I’m voting for Bill Evans


I am a life-long Anchorage resident, husband, father of four, former candidate for Assembly, former chair of the municipal budget advisory commission, and former Republican Party district chair.

As a conservative both fiscally and socially, I want to tell you why I am supporting Bill Evans for mayor of Anchorage.

Bill Evans is the right choice at the right time.  He is smart, sensible and experienced.  He is the one candidate who can lead Anchorage to a brighter future. 

As I look around our city, I am shocked and saddened by the state of affairs, it is nearly unrecognizable from six years ago.  Homelessness, crime, job losses, businesses shuttered, national chains vacating – these are serious problems that require strong leadership – the kind of leadership that Bill Evans will provide.

Conservatives, I want to speak directly to you.  I know you are fired up due to the actions of current local leadership and the destructive policies that have followed.  I am pleading with you to direct that energy toward supporting a candidate who can win.

With 14 candidates in the race, this election is going to a runoff between the top two contenders. One of those will be the leading liberal and the other will be one of the three conservatives.

I know the other two conservative candidates personally and consider them friends.  But Anchorage has changed. We are now a purple city, a city that voted for Biden over Trump.

The fact of the matter is, a far-right conservative candidate is no longer electable.

So what will it be? Will you cling to candidates you may align with ideologically but are not electable, resulting in more of the same policies we’ve seen for the last six years? 

Or, will you join me in supporting Bill Evans, the most experienced candidate and the one who can win, so we can bring back the leadership Anchorage so desperately needs.

Andy Clary is a resident of Anchorage.


  1. Bill Evans is no more electable than Dave Bronson and I am not interested in any more of this leftist crap that gives up my rights so somebody that screwed up their life can live off my income. Bronson is my choice for mayor.

  2. So, from this message from Andy Clary, we are supposed to start giving up our principles and head towards the opposition’s goals, giving up ground like the national Repubs have been doing for decades? I think not. I don’t know who I’m voting for yet, but this message is one of acquiescence and now is not the time to give ground to the nuts we have on the assembly. We are about recall at least two of them. This town is not purple. There is just a bunch of elections fraud going on and the left is all too willing to cheat. (As well as Gabriel LeDoux and Lisa Murkowski). If there is one thing we’ve learned from 2020, it’s that our elections are a sham, nationally and locally. Mail-in ballots, no signature verifications, this stuff has to stop.

    • Well said, Larry!

      Spinelessness, cowardice, and surrendering to unprincipled sociopaths among those who should know (and act) better is rampant nowadays, and I am sick of it.

  3. My vote is going to Dave Bronson. Twenty years of compromise have landed us in the position we are in, where the center keeps shifting further and further to the left until yesterday’s moderates look like today’s far right.

    No more compromise, and no more concessions. I will be voting for a solid Conservative this April, and I urge everyone else who would like to see a modicum of sanity returned to the city to do likewise!

    • We’ve lost the Assembly, big time. We’ve lost the School board. We lost the Mayor’s office last election by running an Eagle River Republican instead of a moderate. Conservatives aren’t losing Anchorage because they’re compromising too much, we’re losing control of the city because we’re not compromising within our own ranks. Running harder-right candidates DOES NOT work here, period. Period.

      And because we’re not giving moderates a chance, we’re getting hit with leaders like Dunbar and Berkowitz. If you want that, by all means, keep alienating our party in this city. I’m voting for whoever goes into the runoff, but I don’t believe Bronson has a chance.

      • We haven’t lost those positions because we haven’t compromised enough. We’ve lost those positions because we’ve been asleep. However, after this past year, Conservatives are starting to wake up!

        • I think you are right, we got complacent and they kind of snuck in. I always vote but things like mayoral races seem to be ignored by a lot of folks so this is a lesson to pay attention to what is going on with those who we are supposed to trust to run our city.

  4. There is one choice coming into clearer vision and it definitely is not Evans. I want someone who is going to restore a vibrant Anchorage not a cesspool of corruption and bigotry spewing from the Current Assembly. The only way for Anchorage to survive and thrive is to elect someone who will get Government out of the way and that Choice is Bronson

  5. As of now my support and vote will be for Dave Bronson….we need a bold change across the board and it will take a person with strength without one foot in the swamp to bring about the change the City so badly needs…
    Bill Evans is a nice guy but he lacks the strength and conviction to get the job that needs doing done..!! and he also certainly has one foot in the swamp.!!

  6. I do not believe for a moment Anchorage went Biden in the General Election. Not with the support Kriner’s and The Little Dipper got when they defied Muni demands to close. Not with the constant stream of business owners begging the Assembly to lift restrictions on them. Believe it or not, some of those same business owners were registered Democrats. They were destroyed by draconian Democrat policies. Did you not hear the cheering when Berkowitz COS announced he was resigning? I did not see one Biden/Harris sign or bumper sticker. There was no visible support for him here the way there was for Trump. This makes me think our muni elections, beyond the scope of mail-in balloting, it broken and must be replaced by in person voting, with extremely limited absentee options with candidates or their legal team able to watch tabulation in person and not from 6 feet away.

