Karluk will pay two families with kids to move there for one year


The shrinking village of Karluk, on the western shore of Kodiak Island, is trying to keep its school viable. So it’s willing to pay a couple of families with three or four children apiece to move there of a year, so that it can draw down state education funds.

Public schools in Alaska need to maintain an enrollment of 10 students to get state funding. Karluk, which had a population of 37 during the 2010 U.S. Census, is now down to about 21 people. The demographics are Native American: 82.14%; two or more races: 17.86%; White: 0%; Black or African American: 0%.

Karluk Tribal Council’s ad says that it will pay a couple of families with enough kids — three or four — to move to the village, all expenses paid, for a year, and will even provide jobs. That money, without question, is passed through from the U.S. and State taxpayer, to pay families so that the village can draw down more government money and open its school.

If this were any other kind of enterprise other than a tribe, these definitions for acceptable applicants would be considered a federal equal opportunity violation. But this is a tribe.

Karluk is in the Kodiak Island School District, which has 2,277 students and which just approved a $49.5 million budget for the coming year. The village of Karluk is not connected to the schools by road, however. It is extremely remote. There is no high-speed internet.

If there are just two or four school-age children in Karluk, where the median age is 23.7, two families moving in with eight children would nearly redefine the entire town and grow the town by more than one-third. But it’s only for one year. Who knows what will happen the next year, or if the families decide midway through the year that this is just not for them?

The village has an AOL email address listed for those interested: [email protected].


  1. Low enrollment is always a concern in rural Alaska. Back in the 90s, Ivanoff Bay built a school that closed a few years later. Shame. I’ve seen giant Dungeness crab come out of there.

      • They weren’t in the school. With the closure of the school so went to our supply of Giant Dungeness crab. The school district was trying to hire Catholic teachers or Mormons that had a lot of kids in an attempt to keep their numbers high enough to stay open. No one wanted to go to Ivan off Bay because it was rumored to be the armpit of the school district and it closed down. They spent over a million dollars back then to build up school only to be stripped and scrapped a few years later.

  2. If I self-identify as a family with three children, will the village of Karluk still pay for me to move there? After all, I would be increasing the ‘diversity’ of the village, and they would be committing literal violence and genocide against me for denying me my self-identity, correct?

    PS: I think I can see why nobody wants to live in Karluk — somebody stole all the trees!

    • The tallest thing that grows on St Lawrence Island is a little shrub that’s about 11 in tall. It’s mostly rock and gravel. It has a vast view of grass though that reminded me of the Flint hills in Western Kansas. Hiding beneath the grass was 12 in of water that couldn’t get through the permafrost so it was more of a marsh but you can’t see the water for the grass until you try to go through there on a Honda.

    • Yes you should identify as such. I would support you all the way. We all should identify as something and if we are not recognized then off to court and protests are in order.

      • Not just “off to the courts”, Mark — we should all resort to fiery, destructive and “mostly peaceful” protests when we do not get our way.

  3. Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk. Hahahaha. I am sorry. Hahahaha. There is nothing that would make any young family want to move to Rural Alaska, what’s there to do for a modern young family. They are trying to get out of Rural Alaska. You see fellow Natives and non Native Alaska this what happens being dependent on Government money, discouraging young adults being pregnant and encouraging abortion by tribal health providers, and not growing the community’s economy in business. If they must close the school, their families can homeschool with one of the state homeschools. The homeschooling may make their remaining population more independent and raise more independent thinkers and learners. It’s not a tragedy to lose a Rural Alaskan public school. When God shuts a door, God opens another door somewhere.

    • Have you any common sense? With the closure of the school, so too is the eventual death of the village. Is that what you want? You don’t know a thing about rural Alaska. We moved there with our family and found it very rewarding. The people were welcoming. There was so much to learn and experience but our eyes were open, not like your closed mind. God isn’t opening a door or shutting a door. God doesn’t care about a school opening or closing. God has bigger fish to fry. You should know that.

      • The village is dying. Putinbg it on super expensive life support will not change that. It has 21 people living in it. To keep the schools viable they need 10 school-age children and have 2.
        Is the village dying what I want? No! Nor did I want my father to die. But he did. Nor do I want to die. But I will. Death is a fact of life.

