Hot rods welcome at celebration of life of Lee Jean Ruble


There will be a celebration of the life of Lee Jean Ruble is planned for June 25 at the Main Event Grill, 1041 East 76th Avenue in Anchorage, behind Mr. Prime Beef. Hot rods will be welcomed, weather permitting.

Ruble was born June. 28, 1950 and died Nov. 14, 2021. His obituary ran in January:

On Nov. 14, 2021, we lost a loving husband a dear friend, co-worker and successful entrepreneur. Lee was born in Carmel, Calif., and attended local schools prior to moving to Fairbanks, Alaska, with his family in 1959. He attended school in Fairbanks before moving back to California with his family. In his younger years he worked as a mechanic starting out at Weser Volkswagen in Monterey, Calif. He later became a crane operator working starting in Southern California before working on some of the largest cranes worldwide. Lee later returned to Fairbanks, where he worked a gold mine running a dragline and a D8 Caterpillar.

After his days of mining Lee moved to Anchorage, Alaska, and started his own crane company. He later sold the crane company and started a piledriving business, working throughout Alaska before retiring to spend more time on his sailboat and building his hot rods.

Lee’s absolute total passion was the love and devotion to his wife Peggy. They spent many days apart because of work, so when they were together it was a fire to behold.

Lee was a devoted hot rod builder and always present in the hot rod community helping others with their projects. He especially enjoyed showing his ’57 Corvette retro mod at the local car shows.

Lee was an avid pilot with both helicopter and fixed wing aircraft, and he especially enjoyed flying his T-28.

Lee was an avid motorcycle enthusiast, having owned an Indian motorcycle as well as a BMW that he used to take on long trips with his wife.

Lee was the captain of their 53′ sailboat. Both Lee and Peggy thoroughly enjoyed their boat, sailing throughout Central and North America the Caribbean and the waters of both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans.

There was never a challenge or an adventure that Lee was not willing to take on and complete.

Lee passed knowing he was/is loved. He will be sorely missed by his family and many friends, especially his hot rod buddies.

Lee is survived by Peggy, his wife of 33 years; sister, Donna; his brother; and mother. Lee was preceded in death by brother, Roy; and father, Don.


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