Israelis say Palestinian Al Jazeera journalist who was killed was holding three of the four rescued hostages in Gaza

Abdallah Alijamal. Photo credit: Social media

The Palestinian media and human rights groups call him a well-known journalist killed by Israel commandos.

But Israelis named him as Abdallah Aljamal, a writer for Al Jazeera news organization, who was holding three hostages in his home when the raid occurred, during which Israeli special forces rescued three hostages: Almog Meir Jan, 21, Andri Kozlov, 27, and Shlomi Ziv, 41. Aljamal and members of his family were killed in the rescue mission. A fourth hostage was also rescued in the central Gaza raid.

The rescue was a joint rescue operation by the IDF, the Shin Bet, and the Israel Police.

It was a “daring daytime operation, during which they raided two different buildings in the heart of the Gaza Strip and rescued under fire the four hostages who were held by Hamas terrorists,” said IDF Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari.

“We will continue to do everything in our power to bring back the 120 hostages still held in Gaza. Know that we are determined to reach you as well, and the mission will not be complete until you return home,” he said.

As many as 200 Palestinians, some who were being used as human shields by Hamas, died in the rescue operation.

According to the Palestinian Chronicle, a nonprofit group based in Seattle, said that Aljamal had been a contributor to its media site.

“The Palestine Chronicle is saddened to learn that Abdallah Aljamal, one of its contributors in the Gaza Strip, has been killed in the latest Israeli massacre in the Nuseirat refugee camp,” the group wrote on its website. “Israeli media is linking Aljamal’s family to the Israeli captives, claiming that Abdallah’s father, Dr. Ahmed, and other members of the family, were executed in the process of the bloody rescue mission. Those claims have been refuted by respected commentators and journalists online, who pointed in the inconsistencies in the official Israeli narrative.”


    • Yes and no. Clearly Hamas picked the fight, and their crimes are reprehensible. Some might complain of “overkill” but this protracted engagement has drawn just as much criticism. Israel SHOULD have dropped a “MOAB” every three or four hours on GAZA within a few days of the attack until either Hamas surrendered or Gaza sank into the Mediterranean.

      It is well that war is so terrible, otherwise we should grow too fond of it.

      Robert E. Lee

      The kinder, gentler warfare waged today does not break the will of the belligerent, only the will of those waging the righteous retaliation.

  1. Sounds like Journalists are Not Neutral in Gaza like and maybe more so than many Americans and “western” journalists. I wonder how many journalists in the west support child trafficking, trafficking, drug trafficking, illegal border crossers, and haters of the United States Constitution?

    • It’s nothing that we haven’t done and don’t do now. Stick a mole in somewhere that’s on the CIA payroll. And yes, we used to assassinate people. Now we just hire the seals to do it.

  2. At this point how can anyone believe those who have repeatedly been shown, time and time and time and time again to be lying scoundrels? We are supposed to believe terrorists who rape, murder, butcher, kidnap, and brutalize innocent women, children, and elderly? We are supposed to believe those who support and lie for these terrorists because they call themselves media or align with the united nations, or even some of those who claim to be Christians? Just call it what it is at this point, this is a wholesale attempt to exterminate Jews and the left is once again leading the assult through the media, through governmental organizations, and through their propaganda. Sadly many people in western culture have once again fallen for this brand of hatred.

  3. This shows how entrenched the hatred for Israel is among Palestinians, not just the “terrorists”. It seems the whole society are terrorists in some form.

  4. I would imagine that to hold captives in one’s home against their will, some type of weapon or firearm would be needed. Were these weapons brandished when the commandos arrived to liberate the hostages? Perhaps there were standing orders to kill the hostages if there was a rescue attempt? I’m thinking these are both true.


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