Juneau, most-vaccinated city in Alaska, masks children again in schools


Children inside Juneau School buildings are once again going to be masked when they return to campuses on Monday. The school district made the announcement on Saturday, in response to a rise in cases of Covid in the state’s capital city.

“Due to the CDC increasing Juneau’s COVID-19 Community Level to High and the JSD Mask Policy, Juneau School District now requires masks indoors in Juneau School District facilities effective immediately,” the district posted on its website. The community level had previously been labeled “low” by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the city’s website, the community is still at a low level, but according to the CDC map, it’s in the red zone.

Juneau’s Bartlett Hospital is in the green zone at the state’s website that provides information about whether a hospital has room for patients. Green means it is operating normally and has capacity. All hospitals in Southeast Alaska are in the green zone.

The children and staff in Juneau schools were allowed to go maskless for just 20 days this school year, under a new district policy that linked the masking requirement to what is mandated by either the City and Borough of Juneau or the CDC.

According to the CDC, 82.5 percent of eligible Juneau residents have been vaccinated for Covid. It is the most vaccinated city in Alaska. It is also the only city in Alaska that is in the CDC red zone.

Masks in Juneau schools are required until further notice.


  1. The CDC has no authority to force anyone to wear a mask or get a Jab. Neither does the President of the United States have that authority.

      • Billy , Whoa, be careful for what you wish! Just think , if say just 30% of parents would pull their children out of JSD, what would happen?
        My guess is that those children liberated from a NEA indoctrination would recieve a far better education however JSD would doubtless suffer an economic collapse!
        You as a CBJ property owner might be called upon to shore up JSD’s funding for the loss of State and Fed revenue.

        • I do know a bit about home-schooling and there is not a chance in a carload that many parents would take on the load in Juneau. Most parents living here both work leaving nobody to pick up the slack.
          For some reason you pick an impossible (and insane) scenario and then decide to run with it. Try coming back to a real world.
          Catrina is not the only one missing the point.

          • Billy, so you concede that it is because of mere convenience that parents make use of a subsidized baby sitting, public education service? Interesting…

          • You must be daft NM!
            There are private schools in many communities that are expensive but also an alternative. Even homeschooled kids can take advantage of public classes the parent may not be qualified for, such as music.
            We homeschooled our kids when we lived in the bush and no public school was available. And frankly few could teach advanced mathematics in homeschool.
            I’ve conceded nothing of the sort.

      • The parents are still forced to pay for the local public schools so there should be a choice. man you lefties sure pulled an about face and gone antichoice in the last 2 yrs I guess when the left is in control they’re no better than the right

        • Property owners still pay for some of public school expenses but that includes those other than parents. There is a choice, of course, and parents can choose to educate their kids by other means-it’s not rocket science.

    • While I agree with the sentiment it’s not the CDC forcing Juneau children, it’s the local school district using convoluted goal-post-shifting messaging and wacky statistic from the CDC to justify their BS.

  2. The first cruise ship arrives in Juneau tomorrow. The ship’s owner is refusing to disclose the number of passengers and crew but chances seem high that there will be Covid on board. Seasonal tourism workers have been arriving over the past week or two. The Alaska Legislature has been stymied by Covid off and on all session, and the session seems likely to extend at least to the 121st day. Legislators will then disperse across all of Alaska.

    Meanwhile new impacts of long-term Covid continue to be discovered. Also, the inflation and other economic problems derived from over-spending and under-producing during the pandemic appear to be taking us into a recession, which could come with another 200 basis points from the Fed. Note that although oil prices have been above $100 barrels/day we have not seen production break 500 barrels a day!

    Masking in Juneau schools is a weak response, but it is better than no response I suppose. If Putin and NATO go to war we will all forget about his disease from Red China.

  3. The idiots are back at it again. I’m happy my grand kids don’t live here. I have never been tested, vaxxed or masked and NEVER will be. It’s idiocy and dictatorship gone mad.

  4. Yes, I’m sure the CDC understands better than anyone the condition of Juneau, Alaska when it makes its maps. (Google Maps puts me on a street I don’t live on.)

  5. Correction: Juneau, most EXPERIMENTAL mRNA JABBED city in Alaska.
    The experimental mRNA Wuhan Virus jabs, which have clearly been demonstrated by the data to be neither safe nor effective, are NOT ‘vaccines’ according to any standard, rational or pre-2021 definition of the word “vaccine”.
    Now, cue Steve-O to the automatic, kneejerk and rabid defense of the establishment’s official narrative and misinformation on this matter.

  6. Disgusting. Alaskas supposed seat of liberty and democracy fully embracing communism a la China policy. What’s next JSD & Juneau; restricting sovereign citizens to their homes under penalty of ???? Or, arresting those outside of their homes? OH LOOK! Here comes tourism season! Let’s do all we can to scare them away, shall we?

    • If we were the seat of liberty and democracy we would not have to go through TSA to board an airplane. When I first arrived here Alaska Airlines was just then revising its firearms board policy. We could still take our firearms on board with us so long as they were in a case to be stowed overhead or under the seat. If the gun was in a holster, belt or shoulder, we had to hand the gun to the flight attendant for the duration of the flight. We were outraged. I would happily wear three masks if I didn’t have to go through TSA.

    • Thom, indeed there is. Look around the world and you will see the correlation.
      Start with countries that start with I, Israel, Iceland, Ireland…

    • Yes, go figure. Both the hospital and the airport are owned by city government! And with the sales tax and the head tax the cruise ship business pays the city enough that they spent millions on a brass whale (in violation of federal law) and now will spend millions on a tram. The city promotes Covid and makes money from it.

  7. What the science is showing us is a correlation between vaccination rates & all cause excess death rates. Masks are pure theater. These people are insane!

  8. Sad when people just can’t let go. I’d have more respect for them if they admitted they started with bad information and made some bad decisions based on it. But they double down continuously. It’s either stupidity or malice, and you can’t fix either one.

  9. Sigh.

    CBJ will never relinquish this self appointed authority until forced by court order to do so.

    If the kids go to school in drag all will be forgiven.

  10. Most vaccinated? Don’t you mean the most stupid? That goes to show how dumb they are. Just like their idiocy, they do not affect me in the least. Yes, what a waste they are, conforming to the idiocy. By the way, how goes your growing your own food to bypass the fake food you are eating?

  11. Interesting that the residents of Juneau are so willing to give up their autonomy to a bureaucracy 3,700 miles away. Do those in Juneau want to be citizens or subjects?

  12. Woke, masked, indoctrinated, vaccinated
    … everything but educated.
    Maybe time to defy and defeat this mob, show ’em who’s boss, or show ’em the door in a loving, yet firm way if they don’t like it. yes?

  13. Where is our RINO Governor? Mike Dunleavy could end this madness by executive order. Who is pulling his strings here?

  14. The covidiots and vaxxers cannot admit to themselves that they were duped and lied to by BigPharma, the CDC, SloJoe, WHO, the Feds, Mengele Fauci, and the MSM.
    So they will double down – even if it means the death of billions.
    Most vaxxwd city – most covid cases.
    Take your 4th booster, please.

  15. juneau, alaskas most cucked city anchorage seems bound and determined to earn that title though

  16. Juneau needs a deliverer to deliver them out of slavery. I am pretty sure 80% of juneau are accustomed not to mind it, they grown used to slave conditions. they can’t even defend themselves. Like slaves they take the slappings as part of life.

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