Kenai Borough ordinance reinforces gun rights


Some places around the country, such as San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles, are sanctuary cities for illegal aliens.

But the Kenai Peninsula Borough is now a sanctuary for gun owners. The Assembly on Tuesday approved an ordinance that restates what should be obvious: The right to bear arms is constitutionally protected and the borough opposes any legislation that restricts that right.

The ordinance explicitly declares the borough a Second Amendment Sanctuary — a belts-and-suspenders approach to individual gun rights.

The ordinance was proposed by Kenai Borough Mayor Charlie Pierce, along with Assembly members Kenn Carpenter, Jesse Bjorkman and Norm Blakeley. Although Assembly member Kelly Cooper tried to water it down by making it merely a resolution, it passed intact as an ordinance, with the force of law.

“The Second Amendment is essential to the people of this Borough, and it is important to me as well,” Pierce said. “As long as I am your mayor, I will protect your right to keep and bear arms. I believe in this so much that I put together an ordinance to engrain this right into our Borough.”  

Alaska as a state has been considered a Second Amendment Sanctuary since Gov. Sean Parnell signed the Alaska Firearms Freedom Act into law on July 9, 2010. HB 186 declared that certain firearms and accessories are exempt from federal regulation in Alaska.

In 2013, Parnell signed HB 69 into law, which expanded rights made clear under HB 186.

But anti-gun lawmakers such as Rep. Geran Tarr of Anchorage have tried to create “red flag” laws that would allow the government to enact protective orders and take firearms away from people whom officials deem to be a threat.

Nationally, gun sales are at record levels, along with background checks. This may be in part because of the Black Lives Matter movement to defund police, and in part because of associated lawlessness in cities across America.

Last June, the gun-rights stronghold of Alabama saw 42,898 firearms sales, while this June the number was nearly 140,000.

Alaska firearm sales went from 5,557 in June of 2019 to over 9,060 in June of 2020, a 63 percent increase.

Compare historic FBI background check data here.

These results are consistent across the country. While gun sales are up in every state, ammunition inventories are running low for many caliber.


  1. On the other hand, we have Alaska that is ground central for legal aliens. I saw about twenty of them today on the Homer Spit! Special secret glasses to see them, though.

  2. I too have noticed empty shelves in the ammo section of sporting goods stores. I might suggest stocking up on powder , bullets and primers. Reloading is enjoyable and for some calibers very much cheaper than purchasing factory cartridges. It also helps reinforce that old USMC idea of Fire Discipline!

  3. Seems the best part of America’s population has had it with the democrat insistence on redistributing wealth from those who earned it to those who did not. Democrats know the path to seizing control of America’s wealth first requires control of American arms. It also seems democrats have forced conservatives to an inevitable catastrophic brink. Consequently, conservatives are mobilizing in historic numbers.

    Approximately 1,265 counties already have proclaimed sanctuary status and almost 70 percent of the counties nationwide are projected to declare allegiance to the Constitution and refusal to enforce laws that violate it. That would comprise 472 counties with only one murder per year plus 1,700 counties that have no murders at all. If that materializes, a desirable result would force federal and state enforcement to concentrate on the 63 counties (2% of the total) where half of America’s murders occur.

  4. I am surprised that the same assembly members who vetoed Mayor Pierce’s opposition to mail in voting let this anti-leftism ordinance be passed, although they did try to stop it. Rioting for their agenda won’t go far in this Borough. Too many conservatives see the writing on the political wall. I am very proud of Kenai Borough Mayor Pierce and other conservatives that ensure 2nd Amendment rights to citizens. Anti-Second Amendment leftists, along with ‘vote by mail’ that is a scourge to the American Constitution, are still promoting ‘vote by mail’ and ‘take away guns’ as ‘the way forward’ for Alaskan Americans. Speaking of ‘vote by mail’, notice an Atlanta couple’s dead cat received a mail in voter registration and ballot. That is exactly what the leftist fools are trying to perpetrate on Kenai Borough voters and Alaskans in general. A scam as big or bigger than wuhan v. We, the citizens will survive the leftist assault on the Kenai Borough and Alaska. Voting is paramount to that survival. Hurrah for Mayor Pierce and conservatives.
    Remember this in November.

  5. When the radicals and looters try to steal the election from President Trump in November, it may be necessary for real Americans to fight back. Since good citizens believe in the Second Amendment and the dems do not, the battle will be vicious but brief. Plus, our President can control the air, which every veteran knows is critical. Kenai is definitely not a place where Antifa wants to hold a rally, but if they do I’ll be there to meet them with my right to bear arms.

  6. If we were unlucky enough to have a change in the White House this November, and if the US Senate changed at the same time, the Democrats would be coming for our guns within weeks, not waiting for something to pass Congress. So-called universal background checks are gun registration. NYC, Canada, Australia and many other governmental jurisdictions have followed gun registration with gun confiscation, usually during the hyperbole that follows a shooting incident. States that now require background checks prohibit even the loan of a gun to a relative or friend absent a background check and associated paperwork. Many states also have restrictions on purchase and possession of ammo. At least on state, HI, requires people to keep the local police chief informed about ammo kept in the home – amount, type, changes in quantity, etc. The State of Washington combs through obituaries and contacts estate executors of record to caution them about disposition of firearms and state law – lets them know the state is watching. We need people being sworn in as law enforcement officers in Alaska to pledge to uphold RKBA. We need our Alaska delegation to Congress pushing back against problems law-abiding Americans have today when they try to own and use firearms. We need grass-roots pushback against restrictions on gun rights to be as common as the grass-roots pushback against federal marijuana laws. What other part of the Bill of Rights is as often encroached upon as gun use and ownership?

  7. The sanctuary is a toothless paper tiger meant only to soothe the insecurity of the ammo-sexuals.

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