By the numbers: Republicans gain voters, Democrats lose voters, and the Clown Party has left the circus


The UCES Clown Party has left the circus in Alaska. The political party has no current registered voters in the 49th this month, although it’s still on the Division of Elections’ list of 16 official political groups.

Started in California as a pro-marijuana and progressive political movement in about 2014, the “Useless Clown Party” had 102 members registered in Alaska just three years ago in July’s voter roll update.

Not all that are called political parties are actually recognized as parties in Alaska. A group has to have 5,000 registrants in order to be considered an official political party, while those with fewer than that are called political groups by the state. More about the different categories of parties and groups at this link.

The Division of Elections publishes an update of voter rolls every month, and does a voter roll purge in early March of every year.

Must Read Alaska periodically reviews these voter trends, typically in March and at other times during the year to get a snapshot of the dynamics. The following are some that are noteworthy, particularly now that Alaska has just one primary election with all party candidates on the same ballot, while before 2020’s Ballot Measure 2, Republicans had a separate ballot that could only be voted by those registered with the party or not registered with another official party.

In the July, 2023 voter roll update, the Alaska Republican Party has increased by 1,702 members since July of 2020, and still stands out as the largest single party in Alaska, with 141,522 members. Republicans are down 2% in three years.

The Alaska Democratic Party has lost members, but is still the state’s second-largest political party. But since July of 2020 when they had 76,779 voters, the Democrats have shed 2,113 registered voters and are now at 74,666, a 2.75% drop in three years.

The Alaska Independence Party has gained members, going from 17,111 in 2020 to 18,865 this month. The party is unique to Alaska, and in its formation was created as a secessionist party 39 years ago by the late Joe Vogler, although it is now a conservative party not focused on secession.

Looking farther back at a 2016’s snapshot, the state had 144,445 registered Republicans and 78,713 registered Democrats in that year, when President Donald Trump won the Alaska vote with 51.3% of the vote.

The overall voter base has increased since 2016, from 530,653 to 596,637, a 12.4% increase.

Alaska’s population in 2016 was 742,575. By the 2021 U.S. Census was 732,673, a 1.3% decrease.

Some of the other party and no-party affiliations:

The Undeclared voters still rule the roost, with 266,874 registered voters, a gain of 5,255 voters in the past three years. The increase may be attributed not so much to people leaving parties but rather are probably newcomers to Alaska applying for the Alaska Permanent Fund dividends and drivers’ licenses, and thus being automatically registered to vote and assigned the “Undeclared” status.

Nonpartisan voters now number 83,090, a gain of 835 voters, or about 1% since 2020. Nonpartisans, unlike Undeclareds, do not gain in numbers by simply showing up at the Division of Motor Vehicles. These are people who register to vote intentionally; typically they are government workers.

The Libertarian Party has seen shrinkage, starting with 7,082 in July of 2020 and now down to 6,800 registered voters, a 4% decrease in three years.

The Green Party has lost about 70 registered voters in Alaska in three years, and is now down to 1,511 members.

Overall, the official Alaska voter rolls have 1.3% more voters this month than they did three years ago. Today, there are 596,637 registered Alaska voters. The number of overall voters changes as voter rolls are purged each March, and then fluctuates throughout the year.

As for the Clown Party, it will probably be dropped off the Division of Elections list of official political groups, since no one is registered with the party in Alaska. (We don’t know where the clowns went, but readers may have some ideas.)


  1. It’s basically a 2-Party race. And, the sooner that the Republican Party can build – grow membership, as well as focus on getting “all” membership consistently to the Polls, the sooner we can turn this State around for the better.

    • Howdy Bob. That won’t happen until the Majority of Republicans ELECTED quick joining Democrats Led Cacuses. They have created a Left Wing Uniparty, thanks to RINOS Like Cathy Geisel, Kelly Merrick, Stedman, Dave Wilson in Wasilla, and on and on.

