Hispanics say inflation is top concern



Hispanic Americans cite inflation as a key concern for elected officials to address heading into the 2024 election year, according to newly released polling data.

Prices on a range of goods and services have risen about 20% since President Joe Biden took office. In recent months that increase has slowed, but those prices still remain much higher than when Biden took office.

“Inflation, jobs and the economy, healthcare, crime/guns, and housing costs are top priorities, and there is strong support for policies to address them,” the survey reported, adding that “food and basic necessities, housing/rent, and gasoline are the principal worries regarding inflation.”

Hispanics were nearly split in their approval of President Joe Biden.

The November poll was conducted by the Democratic polling group BSP Research, on behalf of UnidosUS and Mi Familia Vota and surveyed nearly 3,000 eligible Latino voters.

After inflation, jobs and the economy are the second biggest issues for Hispanics, followed by health care, and crime and gun violence.


  1. More sloppy statistics… Food prices in Fairbanks have more than doubled thanks bidenomics – if you factor in “shrinkflation” – smaller packages – closer to tripled.

  2. The recent bout of inflation, which began while Trump was in office, was caused by the economic effects of Covid, when supply and demand were out of whack. Period.

    Biden’s Fed has pretty much achieved a “soft landing”, and inflation is now almost back to the normal 2% rate long espoused by them. And don’t forget that the salaries of many low-paid essential employees increased during Covid as well.

    • Hans, if you are enough of a lemming to actually believe the ludicrous lie of ‘only’ an ongoing 2% currency depreciation (when the REAL rate has not fallen below 4 or 5% in many, many years), then I have some seafront property in Arizona to sell you.

      Who are you going to trust, the government or your own lying eyes?
      Obviously, you choose the former.

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