Iran launches missiles against Israel

Israeli Defense Forces Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari.

Jordan shut down its airspace in advance. Israel closed its schools and educational centers in anticipation. And, as predicted, Iran launched missiles at Israel on Saturday, using a combination of drones and other aircraft. Iran also captured a Portuguese ship in the shipping lanes of the strategic Strait of Hormuz, saying the ship has ties to Israel.

The aggression was in retaliation for Israel’s attack on Iran’s embassy in Syria two weeks ago, when Israel took out top terrorists with a missile strike. Israel is attacking Iran because it is one of the prime sponsors of terrorism and underwrites the Hamas fighters that started the war on Israel on Oct. 7, 2023.

“Iran launched UAVs from within its territory toward Israel a short while ago. The IDF [Israel Defense Forces] is on high alert and is constantly monitoring the operational situation. The IDF Aerial Defense Array is on high alert, along with IAF fighter jets and Israeli Navy vessels that are on a defense mission in Israeli air and naval space. The IDF is monitoring all targets,” the Israel Defense Forces said.

A day earlier, a reported 40 launches were identified crossing from Lebanese territory, some of which were intercepted, the IDF said.

On Friday, during an address to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network group, President Biden said his message to Iran is “don’t” attack Israel, but had just predicted an attack would come “sooner than later.” showed that the Israeli “doomsday plane” had left the country’s airspace and may have Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on board.

“Iran will bear the consequences for choosing to escalate the situation any further,” said IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari in a broadcast statement:


  1. Great job by Biden, his foreign policies and all the superior leftists that know it all better on how to run things.

    • Now, if all the anti war extreme radical right wingers will join the conservatives of congress and support a not so popular President Biden, maybe we can teach Iran that you don’t mess with U.S. allies (Israel) and walk away with a smirk on your face.

  2. > Iran launches missiles against Israel

    After Israel launched missiles at its embassy in Syria.

    This is not our war or neighborhood.

    Why do you care so much when our country is in such a dire way?

    • Adjacent building to the embassy in this proxy war. Military assets visiting there planned Oct 7th. As for “not our neighborhood”, look at shipping which affects world trade…. attacks financed by Iran…. missile attacks and seizing vessels. Maybe you are not old enough to remember or experience the oil embargos. Left alone, the wars will come to you… eventually.

      Our country is in a dire way from those in the US administration who also support Iran. Birds of a feather. Policy failures there and here by the same junta. It is dire… very dire. It would be great to not have to get involved but we have since Carter.

      • Fundamentally disagree. We are nearly at war because we are over there for empire.

        This is not what the Founders envisioned or what a constitutional republic ought to be.

        This is madness.

        • I agree with you completely, Micah.

          And it must be said that the leaders of Israel bear as much responsibility for, and are as guilty of, aggression in the region as any other nation.

          I have no sympathies for ANY of the state actors in the Middle East — a pox on ALL their houses! And yes, that includes the rogue state of Israel, too.

          • Jefferson; That was a very liberal posting. Prime Minister Winston Churchill and FDR would be very disappointed in you since you appear to have survived through life unscathed and have not lost your freedoms at the point of a gun.

          • Jeff,

            You once again fail the three D’s test of antisemitism. Claiming that Israel bears as much responsibility and guilt for the atrocities in the region is beyond logic, beyond reason. Israel and all Jews would cease to exist if the people who are sworn to wipe them from the face of the earth had their way…but you already knew that. Israel hasn’t offensively attacked a neighbor since the country was created in 1948, they’ve only defended their existence. In fact Israel had a cease fire in place with Gaza before the terrorists of Hamas, funded by Iran and President Biden, broke that cease fire and slaughtered innocent women, children, and elderly while committing unimaginable acts of terror including rape, mutilation, torture, and kidnapping.

            And yet some still falsley equate and even defend these actions…

            For shame.

            • Steve,

              And there it is, as predictable as the sunrise from a rabid warmongering pro-Zionist — the specious accusation that ANY criticism of Israel automatically constitutes “antisemitism” (ignoring the fact that the Arabs are Semites as well). You neocons hide behind the “antisemitism” canard in EXACTLY the same way that the woke radical leftists trot out the “racism” and “social justice” card whenever their own ridiculous dogmas are challenged in any way. Specious accusations of “antisemitism” (sic) are ALL that you can bring to bear whenever your beloved rogue state of Israel is rightly and justifiably criticized. But how can we expect any logical, rational or factual debate with an equally rabid defender of the Covidian agenda, and the unsafe, ineffective and dangerous mRNA clot shots such as you?

