Incoming: Temporary flight restriction for Air Force 2 refueling at JBER, after Harris flubs South Korea speech


She’s wheels up from Seoul, South Korea. Pilots around Anchorage will be observing a FAA Temporary Flight Restriction on Thursday morning, due to the incoming flight of Air Force 2, with Vice President Kamala Harris on board, fresh from her trip to Japan and South Korea.

The restriction starts at 16:30 UTC, or about 8:30 am Alaska time, until about 11:45 am. Last week a TFR was in place when Harris was en route to Japan for the funeral of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and for a diplomatic trip to South Korea. The stopover at Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson is a routine fuel stop. Harris is not scheduled to leave Air Force 2 to meet with local officials.

While in South Korea, Harris met with President Yoon Suk Yeol in Seoul and visited the visit the Demilitarized Zone, also known as the DMZ, on Thursday, in what is being characterized by the White House as a “symbolic” visit. The DMZ is the border that divides North and South Korea.

During her visit with President Yeol and his officials, the Koreans relayed to Harris their concern regarding the Inflation Reduction Act and its tax incentives for electric vehicles. Vehicle manufacturing is one of Korea’s main industries and exports and the act is expected to have a negative impact on South Korea.

Harris’ visit to the DMZ came at the same time North Korea launched two test short-range ballistic missiles.

During her visit to the DMZ, Harris accidentally reinforced the United States’ strong alliance with the “Republic of North Korea,” rather than the “Republic of Korea,” which is South Korea. “The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with the Republic of North Korea,” she said.


  1. How does this stuff come out of her mouth? Didn’t the woman graduate from a prestigious law school such as Harvard? Do they not learn public speaking?

  2. Nothing new here, Kamala doesn’t know north from south. Meanwhile, Biden is looking for a former politician who passed away two months ago. Yup, business as usual. I wish she would have gotten a one way ticket to N. Korea, would have solved some problems although I doubt they’d want her.

  3. She fills me with amazement, embarrassment, and shame all that the same time. She is only one heartbeat away from being the president. And that is saying something since Biden is so frail. Still, it’s hard to picture in my mind a worse president than Biden, but clearly, the democrats think they can pull it off.

  4. Well, if we’re going to throw shade at US officials flubbing international visits…there was that time Trump saluted a North Korean officer… But I suppose that’s no important. It was funny though.

    • Who cares what Trump did?
      Does that in any way excuse this gaffe? Plenty of politicians have made stupid remarks or actions. The issue is not that it happened, it is how often it happens with this administration. And, how often WH spokespeople have to “explain” what was really meant.

  5. Affirmative action appointment to Vice President doesn’t mean qualified. It means she knelt and spread em with the ones who deal power. She is a complete effing idiot, eclipsed only by the complete effing moron who presently occupies.

    • We are now harvesting the rotten fruits of the poisonous tree from the seeds of Affirmative Action of the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. Unqualified, insanely incompetent women, and especially women minorities, who are stuck on race-bating, under-privilege, and harassment issues. Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams, Nancy Pelosi, the Attorney General of NY Laticia James. And now, Lisa Murkowski and Mary Peltola. These women are hell-bent on the destruction of our country. None of them are qualified to lead and unite.

      • I’m going to agree with Marla. Affirmative Action is not just racist on its face, but it has caused economic harm, national security harm, judicial harm, and harm to our stature in global geopolitics. We are the brunt of jokes internationally and here at home in the US. Affirmative Action took us back about 50 years, and still going backwards.

  6. “Each time you light your lighter, your lighter gets lighter. Until your lighter gets so light you can no longer light your lighter.”
    Not a Kamela Harris quote.
    But, is there a person reading it that could not imagine her saying it? In an international setting.

  7. Note to the Editor: Whilst very popular with some I often do not consider Twitter posts as reliable sources of information. Too often posts are made in haste and without regard to their ramifications. Has the world improved since people started “tweeting?”. I answer “no”. I routinely ignore news that proclaims how Twitter reacts to anything. On the one hand, I hope that Elon Musk is able to do something positive with Twitter. On the other hand, I would not be sad to see Twitter implode and blow away into eternal cyberspace.

  8. The woman is an idiot plain and simple. She doesn’t know what she’s doing and they keep her hidden most of the time. She even claims the southern border is secure. I’m not sure where they get these people. I know she wasn’t willingly selected as the village idiots running mate, and I remember them duking it out during the debates where she pulled a race card on Biden and blamed him and his type for her feelings being hurt as a girl. But Biden made everything nice nice and made her the first female vice president. I can’t wait until the next presidential election when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis takes the reins in the White House and drives this country back to its greatness that it once enjoyed. Until then we’ll have to be satisfied with taking both houses back and impeaching Biden and Harris,
    And making speaker of the House McCarthy president.

          • Shame. Would those trimmed posts be the ones where you’ve suggested possible solutions or were they just more sarcastic condescension?

            Many are waiting for the first post from any liberal that indicates they may know how a checkbook works. We hold a moderately elevated optimism that the first one may be you Lucy, and we wade through your vituperative with diminishing hope.

            Have you ever considered posting a possible solution to any of the challenges you see or would it be better if we were to comfort ourselves with your endless stream of invective?

            A note to Suzanne: The endless stream of posts from these recently arrived liberal idiots is not adding value and in order to remain a conservative voice you will occasionally need to take out the trash. Bummer that it wouldn’t be easy to include an ignore feature given the current format.

  9. I hope it’s Trump. He will be FULLY VETTED by then, and the only person with REAL Successful Presidential Experience. DeSantis in 2028.

  10. North Korea like hey since we are Ally’s now can you spot us some rice, fuel, eggs, and some pin ball machines?

    Thank you

    Signed North Korea

  11. And they say that laughing hyenas can’t fly …
    But I’ll take a hyena over the cackling Kamala any day. Hyenas may be vicious, but at least they are not evil.

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