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Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Just two COVID vaccine allergic reactions in Alaska


Not all vaccination reactions are created equal. And reporting in the media may vary.

Two Alaska health care workers who have received the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine had serious allergic, or anaphylactic reactions last week, the first week when the vaccination was available in Alaska. Two, not three.

CBS News has reported the number as three, but according to MRAK sources in the medical community, the anaphylactic reactions are only two.

CBS: Three allergic reactions to vaccine in Alaska

One of them, a Juneau healthcare provider, stayed overnight in Bartlett Regional Hospital in order to assist the CDC with gathering information about the reaction, giving blood samples and having her vitals taken. But it was more for informational purposes. She didn’t have to stay for her health.

The other who had the allergic reaction was in Fairbanks and did not stay overnight in the hospital. She received two doses of epinephrine at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, where she was under observation for about six hours before being discharged.

Any reaction at all — even something as mild as feeling light-headed — is being entered into the VAERS database. That stands for Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. Health care providers who are administering the vaccine are instructed to enter the information, no matter how minor, if they think there has been any immediate reaction to the shot.

For example, if a nurse is coming off of an overnight shift and is tired, and gets the vaccination, only to stand up and feel a little lightheaded, that would be considered an adverse reaction and will be entered into VAERS.

Side effects for both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine are generally mild and temporary, similar to a flu vaccine, with possible pain at the injection site, headache, fever, fatigue, chills, muscle aches, and joint pain.

The incidences of reactions are not being broadcast daily in the State of Alaska’s COVID-19 dashboard, because they are few and far between. But they will be included in weekly reports and other updates to the public.

On Sunday, the State reported a significant drop in COVID-19 positive cases. Only 185 new people were noted positive, one of the lowest numbers since October. 180 were residents in: Anchorage (88), Eagle River (18), Bethel (13), Kenai (8), Fairbanks (6), Homer (6), Palmer (6), Soldotna (6), Utqiaġvik (6), Wasilla (4), Chugiak (3), Juneau (2), North Pole (2), Sterling (2), and one each in Bethel Census Area, Girdwood, Kenai Peninsula Borough North, Kotzebue, North Slope Borough, Northwest Arctic Borough, Prince of Wales-Hyder, Sitka, Sutton-Alpine, and Wrangell. Five were in nonresidents.

There are only 109 people hospitalized in Alaska with COVID-19 on Sunday, Dec. 20, and there are 38 intensive care unit beds available, while 85 ICU beds are occupied with both COVID and non-COVID patients.

All of that is a testament to the Dunleavy Administration’s light touch on handling the pandemic, balancing civil liberties with public health priorities, such as caring for those who are sick, frail, and elderly in society, and preventing health care infrastructure from being overwhelmed.

At this time of year, many hospital beds are filled with people trying to get their shoulders, hips, and knees replaced so they can book it on this year’s health insurance account. Those types of surgeries and others that are considered in the elective category typically drop off on Jan. 1, when more hospital beds are expected to be freed up.

Also, there are almost no cases of flu this year in Alaska, and that has freed up hospital beds as well, according to MRAK’s medical sources.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • I don’t know why they started with nurses and emergency personnel first. What would have happened if the vaccine caused serious problems? We’d have no nurses or firefighters. The genius never stops with the handling of COVID. I just read where a batch went bad in Ketchikan because they let it get too warm. Well, at least they caught their error and none of it got pumped into our emergency personnel or elderly. And, its getting reported. I wonder what’s happening in places like NYC.

    • I guess you never heard of the trials that proved it safe. Poor sheep. Get out some.

      • Oh, do you mean the multi-year trials that every OTHER vaccine does through, to track long-term side effects, that these vaccines did not? Or do you maybe mean the studies that have shown numerous and serious side effects in both humans and animal test subjects with prior mRNA vaccines?
        Greg Forkner, the consistent, ignorant and gullible voice (and victim) of pro-Establishment propaganda.

      • Greg, no long-term trials have been conducted on these vaccines, as would normally be done, so these vaccines are experimental by definition.
        Also, you are evidently ignorant of the first principles of science, as science does not PROVE anything, only postulate hypotheses which are either supported or not supported by subsequent evidence. You leftist lemmings have turned the word “science” into a mantra which utterly disallows any skepticism or questioning, which are at the heart of REAL science.

    • Maybe we should have started with all the politicians first. If we lost a few it wouldn’t have made a difference 😉

      • Nobody’s dying from getting the shots. The only thing that’s happening is some people’s immune response has been identified as being not up to par. It’s all good.

  • I’m happy to see numbers of COVID are coming down. I do hope this trend continues.