              “Antisemitism”! How utterly and fatuously neocon of you. Dick Cheney would be proud.

              You are such an arrogant blowhard, Steve, that I just have to assume that you are either a medical doctor or a lawyer — in any event, you are a stalwart establishment shill and defender, and clearly a defender of the neocon warmongering bipartisan establishment.

              For shame.

              • Jeff,
                It’s not just “any” criticism it’s the antisemiticc riticism that you’ve spouted here so frequently, the next time you level any rightly and justified criticism of Israel it will be the first time. You’ve just equated Israel with the terrorists Hamas and blamed Jews for being attacked, you continue to attack me for daring to speak out against the terrorists and their supporters and you have yet to actually level any meaningful criticism at Israel it’s just one antisemitic comment after another with you.

                • And again with your disingenuous and specious lies about supposed “antisemitism”, Steve. You truly are a one-trick pony, as well as a rabid neocon Zionist warmonger. I have nothing, NOTHING but contempt for you and your malicious and hysterical dishonesty.

                  • Jeff,
                    You’ve put you beliefs on full display and continue to do so. You admit you aren’t conservative, you align with the furtherst left ideals, and you attack those you disagree with in a manner and fervor that only leftists do.

                    I have no doubt that you hold me in contempt, you cannot stand to have the light of day shine upon your diseased thoughts even while you share them for all to see. It’s OK, Jeff you can insult me and attack me all you want because every time you do so it only serves to further shine the light on your beliefs and how you carry yourself in your hate filled ideology.

                    • Steve,

                      Just like the radical leftist that you fundamentally are, you project your own faults, sins and crimes onto others beautifully. Too bad that you cannot turn your ragingly arrogant critical eye onto yourself. You are a loathsome piece of work, and I am glad to be able to draw our your bilious and venomous hatred for those who value freedom for all here to see and judge.

                • Steve-O – If everyone is first class, then no one is first class. If everyone is antisemitic, then no one is antisemitic! You are cheapening your comments by overusing the term.

                  • FfF,
                    You’ll notice it’s only those making antisemitic comments who are called out for making antisemitic comments, there are only a few here spreading their hate.

                    • Steve-O – No, I don’t notice that at all. I do notice that you equate any criticism of Israel as antisemitic, even if that criticism comes from a Jewish person!

                    • FfF,

                      I certainly do not “equate any criticism of Israel as antisemitic”, it’s the antisemitic comments that get pointed out…there’s any easy way to get that to stop, just don’t post antisemitic comments.

                      When commentators repeatedly post comments that are not in any way shape or form a legitimate criticism of Israel or Jews, but just an obvious antisemitic comment then yes I will point that out…as you know. Take Jeff’s comment right down here about dual loyalties, it’s a well known centuries old antisemitic slur, he knows that, you know that, everyone who reads this knows that. His comments have yet to offer any legitimate criticism of Israel or Jews.

                      I’m sorry if you think pointing out obvious antisemitic comments shouldn’t be done, you should really take that up with those who are making the antisemitic comments to begin with.

                  • Steve, your “antisemitism” card is as frayed and (wildly) overplayed as is the wokesters’ “racism” and “equity” cards. And this is true not just in your absurd responses to my own comments, but to those of other posters as well — to ANYONE who has criticized your beloved Jewish state in any way at all.

                    Clearly, your loyalties lie not with the USA, but with Israel. So why don’t you move there and fight for them on the front lines? What is stopping you?

          • I am going to place this reply under your comment Jefferson. I had to pick somewhere so S.D. is not dealing with 10 or more different comments from me, and you are the lucky guy.

            I am going to keep this short, as I realize I am not talking to individuals, but instead to the TV or other media they listen to. These people advocate for a war they will not fight in, by our bankrupt country with wide open borders, with an alphabet mafia/hollowed out military, in a war that is not ours. One poster below often advocates for others who disagree with him to “take your meds” or “let the grown ups talk”. All these posters – including him- ought to take this advice. But I’m sure the pom pom-ing for a very optional war, while consuming war propaganda, while cashing those federal checks is very reassuring to all them.

