House approves operating budget



The House voted on the conference committee State Operating Budget, but the Senate has adjourned for the day and will take up the vote on House Bill 39 on Monday at 11 am; Sen. Tom Begich and Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson were missing from Juneau today.

After the vote is taken in the Senate, presuming it passes, the operating budget will go to the governor’s desk for his action. In Alaska, once a bill has passed both houses, it is sent to the Legislative Affairs Agency, Legal Services for checking of accuracy, and the bill is then signed by the Senate President, House Speaker and House Chief Clerk.

The governor has 15 days, Sundays excluded, to act on a bill if the Legislature is in session, or 20 days if the Legislature is adjourned. Typically, the governor will have his staff and the Department of Law pore over it and the governor can sign the bill, or veto items through his line-item veto.

If there are vetoes, the bill would go back to the House and Senate, and they may call themselves into special session to override the vetoes.

It takes a combined vote of three-fourths to override an appropriation veto.

The House is now debating issues relating to the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend.


  1. My email to the Senate:

    I’m disappointed to see that the House Majority has approved a compromise operating budget, with the 15-member conservative House minority opposing it. I hope that the conservatives in the Senate will vote against this, primarily because by removing money from the ER to the PF you’re only working on killing the PFD and forcing taxation because we will have shrunk our savings in half so we will have a harder time making a glideslope approach to the sustainable level we need the budget to be at.

    I have heard that your caucus rules (majority) are more reasonable this year and allow votes against the budget. Please don’t bow to this moderate agenda that refuses to recognize the need for a true sustainble budget based on current revenues, with new taxes or taxing the PFD. Please vote for the people and not for big government.

  2. Mr. Roberts: Moving a large sum from the ERA is a prudent move. The funds in the ERA can be appropriated by a simple majority of the legislature. The ERA is managed by the Permanent Fund Corpt but the funds are not protected because they are not part of the actual trust fund.
    Sooner or later the funds in the ERA will get spent by the politicians for any number of expenses and not just for the PFD.
    The absolute best thing to do for Alaska and all of us living here is to move a huge amount of funds from the ERA to the Permanent Fund.
    LOCK IT UP now before the politicians blow the money.

      • Like that LIO Taj-MaHawker in Anchorage?
        Now that case was one of spoiled Legislators and was only stopped by oil-price situation emergency. There does appear to be some disagreement on how much to move into Corpus of PF to LOCK IT UP.

  3. Wait until the public gets a load of the costs of a State Government shutdown and the prospect of Highway Construction projects stopping in July. With 100% of the standby costs landing in our laps. Barefoot and pregnant in record time…

  4. Mr. Geldhof, i couldn’t disagree with you more than I do now. The Earnings Reserve is the legislature’s. There would be no access to any monies transferred into the Permanent Fund corpus without a vote (election) of the people. A partial transfer of $7 billion makes sense. Nothing else does.

  5. So, here is a question that just popped to mind.
    So, to fund the budget, the Legislature uses the ERA (SB26) to make up the difference. Then when that is sent to Governor Dunleavy what happens if he line item vetoes to the point that revenue equals spending and no need for the ERA funds? Can he then line item veto that move?

  6. ah I see laddie in the minority but chairs a committee

    club45 is not looking like a possibility

  7. Will Governor Dunleavy keep his word and cut the government with his red pen? or will Governor Dunleavy cave to the liberals?
    We will soon find out.

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