House Democrats ignore Rep. Peltola, sign letter to Biden to kill Alaska’s Willow Project


Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola may have won a seat on the influential House Natural Resources Committee when she came into office in September.

But she hasn’t been able to use that role to influence her fellow Democrats to be in favor of the one thing Alaskans want: The Willow Project — an important energy infrastructure development plan that would create jobs and more energy for America.

Democrats on the House committee and several influential Democrat senators, such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders, wrote to President Joe Biden on Friday, asking him to kill the permits for the Master Development Plan in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska .

Nearly two dozen Democratic lawmakers signed the letter calling Willow “ill-conceived and misguided.”

“No version of the Willow [Master Development Plan (MDP)] is consistent with your commitments to combat the climate crisis and promote environmental justice, especially as reflected in the Inflation Reduction Act, historic legislation on which we all collaborated to achieve these crucial goals,” the letter states.

If allowed to proceed, the project “would pose a significant threat to U.S. progress on climate issues,” the Democrat lawmakers said, adding that the project could result in $19.8 billion in climate-related damages.

The letter was initiated by Arizona Democrat Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva, who chaired the House Natural Resources Committee until Republicans took over in January. On the Senate side, Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey, who chairs the Senate Environment and Public Works Subcommittee on Clean Air, Climate, and Nuclear Safety, led the charge.

Rep. Ro Khanna and Rep. Mary Peltola, with Rep. Steven Horsford, on social media. Rep. Khanna signed the letter opposing the Willow Project.

The letter is included here:

When Peltola was named to the committee by former Speaker Nancy Pelosi in September,ber Grijalva said, “I think she brings a perspective – and it’s not just an Alaska Native perspective, it’s an Alaska perspective – to us.” He then said she had enormous influence in the committee.

But that’s not what it looks like for Alaskans, who are hoping their voice in Washington, D.C. will be heard by the president.

Biden is expected to make a decision on Willow as early as Monday.


  1. Might as well try pissing up a rope, for all that matters. No chance in hell Biden would ever cross those Eco terrorists in Congress. Alaska is as good as dead for any hope in trying to solve our energy needs. Just sayin’.

    • That’s why we need a different approach and just develop it. The feds have the law all sewed up so we need to tell the feds to get out. They don’t have enough resources to stop us and we can sell oil to other country’s. Why does Alaska have to suffer at the hands of out of state politicians and eco nuts who need to be shut off of any fossil fuels and byproducts. It they won’t allow us to develop this state as we see fit then we need to get in their world and deny them anything related to that nasty oil.

      • Because we rely on the federal government for everything we do in Alaska. We constantly have our hands out wanting more from them. It’s absurd the amount of money we suck from the lower 48. We are like the 40 year old kid that won’t move out on his own. They have every right to tell us what to do. We are constantly asking for a bigger allowance from them.

        • how much money are the feds stealing from the oil company’s how much from the mining company’s? how much from the fishing and tourist industry’s? how much are they stealing in federal income tax and social security taxes how much are they stealing through inflationary money printing? ad this up and I’d be willing to bet Alaska is a net contributor and not a recipient. also they tie up mass amounts of land and allow Alaska to do nothing with it rent free. I believe your statement to be ill-informed and think Alaska should go her own way and prove that this land truly is the last frontier and not just empty political platitude like Family, Fish, Freedumb

    • The bonus is that broken supply chain issues will make completion of the Willow facility an easy 4 year project and by that time the lecher currently defiling our country’s highest office will be dead… and completion of the project a given.

  2. Most likely, this means 1 of 2 things: Either A) Ms. Peltola really doesn’t care about the interests, well being, and instructions of her fellow Alaskans and constituents while spending her time in the guilded lavatories and marbled halls of The People’s house, or B) Ms. Peltola is learning a valuable lesson which demonstrates that all the quids given to her new friends by way of turning her back on her fellow Alaskans and constituents do not add up to the promised pro quos from said new friends.
    If A, we are doomed. If B, there is still a chance to turn it around.

  3. she wants it killed as well, she just doesnt have the political capital yet to say it out loud and get reelected

    also id like to be educated on how runaway government money creation to spend on the green leap forward reduces inflation.