            Here is some hard news for you. You are yesterday’s news. That is why there is a new right. You have failed and are surplus to requirements. You, along with the left, have created this crap culture and this corrupt society that is light years from following the Constitution. I look at your leaders who just reauthorized FISA and don’t give a fig about you other then your money and your vote. Your brand of “conservatism” is pathetic.

            • Well said, Micah!

              Yeah, it is ironic and amusing how the pro-establishment “conservatives” are supposedly for small government, EXCEPT when it comes to foreign policy — there, they completely throw the Founding Fathers under the bus, and are completely on board with the most expansive and interventionistic big government policies.

              This is primarily why I consider myself a libertarian and NOT a conservative: because I advocate for minimal government in ALL aspects of our society, INCLUDING most especially foreign policy and (so-called) “defense”. Because as a man wiser than me so aptly and famously stated, “War is the health of the state”.

              • > why I consider myself a libertarian and NOT a conservative

                I’ve been flirting with the idea of “Ancapistan” for some time now. Very interested in how Milei fairs in Argentina.

                The federal government (if it survives) needs to be 80-90% smaller. Whole departments need to go (education, energy, interior, HUD, ect) No more alphabet intelligence agencies. No more IRS. No more trillion dollars a year for “defense” spending or 500 military bases worldwide. No more empire. No more fed. No more “corporations are people” legally re: Citizens United. It is a time for massive decentralization after more then a century of heavy centralization. We defeated the Soviet Union and then we became the Soviet Union.

                It is a time for citizens to renew their sovereignty and let their limits be what they can accomplish- not some arbitrary measuring stick the state uses (race, sex, ect.). America was founded as a constitutional republic with a vision to be an economic and agricultural powerhouse. Unleash the American people from their shackles and be amazed.

                I understand this will be too much some. That is why I advocate for a peaceful separation. But events may overtake a more causal pace of change and economics (bankruptcy) may accelerate the huge change we are the cusp of. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow awaits.

                I understand this will be too much some. That is why I advocate for a peaceful separation. But events may overtake a causal pace and economics (bankruptcy) may accelerate this huge change we are the cusp of.

        • Take your blinders off, micah!!. Israelis our ally of long standing. The only democracy in the region. A partner in development of useful technology.

        • Micah,

          What empire? When was the last time the US expanded it’s empire? It wasn’t in Iraq, it wasn’t in Afghanistan, it wasn’t in Yemen, or Somalia, or Niger, or Yugoslavia, or Haiti, or Kosovo, or Grenada, or Panama, or Laos, or Vietnam, or Korea, or Germany, or Japan. In fact the last time the US expanded it’s “empire” was in 1947 when we acquired the Mariana Islands, Caroline Islands, and Marshall Islands.

          If anything a case can be made that the US is anti-emprialistic and that we’ve done a horrible job of spreading our constitutional republican form of government to all the nations we’ve been involved with protecting. And make no mistake, if we are not willing to protect liberty in other nations then we will soon be defending our liberty on our shores.

          • Our intelligence agencies have a knife to Lady Liberty’s throat at this very moment. FISA vote shows the powerlessness and/or unwillingness of our elected servants to measure up to the oath they swore. The government is NOT in the business of protecting our liberty. We WILL have to fight for liberty on our shores, regardless of whether or not our government unnecessarily squanders our blood and treasure abroad. We can ill afford to expend our military to try to solve the riddle of the sphinx over there. We are completely incapable of providing a solution. Should not even be at this point where it is deemed necessary to consider it. It IS, pure madness.

        • Madness is your position. Empire? In your dreams.

          The Founders took no firm positions regarding when/if we had allies or got into was.
          Your contention this isn’t how a Constitutional Republic behaves is asinine.

    • Because we must force LGBTQ+ rights and critical race theory on Iran, even if we have to completely destroy the world to do it! Also, we need to build obscene profits for defense contractors. Finally, we have another election to steal; we’re going to need a huge distraction.

    • Micah- Obtuse. Our country is in such a dire way, brought to you by the same people using poor judgement and making poor decisions to run the country claiming they are so smart, experts, shouldn’t be questioned and should be in charge. Never heard of Iran’s view of Death to Isreal, Death to U.S., or big Satan, little Satan, other threats or anything else Iran does and is going on in relation to this? What about Biden’s foreign policy decisions created the environment for this to happen?

