Kelly and Niki Tshibaka launching podcast with national focus


Kelly Tshibaka will be launching a nationally focused podcast show called, ”STAND,” that she says will be “where courage is contagious and cowardice comes to die.”

Tshibaka is a former government watchdog and former candidate for U.S. Senate, having run against Sen. Lisa Murkowski. The show is co-hosted by her husband, Niki Tshibaka, a former Department of Justice civil rights attorney and Alaska government executive.

STAND will feature inspiring guests to equip and empower the audience to boldly stand up to life’s challenges, one episode at a time.

Through discussions with guests like presidential candidate Larry Elder; former Acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell; former Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker; social media influencer Alex Bruesewitz; former Acting U.S. Attorney General Matt Whitaker; Oakland NAACP member Seneca Scott; Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s niece, Dr. Alveda King; and Alaskan leaders and influencers, STAND will explore fresh perspectives and meaningful solutions to encourage the audience to take a stand that will make a difference, she said.

STAND will go live in November, broadcast on podcast platforms and Youtube (@TheStandShow).

It also will be aired on TV and radio stations across Alaska at 5pm on Thursdays, including KVNT 1020 AM, 92.5 FM, 104.5 FM, KCFT channel 35 (Anchorage & Mat-Su), KCFT via GCI Yukon 19 (KPB, Valdez, Anchorage, Mat-Su), KJNP channel 4 and Dish Network 4 in Fairbanks, North Pole, Eielson AFB, and surrounding areas. 

Learn more about STAND at

Earlier this year, Kelly Tshibaka also formed a nonprofit education group, Preserve Democracy, to help spread the word about the downside of ranked choice voting.


  1. Eph 6:13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

  2. My God these people really can’t stop with their over-inflated egos can they. They don’t have a local audience. Why on earth do they need a national audience? They’ve begged, borrowed and stolen through the AK GOP, used their own children for political gain and to grift.
    Will there podcast be where they admit failure and there are some sort of moral redemption? Or will they continue to try and monetize their consistent failures??

    • Perhaps there is a void of ideas in the void known as Alaska. Even curiosity is to be squelched in the emptiness of Alaska. How endearing. Why are you here? “We keep it empty”? Is that the motto?

    • What do you think of Menendez? If you are going to open up why be vaccuous. Say something substantial – for once.

      • I finding it amazing that Republicans are lending support to Menendez as they attempt to normalize indictments (see Trump and Santos indictments).

        • I find it amazing Menendez has been under investigation for well over a year ye Schumer never pulled his committee chairmanship.

          I find it amazing he has spread money every where, allegedly including Biden.

          I find it amazing how comfortable the left is with corruption, fascism, sexual perversion, and blatant racism.

          Kid, you are so out of your league here. You’re not even a good troll.

      • I think he should go to jail, looks like they have enough evidence to put him away for a long time. And yes he should resign yesterday.

    • Here are the real supporters of Lisa Murkowski who runs her campaigns on stolen money from Sam Bankman-Fried and then transfers the funds to her family’s “nonprofit scam” in an attempt to hide the loot from the feds attempting to recover it and return it to the victims.
      Lisa even admits her win is attributed to slimy lawyer Scott Kendall’s ranked choice selection scam

      Murkowski’s history of selection scandals clearly despicts who the true grifters are.
      Facts are facts, Liars are liars and thieves are the grifters which is why Lisa loves Joe Biden.

  3. Naysayers, naysayers, naysayers. Seems like the motto of many of you must be,”If you can’t say something bad about someone, don’t say anything at all.”.

  4. I am looking forward to this podcast. Sounds exciting. To all the haters out there— why so much vitriol? Has propaganda infected you?

  5. Virtue signaling for the elderly. How did that work for the last election? She doesn’t know how to win. Bible thumping doesn’t win elections these days. Her audience is dying off.

    • She has tried everything in. Sarah Palin’s tired playbook, even jumping on tables and screaming. Very Laura Boebert of her. Same type of woman.

    • Not according to what I been hearing about GenZ and what is happening across the rest of the nation. There is a bigger community outside your own little group’s world

  6. A brilliant move as usual to a quality couple. Looking forward to the new, important insights available! Good going!

    • I will be rabidly awaiting the lessons learned on committing fraud and not getting caught your friendly Inspector General.

  7. Good post. Sometimes you have to look at reality
    What did Kelly accomplish while working for the state? Why did Dunleavy create a position for Niki? Apparently he did nothing as the position was gone after he jumped ship. He took the same work effort to Anchorage. Anyone can listen to his hiring interview before the assembly. Also you can listen to him introduce Joe Gerace to the assembly. It is embarrassing to him and the Bronson administration. Wearing the I’m with Judy t shirt showed poor judgement for someone in his position and having a legal background. Also was contrary to the non partisan position he portrayed at his assembly interview. I can understand disliking Lisa Murkowski. I have not seen where Niki and Kelly have accomplished anything. All I see is people who used the state of Alaska for personal gain and quit.

