House hearing Thursday: Weaponization of federal government and ‘Censorship Industrial Complex’


The House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government will hold what could be an explosive hearing on Thursday at 10 am Eastern Time in the Rayburn House Office Building, with witnesses linking government censorship efforts back to the Obama White House.

The hearing takes place one year after the first Twitter Files report that showed how Twitter censored conservative Americans up until Elon Musk bought a majority stake in the company, now called X. The committee, chaired by Rep. Jim Jordan, will examine the federal government’s involvement in social media censorship, as well as recent attacks on independent journalism and free expression.

Witnesses include Matt Taibbi, Twitter Files independent journalist and author; Michael Shellenberger, Twitter Files independent journalist, author, and environmentalist; and Rupa Subramanya, Canada-based journalist for The Free Press.

The hearing can be watched live on YouTube at this link:

So far, at least six releases from the Twitter Files show how Twitter censorship worked for Democrats under the old management of Jack Dorsey, former Twitter CEO:

  • Twitter Files Part 1 shows how under the old management of Twitter, content moderation employees made decisions about allegations involving Hunter Biden’s laptop, prior to the 2020 presidential election, swaying the public and likely manipulating the election.
  • Twitter Files Part 2 demonstrates that Twitter used tools to lower the visibility of some accounts that liberals disagreed with. 
  • Twitter Files Part 3 revolves around Twitter’s decision to remove President Donald Trump from the platform after the Jan. 6 protest at the U.S. Capitol.
  • Twitter Files Part 4 includes more about Twitter’s banishment of a sitting president, Trump.
  • Twitter Files Part 5 contains more details on how Twitter decided to ban Trump.

In advance of the hearing on Thursday, Shellenberger has revealed that he has another damning trove of information on X/Twitter, that is even bigger than the Twitter Files.

“Many people insist that governments aren’t involved in censorship, but they are,” Shellenberger wrote on X/Twitter. “And now, a whistleblower has come forward with an explosive new trove of documents, rivaling or exceeding the Twitter Files and Facebook Files in scale and importance.”

The whistleblower explained there is an “anti-disinformation” group called the Cyber Threat Intelligence League, or CTIL, started by data scientists and defense and intelligence veterans whose tactics over time “appear to have been absorbed into multiple official projects, including those of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).”

The CTIL documents, Shellenberger said, “offer the missing link answers to key questions not addressed in the Twitter Files and Facebook Files. Combined, they offer a comprehensive picture of the birth of the ‘anti-disinformation’ sector, or what we have called the Censorship Industrial Complex,” that is traced back to the Obama White House, when the whistleblower says she received instructions to create a counter-disinformation project to stop “a repeat of 2016.”

The Shellenberger story on this new trove of documents is found on his Substack website, “Public.”

In his report, he alleges that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Information Security Agency (CISA) has been at the center for much of the censorship, “with the National Science Foundation financing the development of censorship and disinformation tools and other federal government agencies playing a supportive role.” He also fingers the Election Integrity Partnership, which in 2020 involved the Stanford Internet Observatory and other U.S. government contractors. EIP and its successor, the Virality Project, urged Twitter, Facebook and other platforms to censor social media posts by ordinary citizens and elected officials alike.

Shellenberger testified before this special committee in on March 30, but at the time, there was an entire year’s worth of information that was still missing.

Now, a large trove of new documents, including strategy documents, training videos, presentations, and internal messages, reveal that, “in 2019, US and UK military and intelligence contractors led by a former UK defense researcher, Sara-Jayne ‘SJ’ Terp, developed the sweeping censorship framework. These contractors co-led CTIL, which partnered with CISA in the spring of 2020,” Shellenberger wrote.

“In truth, the building of the Censorship Industrial Complex began even earlier — in 2018,” he wrote.

“I look forward to providing testimony to Congress, this Thursday, about the Censorship Industrial Complex’s clear and present threat to the United States of America and other liberal democratic Western democracies, and how we can shut it down,” Shellenberger wrote on X/Twitter on Tuesday, as he prepared his testimony for the nation to hear.

Link to the House Judiciary Committee.


    • Oh “Frank”…

      Working to ensure the privacy of citizens a waste of time in your world?

      I knew sooner or later your brief burst of sanity would end. And here we are.

    • And psuedoanonymous trolls, like “frank rast”, know how to rationalize and excuse gross governmental overreach and tyranny.

