Jamie Allard: My Christmas wish is that we defend our freedoms and treasure our humanity



With this Christmas season upon us, let us pause and reflect on our moments of joy and growth from the past year: Moments of victory, and moments challenging our beliefs.

Let us remember those who are grieving, those who are lonely or suffering, and those who are far from home serving our country.

As we gather around our dinner tables with precious loved ones, let us take a moment to appreciate our freedoms.  When we gather and celebrate holidays let us give thanks for all we cherish. 

The past two years have shown us our freedom is fragile. Across the country and around the world, we’ve seen liberty sacrificed for perceived safety, and rights stripped by governments with no regard to cost or consequence. Our country must face reality;  in the hands of a tyrannical government, our freedom to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa can be taken away.

Our prosperity rests on our freedom to work, worship, gather, create, and pursue happiness. We thrive as a nation because we are free. You do not need permission to hug your mom, or invite a friend over to dinner. Those are choices we make for ourselves.

We never know what tomorrow holds, but we do know precious moments lost cannot be recovered with all the money in print. And these holiday moments we spend together with our families are often the most precious of all. Therefore, let us treasure our humanity and stay vigilant in our watch. 

So yes, celebrate and embrace the holiday cheer! Embrace each other and lend a neighbor a hand. Thank a service member or a first responder for their service. Pass along some random kindness and savor the warmth of Christmas feasts.

Cherish the generosity and faith that makes this season bright. And above all, remember it is love that makes us truly free. 

I wish you peace and joy this season and a very Merry Christmas!

Jamie Allard is Anchorage Assemblywoman for Chugiak/Eagle River and is a candidate for state House.


  1. Absolutely, love this lady. She has scruples, principles, and she is patriotic and loyal to the values of our country.

  2. Well my wish is for all alaskans to develop an obession reading to the kids around them.if kids can’t read they won’t even understand what is freedom.

  3. The TSA has taken far more freedom away from us than has the entire medical community, and with far, far less justification. Zink, Fauci, and all the rest are professional people who work very hard. TSA workers would go on food stamps (back on food stamps in many cases) if we stopped cowering from Muslims that attacked us once over 20 years ago. Everyone turns into sheep when they line up to get on an airplane. TSA employees are an embarrassment to Alaskans. No real Alaskan would work for the TSA. The TSA reminds all of us the American could not win WWII today.

    • The research agency people have not
      studied the US Constitution and are not curious about it in the least while certain living human bodies and organs are masses of living cells they have goals, timelines to delimit. To not admit this to is pollyanna.

  4. How can the government stop me from celebrating Christmas? She is just trying to rile people up and get them afraid, Christmas is celebrated in prayer.

  5. Kudos to Assembly member Allsrd for being the voice of reason on the ‘ship of fools’ called the Anchorage Assembly. The city would be far better off if more Allards would be elected to that body. They could work with the Bronson administration to actually make things better for the people. Instead, the super majority resorts to ad hominem attacks on the major for daring to be a conservative and being duly elected. Jamie Allard, you will be sorely missed on the Assembly but will be a great addition to the House. Go Jamie!

    • Wayne, I agree with you in all particulars here, but please do not forget about Crystal Kennedy, the other non-insane member of the Anchorage assembly. She is much less confrontational than Jamie Allard (that is not a criticism of either person), but almost always votes as Jamie does, meaning for the good and common-sensical, rather than for the bad, destructive, hysterical, and power-grabbing, as do the Marxist Nine.

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