Kenai City Council votes unanimously: No vaccine mandates or forced masking


The Kenai City Council has voted unanimously in favor of a resolution stating it opposes Covid-19 vaccine mandates and mask mandates. The resolution was offered by members James Baisden and Teea Winger and took effect immediately upon passage on Wednesday.

On Thursday, the Biden Administration asked businesses to voluntarily implement President Biden’s vaccine mandate, after the administration was checkmated by a federal appeals court that paused the mandate while ordering a legal review of the extreme measure that constitutionalists have fought.


  1. If Kenai City Council wants to keep Covid actively circulating,, this is a good step in the right direction. The way right direction.

    • HOMO Will you send us a life line? LOL Many of us making fewer trips to the big city, because we don’t appreciate the infringement on our rights. We see that masks and the jabs do not work. Seems Juneau is a hot spot for covid with the high vaccination percentage. Variant seems to be infecting the so called double and tripled vaccinated.

    • And the definition of insanity is…………………. “Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.” Socialists appear incapable of plotting a different course, or breaking new trails, they’re forever treading the same tired path to obscurity and defeat. #theearthisntflat #takeachance #plotanewcourse

    • Keep wallowing in that exaggerated, irrational and hysterical fear, Homo!

      • Jefferson: with all due respect, it is YOU who lives in fear. You think Hitler works at the DMV, that “No Shirt No Shoes No Service” will lead to incarceration at re-education camps and the Flag of Satan – the cloth face mask – will make eunuchs of us all. Relax.

        • Evan, again, like most radical leftists, you are inverting reality and projecting your own failings, sins and faults onto others.
          If you cannot see that is the Branch Covidian cultists/neurotics who are the ones obviously suffering from self-induced exaggerated fear and hysteria, then there is no hope of speaking rationally with you.

          • Jefferson: you said it best:


            You’re in an emotional and maybe physical bunker.

          • Evan, it never fails to astound and dismay me how you, and other radical leftist nihilists like you, manage so adroitly to turn reality on its head, and accuse others of exactly those faults, sins and crimes of which you yourselves are guilty.
            I don’t know whether to chalk it up to ignorance, to insanity, to malice, to evil, or to some combination of the four. My best guess is on the latter.

  2. Nice! But why do these refreshing breathes of freedom never, and I mean NEVER, come from large cities or population centers? Why are cities like Anchorage, and Seattle, New York City, Portland, LA, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Boston, Denver, etc. etc. etc. always, ALWAYS such hotbeds of statism, tyranny and coercion? Why?

  3. Now there’s a council with the best interests of its citizens in mind! No forcing masks, vaccines, bribery or queer story time!

  4. Homo Erectus, use your real name when you make moronic statements like that. In 2020, almost no one was vaccinated, but in 2021 most of the population is. So why have more people died in 2021 than 2020? And why don’t you have two masks on right now?

  5. It’s about time. I’m sick of this mask, vaccine, BS. It’s time to get back to normal, as much as we can. All the so-called variants can take a hike too. Quit messing with people’s minds!

    • This is quite new, but a South African Dr. stated (12/1) that “90% of its hospitalizations were unvaccinated.”
      These are likely Omicron patients but clearly the virus doesn’t care a whit that you are “sick of this mask, vaccine, BS.”

      • Bill. If you are not willing to stand up for your natural right to breathe freely, without obstruction, then you will never be free. You enslave yourself because you allow fear to have more power over you.
        We have immune systems. They work, despite what the media will tell you.
        There are many dangers in this world, including getting sick. That is part of living in this world, is facing those fears and working past them, under your own power. If you cannot handle that, then you will be nothing but a money bag to those selling you the solution.

      • Hmm…not what I read. The doc who discovered Omicron stated that about 50% of her patients are vaccinated and another doc in Botswana with 4 cases, all vaccinated. It is becoming clear the the vaccine isn’t the answer to getting control of this disease.

        • This strain is new and it takes some time for hospitalizations to occur-not surprising that these variations would occur.
          What is surprising is your “It is becoming clear the the vaccine isn’t the answer to getting control of this disease” which is nothing but Bullpucky.
          You have no idea of what you speak as the scientist don’t yet know.
          What’s becoming clear is that you have no idea of what you speak.