      Keep licking those boots, “frank”!

    • Jim Jordan is a resolute American patriot .

      He is a modern day hero. Along the lines of the founders of this nation. A very brave man doing his job.

    • If MRAK decided to delete all your replies because they disagreed with your political stance, that would be OK with you?
      What if the Federal Government was pressuring MRAK to silence your voice because they did not like your opinions? OK still?
      If you answered no to either of those questions, Rep Jordan is not wasting time at all.

  1. And there are at least a couple of regular posters here on MRAK who, I strongly suspect, are paid agents of this censorship-industrial complex. The evidence supporting that conclusion is their consistent support, and defense, of critical pro-establishment narratives and lines of propaganda.

    • The real question is how many posters here are foreign agents posting under numerous “psuedoanonymous” handles. It doesn’t take a paid agent of the “censorship-industrial complex” to figure that one out. It’s in their writing ability or lack thereof. It’s in their understanding of common words and phrases, or lack there of. It’s in the way they relentless attack and insult anyone whose viewpoint they disagree with, not attacking the viewpoint but the person. It’s also in the gaslighting they continually employ. Or maybe it’s just a random person on the internet. Of course it could be that we live in a world filled with Zionist doctors…isn’t that what you claimed I was in one of your antisemitic rants, a Zionist doctor?

      • Steve, are you 👉a paid agent?
        Always accusing others of what you do ?

        Your impressive writing skills combined with your extreme dishonesty and inordinate amount of time you have to comment leads one to suspect you.

        Your thin skin shows every time a fact is shown historically viable.

        You inaccurately profusely claim you are a libertarian yet support everything government.

        Steve comments history argues profusely that no one’s rights are being violated.

        Steve argues to support war in Palestine the antithesis of libertarian values.
        The libertarian mascot the porkypine uses its quills for defense not vindictive attacks.

        Steve argued for mask wearing and acceptance of mandates.

        Steve aggressively pushed unsafe untested covid vaccines .

        Steve supports anything government happens to agree with that day.

        So steve which is it ? Are you a libertarian in name only or are you a government plant paid to confuse people and push whatever the military industrial complex wants that day ?

        You sure as heck don’t fit the profile of a libertarian.
        What are you really? You have so much time on your hands used to push government propaganda it’s interesting.

        You have proven yourself not a libertarian because you support violence against others. You support government mandates.
        Are you confused what a libertarian is ?
        Are you crazy?
        Or are you a paid intelligence community poster?
        Or are just a confused but highly educated stooge ?
        What is it steve ?
        Tell us in your words not your puppet masters words. Come clean.

      • Every one should make note how :

        Mimics niki haley and “says the real question is about how many posters are foreign agents posting under multiple pseudonymous handles” .

        Steve states he doesn’t care about censorship he cares if people are posting under several names.
        Hes alluding to the danger of foreign agents just like niki haley the military industrial complexes darling candidate does.

        Steve show us what you really care about!Steve your censorship brand underwear is showing 😉

      • Steve,
        Don’t know who was claiming you were a Jewish doctor. Someone who lives rent free in your head .

        I for one love Jews . My brother is a Jew
        My beloved grandmother practiced Judaism and did a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.
        I am partially Jewish . My existence is rooted in Jewish history. As are my thoughts. Judaism is intregal to who i am.

        I find it really revolting your constant
        Jewsplaining and labeling of other people who have different views than yours as antisemites. Especially as you are not even a Jew.

        I also find it extremely hypocritical of you to call people names like antisemites
        And yet you cant handle being called accurate names like liar or idiot.

        Antisemite is a label as is liar . They are both important concepts during a discussion.
        Antisemite should not be thrown around lightly in the way that you do . It’s disrespectful to use it so casually and carelessly.

        • American is banging out the truths here!

          The way Steve-0 throws the term “antisemite” around isn’t casual or careless, it is intentionally weaponized.

          • It certainly isn’t casual or careless, I’d agree with you there. Those who use antisemitic language should be called out for it, yourself included. I completely agree with your 1st Amendment Right to say what it is you want to say, but there is no right that makes you immune from the ramifications of the speech you use. If you don’t want to be known of as an antisemite then don’t post antisemitic comments, it’s a very simple concept.

          • Every one should note that steve didn’t refute any of my accurate assessments of his comments because its factual data that can be found in his comment history.
            Steve is the greatest purveyor of misinformation this site has seen because he methodically does it again and again.
            Year after year. Pushing whatever mask ,vaccine or government narrative happens to be popular that week.