      • Then you are moving there? Good you find the welfare of the village. These villages are unsustainable without millions from the government. If they were great places they would not have to pay people to go there.

        • Biden is paying people to come to America (with taxpayer money). America is becoming unsustainable with liberals and their welfare mentality (supported by working class people paying their ‘tribute’ (taxes)).

    • Such “compassion”. How very unchristian of you.

      I’m genuinely curious about something. Do you have any clue how much damage you do by forcing your unique view of the Faith into everything?

      We’re called to be fishers of men, not obnoxious sanctimonious trolls.

      • I consider her a false prophet. At the very least a common hypocrite. She uses her Bible to justify her thoughts, but she forgets what her Messiah wanted her to do. These types always disclose their true meaning. They are exactly what the scriptures were written for, herself reflection.

        • And for you too Greg. If you don’t realize it by now, no Christian is perfect or even good. We are all failed walking wounded just like everyone else. Lest no man should boast. The Bible is full of incredibly failed people who loved God but had only failure to offer. The only redemption is Jesus Christ through whom all are made perfect before the eyes of God. Grace to you. Practice it.

      • he is just facing reality. Which by the way is certainly a Christian trying to do. It’s not nearly as obnoxious as attacking him for it. But I guess if you had an intelligent argument you would have used it rather than character and anti-religious assaults.

        • She uses her Bible like a gun though all the time. Most of the time she makes little sense. I’m not even sure she knows the Bible. Oh she may know a few verses, and she may know whatever Cult she frequents wants her to know. Pretty close-minded and open mouth though.

  4. 21+K per student is completely absurd. How much would it cost to send one teacher into Karluk to teach math, reading and writing? It’s difficult to believe that a scam like this would be legal, even for a tribe. The less-than-ten students would no doubt be better off without an LQGBT+ NEA “education” anyway. – M.John

      • I’m sure there are limits to what they can afford or want to afford, but if you can get to the continental United States legally, and have a green card, I’m sure they would take you into consideration. I’m pretty sure you must be able to sign a contract much like a teacher does. Failure to uphold the contract would result in your repayment of all expenses.

      • Sure. Just fly into Mexico and walk across the border illegally and demand asylum. Much easier than the legal entry citizenship program. You’ll be given all kinds of taxpayer funded “free” stuff. Welcome to the not-so United States.

    • A teacher gets paid whatever the Kodiak School district pays teachers since they would be part of their school district. This is just a private venture for a couple with children to come and live in an isolated community. The associated results is it would help the school stay open.

  5. I excavated prehistoric archaeological site in Karluk village in 1983. Then, a population of the village was about 80 residents. It is a mysterious place, with a great salmon run, Russian Orthodox Church on the top of the hill and several cabins across the lagoon for wealthy tourists. And that is all.

  6. That’s a pretty straightforward and shamless money grab…at least they are honest about it. I suppose they would be OK with the families moving out after the student head count is complete also.

    • Whatever happens after count week is a done deal. Preferably they wouldn’t want to go through this every year and they would want people to come on and stay for a while. I’ve lived in several isolated places such as this and they offer something unique. It’s not for everyone. I’ve seen people leaving before Thanksgiving with the screaming memes. All the while we stayed over 20 years.

  7. This would be a great time for the village to create a homeschool independent co-op for their children. There are excellent programs available to use. I doubt if a non-native family would be included. I am sure there are good resources to plug into. Find a quality retired teacher to do research and advise.

  8. This would be a great time for the village to create a homeschool independent co-op for their children. There are excellent programs available to use. I doubt if a non-native family would be included. I am sure there are good resources to plug into. Find a quality retired teacher to do research and advise.

  9. My kids are all grown and gone. But I’ll go for a year.

    But they have to throw in a ATV.

  10. Kinda reminds me of my wife telling me that her supervisor instructed three staff members of the cafeteria/lunch employees to go into to coolers. Throw 60% every thing
    into the dumpster because the delivery truck is on the way and we have no room to put anything more. Hard to demand increased budget for next year if yo don’t spend every penny this fiscal year

    • Our state government agencies work exactly that way. End of fiscal year spending spree so you get the same or more next fiscal. But no one cares. Not the legislature, the Governor. No one. Just increase revenue (taxes) or cut agency budget allocations at the delivery level. It’s a shell game and we’re the rubes being subjected to it. What a scam. This taxpayer-funded debacle is no different.