          • On the contrary, Bill, the growing evidence demonstrates conclusively that the clot shots do NOT prevent either contracting or transmitting the Wuhan Virus, making all of the bullying and coercion surrounding the jabs — and now ‘vaccine (sic) passports’ — clearly much more (if not exclusively) about instituting an Orwellian tracking and control agenda than it is about any putative public health measures.
            Once again, though, you seem to automatically support and believe in the official narratives, and trust in those in power, despite the numerous and glaring inconsistencies, contradictions, and outright falsehoods being propagated by both. Tell me, do you still believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, too?

          • Bill, repeating yourself does not make it true. If you have individuals, who are vaccinated and THEN show up in the hospital with this new variant (see doc who discovered the symptoms and new strain), logic dictates that their vaccine clearly did NOT mitigate their symptoms to keep them out of the hospital. So remind me then, what is the point of a vaccine? In the olden days it was designed to make you resistant to the disease and you would not get ill. Most diseases vanished or were severely reduced. Even flu vaccines were effective at controlling outbreaks at about 50% vaccination rate.
            Yet let’s examine the 96% full vaccination rate of Air Force service members. We would expect herd immunity, even by Dr. Fauci’s wacko standard. However lo and behold that silly virus is still around and does not show any signs of slowing down, so they are still hounding the remaining 4%, implement more mandates, more masks, as if this were still March 2020. So excuse me if I conclude that the vaccine isn’t the panacea promised.

      • Are you still believing the mainstream media lies? Real doctors are being censored for telling the truth. Media are not doctors and NO ONE is fact checking the liars.

    • Would you say it’s all the hoopla that has people dying from COVID, or would you say it’s the virus itself? 65 dead in Kenai from COVID. Most of them unvaccinated. Hard to blame the vaccines or masks for that, right?

      • Death has always happened. It is only during Covid that the media decided to focus on death 24/7.
        I do not wear a mask because I know I will survive this. Heck, most of humanity will survive this. We should not be slowly giving away our freedoms for this.
        It is my natural freedom to breathe freely, without obstruction.

      • John, again with the specious “But X number of people have died from the Wuhan Virus! Oh the humanity!”
        People are dying all the time, John, from many different causes, and most of them from causes that kill FAR more than the Wuhan Virus has, even according to the inflated official death statistics. But you Branch Covidian hysterics will NEVER put those deaths into any sort of context or proper perspective, as is and must be done with all other deaths.
        Moreover, you arrogant authoritarians assume that more lives could be saved “if we only did enough”. And by “doing enough”, that of course means instituting more restrictions, more mandates, more coercion. But has it ever occurred to you that, yes, there are limits to what we can do, as individuals and as a society, and that past a certain point there is NOTHING that can be done to prevent or eliminate deaths due to any given cause? Have you ever considered, even for a second, any of those facts?

      • JOHN ..
        Remember if you trade freedom for safety you soon have neither. Mask and vaccinate yourself, I don’t mind.
        Stand together, or fall separately!

      • Before COVID how many people died annually in Kenai from the flu, natural causes, suicide, accidents, cancer, and heart attacks. Go to the CDC data and look. Come back and tell us all what you found out.

          • And your statement is irrelevant as well, Evan, as most of those causes of deaths are largely preventable. So why are you and your fellow Covidian hysterics not screaming and mandating coercive measures, measures that are KNOWN to be effective, in radically reducing heart disease, smoking and alcohol-related illnesses, cancer, etc. etc.?
            Face it, Evan: there is simply NO logic or rationality in the hysterical, illogical and coercive Covidian crusade that you so zealously support. It is simply a matter of religious faith with people like you, along with self-righteous arrogance and elitism.

      • Look it up. According to the NIH study I found the Kenai has an average of 452 deaths a year. So John is it okay for these 452 souls to perish, just not from Covid?
        Why is it that individual choices threaten you so? If people deem mask wearing ineffective and not wear one, isn’t it their life?

  6. Good for the Kenai City Council, really appreciate the gesture.
    Now… what’s the plan when the Biden administration figures out how to tie federal revenue sharing to vaccine mandates and forced masking?

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