Joey Merrick gives fake NRA endorsement to Jim Colver?



The National Rifle Association endorsed Rep. George Rauscher, who carries an A+ rating from the organization, the highest rating possible.

The NRA rating and endorsement is coveted by candidates in District 9, where 90 percent of voters own some kind of firearm.

But a voter would be forgiven if he or she had been fooled into thinking that Rauscher’s challenger, Jim Colver, has the NRA endorsement, because Laborers 341 President Joey Merrick is sending out fake NRA endorsements of Jim Colver, Rauscher’s main opponent.

Former Rep. Jim Colver might not need that kind of help from Merrick, because he is already suffering from the reputation of being a poser.

Faking an NRA endorsement is something the organization doesn’t take lightly.


Joey Merrick has at least $22,000 committed for mailed material to get Colver back in office, as he Colver is a collaborator with Democrats and was an information conduit to the Walker Administration when he served as a legislator.

Merrick’s wife, Kelly Merrick, is a candidate for office in District 14, Eagle River. She’s also running as a Republican, although Must Read Alaska found she had contributed the maximum amount allowed to the campaign of AFL-CIO President Vince Beltrami when he challenged Republican Sen. Cathy Giessel in 2016. She also donated to the candidacy of Gov. Bill Walker. The Merricks have a long history of supporting Democrats and faux-independents.

Must Read Alaska went to the source material from the NRA and discovered that Rauscher is correct in claiming the endorsement:



  1. No surprise here; these guys are the kind of people who slap you on the back while stealing your wallet. I am a retired member of the Laborer’s Union and I think it is sleezy for the Business Manager’s wife to run for the legislature. She knows who puts food on her table and a roof over her head.

    Kelly Merrick is originally from Juneau; she may pretend to care about the voters of Eagle River like me, but how could she not support those negotiated high State salaries and cadillac benefit plans when state contracts come up in the legislature? That’s the lifeblood of Juneau.

    NRA Endorsement be damned.

  2. I’m still trying to figure out if Don Young has really endorsed Kelly Merrick. If Don has, did someone mislead him or is he truly supporting her?

    • Don Young is a big union guy. It goes mostly unnoticed and unreported. He has done a very well at keeping Republicans happy and unions flowing without conservatives holding him accountable.

  3. It’s all a fraud! I appreciate the Yeomen’s work of Ms. Downing disclosing this and other questionable actions by Joey Merrick. His wife running in District 14 should be rejected by voters.

    But where is the Daily News? Where is Channel 2 or KTVA?

    Eddie Burke

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