Ketchikan is bar-shaming


As Ketchikan saw the cases of COVID-19 creep up, the official response has been to name five downtown bars, and tell people that if they visited those bars they should get tested.

Steven Kantor, of the Ketchikan chapter of CHARR (Cabaret, Hotel, Restaurant, and Retailers Association) says that’s unfair targeting. He says patrons in bars also visit other establishments around town, and yet the name-shaming is focused on just the bars.

Cases have risen in Ketchikan over recent days, jumping from nine cases on Thursday to 10 on Friday, and 13 each on Saturday and Sunday. Of each of those 13 cases, four have been considered “community transmission.”

Visit the Ketchikan data site here.

Last summer, Anchorage tried the name-shaming method, also focusing on bars. The Mayor’s Office, then occupied by Ethan Berkowitz, named 19 bars — both in Anchorage and in the Mat-Su Valley — where people who had tested positive for COVID had visited. None of his own restaurant-bars were on the list.

In Southern Southeast Alaska, 2,691 people have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. The Ketchikan Borough has under 14,000 residents.

The bars named by the Ketchikan Emergency Operations Center were The Arctic, The Asylum, 49’er Bar, Moose Lodge #224, and Totem Bar.

The EOC is asking those who visited the establishments to quarantine at home for two weeks and get tested within a week of having visited one of the establishments, or earlier if exhibiting symptoms.


  1. Now that WHO has changed their PCR testing protocols, everyone will see positive test numbers drop like a rock. The statistical lies will end and Biden will be a “miracle worker” even though he has no Covid plan. Sicko.

    • Beat me to it, Caterina!
      Now that someone of the “correct” political party is in the White House, this virus will cease to be a problem within 100 days. It is all about the narrative.
      “Orange man BAD! Orange man incompetent.”
      Yet, the new administration is not doing anything that was not in place under the previous administration. But, they are getting positive press for doing it.

    • Sure..

      Having a federal response and recommendations that include mask mandates and having an actual vaccine distribution plan…

      None of that’s going to cause the numbers to go down.. it’s all just fake news doing the fake news thing..

      Grow up.

    • The COVID “pandemic” is a global hoax of unprecedented proportions. There was no pandemic, only a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) “test” pandemic. The PCR is not a test, but a process. Also called molecular photocopying, it is a fast technique used to copy and amplify small segments of DNA. Yet authorities continue to foist the lie (on a public that has no understanding of the PCR) that it is an indicator of disease.
      Data and statistics have proven that the COVID virus is not the mortal threat the powers that shouldn’t be have been touting. The responses to the PCR “test” pandemic have caused an even greater loss of human lives and destroyed the economies of individuals and companies worldwide. The pandemic was supposedly one of the most serious threats to life in modern history, but it was the fear-inducing lies that caused people to panic and thus comply with whatever draconian rules diabolic dictators around the world decided to impose.

      Society’s overlords found out rather quickly that their fear mongering could create a populace, which was ignorant of the facts, to gladly relinquish their freedoms without putting up a fight when their human rights were stripped away. When societies lose their liberty, it’s not because tyrants have taken it away, but because people willingly surrender it in return for protection against some external threat, usually perceived or exaggerated.

      “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin
      And sadly, that is where we are today.

  2. I wonder if officials think Liquor business owners, their employees, and customers have a lower intelligence level rather than retail and restaurant business owners and its employees and customers, That being why they blame bars first? Or officials are trying to control a group of people who tend to be a little more independent minded than the rest.
    Well you know CHEERS! the CBS sitcom character Norm wouldn’t be kept away from his Beer. Hahaha. Remembering those characters i cant see Bar patrons staying away because of fear. Their fear is loss of their beer and beer friends. My grandpa was one of those longtime bar patrons. He probably wear a mask until it was time to drink his beer, then stay there for the remainder of day, before putting his mask back on before time to go.

  3. Respectfully disagree, it’s not bar-shaming, it’s priceless, free advertising.
    Resourceful publicans true to their calling will by now have invented drinks such as Public Shamer (don’t be seen drinking it, report people who do drink it), Covid Cocktail (19 drink minimum), Frozen Vaccinator (1 or 2-sticks)…
    maybe something in honor of Peoples Doctor Faucci… Pincer Shanghai Strength Vodka, 178 Proof (rather like Faucci, a little goes a very long way toward destroying one’s infrastructure)….
    and for devout Mask-eradors, our personal favorite, the fortified French 75 reimagined as the Mask Filler.
    Doubtless more come to mind, but these seem adequate for a start, yes?

    • Morrigan

      I love it
      Everyone who come into these bars must wear a maga hat
      or Go home and wear your mask inside your car, and house

      What else Is there to do.
      I just infused some wild mushrooms in vodka an earthy flavor service on the rocks.

    • Or how about a Typhoid Bloody Mary for those folks who don’t buy into the modern science of germ theory. These are fabulous cocktails hand made by bartenders who refuse to wash their hands under any circumstances because hand washing violates their rights. Even the 178 proof vodka isn’t strong enough to kill any of the theoretical germs that no one can see anyway so they don’t really exist.

      • Typhoid Bloody Mary!
        Love it, forgive in advance for accidentally plagiarizing.
        178 may not kill theoretical bugs, but at least the customer won’t have to worry about bugs… or much of anything else.

  4. What a load of crap. When is the hysteria going to end? The idiots sitting in the government health organizations are just giddy over their abiltiy to insinuate their opinion on people and those that are supposed to be running the show have given over control so as to be blameless in all things covid. The bars should sue for libel.

  5. Huh. This seems like a sensible public service announcement and recommendations for those that may have been exposed to covid-19…

    I guess you can spin it as bar shaming…

  6. Why is it that one bartender tested positive. and anyone else who had no contact with that individual has to quarantine Another bartender on another shift .had no contact ,.didn’t even see that person from a distance has to quarantine. That redicules . just trying to flex your muscles and be a bigshot telling people what to do . WERE NOT STUPID!!

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