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It is easy to understand why so many Alaskans harbor deep reservations about their Legislature. A “compromise” budget with no Permanent Fund dividend. A budget with no funding for constitutionally required K-12 education. The list goes on.

Take, for instance, Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson, D-Anchorage, and her votes on this year’s statutorily required $3,000 Permanent Fund dividend. She was for it until she voted to kill it in a procedural vote.

The Anchorage Daily News reports her as saying:

“I voted for a $3,000 Permanent Fund dividend three times … but right now, I just want to see us continue to work together and come to some kind of consensus on what the dividend’s going to be so we can just move on.”

The last vote earlier this week for the $3,000 dividend failed in a 10-10 tie after she changed from a “yea” to a “nay.”

Pardon us for pointing this out, but many Alaskans are wondering why a “yes” vote for the dividend would not have allowed the Senate to “just move on.”


  1. It’s gotten to the point where congress members, in both State and Federal legislatures “don’t know whether to answer their roll call with ‘present’ or ‘not guilty’.” Teddy Roosevelt. Nothing they say or do seems reliable, much less truthful. Napoleon had a comment that fits, also: “To succeed in politics, offer everything, deliver nothing”. Seems like he nailed it except for “public employees” unions. They seem to get most everything, promised or not. From outside interference in Alaskan business to “promises made, promises kept”, Alaskan dim and rino politicians are not telling the truth. Past time for changes. It’s not even politics any more. It seem to be who can out lie each other to constituents and get away with it. A total disgrace. Maybe Alaskan dims and rinos “need” a raise too, so they don’t get more corrupt. If not for the remaining few like Governor Dunleavy, it would already be too late for Alaska and Alaskans. Hang on till the next election, Alaskans. We’re tougher than they think.

  2. She’s using her vote to get whatever is on her hidden agenda. The issues are not important to her, just her agenda.

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