      • nullification and federalism for starters big mike could kick it off by having some meetings with other oil producing state and they could form some sort of coalition to just side step the feds and if the states could give the producers some guarantees what could the feds do? send in the tanks over resource development .The state government would probably have to figure out a way to end the payroll federal income tax or divert it to state coffers. but hey wtf do i know clearly I’m neither an intellectual or a powerful politician. If you are interested in the particulars of national divorce check out The Mises Institute and people like M. Rothbard , H.H. Hoppe , Jeff Diest, Tom E Woods people like this are serious thinkers on the subject with many great ideas.

      • what are you comparing the amount of freedom with? all do respect sir but I just lived through lockdowns mask mandates and as close you can come to forced medical experiments on individuals that one can possibly come without the state down right holding people down and injecting them with heart attack juice so again compared to what? there are no utopias and nothing will ever be problem free but the American experiment has failed.
        also USSR broke up with minimal blood spilled and all parties are miles more free then they were while living under the boot of communism. many former satelite states broke up czechoslovakia. Finland and Norway or Sweden were together then split peacefully you just dont hear much about the peaceful breakups because it’s not a great thing for the elites and bureaucrats who favor central planning and make their fortunes through theft fraud and inefficiencies of the current system

  4. The letter has about as much weight as the letters urging the Willow Project to be advanced. This is yet another example of noise, not substnace.

    Biden is going to approve the project.

  5. Mary Mary quite contrary won the vote hands down with hubby(grifter)Gene’s hands in someone else’s pockets. One can only assume Alaskans are tired of working on the slope having to travel a thousand miles(two full days to and from and having to worry who is parking their car in the garage they are busy paying for. It is a lot for a family to endure especially for the ones lucky enough to belong to a native corporation such as Kuqpik. A family of five receives a handsome dividend quarterly mostly tax free as well as free gas to heat their homes with which are mostly provided and maintained by the borough. I can understand why they certainly dont want to be bothered with all those pesky oil companies disrupting the migrating caribou herd away from their village. Its a lot of extra work and expense to have to load up the sled and travel up the river to go find the tuttu they need to survive. It is no wonder a large group from Nuiqsut is in DC urging “Papa Joe vote no”! But please dont run out of gas for the village. Its a lot of work hunting driftwood and coal to heat our homes with. It is a no brainer to understand the support for the native from Bethel who will always vote for the “climate” instead of the jobs.

      • Wrong, TMA. Not only is there NOTHING in the US Constitution forbidding secession, but it was a widely accepted option, and discussed seriously several times in the early 19th century by various states. Both logic and common sense allows it as well. What kind of tyranny is it in which a polity can enter into a union, but NEVER, under any circumstances, leave it?

  6. “…$19.8 billion in climate-related damages.”
    It’s amazing how these math geniuses can quantify into dollars the future environmental impact of the project.
    No one will ask how this number was arrived at. But they will keep repeating it as they do with words like “climate justice.” Any definitions as to what that means, really?
    Fluff that we’re trained to nod our collective heads for. But never question.

  7. Well, I’m sure “Gene” will secure a favorable conditions on CO Sequestration and I’m sure that is her one and only goal.

  8. Hopefully the Willow Field will make the finish line. Our congressional delegation checks all the right squares. Curious to read comments if it given clearance.

  9. I will say again. Alaska rural people, The Democrats (lower 48 power of the party) do not respect you at all. They detest your lifestyle, they detest your reliance on the land for sustenance. They do NOT want you to be financially viable. They do not want you to have quality educations for your children. They DO NOT respect the people you elect.

  10. “…….she hasn’t been able to use that role to influence her fellow Democrats to be in favor of the one thing Alaskans want…….”
    She’s there to tow their line, not the other way around.

  11. Oil is dead here. It’s clear the Regime wants to shut down all sources of revenue for the state. This way, we have 100% Federal Government dependence. Lisa Murkowski has gone a long way to ensure this by not speaking out from day one, then taking millions from her Uncle Joe. Carbon credits, that’s our new livelihood. Where the money comes from, no one knows.


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