            Claims hes a libertarian. His bathroom mirror must laugh at him in the morning.

            A person must ask – does steve have a life ? Is this his job ? What other sites does he troll?
            We now have 3 things we can count on in life.
            Steve lying about what people say .

            For steve , dishonesty is a way of life.
            He makes up what people says in his head then twists their words.

        • Curious: can you prove you’re a Jew? Or an American for that matter?

          Making claims on the internet is easy.

          • Masked,
            Casting aspersions on the internet is also easy and thats what you did.

            Masked do you think this is 1940 and you expect to see the Star of David ✡️
            Every time I speak so the goyim can recognize me ?

            Or do you ascribe to the ancient trope that all jews should think alike? That I shouldn’t be a free thinker?

            Why does it even matter if I happen to have a legitimate opinion? Im just another country man.

            I guess you could talk to my mother and grandmother but they are very long dead.

            My beliefs are that Jesus was not a god and he was just a man . That he was a Jew. I think he was a wise teacher a standard human being.I do consider myself a free thinker. Is that good enough for you?

            I really feel your aspersion had racial nationalist connotations for you to question my allegiance and true identity.
            You can see i hold America and American ideals in extreme high esteem.
            I would fight to the death to defend America and for what it is meant to stand. One side of my family came over with Columbus. Members of that side fought in the revolutionary war as officers.
            Bottom line is we were created equal So I consider you an American brother.

      • “American”, you’ve really taken to Brandolini’s Law aka the bs asymmetry principle wherein the amount of energy needed to refute bs is an order of magnitude bigger than that needed to produce it. There’s no use in trying to refute the amount of bs you’ve just spewed forth, you’d just make something else up next time. As a pretty blanket statement I will simply say that what you’ve just posted is wholly incorrect, a fabrication, and a twisted misunderstanding of anything that I’ve ever written here. If you actually believe you are correct in anything you’ve said here you would provide quotes to support your statements, you won’t because you can’t, you’ve simply made up an entire dialogue out of wholecloth.

        I will thank you, once again, for proving my point…and wow did you ever prove it!

        By the way, what’s a porkypine?

        • Steve
          Your deflection fell flat .

          Truth has a way of deflating lies steve and your lies have lost all form and credibility like a deflated balloon.

          We can count on you to lie again.

          Steves lies.

          Steve, your Jewsplaining got really old .

          • “American”

            Looks like you decided to keep reading. Maybe you’ll learn a lesson and instead of posting the first hate filled thought that comes to mind you will take a second and think about it, likely you won’t do that but hey you obviously live for hate so you do you.

      • Wow, Steve-O you certainly set American off (shaking my head).
        Clearly you hit a nerve!
        Interestingly American commits the very faux pas he accuses you off:
        personal attacks, name calling and assumptions
        (and potentially more I just didn’t waste time to read his entire diatribe)
        Missing the entire point of this very article American proceeds to insult you for your opinions instead of bringing better counter-arguments and start an honest debate. The entire point of the First Amendment is to hear all voices and not shout down or silence those you don’t like or disagree with.
        Your opinion is your own and while I may vehemently disagree with you, (figurative) yelling brings nothing to the table and only shuts down the very debate one seeks.

        • Taypayer , your misguided support of a liar like steve serves no good purpose.

          He supported government mandated worthless masks and poorly tested dangerous vaccines . He supports killing noncombatants. Like a neocon .
          He echos niki haleys desire for censorship and control of speech.
          He lies about and twists other commenters statements.
          Hes a practiced effective liar .
          He doesn’t recognize how government steps on citizens rights.

          He epitomizes the government’s effort to run a censorship racket. It’s highly “possible” hes a paid commentator that shoe’s rights in to what this Mrak article is about. Note the word “possible”
          He serves their interests definitely.
          He pretends to be a libertarian dishonestly just for a mask.

          This is all documented in his history of his comments and thats why he doesn’t deny it. He just uses weak deflection.
          Such as telling me im “full of hate”
          How would he know?

          His Jewsplaining is one step to far.
          Demanding i toe his government pattern of preconceived notions of how i am supposed to think.
          Nearly all great Jewish thinkers – Einstein,Chomsky and many more we’re against treating Palestinians violently .
          They wanted fairness and brotherhood.
          Einstein considered them kinfolk.
          Frankly they were against creating a separate army for Israel but I don’t go that far . I just know you don’t bomb and murder civilians of any stripe.

