House bill would limit campaign contribution limits


House Bill 234 addressing the legal limits on political donations will be heard on the House floor on Monday.

The bill, offered by Democrat-aligned Rep. Cal Schrage and Rep. Zack Fields, is in response to a court decision that threw out Alaska’s statutory campaign donation limits, which were held to $500 per candidate per year. The limit was ruled unconstitutional after a lengthy court journey to the Supreme Court.

HB 234 would double the contribution limits made to group entities, non-group entities, and candidates. A candidate could accept up to $2,000 a year from an individual. Currently, now that the court has ruled the $500 limit is unconstitutional, there are no limits on campaign donations.

The bill, however, creates an uneven playing field since most Democrats get a majority of their support from union political action committees.

The bill says a group that is not a political party may contribute not more than $4,000 each campaign period to a candidate, or to an individual who conducts a write-in campaign.

The bill also sets a $5,000 annual donation limit to another group, to a nongroup entity, or to a political party.

HB 234 also says that every 10 years, starting in 2031, the limit would be raised account for inflation.

The bill needs to pass the House and Senate and be signed into law by the governor, or he can allow it to become law without his signature. He could also could veto the bill and set up a situation where the House and Senate would need to convene to override his veto.

HB 234’s current version is at this link.


  1. Best thing a rich person owns is their arsenal of bought and paid for oath breakers. You can’t buy heaven why can you buy an oath breaker. So help me GOD the oath taker swears to. GOD is watching, so keep your evil begot money out.

  2. Alaska, here are the elected Marxists from the Marxist communities of District 20 (downtown Anchorage) and District 25 (lower Hill Side) attempting to stifle constitutional rights by using the malicious apparatus known as government. The bill is unconstitutional thanks to Crawford et al. You guys in District 20 and 25 need to wake up. For most of you, you stayed employed by government during the pandemic, but inflation is like death it does not care if you’re Republican or Democrat, man or woman, saint or sinner, we will all pay the price for what these Marxists are doing. These Marxists and the rest of the wingnuts in the Alaska Legislature need to focus on the impending reality of oil prices and inflation will murder many of us financially. Repeal the POMV and pay the past due PFD balance of over $13,000 to every eligible Alaskan.

  3. The Democrats will never go for this. If they didn’t get millions from global elitists they wouldn’t have any money at all. Millennials living in mom & dad’s basement and illegal migrants typically don’t donate to political campaigns.

  4. If the Democrats are for it, it must be bad for Alaska
    This limits we the people, not the dark evil leftist communist money from George Soros and the unions
    No union should be telling our representatives how to vote
    No unions should have our representiVes voting for THEIR best interest, like Murky Lisa,beholden to special interest groups with their agenda.
    No dark money should be screwing we the people of Alaska

  5. Imagine that, Democrats trying to restrict the freedom of every person in the State of Alaska while providing a loophole for their special interest funding sources. This issue has already been through the litigation up to the Supreme Court in Alaska and before that SCOTUS. upon review by the courts it has been found unconstitutional. There’s no reason to tie it up in litigation for another decade.

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