  • That’s better than the 5 that I saw being reported yesterday, I guess they were including minor reactions in that report. That is still a higher number than is being seen elsewhere, do the extra doses in each vial have anything to do with this?

  • You can now keep up with the speed of vaccinations and see how well your state is doing to eliminate the virus from Alaska.

    coronavirus . jhu.edu/region/us/ alaska#vaccine-tracker

    We are at 4k vaccinated and counting. Hopefully we will be the first state to get to 100K vaccinated. that would be huge as we are probably at about 30-40 percent immunity already.

    With the vulnerable protected by vaccine then we will be able to mitigate any additional disease. Since 16 and younger are not affected then we may be at herd immunity soon. add the 25% of the state that is under 16 and you have almost reached heard immunity. 175K not affected and 40-60k getting the shot by years end, we could be close to 50% by recovered 40K plus 60K with shots we may be at 275k recovered plus shots, plus not affected…we will need to get to 350K to be at 50 percent.

    We could be the first state to get to herd immunity…

  • Anchorage Daily news said 5 healthcare worker cases. Just repeating what I should know better. CDC: 3,150 cases of vaccine allergic reactions in America so far. Info collected via smart phone app and reported personally by recipients to CDC, not ‘agencies’. It specifically mentioned Daily News’ virus news article of 5 Alaskan healthcare workers with allergic reactions. It’s in their ‘question and answer’ portion of news about the wuhan v. I looked.
    Anyway, make up your own mind about it. I would recommend you do it with information that you may or may not deem ‘essential’ or critical. It is not reversible. Not enough science yet. Denial of past failures. Suppressing established drugs that work and save almost every life. Inflating virus death counts. Claims of more virus mutations that cancel vaccine protection. CDC says “benefits outweigh the risks”. Liability immunity to ‘vaccine’ makers? Why?
    There are two kinds of DNA. Coded and non coded. The coded DNA is made up of your inherited genes, or ‘genetic make up’. Non coded is the rest and can already be manipulated with drugs, foods and other “science”. Chain of command: “The brain sends a command to the DNA via a substance called ‘glutamate’. DNA then sends the message to the cell via what is defined as mRNA (mRNA means messenger RNA). The mRNA communicates with the cells and gets the specific job done”. wuhan v supposedly interferes with this chain of command at the RNA messenger level. It can cause the message from RNA to the cells to be changed and allows the virus to take over red blood cells. It replicates furiously with often fatal results. The vaccine is supposed to fix that. That’s what I get out of all the explanations so far.
    Bet I can find a bridge for sale too. Guess I was born suspicious.

    • Such paranoia lives here on MRAK.

      Sir, put your trust in the doctors and scientists who spend their lives and intellects trying to make your life safer and healthier. It’s better placed there than in some nebulous and probably non-existent God of some sort.

      Also, just FYI, when arguing a case, the use of complete sentences works in your favor.

      • I recognize why part of your “handle” is Dog. Dogs do not have the intellect and insight to recognize the truth when it bites them. All they know is what they have been told. Sound familiar? You start badmouthing God and you are sorry, indeed. If you need more adjectives and pronouns in my statements, you probably don’t have cognitive recognition for written statements. I will leave it there for now.

  • STATISTICS Matter …
    As per the AK Dept of Heath website:
    43,871 – Cases of Covid-19
    184 – Deaths
    Resulting in a Death Rate of ‘only’ 0.4% and a Survivor Rate of a whopping 99.6%
    Open Up & Live Life!!!

    • The numbers you quote are just because Alaska is so isolated. We’re at 9% here in Florida in the real world.

      • Florida, eh? Glad to have your wisdom and concern. What would we do without you?

        • Formerly of 20 years in Alaskan Bush. You’re welcome.

  • How many doses of the vaccine were administered?
    Two people having severe enough allergic reactions to make the news is interesting, but without context, it leaves the reader wondering if they should be concerned.
    Two out of a dozen is scary and will make many people reconsider getting the shot. However, two out of 10,000 is just concerning, and one would want to ask what the allergen is before getting the shot.

  • This is just the first of many new genetic experiments that will be mandatory in the future. We now live in a system where feudal overlords decide our fate. That’s why they like China so much: China has always been a feudal society, but these days they wear the red cloak of communism (in name only) to appear semi-modern. The Chinese system is a form of slavery for the lower classes that uses technology to enforce compliance. This is what the owners of the “government” in Washington DC are going to impose on us all, whether we like it or not.

  • My conscience is allergic to having derivatives of fetal tissue injected into me. If the vaccine manufacturers are immune from civil liability make them fully disclose the ingredients and processes invoked in the production of the vaccine. It’s is either informed consent or it isn’t consent at all.

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