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Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Kelly Tshibaka scores Durling, Hyde, leading business owners, as campaign co-chairs

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Kevin Durling and Ron Hyde, two longtime Alaska business entrepreneurs, joined the Kelly Tshibaka for Senate campaign as co-chairs, the campaign announced today.

Anchorage resident Kevin Durling is a 44-year resident of Alaska and owner of two businesses supporting diverse aspects of Alaska’s economy. His life in Alaska began in the field of resource development as a subsurface survey manager and service representative in Prudhoe Bay.

Durling joined Petroleum Equipment Services, Inc. and became president, concentrating on facilitating services and technology with Alaska’s oil and gas sector.

PESI created Alaska Services and Technology, LLC in Kenai to offer an environmentally safe method of cleaning and recycling thread-protectors. He purchased a welding and fabrication facility in North Pole and he is looking forward to expanding the capabilities of Universal Welding and Fabrication Alaska, LLC.

Kenai Peninsula’s Ron Hyde has over 35 years of experience in managing logistics throughout Alaska and the Pacific Rim. In 2002, Ron founded PRL Logistics, Inc. PRL specializes in “the last tactical mile” providing comprehensive support for extremely complicated, remote projects with limited infrastructure.

His background in logistics includes extensive knowledge in remote and urban transportation planning, procuring, risk management, insurance and managing the following: marine operations, air support, overland transportation, turnkey remote camp design, construction, operation and maintenance, radio and satellite communication, remote medical evacuation and safety and management of waste material transportation and disposal operations.

Hyde led his team to support all concepts of remote sustainment, workforce logistics and training, and material logistics on major projects in oil and gas, mining, U.S. defense projects, and government programs.

Tshibaka is running as a Republican, endorsed by former President Donald Trump and the Alaska Republican Party, against incumbent Lisa Murkowski.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Both these guys are a lot more impressive than Kelly.
    It’s a good strategy for someone who really doesn’t have much to impress in her background…surround herself with people who are actually accomplished and who have the breadth of experience that she completely lacks.
    It’s like political camouflage.
    Look into Kelly’s background…it won’t take you very long and you’ll be impressed but only by all that’s lacking.
    She’s a zero but with well placed friends and supporters…almost like a cardboard cutout brought in to prop up in front of us voters to vote for, as long as we don’t ask questions or look too closely.

    • PJ:
      The difference is……they aren’t running for office. Kelly is running. It takes a lot of self-confidence, time, energy and sacrifice to run, especially for something as important as a US Senate seat. Kelly is smart, has the credentials, and will serve Alaska, and America, well. Frankie and I feel the Murkowski dynasty is at an end. After nearly 42 years of continuous service, our family needs to step aside and let someone new give it their all. We welcome Kelly and we hope most Alaskans will support her. We certainly do.

      • Words of wisdom (high five… I don’t have the icons to show but can share the image by words).
        I support Kelly 100% too! We need change for the better of Alaskans. Unfortunately LM has not served for the interest of Alaskan’s.

      • “Nancy”: You and “Frankie” appear to be trolls hired by Kelly’s campaign – your silly patter illustrates what a joke Kelly’s campaign really is and how little regard you have for our country’s future. Thank you for highlighting that for readers.

        • Real Alaskan:
          I’m not a troll. Lisa and I have had a exquisite lifestyle, riding on the back of you taxpayers for the past 20 years. Frankie set us up for this, thinking it was all a joke with Lisa’s appointment in 2002, with just enough credentialing to launch Lisa’s next career as a real lawyer (even though she couldn’t pass the Alaska Bar Exam under normal circumstances). But we fooled everybody, even Frankie and Nancy. We went Democrat, and kept the Republican charade going after the media destroyed Joe Miller in 2010. It’s been a fun ride for Frankie and Nancy too. 42 years of the Murkowski fiefdom and millions of dollars in their pockets from exorbitant federal and state pensions. And yours truly has never had to work a day in his life. Selling one’s soul to the Democrat Party and the unions has never paid off so well in the history of one Alaskan family. And it all began with Frankie coming back to Alaska with Nancy in 2002, and perpetuating the dynasty when the people in the Bush were told to give it their best shot at learning to spell MURKOWSKI, no matter how they butchered it on election day. I’m telling you, this is the best job in the world.

          • Oh lord! 😄😄😄 Too funny! Thank you!

    • Exactly. A self constructed mirage covering up a career as a swamp bureaucrat that moved to Alaska with parasitic intent; that being to get Alaskans to send her back home, this time with a paycheck.
      Wait for something better.

      • Trouser Bark, the trouble with your logic is that you seem to believe that there is something or someone better out there. Sir, I can assure you that this isn’t true. This state and even this Nation suffers from a complete lack of qualified leadership. Is Kelly the real deal? I do not know but she appears to be the only candidate that can give ” Daddies little Princess” a tussle. Kindly re-think your statement and report back. Oh, I am old enough to recall that Ted Stevens was once a newbie, no nothing, D.C. Swamp Rat here to just get elected too.

      • Trouser Bark, the trouble with your logic is that there likely isn’t something better. We are in the midst of a true leadership crisis in this State and Nation. Wait for what? Please be specific.

  • I love people who work in the private sector, supporting the oil and gas, and mining industries. This will give Kelly T. a real tactical advantage in next year’s US Senate race. And I’m supporting Kelly T. 100%.

    • With all of the state and federal pensions collected by Frankie and Nancy over the past twenty years, I know where they can get a used Lear Jet on the cheap. EBay. Perfect for campaign work around the state. Frankie could probably even get a few complimentary fuel-ups in the Bush, where folks are still trying to figure out if Murkowski is a Polish surname, or if it is a hybrid name adopted by farmers and skiers in rural Alaska.

      • We are also done with the Murkowskis’. So out here on the coast, we are already practicing how to spell Tshibaka.

        • Don’t feel bad. It took me 30 years to learn how to spell “Murkowski.” Lisa demanded that I learn it in my sleep, or Frankie was going to cut me off.

  • Swamp creatures help each other out. Tshibaka is too “slick” and spent too much time lobbying in DC. RINO at heart? We don’t know, but my gut says yes

  • It is great to see accomplished private sector people supporting Kelly’s efforts instead of a bunch of political hangers-on with nothing substantial to their credit. Maybe there is hope yet.

  • Transportation? Why, we haven’t seen that since 1959!

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