Hunter mauled by grizzly near Eureka, will survive


Alaska Wildlife Troopers reported a bear attack Friday evening in the Eureka Summit area near Gunsight Mountain.

Two hunters were looking for moose when they happened upon a grizzly sow with two large cubs. The sow attacked one of the hunters, causing serious injuries to his head, torso, and legs, but the second hunter had the presence of mind — and the skill — to drop the grizzly with a kill shot through her chest. Both hunters are described as being in their mid-20s.

Glenn and Samantha Marlin were not far from where the incident occurred and wrote about it on Facebook. Glenn reflected on the lesson of picking a good hunting partner, one that you can trust to not panic.

Here’s a lightly edited version of Glenn Marlin’s account:


I was a part of the first aid and recovery effort for last night’s bear mauling in Eureka.

I’ve been processing all that happened and how the attack went down. Both hunters were 25-28 years old, in fantastic shape and experienced hunters. They did nothing to bring it on themselves. Right place, bad timing.

My thoughts about the guy who saved his buddy: They weren’t walking so close that he could have been attacked too. He had to suddenly process what was going on. Decide fight or flight. Load a round, run up to the ground battle, and correctly place a shot that not only kills her, but does not shoot his buddy.

All the while, she had cubs close by that were nearly her size and she measured 7 feet.

He had to now get himself and injured and barely ambulatory friend back to their wheelers about 1/3 mile away. Get him on his wheeler and bog their way out. Injured hunter has a rollover along the way and he has to right it. He had the smarts to recognize when he had signal and called to his parent’s cabin to arrange immediate help on the trail as they came back.

I met the injured hunter on the trail and he was was operating on pure adrenaline. By the time we get to my cabin and off his wheeler, the pain kicked in. Luckily there was also a nurse and EMT also at their cabin who met up with us. From there we got the helicopter called and we got him to the landing zone at his cabin about 2 miles away.

Today we recovered his rifle and the bear. Big reality check for me and got me thinking about his hunting buddy who saved his life.

What do you expect from those you hunt with? Are those expectations assumed or discussed? Are you that kind of partner?


Samantha Larsen Marlin also wrote about the experience on her Facebook page:

“We were able to drive our truck up the ATV trail to load the injured hunter and transport to a cabin that could be accessed by life flight, which happened to be the cabin he was staying at,” she wrote. She said a nurse and medic were able to provide first aid before a helicopter took the hunter to Anchorage.

Glenn Marlin, who is a State Farm agent at Glenn Marlin State Farm in Wasilla, later wrote that the experience was enough for him to buy a life flight insurance policy for his family. “At $125 per year and 3 people covered, it’s a no brainer,” he said.


  1. Bear spray would not have saved the life of his buddy. Thank God for high powered guns and the stores that sell them to law abiding citizens

      • A gun nut? It’s Alaska bill……let us know how that bear spray works. I guarantee you’ll be spewing too, but it won’t be propaganda.?

        • What a bunch of losers. Enjoying killing wild animals and a bear with young too. Then you whine and wring your hands when some nutter lets loose with several automatics and kills a few dozen kids or shoppers, no loss to anyone in a world where overbreeding of humans is fine while we thin out other animal numbers for the good of the species”. I can never understand why the news stations give so much coverage to the latest human slaughter because someone with a mental age of two buys a gun at Walmart. What’s the news?

  2. Your first statement is NOT factual! Alaska State Troopers did not respond! They never showed up. The only assistance provided was by life flight!

    Get your facts strait! The kill shot was NOT to the skull! In fact the victim delivered the shit to the skull which did not penetrate the skull! The other hunter delivered a chest shot while the bear was on the hunter mauling him!

    Both of these facts were clearly stated by both of the sources you claim to have used!

    • You did a great job helping, Samantha. And everyone appreciates your wonderful efforts. But there is no reason for your very unkind correction of the author’s article. It was a bit mean spirited. The author was not criticizing anybody rather she was doing her best to get a piece out to the public/

  3. Both William and Samantha sound like they are short on drugs this week. Irritable, cranky, and unfriendly. They should get together and discuss Trump and Dunleavy at the local pot shop. Bill can give old Sam a shot of bear spray if she gets too grouchy. These kind of people probably lead rather miserable lives, but here at MRAK we keep it upbeat. And we carry.

  4. A gun nut? Its Alaska bill……let us know how that bear spray works. I guarantee you’ll be spewing too but it wont be propaganda.?

    • Tyler……these people aren’t from Alaska. Imports from the cities south of 52 degrees. Girly-men. Transgendered. Bulldykes. The first to bitch and moan about firearm usage, and the first to call for help when they feel threatened. Not the same Alaska you and I grew up in. Keep fighting, Tyler. And when they spew, as you suggest, throw them some toilet paper……but not the entire roll.

  5. OMG… this is what’s happening to Alaska? All of you going at each other and at the Marlins! Get a grip, this is Alaska and not Las Vegas. We fish, we hunt and we wander in the woods. This is not the PETA resort. Go elsewhere and spew your negativity and let the rest of us live in peace. Sorry for all involved… including the bear. Great job getting him to town.

  6. Omg! Stupid! You have the right to protect yourself & friend in the woods or city! Grizzly are the most angry animals alive! They kill just to kill, yes cattle & there babies! I’m sure anyone would do just what he did! If you don’t agree and can’t say something positive don’t open your uneducated mouth! People in Alaska hunt because they depend on it to feed there families! Try educating yourself! Open mouth insert foot!

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