    If we were truly a purple city, Midtown would not have come out 4,999 people strong to recall Rivera. People have been lined up AGAINST our liberal Assembly and their plans to take care of people who, in large part, have no interest in being helped. We voted AGAINST the liquor tax twice and it only passed when mail-in balloting was forced on us by our Assembly. Our Assembly and Anchorage leadership (I use that term loosely) is comprised of liars and cheats. I don’t think that means that we as a city are purple. I think it means we have some serious election fraud that we need to rout out. If Kevin Meyer was actually doing his job, this would be his priority, to make elections and their outcomes something we can all trust. But as he was as a State Rep and Senator, he’s about as reliable as a chastity pledge from a porn star. He was useless then, he’s useless now.

    If our Assembly worked half as hard for the people who actually pay property taxes here as they do for a bunch of drunk, violent drug users, this city would be a far better place to raise a family. I was born and raised here, raised my own family here, and my grandchildren are here. Anchorage is a cesspool and we will leave it to those who vote to undermine their own best interest with leftist policies that are destroying everything from education to economics and all that falls in between, Our Assembly, our Acting Biological Seat Warmer (AQD) and her comrades on the Assembly continue to treat more and more of the population with disdain and disregard. They should not be surprised when we return that disdain in kind.

    Andy Clary strikes me as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and we’ve had enough of that with Murkowski.

  7. They need to do a poll at the end of Feb, and the top R stays in and the others drop out. Otherwise someone of these chuckleheads is going to hand it to the left..

  8. I disagree… Anchorage is not a purple city. Alaska uses Dominion Software. That’s how Chairman Biden won and how Ranked Choice Voting was passed. Focus on bulletproofing our elections and get back to the business of Making Anchorage Great Again!

  9. Mr. Clary tried. He thought he was talking to William F. Buckley Republicans. I see you all. C.R. Lewis and Joe Hayes couldn’t shine your shoes!

  10. George Shultz died yesterday at 100 years of age. I think this quote by him pretty much sums up my feelings: “He who walks in the middle of the road gets hit from both sides”.
    There is no compromise with the left. They have to be crushed. Bill Evans is not the right man for this job.

    • Well said. I love the establishment line of compromise, only ever heard, on the establishment right. The professional losers. The weakest of the weak. The lukewarm water that the electorate always spits out. Yes, after 30 some years of seeing what this ilk has gotten us, and how they stabbed in the back the one man who stood for the people, and how they did the same to Reagan before him, yes, we should definitely sign on for more…

  11. I’d rather move out of Anchorage then support some lesser of two evils squish that’s just gonna fold like cheap lawn furniture to the authoritarians on the assembly.I don’t need leadership I need total government gridlock. If they are constantly bickering amongst each other they have much less time on thinking of new ways to dominate your lives and screw you over financially.
    A vote for Bill Evans is a vote for a slow boil into an authoritarian city
    Rather than a quick one nothing more

  12. Until the candidates take replying to messages from interested volunteers seriously, as i said to someone, saying maybe they have enough volunteers. I said a candidate can never have enough volunteers! Then, they need a volunteer’s coordinator who knows how to put their volunteers all to work 6 days a week. Not responding to emails left using tge website isnt very grassroot like. To change Alaska’s and Anchorages direction is going to take Major grassroot effort besides voters doing their civic responsibility.

  13. Also, I am not going to support Bill Evans whose campaign manager is associated with another Alaska blog news source that continually bashes, ridicules, shames Must Read Alaska, other point of views, Assembly Member Allard, and Writer Suzanne.

  14. I bet you’re a big Mitt Romney fan too eh? Just keep sliding that Overton Window to the left and see what happens.

  15. I disagree that Anchorage is “purple”. What you have is a communications problem where the alt-left has all the advantages. Conservatives can overcome this, but it will take a LOT of very hard work and pavement pounding campaigning to win. Not being a resident of the Anchorage, I take no position on a candidate – but I must say that anyone who wants to win a primary by claiming the other guy is not capable of winning has already lost. Choose wisely ANC. PS – clean up the election fraud.

    • Anchorage *is* purple, whether we want to accept that or not. Anchorage voted for Biden, voted in a liberal Assembly, a hard-liberal school board, and rejected Demoboski last time for Berkowitz. Denying realty does nobody a favor. Either we run candidates who can win here or we shut up and accept our loss. Republicans can win in liberal cities and states but we have to be smart and strategic, and run good conservative candidates who appeal to voters. Bronson might be able to win in the Valley or ER but Anchorage? Yeah, if Bronson enters the runoff say hello to Mayor Dunbar.

