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Monday, November 29, 2021
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House vote on Permanent Fund — in 48 second video

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • They realized it might actually help their constituents. “No soup for you!”

  • ok did we get it or lose it? Dealing with a death in the family and not sure what Im reading today.

      • thank you……your the best Suzanne………..

      • Thank you Suzanne. Much appreciated.

      • and 1600 is only a maybe could end up back at 1000 – 1100 depending on what the thieves decide to give us. Vote them all out and start over.

      • Thank you for keeping us informed

  • Remember them that voted it down, our turn to vote them out in november

  • Since when did the Legislature set the amount of the PFD? I have not been paying attention 🙂

    My short version: October 1st. the COMMISSIONER sets the amount.

    Someone PLEASE help me understand!

    • Since the Court ruled that the Legislature has appropriation power of Earnings Reserve of the Permanent Fund.
      Until now we have had other savings accounts to draw on to balance our budget but push has come to shove and its down to that Earnings Reserve as our savings account of last resort.

  • they disgust me, it seems to me that if they would not make anymore laws or even convene to do anything until the next voting cycle. The people, the Alaskan people would save more money than letting these people continue to steal, I mean sheesh they make statements it does not matter what the people want they alone will ruin our state and our rights. They were not voted there to be tyrant’s, they act like the mid evil days governors ( Lords ) keeping the people suppressed while telling them it is for their own good while filling their profits and personal agenda’s….Alaskan are free people free men and women not slaves nor peasants to serve human lords

  • Now we are getting 1,600?!?! What?!?! That dividend BELONGS TO US! If you guys get to cut our PFDs dont expect us to pay for taxes! Why pay for taxes if you guys are taking the money what belongs to the ppl of the state of AK.

  • Time to show them who they work for. Walker is going to go. Time for a purge

  • Those antiquated nincompoops have been in office too long. Wake up people…They are there for the oil companies or other special interest groups in ANCH….

  • It’s amazing how speedy they are when it comes to taking money away from us. And yet it takes forever and a day for other work brought before them can drag on and on, and then Not get done. Time to vote out the ones who want to spend, spend ,spend !! Time to Drain the Swamp in this state !!

  • Keystone kops!

  • Does anyone else get the impression that they had this cooked up ahead of time?
    They flipped way too fast for a House that can’t seem to get anything accomplished without 5897364215 extra sessions.

  • Thieves will continue to steal until you do something about it. Talking on social media doesn’t stop Liars thieves and murderers. When you show up in person and you’re in front of them, now that’s a different story … thieves, liars and murderers will continue until you stand up and say no more to their face

  • I’m just amazed how people say it’s “our money”. It’s just a giant welfare system. If I gave you $100, it would be more than you had. Be happy that you’re getting $1600. Be happy your roads are plowed, the Troopers protect you and your food is safe.

    • It’s OUR MONEY. If I had $100, and you took it from me, then do I have the right to be upset?

  • Is Jacob an anti-American conformist? In in the scam? A sociopath? You would think some one content with their “servants” conspiring against you must have a disease. We the People are The State and the government. The Legislature, The Executive, & The Judiciary are just the departments the People created in our Constitution to exercise our power over persons and things We have lawful jurisdiction over. The are just the temporary “servants” who come and go who merely fill the positions in the departments. They are supposed to be exercising the true intent and the will of the People for our benefit, not their own! The people are waking up! We are dealing with fraud to the nth degree.

  • It seems to me that they all ought to be sent home and never return. Maybe send them all to southern California. I have to believe that someone of them understands multiplier effect of money. To help our welfare state, (we get more federal money than we contribute) we need the capital. Just stop spending money on bridges to Knik arm, dams on the Susitna river, and other knowingly wasteful projects. We need our dividend. We don’t need these legislators. Andy Josephson walked to my home espousing to cut spending and not any party. He won’t get my vote.

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