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House Democrats’ press conference crashed by angry Gabby

An agitated Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux interrupted the House majority’s press conference this morning and told the Senate “they have another thing coming!”

The House Democrat majority press conference today started out as predicted, with statements from the four participants that were crystal clear: The Senate must agree to all of their tax proposals: Income tax, oil tax, and Permanent Fund. The compromise they seek is complete agreement with their positions.

“We’ve sent over [to the Senate] four big pieces that we talked about: Strategic budget cuts, oil tax credit legislation, restructuring the Permanent Fund, as well as a broad-based measure,” said Speaker Bryce Edgmon at the outset.

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“Broad-based measure” is a euphemism for an income tax, something he was clearly having a hard time saying.

But between Edgmon and Reps. Chris Tuck, Paul Seaton and Neal Foster, the four reiterated that all four “pillars” of their plan would need to be adopted by the Senate in order for there to be adjournment. The first pillar he mentioned, “strategic budget cuts” actually ended up being a budgetary increase over last year.

Overall, the House Democrats who are in control added more than $200 million to Gov. Bill Walker’s proposed budget of $4.2 billion.

Their message this morning evidently wasn’t firm enough for Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux, who was sitting agitatedly in the audience during the press conference.

She stormed to the front of the room, bumped Rep. Foster from his microphone while he was in the middle of taking a drink of water, and angrily said, “If the Senate thinks we are going to get out of here with just the POMV (Permanent Fund restructuring) they have another thing coming.” And with that, she stormed off.

It may have been unorthodox for LeDoux to butt into a press conference in which she was not an invited participant, but she did articulate the Democrats’ position even more clearly than they had: It’s the Democrats’ tax-and-spend way or the highway. There will be not compromise coming from the House.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. The first pillar he mentioned, “strategic budget cuts” actually ended up being a budgetary increase over last year. And then this: It’s the Democrats’ tax-and-spend way or the highway. There will be not compromise coming from the House. Nuff said.

  2. Wow! The House Majority Caucus is acting more like kindergartners than even I could anticipate. Mine! Mine! Mine!

  3. LeDoux’s colleagues (Tuck, Seaton and ‘collegial’ Edgmon) on the panel merrily chuckled along at her out-of-control and erratic behavior.

    It makes you wonder to what extent lobbyists have to go (and have gone) in order to get (and stay) on LeDoux’s good side to keep her happy – and in control.

    How deep must lobbyists reach into their pockets and how often do they (and other House representatives) have to cajole and fete Rules chair LeDoux and pander to her whims and fancies in order for their to even get on to the House floor for a favorable vote?

  4. Perhaps the republicans will finally be motivated to get up and vote and stop all this bull*&^t by the democrats, tax and spend barbarism

  5. If they want all or nothing, give them what they want…NOTHING! The budget deficit has been shrinking with more oil throughput and high oil prices, cut actual spending and use the CBR. Do that, gavel out then go talk to your constituents and see how many want all of these crazy leftwing ideas.

  6. Ok it’s time; the Alaska State Troopers need to go to the Capitol and arrest every member of the legislature for violating the law. That law requires the legislature to adjourn after 90 session days. Any legislation passed after the 90 days not in special session is null and void. How can we have lawmakers who think they are above the law?

  7. We need people in office who actually have accounting, budgeting & even CPA experience to get things back on track for this state. Too many are elected without the experience necessary to be making the kind of decisions the goof balls in Juneau
    have been making… Including the Gov!!!

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