      • Anchorage is not Purple… Alaska used the same Dominion Election software that manipulated votes to sway the election towards Chairman Biden “the Globalist Puppet”. The same software that fraudulently pushed Ranked Choice Voting on us. If Trump won 74,000,000 votes, (which I believe is still a little low) that leaves only 59,000,000 legal voters left to cast a vote for the man who never even campaigned. This is a war and any candidate that isn’t 100% Conservative Republican is a Socialist Democrat!

  16. I too am voting for Dave Bronson and will encourage the other voting members of my family to do the same. The current tact of “appeasement” by the majority of the “Republican” party is exactly why I switched my party affiliation to Independent after the last election. The Republicans can have me back as a member when they get a backbone and start standing up for what is right and not just politically expedient.

  17. Wow, vote for a moderate which may be as bad as the current facsist assembly. Screw that take back your city now, only the crazies would vote for the democrats.

  18. Are you related to the republican chair who has become a rino himself and showed his butt on the Dan Fagan show praising Murkowski? Stop the nonsense Anchorage and elect Bronson. We need to stop governing by feelings and have an actual plan how to fix this city.

  19. Anchorage with a liberal assembly, liberal mayor, is at best a purple city. Whether or not you like it, you’ll need some sort of liberal support to beat Forrest.

  20. So… your pitch to conservative voters is that your candidate is a moderate ‘electable’ …. like Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, Liz Cheeney and Mitch Mcconnell.
    That’s your big pitch to conservative voters.
    Worst. Endorsement. Ever.

  21. One of these guys will have to drop out, or everyone loses. We will see who that is..IF one of them does it. IF they do, they’ll be putting Anchorage first. Should be the guy polling the worst and they have to have some idea of that- bad as the polls are, if they want, they can get an idea of who’s ahead.

  22. The analysis of Mr. Clary may be correct. Anchorage has become the State’s center for dependency, government workers and special interests. The loss of petroleum industry jobs has hurt the community badly. If you haven’t noticed, most of the physical space in Anchorage is deteriorating. The BP building appears to be mostly empty. Remember Nordstrom? Saving the community from Fidel Dunbar will require a candidate other than a male version of Amy Demboski. I will be looking at Mr. Evans but also Mr. Robbins.

  23. All, stick to your convictions and vote for the best candidate of your choice. It is a team effort. I will be voting for Dave Bronson.

  24. As a general rule I vote for people who use the words ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’, neither of which were mentioned in the endorsement.

  25. And the one who will let boys into our girls’ bathrooms? I’d rather not vote at all then vote for somebody who is this demented

  26. Yes. It is shocking, but Biden narrowly won Anchorage. Let this not be the case for the Mayor’s race. Keep it red! All need to come together and vote for the right candidate. This will take a lot of hard ground work and voices to the forefront. I will be voting for Dave Bronson.

  27. Seems like a reasonable argument, Andy.
    Problem is the 800-pound gorilla in the room, Anchorage’s easily corruptible mail-in voting system.
    Voters have no clue how it works, how corruptible the process is from ballot harvesting to arbitrary ballot rejections by amateur government handwriting experts, to corruptible machine signature analysis algorithm variations, remote software hacks, local software hacks, ballot chain-of-custody breaks, ballots subject to alteration by anybody anytime, poll-watching essentially ineffectual… for starters.
    Anchorage’s Assembly members, like Traini and Dunbar, forced this scheme on voters, but savvy voters had no confidence in it from inception.
    Bottom line, one might argue… what Anchorage voters even more desperately need is a return to traditional in-person voting.
    Anything less is just a cynically corrupted shell game, and whatever our ideological differences may be, we damned sure don’t deserve that.

  28. The trouble with Anchorage is that it has devolved into the biggest village in Alaska. A village in Alaska speak is a place that produces nothing, it exists solely upon Government largesse. Until a production based industry provides at least a reasonable share of a regions employment look for that place to become further dependent upon Government spending for it’s economic engine. Sorry Anchorage Conservatives, you better reach out to the less conservative and find common ground , and include them in your cause.

  29. To Glen and Andy
    Perverts and pedophiles love your kind of thinking. They now know that you are ok with little girls

    I’m sorry I can’t finish what I was going to say
    Let’s just say you disgust me

  30. Andy Clary claims to be a social conservative. So did Bill Evans when he ran for Anchorage Assembly. During his campaign, he promised not to support the homosexual agenda. After his election, he not only supported but SPONSORED legislation to do that very thing. This guy will bend with whatever way he thinks the wind is blowing. Bill Evans is NOT a conservative. Don’t believe any efforts to rebrand him as such. If you like Lisa the Lib, then you might like Evans.

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