Keep Dunleavy launches website


The group calling itself Keep Dunleavy launched its website today. The group is in response to an effort by former Gov. Bill Walker employees to recall Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

Dunleavy was elected with over 51 percent of the vote in 2018 in a three-way race that included Former Gov. Bill Walker and former Sen. Mark Begich. Shortly after he took office, two members of the Walker team led the effort to recall the governor, purchasing the domain name in February of 2019. Since then, the efforts of former Walker Chief of Staff Scott Kendall and former Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth have been funded largely with public employee dues through the Alaska State Employees Association and AFL-CIO.

The Keep Dunleavy group is chaired by Cynthia Henry, who is also the national committeewoman for the Alaska Republican Party.

“If people will log on and make any amount of a contribution, they will help us get the word out and show our strength through people who support the governor,” Henry said. “We’re already getting lots of calls and comments.”

Stand Tall With Mike, the initial group that formed to fight the court case, is merging with Keep Dunleavy, Henry said.


  1. I gave money to Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, when he fought a recall effort by the unions. That was about six years ago and he beat the recall, in liberal Wisconsin. There is something inherently wrong about trying to overturn a legitimate election. Kendall and Lindemuth are a couple of classless individuals and third rate lawyers who are being prompted by Walker and the Democrat Party. Dunleavy will win this. Lots of small groups are ready to contribute to Dunleavy and we are organizing behind the scenes to support our elected governor.

  2. it’s difficult to stand tall
    given a lead ball
    scratch the itch
    you bait & switch.
    fabric of communities
    stagnate and rust
    stick it to the ferries
    watch them go bust.
    fighting for dollars
    no one hears the hollars
    un united here we stand
    still divided
    your head stuck in the sand.
    pull it out
    you will hear us shout
    do take a clue
    or you’re out

    • Bret, your poem sounds like you are sitting on the john. Do you work for a living or do you just write poetry and go to Democrat functions?

      • You sound like a gypsy that that knows little. I put my full name behind my words. I’m vet , a disgruntled Republican and I love my community of Cordova. You too are a Republican but ironically, you have nothing to offer in constructive criticism. It fits your username “gypsy.”

    • The problems with the ferry system started years ago . It made no sense when the money was wasted on the two fast ferries, then the two new ones that are no good at all along with all the maintenance that needed done but was not.
      The DOT is who has killed the ferry system as well as the union

      • Living in Alaska 30 years , I’m well aware of ferry politics, union money pits & 15 + college deans making no less than 225k $$ .
        DOT doesn’t run the show; divided, partisan state government does. I blame democrats consumed by hate and think they are so much more intelligent than us deplorables.

  3. I made my first donation this morning. It is do or die time folks, let us all get behind the Guv and win again at the ballot box.

    • If the recall wins, it means all Alaska stood down and ceded over their sovereignty to a corrupt bureaucracy, several political families, and the special interests that run this state. I’m hoping not. It may be totally in line with leftist thinking to let elitists seize your property and overturn your votes, but that’s not what I thought Alaska was all about.

      • If the recall wins it means Dunleavy is gone and Meyer takes over-as simple as that. Really no sense in attempting to make anything else out of it IMO. Of course that also means if recall doesn’t win, Dunleavy remains. Should be quite a time for all.

  4. The difference between Dunleavy and Scott Walker is Walker’s recall was national news. Garnering support for Walker from across the US. This is not the case up here. In fact it seems that dollars in support for recall is most probably substantial, a ton of it coming from out of state. I’m worried…

    • …..until Scott Walker makes a trip up here later this spring to endorse Mike. It’s in the works now. And it will be big…..

  5. New Dunleavy group:. “Elections Matter.”
    Spearheaded by John Binkley of Fairbanks. Dad of Ryan Binkley, owner of ADN.

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