Jan. 6 committee subpoenas Donald Trump


Just in time for the midterm elections, the House Democrats’ special committee investigating the disruption in the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 has issued a subpoena for former President Donald J. Trump.

The partisan committee reconvened on Thursday explore evidence related to the Capitol rally that turned unruly in an attempt by some to stop the certification of the flawed 2020 election that brought Joe Biden into power.

“Claims that President Trump actually thought the election was stolen are not supported by fact and are not a defense,” said Rep. Liz Cheney, who will not be returning as a House member in January due to her voters in Wyoming turning against her. “There is no defense that Donald Trump was duped or irrational. No president can defy the rule of law and act this way in a constitutional republic.”

“We must seek the testimony under oath of January 6th’s central player,” Cheney said, noting that the committee has credible evidence that multiple individuals engaged in criminal acts that need to be referred to law enforcement.

Democrat Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi said, “The need for this committee to hear from Donald Trump goes beyond fact,” Thompson said. “This is a question about accountability to the American people. He must be accountable. He is required to answer for his actions. What Donald Trump proceeded to do after the 2020 election is something no president has done before in our country. In a staggering betrayal of his oath, Donald Trump attempted a plan that led to an attack on a pillar of our democracy.” 

There have been eight hearings so far, the last one in July. Thursday’s hearing will probably be the last one before the midterm elections, but is almost certain to have an effect on the election outcome, since the process has been so polarizing to the country.

The committee says it has a videotaped recording of a witness inside Trump’s inner circle that show that Trump never intended to concede the election. The committee said Trump was driving the entire plan to disrupt the certification of the Electoral College.

“Trump did nothing to stop the deadly violence for obvious reasons: He thought it was all justified, he incited it, and he supported it,” Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland said.  “Despite desperate pleas from Congress, his family and advisers, Trump sat in the White house dining room blithely watching the carnage unfold on Fox News,” Raskin said.

The committee, using its power to influence the midterm elections, posted the entire proceedings for Thursday on Twitter:



  1. Nothing more than a pathetic attempt to gain votes since OPEC refused to save the midterms for Grandpa.

    Executive Privilege. Not gonna happen.

    The left and Liz are getting desperate. They know come January next year the GOP will disband this witch hunt.

  2. Non-partisan? Fake news right here on MRAK. Last time I checked, there were two Republicans on the Committee.

    Trump needs to be held to account for his crimes…and he eventually will be.

    • The two Republicans were hand selected by Nancy Pelosi. After she rejected the ones McCarthy wanted.

      She was openly stacking the deck to get the result she wanted. Her right. But own the reality of it. It’s as bipartisan as you are.

      As soon as you can actually list real crimes Trump is actually alleged to have done, bring them.

      Impeachment failed twice. There are valid suspicions the Mar-a-Largo raid was pushed by Democrats.

      Best of all, if you insist on Trump being guilty of “quid pro quo”, you’ll be downright giddy if/when Biden is impeached.

      You really gotta try harder.

    • You think Liz Cheney is a Republican? Oh… that is funny. If you open the dictionary and turn to RINO you see a picture of Liz Cheney. There is nothing except (R) that is republican about her.

  3. This will be interesting to watch. Have not watched any of the witch hunt but this one intrigues me. I think Trump will hammer them.

  4. they do realize that Trump loves the hear himself talk? he did whip up the crowd that morning . storming my nation’s capital was wrong,,,, they all looked like idiots that day. lots of failure by lots of people that day. that doesn’t justify rioter’s being detained to this day for “mental evaluation” without charges brought against them.

  5. Trump needs to simply ignore the fools like Eric Holder did, using Holder’s exact words as justification:
    “…….This is the regrettable culmination of what became a misguided – and politically motivated – investigation during an election year……….”
    If it’s good enough for the goose, it’s good enough for the gander.

  6. Actually, I can’t wait for Trump to face his wacko accusers on the Committee. He will slice them, dice them, and fry them in their own forum. This is what Trump does the best. It will be a great precursor to his announcement to run for president in 2024. Consider it a pre-announcement address to the world. And as the idiots on the Committee wind it up, Trump can slam the door shut on them all, and get the parting shot on that dunce Liz Cheney.

    • Chrissy, I’d love to see Trump defend his actions. He’d foul his own nest within five minutes. He contemptible, indictable and a thief and a liar. Thus puffy lightweights like Tshibaka and palin sought his endorsement. That should make them detestable and unelectable, but this is red Alaska where ideology trumps evidence.