      Is rhe border problem also not our neighborhood cause we’re in AK? Do we only care about something in the immediate neighborhood and only when directly affecting us? Would that work when the violent attack is directly affecting you and everyone else looks and says not my war, not my neigjborhood? Appears very short sighted way of looking at this. All these things affect us too, one way or another and sooner or later.

      This didn’t happen under President Trump.

      • Of course Regan should have finished Iran once and for all. If we are going to start a fight finish it. And if someone comes after us finish them too.

  3. NASA war documents


    • Greg. Why gold? If hell reaches us (as Jefferson would enjoy), I’d rather trade in currencies of value: gasoline, powdered milk, dried vegetables, hardware. Can’t eat gold. Gold doesn’t keep you warm.

      • And yet again, Paola, you display for all to see your profound ignorance, in this case your ignorance of monetary history. Gold (along with silver), unlike EVERY government-issued fiat currency, has never lost its value, and has in every case of fiat currency collapse has saved value for those who were wise enough to hold it, and independent-minded enough to ignore the government propaganda and efforts demonizing it.

        Honestly, is there ANYTHING on which you are correct or insightful? I am doubting it.

    • You buy gold from eBay???? No wonder you suckered up to take 17 clot shots, I gotta a bridge in Arizona you should buy. “Teacher” my a–.

  4. Israel has nuclear weapons. Iran might have them as well. The concept of a limited exchange of nuclear weapons is delusional. The potential for a wider war is great, particularly with nut jobs like Putin, Biden, Trump and Un around. (Biden might respond by preemptively nuking all the red states.) This could be a day of significance.

  5. President Biden has spent years funding the terrorist state Iran, he has sent direct payment to the Iranian regime and removed numerous sanctions that have allowed billions upon billions of dollars to fill the coffers of terrorists in the middle east. You cannot appease terrorists and hope they do not come for you, these terrorists chant “Death to America, Death to Israel” they do so in Tehran and they do so in Dearborn Michigan. ‘’ These people don’t care if you are a Jew, they don’t care if you are gay, they don’t care if you are an isolationist and want nothing to do with them, the want you dead because you are an infidel and do not believe in their jihad.

    • “These people don’t care if you are a Jew, they don’t care if you are gay, they don’t care if you are an isolationist and want nothing to do with them, the want you dead because you are an infidel and do not believe in their jihad.”

      The exact same could be said of the bipartisan warmongering neocon establishment in Washington, DC.

      Physician, heal thyself.

      • Jeff,

        Your moral relativism is on full display and very, very telling. We are getting closer to you sharing your true beliefs here. Please do share how a comparison of Muslim terrorists who would kill in horrific manner every Jew, every American, every homosexual, every and anyone who doesn’t agree with them with the “bipartisan warmongering neocon establishment in Washington, DC”

        It’s clear that your belief system is something that you’ve been holding back on, why not share it now, why hide it any longer? Be proud of what you believe in and stop hiding it.

  6. It appears that when Biden told Iran “don’t”, Iran said I see your “don’t” and raise you a middle finger, Biden.

  7. I wonder how many Billions of American Taxpayer $$$’s will the “Iranian in the White House” (ie: Valerie Jarrett) will be sending to her Homeland? I’m sure these “JOKERS” … Susan Rice, John Kerry, and BHO (aka: Barry) are conniving at this very moment to make this so, and obviously taking their 10% cut each.
    Everyone should keep eyes on these on these shady characters!

    • Over 85% of Biden’s senior cabinet members, and over a third of the white house administration are Jewish, but you think Valerie Jarrett is pulling the strings?

      • Can you cite any source for that misinformation? Even an obviously biased one, just so we can see where these numbers came from would do.

      • Noticing. Just as an aside, here’s SOME of the indicted or convicted members of Trump’s inner circle.

        RICK GATES
        JAN. 6 PROSECUTIONS More than 1,000 people have been charged in connection with the Capitol insurrection on democracy.

    • Rasputina (Jarrett) has been the major middle east power player in the white house for both Barry and Brandon starting in 2008. Along with her lapdog, Susan Rice, who hates Israel even more, and their beard, John Kerry, they’ve done more damage to world peace than any of the nation building attempted by the CIA in the 50s and 60s.