  11. If you ever have the chance to float the Karluk River from the lake to Karluk, it’s epic.

    I’ll pass on the psychological experiment.

  12. You know who I can see taking advantage of this sweet deal is our Polynesian community. They have big families. Three Samoan families may like it they’re nice and close and family friendly. They might start a church, polynesion island restaurant, hula dance classes. They’ll get in there and look for whatever jobs are available in karluk and do its work. Our Native community could learn something from our Polynesian community here in Anchorage. If you look around they are everywhere in every industry working their way up and bring a good role model to their kids if they want anything their kids will have to get a job or further their education. The best lesson to kids is them watching their parent go to work, keeping perfect attendance, and being in good standing with their employer. A good way to keep a child from continuing to live in poverty is their parent is employed even if the job is security to housekeeping, attends church and also reads the Bible, and pays close attention to their child’s education and develop their talents.

  13. The answer is simple. Mormons.

    Good hardworking people, solid citizens, with an internal culture of self reliance. Plus very few of the issues which tend to plague bush commanders (drinking, drugs, etc).

    • We once had Mormons in one of our villages. He was white and he married a native girl. They had adopted a 16-year-old blonde girl that was a runaway out of Ogden Utah. They had some other kids of their own. I was always observant of the relationship that they had with the blonde. I’m not sure she wasn’t a second wife.

  14. “Jen” would think of this. Her mother was also a social engineer always advising others where to take off to. Wanting to transform villages with her “so much life” to “offer”. My Great Aunt said her father “named” St Lawrence. He was a Lutheran. Karluk should ideally be repopulated by Aleut family lines because it was such a prominant historic Aleut hub. My Grandmother’s gigantic family was in and out of there in piece of parts. Karluk has always been a place where Aleut families tucked their children exactly for a western education a fact lost on insular archeologists who touched our family items and char but never had valuable oral familial, generational histories. Jen is not related to my Dad’s family. She doesn’t know these things and has no respect for them. She is a recently arrived replica of her vaunted (not sainted) mother who may have had some evident Polynesian heritage not found in other Aleut villages herself. She has not been genetically tested but it is likely she has south pacific islander heritages though socially undocumented perhaps from back in the day Tyonek. After all Aleuts were seafarers and they had need to travel all of the swells of the archipelago and chain and they did and still do. They did not adhere to any limitations rubber stamped upon them from outside self exaggerating limiters like the US government agents struggling not to sink themselves in the rocks of the gulf of Alaska.

  15. The secretive WEF connoiters that our Anchorage elite wanna-bees are always jetting off to learn from in the international satan-worshippers gatherings who teach how to “plan” population reducing by killing medically but migrating “them” first into town to provide efficiencies. They are quite the oracles and sages to learn from and you must trust and obey. In Anchorage the WEF’s planned Mecca here you are where Alaska’s only publicly disclosed opportunity for development exists as state policy for Alaskan population temporary growth. By all means sit you at the feet of your AI, WEF masters. “YOU VILL HAVE NOTHING ANT BE HAPPY!”. Won’t you, darlings.

  16. Give credit where due. These WEFers hiding out in the rocks and rills of various, sundry Schitzeelands plotting America and Americans various, sundry, clandestine devisings are nothing if not faithful religious adherents to their doctrines and faith. It be uninformed in the extreme to not recognize them for what they are religious zealots. They are as zealous for their private, fervent, ancient religious practices that would make a CAlifornian blush if they “knew” as any Southern Babtist. The irony is out of this world, commies.

  17. You may not like it. You don’t have to like it. Aleuts always migrate like caribou. Because they are physically absent from one matchless location for many months on end that doesn’t they won’t be back all at once like the sea birds. You may not like it. It may not be your “way”. God bless you. But it is our ancient way of being.

  18. The sad truth is that community is dying. Now or 20 years from now, the results will be the same.

    There is no future without children (why do you think the left hates kids so much). With a dying community appearing to lack the ability to generate commerce, there is no future for the kids they do have.