          Taxpayer, i honor your efforts of kindness as they are well intentioned but your support of a documented liar “steve” serves no good purpose.

          Good day.
          From Your fellow American who will stand by you when the time comes.

          • “American”,

            When you say “This is all documented in his history of his comments and thats why he doesn’t deny it.” I will refer to to what I previously said above^ on November 29th, just so there’s no confusion I will repeat that what you’ve just posted is wholly incorrect, a fabrication, and a twisted misunderstanding of anything that I’ve ever written here. If you actually believe you are correct in anything you’ve said here you would provide quotes to support your statements, you won’t because you can’t, you’ve simply made up an entire dialogue out of wholecloth.

            I will thank you, yet again, for proving my point…you just keep digging that hole you’re in deeper and deeper.

          • Good day to you, American.
            I will stand up and defend someone’s ability to speak freely. Defending their right does not mean I support their position, but I will stand for their equal opportunity to speak it freely.
            Your lengthy and belligerent posts do not make a pertinent point, they simply lambaste a fellow commenter with innuendo and malice, in an effort to undermine and potentially silence.
            That is simply wrong.
            Steve-o is entitled to state his opinion and support it with arguments he feels are pertinent. You have the equally opportunity to do so, why not actually make use of it??
            As for all your protestations “So what!” You seem under the mistaken impression that you are the only one capable or entitled to making an assessment. Dealing with radical or diametrically opposed ideas and opinions in a rational manner takes a good deal of maturity and knowledge. Any five year old can yell accuse and demean.

          • Taxpayer
            I respect your decision to stand . Good for you . I say that sincerely because im 99% sure you are standing for him because you think he needs help . I to agree he should state his opinion.
            Good for you.
            . Feel free to read through the last 3 years of steves posts. Steves made his positions clear. Its best read in his own words. It would take a book to describe his dogged efforts at dishonesty and subterfuge regarding our nation.

            Ask yourself why steve wants to get in line with Niki haley a neocon.
            read steves first post on this thread.
            Steve tries to slander jefferson and diminish jeffersons standing ,casting aspersions about jefferson or maybe other commentators as foreign agents

            In reply to this mrak article about weaponization of federal government and censorship industrial complex.
            Steve proclaims extremely he is not worried about government overreach or the weaponization of federal government.

            He says “ The real question here is how many posters are foreign agents posting under numerous pseudonymous handles” ( a near quote from a censorious Niki Haley in her recent statements)

            He stands for the destruction of the safety of people expressing their opinions freely online.

            As anti American as it gets .

            Right Here ,We have an important article about the government abusing our sacred rights and quashing free speech and
            Steve says the only important question is foreign agents talking.
            He effectively says our free speech is not in danger by the government.
            A blatant lie . A very dangerous lie .

            Steve says “the real question here is how many posters are foreign agents”

            He blatantly shows he doesn’t care if the government meddles in free speech via censorship.

            I have an answer for his question. none of the commenters here are foreign agents but its slightly possible “Steve” is a government agent supporting censorship.

            Steve vociferously supports killing innocent civilians – it’s documented

            Steve vociferously supports mrna vaccines – it’s documented

            Steve vociferously supports masking.
            It’s documented

            Steve supports censorship of on line communication
            It’s documented in this article.
            ( steve says “the real question is foreign agents posting”) thats Bull s— at its best.

            I could list all his efforts at disinformation but would take a book so anyone who seriously doubts me is free to see all the evidence from steves own mouth in his comment history throughout the years on mrak .

            Btw – I respect you tax payer. Good job standing for other human beings and their rights.
            Seriously. My hat is off to you.

            Steve will say im gaslighting or yada yada but push come to shove he can’t prove it because his own words convict him.
            I ignore his long running attempts at dishonesty. He’s busted.
            Claims hes a libertarian. LMAO
            His support of killing thousands and thousands of children and women is beyond despicable.
            Steve can go lie and Jewsplain elsewhere.

            This is my last reply on this thread.
            Some of us have a life .

          • “American”
            Since you have all of this documented you’ll gladly share it right? Oh right you don’t have it documented and as usual you are spewing bs. Here’s some actual quotes for you that document your inability to be honest.