  8. The U.S. needs to act as a peace seeker in Ukraine and in Israel. With all these distractions China could move on Taiwan any day. People we live in 2024 not 1942 and I don’t know if you’ve noticed but our draft aged youth are full of trans-loving fat asses who don’t have what it takes to fight a war that isn’t a video game.

    “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”.
    – Einstein

    Russia, nuclear armed. Israel, nuclear armed. Iran, nuclear armed? A world war could set civilization back 70 years. And guess what, Alaska is early warning system for the USA. If a war goes hot, Alaska is a target. I don’t know any Alaskans willing to die in either of these wars. Do you?

    • It’s a vacuous question, along the lines how when did you stop beating your wife.

      If a major war breaks out, nothing any Alaskan can do to stop it.

      No one listens to Biden. But the world wasn’t tearing itself apart before he came into office.

      Perhaps you should heed your own advice and stop to think for a moment.

      • The world may not listen to Biden, but if defendant Trump wins, out of fear and horror and worry, the world will listen to Trump.

  9. President Biden says to Iran “don’t” attack Israel
    …but says to everyone, Iran included, it’s okay, even encouraged, to invade America and kill Americans with the equivalent of several army divisions of illegal-alien, military-age males.
    This IDF group, when they’re done with Iran, maybe they could, for a small fee, visit America and fix our Southern border problem in a week or two, no?

  10. After reviewing the comments from those here who profess an anti-war, appeasement, or isolationist perspective it’s very clear that an anti-war, appeasement, or isolationist perspective isn’t what drives them. They are perfectly fine with war, with aggression, with involvement…as long as it is directed in one direction. Not a single one of these supposed anti-war commentators has denounced the attack from Iran on Israel, not one. That is beyond telling, it is damnable. Why would people claiming to be anti-war not denounce such an obvious act of war? Certainly not because of their views that they’ve made clear time and time again against Israel and Jews…

    There were numerous “anti-war” or “pro-peace” organizations that cheered as soon as they heard Iran was sending missles at Israel, it’s hard not to think that many of those who hold the same “anti-war” or “pro-peace” beliefs here didn’t do the same, especially given many of their previous comments. These people aren’t “anti-war” or “pro-peace”, they are anti-Israel through and through. They are opposed to any and everything related to freedom, to liberty, they are opposed to Israel, they are opposed to Judaism, and they are opposed to all of these things in their entirety.

    Countries in the Middle East including Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates have said they helped fight off the Iranian bombardment. And we have useful idiots in this country defending the terroritst actions of Hamas, Iran, and their other proxies.

    For shame.

  11. Have a look here.
    Its not terrorism when Israel does it, isn’t that right Steve-O? Violating the sovereignty of another country is no big deal, right?

    Israel has a right to defend itself. Attacking targets in a neighboring country strains credulity when identified as self-defense. It was an attack. Iran has a right to defend itself, too. As do we on a national and individual level. The right of self defense was given to us by God. ALL of us. BOTH countries have benefited from piles of our tax dollars enabling them to be far more well prepared for their psychotic behaviors than they ever should have been. Throwing more money and weapons at or to either side does nothing to solve the problem, only worsen it. Both sides are raging out of control. NEITHER deserve our support as they claim self defense while they go on offense.

      • Your point?

        That it is not necessary or acceptable to denounce Israeli aggression, but an absolute must against any other that seeks to ‘defend’ themselves against it?

        • Yes, your comment proves my point. Read my post from April 15, 2024 At 8:22 pm that’s directly above yours. I can explain it to you again if needed, but maybe just a little reflection on what I wrote and your response directly below it shows?

          • Your projection doesn’t work on me lefty.

            I see it clear enough: Only your point matters. Only what you have to say has to be considered. Reread. Reheard. Understood. Accepted, even if it takes an unending word bludgeoning with unwarranted and inaccurate name calling. You have got it down Steve-O, and by it I certainly am not referring to truth and love. It doesn’t matter what I do or say, you will reap what you sow.

            I shall hereby depart from the unfruitful works of darkness that comprise your antisemitic branding campaign. I know evil when I see it.

            • “Your projection doesn’t work on me lefty.” Haha, good one!

