Kelly Tshibaka: Lower 48 and DC elites are funding Murkowski’s campaign



As Alaskans, we are keenly aware of the condescension shown to us by the Lower 48, mostly from those who have never even visited our amazing state. It’s a common theme used by politicians who want to sound Alaskan, even though their actions sometimes do not match up with their words. 

It’s especially jarring to see our senior senator, Lisa Murkowski, employ the same rhetorical trick, talking tough about defending us from outsiders while simultaneously depending heavily on their campaign contributions. She has also failed miserably in protecting us from the radical leftist agenda of the Biden administration. 

In a video announcing her intent to seek re-election, Murkowski warned of outside political interests invading Alaska via their checkbooks. 

“In this election, Lower 48 outsiders are going to try to grab Alaska’s Senate seat for their partisan agendas,” Murkowski said in the video. “They don’t understand our state, and frankly, they couldn’t care less about your future.” 

This is quite a statement from a 21-year incumbent senator who is almost entirely reliant on campaign contributions from non-Alaskans. 

To this point, using the most recent federal campaign filings available, 85 percent of the campaign funds raised by Murkowski in her 2022 re-election bid have come from outside Alaska. When looking at smaller contributions, which usually indicates the measure of local grassroots support, Murkowski’s numbers are even more dismal. A mere 4 percent of her fundraising is from small individual contributions of less than $200 each.  

If you include the super PAC that’s supporting Murkowski, the picture is even worse. The group “Alaskans for LISA” has raised nearly $1.3 million, and all of it came from the Lower 48. The donors to that PAC are not “Alaskans” at all.  

Looking strictly at the money, it’s clear that Murkowski has lost the support of Alaskans and is filling her coffers from the very Lower 48 special interests she cynically warned us all about. 

Further, she has gladly accepted massive funding from the biggest Washington, D.C. insider of them all, Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. This is the same Mitch McConnell who demanded Sen. Ted Stevens resign and threatened to remove Stevens from the Senate (Sen. Stevens was later acquitted on all charges). McConnell wrongly interfered with Alaska’s senate race before, and now he’s doing it again. 

McConnell has pledged $7.4 million from his political action committee, funds that are solely dedicated to boosting Murkowski’s campaign, despite the Alaska Republican Party censuring her. This is an enormous amount of money, given the relatively low cost of advertising in Alaska, and represents significantly more than Murkowski has raised for herself so far in this election.  

In effect, Murkowski has outsourced her campaign funding to the Lower 48 and the D.C. elites, exactly as she warned us that “others” would try to do. 

Back in her announcement video, Murkowski also tried to prove her Alaska bona fides by saying, “I will always stand up to any politician or special interest that threatens our way of life.”  

This will come as a surprise to anyone who is aware of her tie-breaking vote in committee to advance the nomination of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, who has led the anti-Alaska, energy-annihilating agenda of President Joe Biden. Haaland has killed ANWR, NPR-A, the road to Ambler Mine, and the Cook Inlet oil and gas lease sales.  

This kind of boast also runs counter to her vote for Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, who completely cut off access to the Tongass National Forest for timber production and tourism, and her vote to confirm radical leftist Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Voting for the confirmation of radical Biden nominees who are obviously hostile to Alaska’s interests does not meet any definition of “standing up” to them. 

This is where the differences between Murkowski and my campaign come into sharp contrast. 

We have raised twice as much money from inside Alaska as Murkowski has, and most of my campaign has been funded by Alaskans. I also have publicly stated numerous times that, as senator, I will not support Mitch McConnell if he runs for Republican Senate Leader again. So, it’s little wonder why he has put so much capital into Murkowski’s survival. 

When I am the next senator from Alaska, I will always oppose radical leftist nominees whose agendas run contrary to our interests. Instead of fretting about the damage they will cause, and then voting for them anyway like Murkowski has, I will work to block their attack on our resource industries and protect our State. 

When I’m senator, Alaska will have someone who defends our resource industries and the workers who depend on those jobs to feed their families, and blocks an administration that wants to turn us into a giant national park. We will have someone who won’t be bought and paid for by D.C. insiders, Big Tech, leftist organizations, and radical environmentalists. 

When I was young, it was Alaskans who gave me the opportunities to succeed in life, and when I’m senator, I will always remember that they were the ones who hired me to represent them. I will fight for the Alaskans who fought for me. Our future is bright, and it’s time for a change.  

Kelly Tshibaka is a born-and-raised Alaskan, and a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Alaska who is endorsed by former President Donald Trump and the Alaska Republican Party. 


  1. Our country can’t take no more of the same old same old Lisa how dare you come on man. Lisa I suggest you retire your post immediately. Purchase a Bible and start making right what you have caused so help you GOD you swore. Lisa Jesus loves you. It’s just the rest of us you have been exposed to we can’t support or stomach you evil ways any longer. Kelly Kelly Kelly looking so forward to a change.

  2. Like this is a surprise? Lisa the progressive running as a conservative? Didn’t Project Veritas just expose this strategy? Color me shocked.

  3. Kelly, you aren’t just running against Lisa Murkowski. You are running against the DC Swamp, who absolutely hate Donald Trump. The Swamp will do anything to keep Lisa Murkowski as one of their Establishment members. Lisa is as dumb as a box of rocks, and she belongs to them. Thank you for running for this coveted seat in the US Senate. We are with you all the way! God Bless!

  4. Again… Lisa is no longer an Alaskan, she is a swamp creature.
    She’s an AINO, Alaskan In Name Only.

    • And speaking of vile RINO traitors and swamp creatures, the Turtle from Kentucky is just as bad, if not worse, than Her Highness Princess Lisa.