            September 13, 2021 At 7:32 am
            “The Federal government does not have the authority to mandate vaccines”

            November 5, 2021 At 3:15 pm
            “The reason this mandate is unconstitutional has a lot to do with the separation of powers”

            November 4, 2021 At 6:21 pm
            “This (vaccine mandate) will quickly make it’s way through the courts and be ruled unconstitutional.”

            November 16, 2021 At 7:56 pm
            “It’s pretty bad that the RNC waited until after the “red wave swept state and local elections across the nation” to denounce this unconstitutional mandate. It’s pretty bad that the RNC waited until after the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals announced the stay on this mandate.
            Thankfully the 6th Circuit won the lottery and will hear this case that will ultimately be heard by SCOTUS, and if it won’t be heard by SCOTUS it will be because they concur with the findings of the 6th Circuit.”

            December 5, 2020 At 1:39 pm
            “Masks shouldn’t be mandated by government”

            There are many, many more quotes that undeniably prove that you have no footing to stand on with you obvious outright fabrication of reality.

          • Sigh!!
            American who elected you judge and jury?

            You somehow feel entitled to demand absolute agreement by all with your views. Generally speaking one actually learns and grows very little in knowledge and maturity, if one is their own and sole measuring stick for what is best.

            Steve-O certainly does NOT need my help.
            He is expressing his points of view and I am simply affirming that he has a right to do so.
            That’s it!
            You can stop your diatribe and listing of the supposed “sins” of Steve-O.

          • Steve

            Again you lie about my words . Or didn’t understand. ( reading comprehension)

            I did not say you supported the government mandate regarding masks !
            I said you supported the masks.
            the government mandate was incidental.
            It was a description of the masks
            “he supported government mandated worthless masks” which you did all over the internet. Incidentally the two couldn’t be separated because various government entities mandated them.
            If my intent had been to focus on mandates I would have phrased it
            Steve ,supported government mandates of masks. You mis read or lied to confuse others.
            ( at any rate to be clear- you supported masks that happened to be government mandated)

            Regarding vaccines or jabs whatever you wanna call em .
            You supported them routinely and roundly despite their current and prior proven ineffectiveness and dangerous poorly tested nature. Its all over the internet again and again.

            You again confused yourself by thinking i said you supported the mandate. Which i didn’t say you specifically supported. Again it was incidentally impossible to separate the two.
            I said “ and poorly tested dangerous vaccines”
            I didn’t say you supported the mandate.

            You got confused because i said whatever government narrative the government pushes that week- masks vaccines ect .
            Your narratives happen to coincide with theirs a lot . You are not instinctively a libertarian.

            I didn’t say specifically that you supported the mandate. I said you supported masks and vaccines which were government mandated.

            You tend to pull a piece of what people say and twist it .

            Now interesting enough I will present your words where you strongly state that vaccine mandates are constitutional.
            You made no attempt to disagree or disprove such constitutionally which indicates your acceptance that mandates are legal. ( they are beginning to be struck down)

            In steves direct words : September 26 2021 at 3:18 pm

            “There is a long history of constitutional vaccine mandates.vaccine mandates are constitutional, when done constitutionally.”

            You directly say they are constitutional.

            I say they are not constitutional.
            We disagree. The Supreme Court did uphold years ago a limited directive regarding them but supremes change with the wind. The constitution doesn’t.
            No where does the constitution give government the right to regulate what goes into your own body ( except perhaps execution if you don’t consider that cruel or inhumane which i do)

            Now so you know my intent was to say you supported jabs / dangerous ineffective covid vaccines and worthless masks that were incidentally mandated by various government agencies.

            I did not fabricate reality.
            You lied.
            You supported poorly tested ineffective covid vaccines and worthless masks that were government mandated.
            ( you might not of supported the mandate but you did directly and incorrectly say mandates of vaccines are constitutional)

            You weakly tried to prove i have no footing and failed.
            Lets move on. Im sure we both have better things to do.

          • “American”,

            So much of what you continue to write is demonstrably false. You emply the BS Asymmetry Principle, while gaslighting, and talking yourself in needless circles…there’s definitely lots of confusion here it’s in every post you write.

            Honest question, would you say you do too much meth or just the right amount? I don’t say that to cast aspersions, I’m just curious if that might be part of the reason for your posts.

        • It’s amazing isn’t it, something to behold really. Just a complete and total display of the term gaslighting on display for all to see.

