Inside Spring Creek Correctional’s trashed unit



Broken windows, busted toilets, and destroyed cameras. The Alaska Department of Corrections released photos of the damage done by a 62-prisoner riot that lasted 9 hours at Spring Creek Correctional Institution.

A tour for the media on Friday took reporters through the partially cleaned up unit that had been taken over by prisoners on Tuesday. Gov. Michael Dunleavy and Corrections Commissioner Nancy Dahlstrom attended the briefing and thanked Corrections officers for their capable response.

No one was injured in the riot, although several gangs were involved. The gangs were not battling each other but had joined forces to battle the institutional rules, officials said. Because of the sequence of events, officials are sure the riot had been planned.

The prisoners involved have been relocated and some are in solitary confinement. Hotel Mod, or H-Mod houses a general population of prisoners, all whom are serving for serious crimes.

Full restoration of the Spring Creek unit is expected to take a month.

The photos are from the Department of Corrections showing the damage before the cleanup:



  1. Ship all felons with more than two years to serve out of state. They don’t deserve to be here among civilized people. Find the cheapest deal possible an move ‘em out.

  2. The stated “reason” for the riot is “it’s a protest against the 8:00am wake up call”. They (the inmates) want to choose their own time to get up in the morning. Isn’t that a good reason to try and destroy their “house” and cost Alaskans hundreds of thousands of dollars? The prisoners receive the best healthcare, food, cable tv/internet, access to one of the best libraries around and treatment that would make prisoners of any other country think they were in heaven if they received the same.

  3. The slothful, sloppy life of a prison inmate. Sleep-in. Great meals. Warm bed. Lots of porn. Taxpayers pick up the tab. Wait, taxpayers pay for these degenerates? So what do we get out of it? More taxes to pay for the repair of their trashed living quarters. Suggestion: build a prison zoo and give taxpayers free admission to look at these criminals behind glass plates.
    Give prison tours. Take school kids to the zoo and show them what happens to criminals who dont believe in playing by society’s laws.

  4. Do people really think the wake up time was the whole true story? Do people really think 62 people rioted from one thing?

    • I have no idea and only heard that possible reason from these recent comments. What do you think? Is there more to the story? I’m curious.

  5. The prison officials should not clean up this mess. They should leave it exactly as it is and let the convicts live in the mess that they made.

    • They can shiv each other with chunks of broken toilets and glass while cleaning it up. After the last one bleeds out, come in with a fire hose and clean it out. I know sounds a little harsh – even for my own mind – but I’m at the breaking point with this crap. I’m done with camps on my trails, SJW’s, prisoners who have somehow been “wronged” and everyone else paying for it. I don’t care “why” they did this. Not enough cable channels? Food not gluten-free? Doesn’t matter. Punks.
      And Ted’s comment above about prison zoo: I toured a prison for a sociology class in college. It wasn’t pretty. It was a long time ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. It was all male prisoners and I am female. I will let you imagine the rest of the story.

  6. Chain gangs and breaking big rocks into little rocks will make them too tired to riot.

  7. Back in the day if it was in the yard shots would be fired. You’d think they could use rubber bullets or teargas inside through portholes.

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