Interior Secretary Haaland commits to visiting Alaska in September


The Associated Press reports that U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland will visit Alaska in September.

Haaland committed to U.S. Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan during her confirmation meetings that she would meet with residents of King Cove, where community members have been denied by the Interior Department a short gravel road to a life-saving airport.

Sullivan and Murkowski both voted to confirm Haaland on March 15, although at this point it’s unclear which of them will serve as host lawmaker to the radical leftist former New Mexico U.S. Representative. Both Sullivan and Murkowski have received considerable criticism from conservatives for their vote to confirm her.

Justice Department attorney Michael T. Gray told AP that Haaland will travel to Alaska after an appeals court hearing on the Interior Department decision on Aug. 4, and Gray said people in the community are too busy with subsistence fishing to entertain her now.

Haaland “will not complete her review of this matter until she has an opportunity to visit King Cove in person and meet with the people of King Cove and other stakeholders,” Gray told AP.

King Cove and Cold Bay are separated by the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge, and the Department of Interior has opposed allowing a one-lane gravel road between the communities so that King Cove residents who need medical care can get to the all-weather airport.

Allowing the road to Cold Bay was one of the promises made by former President Donald Trump, but that decision was stopped by federal judges.

A federal District Court decision released on June 1 resoundingly shut down the Interior Department’s second attempt at an illegal land exchange with the King Cove Corporation to make way for a road through vital protected wetlands in Izembek National Wildlife Refuge. For the second time, the courts prioritized birds over human life when they told road advocates that the slice through the refuge was unacceptable.


  1. Just like the bird population on the north slope has been devastated by all the gravel roads, except they haven’t. They have flourished.

  2. Is she flying on her private jet and using lots of gas guzzling 4x4s when she tours Alaska?

  3. Anyone, and that includes the Congressional delegation, that thinks that anything positive could come out of this visit is delusional.

    • I do hope that when they take her to King Cove that the locals take her to the crash site on the mountain above the village where the medevac crashed trying to find the obscure runway. And I hope she gets weathered in.

  4. Umm, not really welcome, as Is
    Our dynamic senatorial
    Duo who put her in her seat. Bye bye RINO one and two

  5. We clearly know one of the many faces of the enemies within this fake administration, a bonified “Clear & Present Danger” to Alaska and Alaskans.

  6. We know what the result will be… tied to the phrase “and other stakeholders”. The greeny lefty determines who are “stakeholders” and like all govt documentation they will skew the metric to get their desired results… public and safety be damned.

  7. She’ll fly in by large jet, ride in large cars, stay in a nice hotel, eat flown in fancy food, use lots of electricity, etc. Its how these people roll. She’ll look around and deny the road, mainly because Trump promised it. I thought birds could fly over roads?

  8. The Alaska Vietnam native veteran would like to have a few good words with her and her two supporters, Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan.

  9. I’ve seen large amounts of geese flying about and wandering through Anchorage recently, ducks and seagulls too, even the gulls nest on federal buildings downtown, might even be the NPS building. Anyone see the eagles at Homer Spit? Awesome display near the USFWS building! Maybe we could petition for habitat restoration in these areas?

    Of course I’m being sarcastic, but seriously, this is a issue that’s become politicized and very unfortunate for the folks living out there.

    • There is no doubt Secretary Haaland will bless Alaska with more guano. There is an abundance of that and like products within her administration.

  10. Bankers in Seattle would tell you how government hostility has reduced the fishing industry accounts to nearly nothing making it a laughingstock of judicial awards. But democrats like a permanent financially abused base. In this case particularly the Alaskan Peninsula must remain ruined. Only Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau may grow by virtue (if you could call it that) of unenunciated public policy of growth pattern. That is state of Alaska policy – Anchorage growth only by repatriation of peninsula population into the seams bursting slums of Anncreeeeeech. So why is she putting on the travel show. Let’s have the words in English.

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