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Homer mayor wants everyone to fly rainbow flags


The mayor of Homer was to sign an official proclamation today encouraging every business and home to fly a rainbow flag in honor of gay pride month. He was declaring June to be the month where LGBT is celebrated in Homer with flying colors.

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That’s LGBTQ as in Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender.

But the city council meeting has suddenly been cancelled this afternoon for lack of a quorum.

There will no official Pride Month in Homer this year, as a result of the cancelled meeting. Nearly a hundred comments were submitted to the city, many of them opposed to making a formal declaration encouraging businesses to fly a rainbow flag.

Telling businesses to support LGBTQ values with a specific flag over their establishment can be experienced by conservative Christians as a form of economic bullying, because the city also has the power to hold up or deny permits, perform special surprise inspections, and pass regulations that harm your economic future if you don’t go along with the social engineering agenda.

Homer is the kind of community where if you don’t fly the rainbow flag as requested, bad things may happen to you; at the very least, you will be confronted by customers or would-be customers who will ask you why your rainbow flag isn’t flying.

The June 23 Pride Parade in Homer will take place on June 23, as scheduled, but the city council will not be meeting until July, which means the resolution dies.

Should cities get involved in encouraging the flying of LGBTQ flags over homes and businesses? Leave your comment below.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. I think you hit dead on Suzanne they bully people into believing in there lifestyle or else. We all have to live together in peace and harmony they say. But when Donald Trump became president they decided to have hate marches against the President and the people who support him. They use words like Nazi, white supremacist, transphobic, and white privilege. We’re all apart of the human race yet they try to control the narrative. Even the MSM like CBS ran the story about the hate preacher who interrupted the drag queen story time at the Loussac library. We’re told to not talk about religion in public because it might offend the non-believers. Our country was founded by the principles of God. In God We Trust is written on our money. What people don’t realize is this group uses these hate words to get there way like a five year old child. Time for people to speak up just like Homer did today. If not our towns will ruled by the far left.

  2. I really don’t care if a business decides to fly a gay flag, a porcupine flag, or a Puritan flag. Let the consequences of their choice fall where it may. The government however, has NO business supporting or detracting from people’s sexual preferences, as long as such choices are not against the law or do any physical harm to others. Homer needs to stop pushing social engineering, especially when they, (so far), can’t even get a safe police building constructed…

  3. Homer did not speak up, the city council failed to have a quorum. That means that not enough members were present to have a legal vote. I’m pretty sure if we allowed everyone down there to scream about it the hippies would win.

  4. This sets a dangerous precedent. It’s one thing to have a Pride Month during which one makes a personal choice to recognize and acknowledge with a rainbow flag or as they deem appropriate. It is not for city government (or state or federal for that matter) to enact a political endeavor disguised as a celebratory enactment for a social minority.

  5. It was not a resolution but a proclamation the and no bad things don’t happen to say that is spreading lies and that leads to fake news.

  6. “Inclusive” means if you don’t support this you are excluded. Homer is becoming more and more exclusive. Businesses – fly your rainbow flags, I will not set foot in your stores. I don’t care what your gender is or what you believe, quit shoving it down our throats. This is just part of a national campaign that is encouraging hate and divisiveness. And Mayor Zak is stupid enough to buy into it.

  7. Thank you, Mayor Zack, for your support of our family! We look forward to seeing you at Homer’s Pride March later this month. Thoughts and prayers for any Homer business owners who feel bullied by your support for our family and community, though it’s hard to believe there are any.

  8. A One World Agenda, to break down the strongest Nation in the World and Conquer it. Destroy the Constitution. Take away their Guns. Take away their history, Bring in other countries so they lose their true identity. Legalize Drugs, Fight against their own Creator. Kill their own unborn Children and Fight for Homosexuality. It sounds like prophecy is being fulfilled. Now sit back and watch God start destroying us by Earthquakes, Famine. Mountains will spring up out of the land and there will be Earthquakes in Divers places. God said the Last war will be a Holy war between God and Satan. He will allow it for a space of time. Then God will destroy the wicked and Satan shall be bound. We win.

  9. To clarify- when you stated that nearly 100 comments were submitted opposing the proclamation because it “encouraged” businesses to fly the rainbow flag. You should’ve written 68 comments were submitted, 63 of those from towns and cities outside Homer, and those comments focused on how this proclamation was anti family and supportive of pro-abortion groups. It’s hard to see a community attempted to be torn apart by individuals who don’t live in that community and who don’t work towards making a community like Homer a place for everyone. If you would like to come down and enjoy an everyday life experience down here please come down, grab a coffee and find out what makes people here happy.

  10. We note pride is a deadly sin. An unattractive, undesirable, characteristic. Humility on the other hand, is the opposite; a commendable, desirable, trait. To be humble is a virtue, to be proud a vice. These facts are so obviously true, the old proverb says, “Pride goeth before a fall.” Why would anyone be foolish enough to use “pride” in their slogan? We see law enforcement agencies and USMC do this also. Foolish, all of them. They should read scripture. If that is too heavy they can refer to Mother Goose.

  11. Homer is in decline. The fishing there has been going down for years. Homer had a reputation that it left you alone to live as you desired & people let you be. Not anymore. This is bad for Homer, in every respect. It forces you to support something you may not believe in and identifies you to others you do not actively support their position on whatever that position may be. What will the next thing be that you’ll be pressured to support?

  12. As a Homer resident I thank our council members for not passing this resolution. No business or citizen should be forced to fly a rainbow or any other type of flag in front of their business or home. If you want to be LGTBQ etc that is your right but please don’t shove it down our throats and don’t stir up hate. Homer is a loving community. Please city council members start working toward things that better our tourist community and raise our economy.

  13. Elevating depravity as a virtue, sex as identity, and forcing others to do the same. A travesty. Leave people alone and quit dragging them into your sexual fetishes and habits. Good grief what you do in the bedroom is no one else’s business. I will absolutely not be spending my money in Homer albeit kudos to the assembly members who ‘voted’ by not appearing.

  14. An official proclamation or even encouragement seems unessary in my mind. I suspect that there has been enough advertisement and notification, that anyone so inclined to fly a flag for pride month would likely have one up by now. Making it an official suggestion seems heavy handed to me..

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