      • So, I recall even the fake overseas “stories” stated that President Trump offered military assistance and this was rejected by Democrats at the time along with keeping the inadequate provisions made for those in DC. REMEMBER? The voting mother’s will not forget America’s best sleeping in corners where ever possible while dems played politics as they are still doing. What was on Hunter’s laptop, the “agents” have known that too haven’t they?

      • Lucinda, you’re hitting the bottle kinda early this morning. For your Trump Derangement Disorder I suggest a very strong psychotropic before bed, after you smoke your pot. Then go back and watch reruns of your hero Joe Biden addressing his 15 or 20 fans. You have some very loose screws, mister.

      • Lucy, you are right about ideology trumping evidence, after reading your comments these last several months I am convinced that you have fallen for the very thing you accuse others of!
        Carry on Lucinda! One’s Ideology can be very comforting to those disinclined to do the heavy lifting of thinking.

        • Not me Puk. If i have an ideology, it is conclusions based on evidence, The Trump OBVIOUSLY directed the insurrection and all the swamp filling preceding it. There can be no legitimate, sorta 49-51 defense of Trump, but if you’re brave enough and have evidence, I’d love to hear it. Just breeze the headlines for the last 5 years and especially with the January 6 commision recently and bring it on.

          • Lucinda, your denial of, and divorcement from, reality is at least consistent. Your delusional, emotion-driven, rigid, radical leftist ideological bent is clearly on display in every single one of your comments here on MRAK. I am still waiting for you to demonstrate an iota of critical or original thinking, as opposed to your invariable mindless regurgiation of radical leftist extremist talking points.

          • “The Trump OBVIOUSLY directed the insurrection and all the swamp filling preceding it.”
            Not seeing it.
            Got something other than your cognitive dissonance to back that up?

  7. Maybe we should follow Governor Palin’s claim that the violent Jan 6 riots were blameless by the President and were instead led by Antifa?

    • “…….the violent Jan 6 riots were blameless by the President and were instead led by…….”
      …….the FBI. Just like the FBI was all over in Elohim City during the lead up to the OKC bombing. They initiate this crap with their attempts to entrap people and groups, and through their ineptitude, let things get out of control. When it blows up in everybody’s face, the walk away. Conversely, the ignore environmental and leftist terror groups even as those groups attack federal facilities.

        • Yeah, like Trump’s so-called collusion with Russia, or his supposed direction of a minor protest and riot that you radical leftist extremists insist on falsely and laughably labeling an “insurrection”.
          Oh, but the radical leftist extremist says: “it’s not conspiracy theory when WE do it!”

  8. These idiots crack me up. They’ve gone after Trump how many times? And he sent them packing every time. J6 will continue to look stupid. I just wish these clowns weren’t burning up tax money in their useless schemes.

  9. I just wonder what Trumpty stashed in his boxes. And since he had Sarah and the Band (literally), “it’s not who you know it’s what you know” then I am curious as to “what they know”? Reason why Sarah resigned? Adoptions? Russia? Seized assets?

    • She’s not an idiot. It was time to bail. That ship was sinking and it was time to abandon ship and save yourself. She did a great job and will make a excellent governor for the great state of Arkansas.

  10. The fact that the Jan 6th committee has it’s own Twitter account tells me everything I need to know about it. It’s all for the media.

    • Did not realize there was a twitter account for them.
      I do know that laughable prime time hearings debacle. Nothing but a show, in an attempt to help demonize anyone who thinks America should be the best country in the world.

  11. DEAR January 6 democrat committee: What is our form of government? Do you even know? Evidently, not. Hint, it is not “mob rule”. It is a “guaranteed” republic (not “democracy”). Stop lying and obfuscating IF you can.

  12. Democrats believe THEY have dispossessed God and they have seized His possessory personal and subject matter jurisdiction. It is possible they are in blunder.

  13. I‘d wager that most of the commentators posting on this article have not watched the Committee hearings, and are basing their views and opinions on what they have read about the hearings on conservative news outlets and conservative social media posts. If you watched the hearings or read a summary of them, you would know that almost all of the witnesses who testified about Trump’s attempted coup were republicans who worked for him, including his White House staff, White House lawyers, his attorney general, the head of his re-election campaign, and his daughter and son in law. You’d also know that Trump was planning to claim the election was stolen and the result of massive voter fraud before the election occurred, and that he own staff and political consultants told him repeatedly that he had lost and that there was no evidence of voter fraud, but he persisted in making claims about voter fraud that he knew were false. Finally, you would know that Roger Stone, Steve Bannon and others involved in coordinating the attack on the Capitol with the leadership of the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys have either refused to comply with their subpoenas or plead the fifth to every question they were asked.

