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Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Kenai Republicans officially ask Rep. Knopp to not run as GOP candidate

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The rogue Republican representative from District 30 has been asked by his own political party to not run for the Legislature as a Republican.

Rep. Gary Knopp helped lead a coup against fellow Republicans, installing a House speaker who is a lifelong Democrat and giving control to the Democrat minority. He was not alone — Republicans Reps. Louise Stutes, Jennifer Johnston, Chuck Kopp, Bart LeBon, and Gabrielle LeDoux joined him in overthrowing House Republicans to create a bipartisan caucus that has been in “resistance” mode since it took power 18 months ago.

In a letter signed by District 30 Republican Chairman Thomas R. Daly, the district wrote “Since your election the team is disappointed in your performance and no longer supports your candidacy. The representation provided is not what our team voted to receive. This dissatisfaction has been communicated and formalized by the censure vote of both District 30 and the SCC (State Central Committee of the Alaska Republican Party).”

The letter asks Knopp to withdraw from the primary as a Republican candidate.

Knopp has a well-known name, and there are two candidates running against him that will split the primary vote: Candidates Ron Gillham and Kelly Wolfe make it highly likely that Knopp could win the primary again, in spite of dissatisfaction of as many as two-thirds of the voters. He has been the focus of a recall attempt that never got enough signatures to make it to the ballot and although Kenai is a politically conservative stronghold, turnout could be light this August, as people disengage from public activity. That voter disengagement favors incumbents.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Love the Peninsula, taking out the trash.

    • Only if they coalesce around one of the other Republican candidates.

      Conservatives often are our own worst enemy.

    • Please take a good look at Ron Gillham..

    • Alaska, home to bears, eagles, salmon and wolves. Rinos need to leave.

  • Public employees tend to vote in their own interest. Especially when they have kept their jobs.

  • Proud of the Kenai District action and agree he should not run a Republican. Also that the State GOP organization take action to expel him and withdraw any support. I believe the State GOP should take action against all the turncoats in the house and many of the Senators including Kathy Giessel, Bert Stedman, Donnie Olson and Coghill. Olson maybe a Democrat but his consistent crossover to gain influence with the GOP should be refused. The voters must get rid of the GOP Senators except the four who voted for their constituents and were punished by the Queen!

  • If Knopp doesn’t do the honorable thing (no reason to think he will) then candidates Ron Gillham and Kelly Wolfe need to talk about one of them stepping away from this primary.

    • Thanks Ed! Have you figured out which rights you’ve been deprived of yet?

  • Either Ron Gillham or Kelly Wolfe needs to withdraw from the primary and back the other. This will take out Knopp.

    • God bless you for running against this perpetrator…….
      Knopp. I will help too.

  • Here are a few facts: Gary Knopp in 2016 stated that he felt that the best use of the PFD was for government expenses, this was at a Kenai chamber meeting where we all debated. The Republicans were thrilled with Gary. Then Gary ran unopposed in 2018 and was empowered by this and chose to help create a bipartisan coalition for a rules chairmanship position. Chuck Knopp beat him out of it.
    Both Ron and had talked about filing against Knopp early, we both filed our letter of intent on the same day. I filled my declaration of candidacy with the division of election a week before Ron did.
    Myself serving in the legislature in 2003 & 2004 and on the KPB Assembly I know the next four maybe five years are going to be ugly in Juneau. Political special interests have convinced the politicians to spend the CBR down to nothing and reduce Alaska’s PFD to a $1000.00 in order to line there own pockets. We need common sense in Juneau. Nothing against Ron he seems like a nice guy. But Alaska’s capital needs someone with guts and un afraid to get into the weeds so speak to reduce, our government spending. Someone who has experience and is un afraid to step on a toe for what best for the residents of Alaska. That persons name is spelled WOLF just like the animal. While I have been accused of being a bull bog when I’m fighting for what I believe in and have been told by those in my community the cause is just.
    This is my home Alaska and has been for 40 years it’s worth fight. No I’m not I tactful, have I bit anyone no, I will not back down.

    • My kind of candidate. I will help you. Can we get Gillham to back down?

    • First, fire your script writer.
      Second, remember tact is for people who aren’t witty enough to use sarcasm.
      Third, forget what’s bad about Peoples Imperial State Representative Kopp, tell your adoring public, briefly, what’s good about Kelly.
      Fourth, understand giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.

    • Kelly,
      We do agree on one thing. We agree Gary MUST go!
      Now we need to decide, not only, who will be the best candidate to remove a very horrible man, but also, who will be the best candidate to represent the people of District 30. We must have representation who will hear the voice of the people and serve with honor and integrity.
      The first time we spoke about you running for District 30 House was months after I had filed my letter of intent and my declaration of candidacy with APOC and the division of elections. I filed these documents on May 5, 2019. When I reviewed the submission dates of our filings in APOC, I saw my actual submission date as May 5, 2019 and your actual submission date as March 12, 2020. My actual submission date is more than 10 months prior to your filing. My original public notice of intent to file was posted on my Facebook page on February 12, 2019. It was here I announced my decision publicly, to run against Gary in the 2020 primary. It is important not to misrepresent actual filing dates to make things appear to be what they are not.
      You previously served on the KPB Assembly. I find it troublesome a recall was filed against you for missing an important vote in 2015. The people need someone who will be there for them and to represent their best interests. You also served in the House from 2003 – 2004. You did not seek reelection after serving only one term in Juneau. I am curious why. When you did make another attempt to run against Gary Knopp in the 2016 election, there were 4 candidates. You came in 4th place with the least number of votes in the running. Gary won with 885 votes, Rick Koch received 581, Keith Baxter received 313 and you received 275 votes. Less than 14% of the total votes.
      My run for State Senate District O in the 2018 election showed that I am not afraid and am quite capable of taking on “mission impossible” and facing even the most powerful adversaries to ensure the right thing is done.
      We don’t need a bulldog in Juneau. We have a legislature full of those who use bulldog tactic. That type of representation has almost destroyed our state. What we need, are legislators who can and will work together to fix the issues our previous legislators have caused. We need representatives who are not afraid to do what is right. We need representatives who are not bully leaders who squash those that don’t conform. We need representatives who listens to their constituents and understand who works for who. We need representatives who will follow the rule of law and the Constitution, both state and federal. Most importantly, we need a candidate that people can trust. I will never misrepresent facts nor will I pull a slight of hand for personal gain. I will stand and do what is right.

      • However this turns out, Mr. Gillham and Mr. Wolf need to come to some compromise and try and get along. A coin toss? A personal agreement? They are not our antagonists. The antagonist is Gary Knopp. He’s the target. We need to get rid of him in the primary.

      • Ron you are the one with the money behind anti pebble, because it is in your backyard playground. You will get in there and keep the good old boys club going taking money and spending it foolishly. Go Wolf.

        • Mr. Gillham, if you oppose Pebble then my family cannot support you. We will back Wolf to get rid of Knopp.

  • Due to Republican stupidity, stubbornness, and apathy, I foresee no change in legislative leadership. The unconstitutional charade will continue and the unions, out of state money, and legislative “majority” will go on as they always have. I am beyond disgust.
    The 2 so-called conservatives trying to primary Knopp will only succeed in reelecting him, proving that one or both are nothing more than budding RINO’s. One must drop out!

  • Run, Gary, run…….far away.

    • Can Knopp swim?

      • Only if the water is two feet deep and dog-paddling is still swimming. Otherwise, Knopp is a pure bottom-crawler.

  • From reading this, I could not determine if this was State politics or discussing which candidate is sent to Washington, D.C. Clear articles explain who, what, when, why, how. This article left out 3.

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