              Since you clearly don’t get the point as it has nothing to do with what I am saying but what people, like yourself are saying, and chanting, and repeating regardless of facts. And I have made it abundantly clear that I support your ability to say what you want but you aren’t free from having what you say challenged. So, what you are missing is that some people, like yourself, think it’s OK that Iran defends itself after Israel killed a few of the Iranian terrorists while they planned (with other terrorist groups they support, who also want to wipe Israel and all Jews from the face of the earth) further attacks against Israel in a country that wasn’t Iran. You are OK with terrorist Iranian bombs and drones being launched at Israel from Iran in “defense” of their terrorist regime, because they were being attacked by Israel in Iran…oh wait no it was a single attack on terrorists and not in Iran at all but in Syria. The terrorist Iranian regime funds numerous terrorists groups whose sole identity is to wipe Israel and all Jews from the face of the earth, they don’t even pretend to hide it the way some commentators here do. Lord forbid Israel kill the terrorists who belong to the Iranian regime that funded Hamas in their October 7th attack of Israel where they murdered, raped, tortured, butchered, and kidnapped innocent women and children. But of course for some people, like yourself, Israel can’t defend itself by killing the terrorists whose life mission is to wipe their country and the Jewish people from the face of the earth.

              It’s a blatant double standard and one that you’ve once again so brilliantly illustrated. I bid you adieu with your departure.

              • Steve, you need to seek psychiatric help for your ragingly hysterical Jewish persecution paranoia. You are positively mentally unhinged.

                Oh, and by the way, in response to another one of your dishonest and disingenuous comments elsewhere on MRAK, I rightfully did accuse you of having dual loyalty, or primary loyalty to your Jewish ethnicity, NOT because it is an “ages old antisemitic slur” (I had literally never heard or read of that claim being such), but simply because it is an obviously observable FACT. Not just with you, but with so many US political and power establishment figures. You can shriek “Antisemitism!” all you want, but if it looks like a disloyal duck and walks like a disloyal duck, and acts like a disloyal duck …..

                You know, I am unusual among Americans in that I have an ancestral background that is 100% from one particular European country, a country that has repeatedly been in the news in recent years (but not Ukraine). I was brought up with many of that country’s traditions, even learning some of the language. But even so, I do NOT identify with that country in the way that so many American Jews identify with Israel, and I certainly do not feel any particular loyalty to that country, much less place my primary loyalty with it. With you and so many Jews, though, that is not the case, and that is simply a fact, all your disingenuous shrieking to the country.

                Dealing with such a highly dishonest, disloyal and disagreeable person like you makes antisemitism all the more understandable.

                • Jeff,

                  We’ve been over this before, the problem you have is so much of what you say is completely wrong and it is recorded for all to see.

                  November 12, 2023 At 6:10 pm
                  Just admit it already: you are a Jew.
                  A Jew with a victim/persecution complex, to be exact.

                  November 12, 2023 At 6:58 pm
                  I’m not a Jew, would that be a problem if I were? I mean obviously it would be for you and a few others here. I happen to find antisemitism repulsive and so I call it out whenever I see it and boy is it strong in you. But please keep saying what you’ve been saying and just being yourself, you are a shining example for children to follow. And I certainly think now is the time to shine the light on the likes of you!

                  November 18, 2023 At 6:02 am
                  Why would anyone who is NOT a self-aggrieved Jew respond as you have to the many comments here.

                  November 18, 2023 At 10:34 am
                  Because Jeff, people who have a conscience and who’ve heard the horrors that were committed by the terrorists Hamas on Jews in Israel on October 7th don’t make antisemitic jokes about it as you are now admitting to making. People with any shred of moral fiber don’t standby while others callously comment on every single article about Jews about how they aren’t antisemitic while actively posting antisemitic statements over and over. You could have simply said you disagree with the US spending money in Israel and leave it at that, but you didn’t because you couldn’t help but kick people while they are down…that’s just who you are Jeff.

                  Seriously, it’s very very telling that you can’t even imagine a single reason why anyone “who is NOT a self-aggrieved Jew” would respond the way I have to the repeated antisemitic statements of a few posters here. Not one single reason…very telling.

                  And now we have this admission on your part:
                  “Dealing with such a highly dishonest, disloyal and disagreeable person like you makes antisemitism all the more understandable.”

                  Confession is good for the soul Jeff, unburden yourself.

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