    So maybe before you dismiss the hearings as false and politically motivated, maybe you should ask yourself why all of those republicans who, before the events of January 6 were loyal to Trump, testified to the above facts.

    I agree that Trump will never testify, but he can’t claim he wasn’t asked to give his side of the story, even if it would be to claim that his daughter, son in law, and formerly loyal staff are all lying and out to get him. He is now espousing Qanon nonsense and still claims the election was stolen, so it would not be preposterous to think he would make such a ridiculous claim..

    • Not one republican has testified at these “hearings”. A bunch of RINOs and crisis actors, sure, but not republicans. Stop spreading fake news. Jan 6th “insurrection” never happened. Stop pretending like it happened.

      • You are a sadly deluded MAGA cultist It’s clear you have not actually bothered to watch or listen to the hearings, or read about them from an objective source. You clearly get all of your information from the right-wing pro-Trump blogosphere.

        Some of the republicans who testified to Trump’s activities in deciding to falsely claim he won the 2020 election and to then incite the attack on the Capitol include William Barr, Trump’s attorney general, Pat Cipillone, Trump’s White House counsel; Brad Raffensberger, the Republican Secretary of State from Georgia, Rusty Bowers, the Republican head of the Arizona legislature, Bill Stephen, who ran Trump’s re-election campaign, Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner. there was also a videotape recording of Steve Bannon telling people in October 2020 – before the election, that Trump was going to claim he won even if he lost, and claim the election was stolen.

      • Trump Won guy. Its ONLY been Republicans and all within the Trump’s senior staff that have testified AGAINST him.

        PS – there’s a quarter under your pillow tonight sweetie.

  14. Even the committee speakers didn’t believe its own grandiose words that was supposd to be so convincing. The simple minded americans will be so disappointed.

  15. A patently obvious PR stunt by Democrats and RINOs in Congress to try and save their collective skins before the shellacking they will receive in the mid-term elections. What a waste of taxpayer money!

  16. The committee is calling on Trump to testify against himself. He is protected by the fifth amendment. I say he should wait until after the next congress is seated and let them set up their “January 6 Committee” committee and bring Nancy Pelosi to testify why she did not let the Republicans choose their own committee members and why she refused National Guard help for security on Jan. 6. Bring Rey Ebbs and the person who laid the bombs at the DNC (of whom the FBI refuses to expose, even though we have surveillants on him/her). Bring the News media to ask them why they perpetuated the lie about Officer Sicknick, hear the testimonies of innocent bystanders who were jailed for just being in the Capitol Building that day… It could go on for two years.

    • The recent Jan 6 committee hearing showed video of Pelosi trying to get National Guard help on January 6. The rest of your rant is ludicrous. Why should I care, right?, but I do cuz you and your circle might vote and fuck up everything for the thinking people in our community

  17. The only thing I give a hoot about Trump about is I believe his rights were infringed upon during the Mar-A-Lago search and I believe they stole the election from him but I have no proof. The rest of trump is he’s just a big old windbag with a big L on his back. He did all this to himself and he did it to the country by acting as arrogant as he did. Brandon is trying to act like him but he can’t pull it off. Every time he walks across the White House lawn, there’s a chance that he trips over a uncut blade of grass and goes down and breaks a hip or goes into a coma from a blood clot becoming dislodged because of his AFib. I can’t wait till DeSantis is president can we get back to doing the office with respect and dignity.

    • Greg, I don’t much care for Biden either. Not my first choice.

      How can you make a serious claim that the election was stolen from Trump but you have no proof? You’re a smart guy, you write well, what gives?

  18. Ignorance is rampant in this country and on this website. The fact is, the legislature has no oversight authority over the chief executive, other than impeachment. They already tried that and failed.

  19. The trolls are busy today. Not good at it, but busy.

    Certain trolls are like homeless. Feed them and they come back. Don’t feed them they get frustrated and go back to ADN.

  20. “I’m brilliant and generous with my wisdom that waters the xeriscape of misinformed conclusions on MRAK.”
    As I have noted many times there Lucinda, your one liners are not sharing wisdom at all. “Whomp Whomp you’ve been fooled.” Not wisdom. Meaningless claptrap.
    “A vote for republicans is a vote against democracy.” Partisan closed mindedness. Not wisdom.
    “Nothing fails as often as prayer.” Who cares? You’re an atheist, and no one gives a toss. Still not wisdom.
    So… whenever you want to start sharing wisdom, we are all ears.

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