  5. Alaska is the last man standing. CA, OR, WA are all gone and fully Liberal. Alaska is in the crosshairs and the big money will roll in for Lisa. She’s selling us out for personal gain. She should just put on the glasses and dye her hair blue because she’s fooling no one.

    • Voters don’t choose the winners anymore, if ever they did. Lisa will continue in the Senate.

  6. It’s time to end the corruption in politics and Kelly’s grim retelling of the Lisa saga above is convincing proof of that corruption. Old China Mitch giving up 7.4 million is proof that Daddies Little Princess is vulnerable.

    Please join me in Voting for Kelly, if you are a Democrat then please vote for Patricia Chesbro! Let’s retire Lisa, 21 years is enough! We can do this!

  7. Kelly, it’s especially jarring to see such a young candidate like you remaining tied with the likes of Donald Trump, knowing what been coming out regarding his assault on our constitutional government. Certainly you are informed of what has already been revealed at the House January 6th Select Committee hearings. If you find the courage to break with Trump, I will vote for you simply for disassociating yourself with him! Remember, everybody always reserves the right to change his or her mind! Instead of talking, show us the substance of your character.

    • Edit: “If you find the courage to break with Trump, I will vote for you simply for disassociating yourself from him!”

    • “Certainly you are informed of what has already been revealed at the House January 6th Select Committee hearings.”
      Seriously? You think any of the “evidence” presented in that kangaroo court is valid? it is nothing but unanswered questions, allegations, and speculation. And the Committee beclowned themselves with that “witness” who claimed Trump grabbed the wheel of the Presidential limo. To take that claim seriously, as the committee did, demonstrated exactly how much of a clown show the hearings are.

  8. One correction I would add. Stevens was convicted of the charges. It would be after the election, at the time, when the corruption was exposed.

    The DOJ corruptly lied and withheld the truth.


  9. Great book written by Stevens attorney


  10. Lisa and Liz (Cheney) can not win an election in the states they supposedly represent without the aid of their fellow globalist komrades.

  11. What a joke. Kelly Tsibaka calling Lisa a swamp creature is like the pot calling the kettle black. Kelly has spent her entire professional career as a Washington insider, and only moved back to Alaska to stage her run for the Senate.

    Kelly derides Lisa for accepting support from Mitch McConnell, but she has sought and obtained the endorsement from the most corrupt politician ever: Donald Trump. The January 6 committee hearings have exposed how disgustingly corrupt and undemocratic Trump was. He and his corrupt henchmen plotted to overturn the 2020 election, which he lost by over 7 million votes. They purposefully stirred up and directed an armed mob of his followers to storm the Capitol to try to disrupt the certification of the 2020 election, and then refused to intervene when the mob began killing and injuring police officers and disrupting Congress. They called Republican officials in battleground states and tried to persuade them to “find” additional votes for Trump. All of this has been documented by witnesses who are republicans and conservatives. These witnesses are former Trump aides and employees, not leftists trying to discredit Trump. Their testimony is not being reported by the right wing media, but you can easily find it and watch it on the internet, Meanwhile, courts across the country have held evidentiary hearings and found no evidence of voter fraud. In some states, Republican legislatures have hired independent auditors, who likewise have found no evidence of voter fraud. Despite these facts, Kelly has eagerly supplicated herself to the Donald, in order to obtain his endorsement, and by doing so has demonstrated she is not fit to hold public office. Do you really want a bootlicker like Kelly representing Alaska in the Senate?

    • Rick, we know the movie “2000 Mules” is not fantasy; even if its only half right it is very condemning. The Dems cannot win straight up with their wicked agenda. They must connive and cheat and steal to win. And they did. The 2020 election was stolen, pure and simple. Sure Trump is a narcissist; but name a politician who is not. Its part of the definition of the word.
      Apparently you have yet to receive the memo that has been circulating world-wide for centuries now. Its only three words long: “Communism doesn’t work!”

      • Now, which party has done the conniving and cheating and stealing to win? You say Democrats? Have you watched the hearings? The MAGA Republicans are crystalline hypocrisy and absolute corruption. You supported Trump. You do so still because you can find no face-saving way to disavow the Tumor.

  12. Frankie and I love you, Kelly. But please don’t make Lisa look so ridiculous that she will be afraid to show her face in Alaska ever again.

    • Would some brave person please come to the July 9th Trump Rally dressed-up like Lisa Murkowski? Guaranteed national media coverage.

  13. Spot on Kelly! Murkowski sold out to the left along time ago. She will lie, cheat and steal back her seat anyway she can. That is what the swamp does to remain in power. Murkowski needs to be investigated like the rest of the swamp to see how they manipulated and mismanaged the peoples money. What did Lisa do to sellout? They blackmail new politicians as soon as they arrive in Washington. If you haven’t listened to what Representative Cawthorn said about the swamp, you need to hear it. He barely lost his campaign because McConnell poured money into the state to spread lies about him to hurt his campaign. These are very sick people and evil to the core. They no longer honor their oath to the Constitution and certainly do not represent the people. That is why 14 Republicans just stabbed the 2nd Amendment in the back with their Red Flag gun control bill they just passed with the help of McConnell, Graham and Murkowski. Liars and deceivers all!

    • I’m wondering about that too. I’m checking my old calander from 62 years ago. Pretty sure I was home, but ……….

  14. I suppose all of you against Trump love Biden and what he’s done to our state maybe you want to move to Seattle all of you

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