    The community might be savable, the tribal culture not so. Bringing in fresh blood means new ideas, traditions, etc. If they become a home for various native orphans, the bloodline dies out. Regardless if the orphans embrace the local culture or not.

    Like so many other small, relatively isolated native communities, the end is coming. In a very harsh sense, it’s time to start documenting these cultures before the disappear forever.

  19. For all you geography students, if any, out there and you still spin a globe now and again please note Ireland, Aleutians and Alaskan Peninsula on similar latitudes. Are there ever parallels in human activities in similar climates? Nah. Never.

    • Do you think you’re the only one that knows illusion terms? A hooligan is a candle fish and they come in and spawn in early spring by the millions. I once went down to a little creek and scoop them up by the hundreds and took them home and fed to my dog. He ate so many of those candle fish that he made himself sick and refused to eat anymore. In all reality they’re a little more than smelt though.

      • Hooligan is the first meal I cooked for the family. They look like sprats that run in Ireland.

  20. With the billions being wheelbarrowed out to the tribes under “America Rescue Plan” I just dont see why the village is so intent on state school allocation funding.

    Could somebody please give the location info to Bidens campaign headquarters and let them know there are votes that can be bought here with federal tax dollars instead of draining our state budget.

    I cant believe the fish family clownshow of Murky Peltola and Haaland didnt do a flyover at least to drop some campaign flyers in case they have never heard of the inflation fighting “Great Democratic Giveaway” program aimed at cementing Bidens reselection in 2024.

    Granted there is a limited amount of voters there but with mail in ballots and RCV “EVERY” vote counts!

  21. Bummer! Only one of my kids is school aged. Sounds like a great opportunity for the right family.

  22. I hope they plan on doing some back round checks on these people. A few drug dealers and gangsters could turn this village on its head.

  23. Karluk is beautiful in two directions, westward to the Shelikof straight, the other into the lagoon for fish viewing.
    How ’bout some folks from Kipnuk or Yuma where plane loads await?
    For them I weep in prayer,,,

  24. I spent two tours in western Alaska…generally in not the “nicest” of places.

    The very best people I’ve ever known live out there but also some of the most depraved.

    So for a youngish couple strong in their relationship and wanting to raise their family without too many distractions, I’d recommend it in a heartbeat.

    Just keep an open mind.

  25. I saw a post in 2019 that the school had closed but was staying open as some sort of community center. I couldn’t tell if this was an Internet hoax or not. I e-mailed them the other day and haven’t heard back.

  26. Can single parents of 3 apply? I have a friend looking for an opportunity like this. She’s a teacher and has a master’s degree in education (Focused on Early Childhood Development). I think this might be up her alley. Safety would be her biggest issue. How legit is this offer? has anybody applied?

    • She would need to do her own diligence. She wouldn’t want to walk into something blindfolded with her kids. I once knew a principal who armed one of his female teachers who was the only one on site because it was a rough place. That was before the days of arming people in the classroom. They may already have a teacher on site. All their trolling for is kids it seems.

  27. Time for the village to start homeschooling! Their population is circulating around the drain, unfortunately. Paying families to move there is a futile and costly gesture.

  28. Two registered sex offenders in Karluk. Population 21. Bring children to be used for economic reasons? Not casting dispersions, just facts. Hard pass.

  29. They just have to make it past the count month in October, that is all that matters. They are not the first school to import kids for the count month to keep open. Kids used as pawns. Sad stuff but not the first time.

  30. Why should the parents send their kids to a boarding school and let them be educated completely out of their control? You are also letting another community get the state funding if you do so. Even if you manage to homeschool using idea, galena school district gets the money, and you are required to have internet. Karluk doesn’t according to advertisement. This is also about the survival of the town. Sending kids to boarding school secures it’s eventual demise. Bringing families in might revitalize.

  31. If any takers to this offer were to leave mid-year, it wouldn’t matter. The money for education is decided in October. At one point, it was based on enrollment as of the fourth Friday in October.

  32. That is an awesome antique picture of karluk before 64 tidal wave. Nothing is in the spit now. There are some great people there. It’s a beautiful place. The old church is jaw dropping in beauty. A real Alaskan treasure.

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