      • The AKGOP I believe lack knowledge and discernment when comes to who it receives like very much like the churches lacking godly character discretion and lacking knowledge of God’s Word. Both put money ahead of good character and Both need money. Any person with money can say they are a Republican just like any one who dresses well or works in an occupation earning 55,000 a year look like a godly human being and good addition to a church. Like the Church, a political party should strive for loyalty as one character attribute in all leadership members. The democrat party that Ethan berkowitz was part of was loyal. Although with this new woke young democrats I think the democrat party will struggle staying unified. That’s my observation. The Republican Party need its leaders to tow the party line by loyalty instead of some hiding behind maverick or bipartisan leadership style, stick with the group even if you see or learned what the group is pushing is wrong, when a leader was elected with the group. They split more than democrats split from its group.

  2. Of course we know where they went. The Anchorage Assembly. There job is not quite complete until they succeed in making Eagle River/ Chugiak as deplorable as Anchorage, complete with slums, homeless camps, and pot shops , but it would appear that they are now working very hard on that, with the help of greedy real estate developers. No, the clown party is not over.

  3. The real irony is that there are more clowns than ever, especially among the electorate. Witness their champions–Biden and Trump–no doubt, oafs of good standing and deep thought. Let’s elect one of them!

    • “On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

  4. The PFD registration process harvests new voters as they turn 18 years of age every year. These registrations are all assigned to the undeclared category. Our new Alaskan voter receives their voter registration card from the Division of Elections in due course. The young Republican voters gathered up in this registration harvest must change their undeclared tagging to Republican.

    Without personal action, these new Republican voters are bundled as undeclared.

  5. The flaw in this data is it doesn’t reflect the republicans who vote democrat.

  6. Mark: Your negative comment helps the Democrats every day.

    Voting is required to win an election. Registration is necessary to vote.
    The 44% turnout in 2022 general election was terrible voter performance. Staying home does not win elections.

    Republican’s Failure to vote prevents Republican victories.

    • Only boomers and low information people still believe voting matters. The same people contribute over 85% of all donations to both parties. Your voting does not matter. Period. End of story. You’re living a comforting lie if you think otherwise.

      • Then what do you suggest?

        Passive acceptance?
        Outright quitting and not even trying?

      • Well, let’s see. Don’t vote and nothing happens that I want. Or DO VOTE and hope it matters.

        If voting doesn’t matter, I’d hate to think what we have to do next.

        • Let’s see the data. I wonder what political allegiance is of the department of elections. Primarily of those who conduct the vote counting. What happend to the law suit in anchorage when the dominion representative inserted a flash drive during vote count?

      • So what do you suggest??
        Are we all getting together in the market place and hash it out once a week?
        If voting doesn’t matter then what kind of system do you think we have?
        Or should we just let “our betters” decide for us and sit down shut up and take it??
        Are YOU one of those betters??
        It is always interesting when liberal people yammer about “democracy” and how it is in “danger”, but when other people stand up, speak out or vote not to their liking, all of a sudden you are a low-information ignoramus. I know of individuals, who did not vote in 22 because they felt manipulated by RCV.

    • Mark has a fair point. All the votes cast in the world are virtually useless if there is no faith in the system.

      Don’t see where pointing that out helps the left. It’s an acknowledgment of people’s legitimate concerns.

    • Not every person in Alaska is eligible to vote. Those under 18 represent a measurable percentage of the population.

    • That # of registered voters is way too high given the population. People have been complaining about the need to clean up the voter rolls since forever, but nothing ever happens.

  7. So the only reason the Democrats hold any power in the state of Alaska is because of low voter turnout. Imagine that. We get their perverted utopia whether the majority wants it or not

    • If the majority didn’t want it, they would get up and vote for someone who doesn’t is a leftist.

      Not voting is de facto approval of the status quo.

    • Or perhaps you are just bad at life since Republicans are not the majority of voters, undeclared are. One of the best parts of Alaska is independent thinkers, not Cult members of a party.

      • Makes on wonder what they are waiting on? Zombies? Plague?

        We’ve got the first (homeless) and have a dose of the second.

  8. “Looking farther back at a 2016’s snapshot, the state had 144,445 registered Republicans and 78,713 registered Democrats in that year, when President Donald Trump won the Alaska vote with 51.3% of the vote.”

    This is is blatant proof that the voter fraud machine was at work back then.

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