has enraged parents and created distrust of public institutions that seem bent on delivering hyper sexualized material to children.

In Anchorage, the book is available in the Teen Underground, a special library room just for teens where many sex manuals and gay promotions are located and where adults are not allowed, except for the teen librarian.

In June, the Ketchikan City Council had voted 4-3 to leave the book in the teen section of the library. But Councilwoman Abby Bradberry filed a motion to reconsider, and the Thursday vote went against the book. Teens are still able to access the book in the adult section of the library.


  1. The left is determined to sexualize children. The ones that aren’t aborted.

    Our society is sick.

    • There is a God sized hole in many souls that they are desperately trying to fill with the lusts of the flesh.

      It always leads to tears, brokenness and death. Every single time. As He warned us it would.

      • This is the real Truth. Surrender to God’s wisdom and mercy and your life will change for the better.

  2. It’d have been nice to actually have known REAL sex-ed as a youth instead of fumbling around. That, coupled with learning how sexuality actually works between the sexes would have put me light years ahead of the game. The more you know……

  3. I got a feeling library and libraries, are taking a big hit! Don’t renew your library card! I love the good old days of visiting libraries! Not anymore! Close it down! We have Twitter and meta and thread?

    • Not the point. We all know that.
      However, when a library places a book in the youth section, they are making a public statement, endorsed by the government that it is OK. Very different than a teen accessing an on-line porn site.

  4. More reason why parents and grandparents should had been reading aloud to their family’s children including teens. Even if a parent didn’t read aloud to the child under 10, its not too late to read aloud up to 18 unless the teen has some sort of disability like high functionary autism, then they may enjoy a parent reading aloud to them as an adult. If parents aren’t reading aloud, you get others telling your kids what to read. When my child was under five I was concerned she get interested in reading books like wimpy kid or Harry Potter types, so I read the traditional storytelling picture story books I grew up seeing the smarter peers of my generation being read aloud or books my parent’s generation had read aloud. Today my child picks books with good storytelling because of my direction. Kids who’d gravitate to these types of books don’t know what is good storytelling. If a family listens to KLEF a classical radio station it also helps further direct a child to classical storytelling. If more Alaskan parents and grandparents were reading to their kids last 30 years our kids wouldn’t fall so easily as prey to predator book authors that would had even embarrassed book editors as Jackie Kennedy Onassis who never would put her stamp of approval of it to the publisher, because she had class and higher standards for literature.

  5. Memo. The writer uses the euphemism “gay” to describe the nature of materials provided in public schools. Using euphemisms is a way to tone-down the truth. They help promote the reprehensible practice of indoctrinating our nation’s children with perverse ideology. Consider speaking more accurately as follows.
    Homosexual rather than gay.
    Homosexual man rather than transgender woman.
    Homosexual woman rather than transgender man.
    Homosexual rather than LGBTQ.
    Woman or female rather than biological woman or female.
    Man or male rather than biological man or male.
    Example of two ways of reporting the same fact.
    Pandering: Transgender women ran in a race with biological women.
    Truth: Men competed against women in a race.
    To reclaim our nation, we must speak with authority and conviction. Speak the truth.

    • Wayne Douglas , following your thinking above I suggest that we as a society demand that the Word Gay be returned to its rightful place in the Pantheon of our shared lexicon.

      I am Gay, meaning that I am happy, carefree and light hearted. Are not you? Shouldn’t all of us be Gay? This being Gay business is mine despite being decidedly heterosexual.

      Gay also is a Last Name, Ensign George Gay being but one example.

      If Homosexual men seek a more descriptive moniker, I suggest we listen to P.J. O’ Rourke and let them have the word Fabulous or better yet Fab.
      Let’s stop this destruction of our language.

  6. “In Anchorage, the book is available in the Teen Underground, a special library room just for teens where many sex manuals and gay promotions are located and where adults are not allowed, except for the teen librarian.”

    Adults are not allowed? In a public library? Whose going to stop me? The librarian? Does the librarian think adults shouldn’t be allowed to read books for teens? I want to know more about this.

  7. There is a section where adults are not allowed? Where parents can’t see what their kids are reading? WTF. You can’t do that unless you want to have a room for whites only. You want to bring back those days?

  8. The library, the ‘pink’ federal building, the Discovery Center, AHMS, and the Tongass National Forest compound are all monuments to government waste.

  9. The Library (looks like a Mormon church), the ‘pink’ Federal Building, the Discovery Center, Ranger District headquarters. AMHS etc..etc,. all monuments to government waste. Could somebody please fix the main road through town or finish the ferry ramps?

  10. I genuinely don’t care what library it’s in PROVIDED it requires parental permission to access it.

  11. Ketchikan determines parents can’t possibly boss their childres’ library bookselection, so puts book for struggling adolescents in the adult section.

    Are folks here mad that Ketchikan Library took parental control away from parents? It seems a usual concern for folks here.

  12. These books DO NOT belong in a public funded library. Adult book stores are the appropriate place if one desires porn.
    Struggling adolescents need professional help from licensed trained professionals. (Not Sam Brinton or Chris Constant)
    Parents that use gadgets and internet to babysit their children is why so many are wandering around left field as they dont have a clue where the Home plate is or was.
    The internet can guide them so far away from Home and wander down so many rabbit holes they can be lost forever.
    An example is the college student that went off to college to study criminal behavior and murdered four students in Idaho after he became obsessed and engulfed himself with the constant material he read about Ted Bundy without the proper guidance growing up as a child about the concequenses of taking someones life.
    There are way too many lost souls wandering around the world looking for a “home plate”.

  13. If a kid is too young to drink, drive, use weed, or join the military the kid is too young to access gay porn without parental permission.

    Written parental perspective.

    • Prove it.
      I know plenty of gay people. They all seem to share some very disturbing commonalities in their background. Among them, sexual abuse by a “trusted” adult, physical abuse, and mental abuse.
      I am going to go ahead and ask you to demonstrate for everyone here how you know gays are born.

  14. No gay would choose to be stigmatized. It isn’t a choice which means born with it. Just because they are now mentally challenged from the abuse doesn’t mean anything. They were born straight.

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