  2. The widespread adoption of the internet made this inevitable. There is no way politicians want actual freedom of information. All, no exceptions for any party.

    • You’re right, Avenger, and here at Lucifer’s Road House anybody can seek protection from both the truth and prying minds. The “brotherhood” always will have your back!

      • Out of curiosity, where is the roadhouse? Is it the one just outside Cantwell off Parks, or the really skeevy one between Moose Pass and Seward?

        And go you serve 49th State or Alaskan Brewing?

  3. This was the culture at Twitter. After Musk took over and you could write what you wanted to, the Liberals started crying. “This is our site, and you can’t be writing things like this,” I was told on certain topics. I doubt the case will go anywhere but its good to see something being done.

  4. Remember it’s all about power and money. They want to live in the castle and us serfs will be the worker bees.
    A two tier society is where we’re headed.
    Time for a change yet?

  5. It is fairly simple: Either you believe in freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of conscience and the like with very minimal exceptions, or you don’t. Censorship is censorship; hiding behind various high-sounding excuses doesn’t work. Censorship of things we don’t like to hear eventually comes back and around to censor things we want to hear or need to hear.

    • Well put. If I don’t defend the speech of something I abhor, who will defend mine?

      I’d rather know up front who the nazis (picking a bad guy at random) are than have to guess at it.

      • The most important speech to protect isn’t mine, but the speech of the person who might reply to mine, for my own education and enlightenment, most especially if its an opinion/viewpoint I disagree with vehemently. It’s easy to support your own free speech but its much harder to support the speech of someone with who you might disagree.

  6. The level of censorship is well outside the US Constitution and our guaranteed republic form of government. Our speech must not be alienated as it has been since before the last presidential election. Our freedom of political speech is not restricted to free exchange of only recipes only as is now the case. Speech is speech (not regulated placarding) as is the Democrat favored definition. Political speech as in debates on the public square is what is meant. Is the US Constitution in suspense now?

    • Realistically, most of it has been for decades. Which parts usually depend upon who’s in power at the time.

  7. I was uncomfortable with the Patriot Act when Bush pushed it. I went along, reluctantly, due to the uncertainties of the time.

    A liberal friend of mine commented about good intentions and the road to hell. He was right.

    My misgivings have turned true. I will never support anything like it again.

    Side note: I despise anyone named Bush so deeply now I’d leave the Catholic Church if a Bush became pope.

  8. The First Amendment was not ratified to protect speech that you like.
    It exists to protect opinions, writing, and speech you want to suppress.
    Allowing the Federal Government to squelch opinions they do not like (or supporting them when they do) is saying you do not think the First Amendment should be enforced.
    And, if you think the Federal Government should have a say (beyond prosecuting criminal behavior) in what is allowed to be communicated on line, will you feel the same way if President Trump gets re-elected in November?
    Is censorship only OK if your side is doing it? No need to answer, I already know…

  9. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Thought, and Freedom of Opinion are all of them ABSOLUTE within the meaning and intention within the First Amendment as written, which is applicable unto each and every individual citizen of the United States of America.

    Citizen. A very powerful position, is it not?

    Not a visitor. Not a guest, invited or not. Not an interloper. Not a gate crasher. Not a party crasher.

    A Citizen, and a Citizen ONLY enjoys this ABSOLUTE Freedom.

    That said.

    There is also an ABSOLUTE responsibility that is attached unto said ABSOLUTE Freedom that is given unto its Citizens, and that is the culpability and resultant equal reactions, as well as penalties given unto said ABSOLUTE Freedoms by other Citizens enjoying the same ABSOLUTE Freedoms, based upon THEIR ABSOLUTE Freedoms within the same venue.

    They, we, all of us, as CITIZENS, enjoy the same ABSOLUTE Freedom, whether within agreement or discourse.

    THAT is what the Freedom of Speech means.

    THAT is what the First Amendment guarantees.

    The CITIZEN holds truth unto their Freedom as unto each other CITIZEN, as based upon their own Freedom within themselves as a CITIZEN.


    What does this mean, within the final determination of the First Amendment and that of Free Speech?

    It means simply this.

    Government, within ANY form, Local or Federal, has no bearing nor upon the control of the CITIZENS Freedom of speech, expression, thought, or opinion.

    Government is not the basis nor appliance of freedom.

    Freedom is the basis of freedom in which the Government represents and defends the individual CITIZEN, and nothing more.

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