    • Don’t forget they got their church buddy Mayor Bronson to hand their 14-year-old daughter a. Municipal contract worth $40,000.

      The Tshibakas are shameless with their government pickpocketing. I can’t imagine using my children for financial gain like that.

      • “I can’t imagine using my children for financial gain like that.”
        Wow, that’s a despicable allegation…it flies in the face of Hunter Biden’s “free flights and travel expenses” on Airforce 2 for corrupt deals, to sell out the sovereignty and freedom of American Citizens! Watch the impeachment of Joe Biden for more insights into “using my children for financial gain…” by truly corrupt traitors like the Biden’s and their compliant co-conspirators.

  8. To me what’s most reprehensible is that for a woman who purports to stand for some sort of truth and justice in starting a religious group which obsequiously has something to do with the fundamental founding of a Christian-like religion, asks for and received the endorsement of one of the most visible criminal-minded politicians in her scramble for a ‘leg up’ in her political career. Do I blame her for not know the full extent of trumph rot? She and her husband do occasionally tout their stint in Washington D.C.; if she didn’t know of it from there, what was she doing? Does she have any consistently moral principles? If her answer is that she always followed the Good Book, that pretty leaves it up to her personal interpretation. What has she accomplished for the general good of the people of Alaska? Maybe she should’ve put those details in her political ads.

  9. Nancy and I absolutely love Kelly and Nikki. We refer to Kelly as US Senator Tshibaka around our house. Of course, never around the Princess.

    • I even slipped up a few times and called-out,
      “Kelly” when I was sleeping. If the money and DC cocktails weren’t so damn good, I’d be on my way looking for a new gig. This one is getting pretty old and wrinkly.

      • Agree with the House Husband. Kelly Tshibaka IS hot. A Harvard law school graduate, like her husband, Nikki. Senator Tshibaka is a name I could roll with. And she passed the bar exam on her first attempt. Lisa……what, about seven tries until her dad appointed a bar examiner to grade her score…?….😆

        • What evidence do you have that she has passed a bar exam? None are listed on her resume and she is not a member of the WDC or Alaska bars. She has never practiced as an attorney and appears to be a member of the Deep State as her entire career has been in federal or state government.

          • Fannie:
            Great points. No one knows what her real legal career background is. She grew up as little rich girl, with outdoor swimming pools in Fairbanks and new automobiles. Frankie got her a job on the North Slope with an oil company. She did attend law school, but word has it she was as dumb as a box of rocks. Served in the Alaska Legislature briefly as a Representative from Anchorage……and barely survived elections.
            Then……the big appointment by her dad, to fill in his vacated seat in the US Senate.
            Lisa Murkowski’s true background has never really been revealed.

  10. What’s with all the negative comments about Tshibaka. Same spirit behind them as the negatives I remember spoken against Sarah Palin in 2005 and after her election along with the negative comments made against her daughter Bristol. I’m an Alaskan from birth so I can recognize petty insecure jealousy for any woman, who knows how to take care of her self image as Tshibaka, Palin, or Bernadette Wilson do, and through her career gets any kind of good attention. Instead of women pulling these three pretty down like a crab in a pot, take care of your self and improve your image like those three women learned to do. Cause us Alaskan women were not raised to know how to look fashionable put together without a hair out of place and clothes fit over a cute slim figure or a fit smooth curvy figure. Then conduct yourself modestly and without vulgarity or looseness.

    • I really only seen these two slither, from one fat government paycheck to the next. Just knowing they have less work ethic than most 15-year-old boys making podcasts is funny.

  11. For someone who can’t even see to it that her 4 x 8 campaign signs from last year are taken down along the Glenn and Richardson Highways (5 of them were spotted on my trip to Tangle Lakes last week, still proclaiming “Kelly for Senate”), I hope cowardice and everything else comes to die on her new podcast.

  12. It’s telling how hard the trolls have come out on this. Perhaps Kelly is more on target than anticipated.

  13. When will this state start electing actual Alaskans? Kelly fled Alaska as fast as she could as a kid and didn’t return to live here until someone picked her to replace Murkowski. Kelly is a lifelong government bureaucrat with an extremely thin resume that she’s inflated to promote herself as an outsider fighting big government. In truth she’s just another cog in the machine who’s benefited at the public trough. Her career was built in the DC Swamp until Dunleavy paid her way back to Alaska to give her and her husband custom made (up) jobs in state government as they prepared her to unseat Murkowski. The Alaska Republican Establishment tried to force feed Kelly to us as the anti-Murkowski by parading her around the state and posing her in locally appropriate garb while she gave her “I’m not Lisa” stump speeches. Go find her resume, the one she submitted for her state job, and do a bit of research into how she tried to screw rural Alaskans with her brilliant DMV plan. Her husband is even worse…a foreigner who came to America for education and never went home to stay. These two have grifter written all over them. They should do their podcast…just from their actual home – Washington DC.

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